2014-02-09-Focus on Universe Government

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Topic: Universe Government to Be Seeded into Urantia

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Serena

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, we’re grateful to be here today with you and to receive from our Magisterial Son, His energies for the mission to further the plans of correction for our world. Thank you for connecting us heart to heart, soul to soul, and Adjuster to Adjuster that we may be as one in you and serve in the objectives that you wish to see be achieved today in alignment with your will and your desires. So we gather now in this place of heart, in this place of desire for your corrective plans to continue to unfold upon this world. We thank you so much for the opportunity to participate with you. May your will be done.


SERENA: Greetings to you, one and all on this beautiful day! This is Serena. I will be conducting these energies for your call today. Take a few moments to focus in your heart centers. Take some breaths to relax your body. Center your thoughts in your hearts and your desires to serve Michael and His universe administration in the furthering of the corrective measures now being implemented upon Urantia.

You might say that you are on the receiving end. You are imprinting upon these energies of LIGHT and LIFE through the Father’s LOVE. It is by your acceptance of these endowments that come from the higher realms that the planetary change in consciousness is occurring, along with many other groups of individuals who are dedicated to correction. This is also being provided to them, and there is growing network of light connections from the universe that are now taking greater form and shape over the various places on the globe and in the various frequency dimensions of this planetary consciousness, of which you are all a part.

Take a few moments to appreciate your role in this undertaking. Each one of you is here by choice—by love, devotion—and we are grateful for that in ways that you still may not or do not yet comprehend. Michael’s LOVE is so far encompassing, and that He has granted permission for a Magisterial Mission to be the next phase of your development is a monumental undertaking that you are now helping to achieve.

So today, I would like to introduce another element or phase of the correcting plans. And that is for you to simply focus in your hearts and feel your desire for the universe government to be more fully implanted here—into the lives, into the hearts and minds of all life here upon this world. Again, we know that you do not truly understand what this may mean or its ramifications for the unfolding changes. We merely ask you to trust for, what you might call this divine hierarchy of, what it means to be a part of the universe government now to take deeper form in your own lives. In a few moments we will ask you to focus this on the planet as a whole, but for now simply open and receive as we minister to you in these circuits, that which will continue to grow and embellish your understanding of this time of correction. If it helps, simply allow the words UNIVERSE GOVERNMENT to form over your heart centers, and invite Michael to imprint what He desires for you to receive; Monjoronson to implant what He desires you to receive to take form in this sacred space within your beings. Let us begin. (Pause)

Many legions of Seraphic Host are participating with us now. As you may recall from your Urantia text, these planetary helpers foster all types of planetary life from a societal perspective to replicate the divine plans of planetary progression. They are ministering in these circuits with us today. We simply ask you to welcome them, that you may become more increasingly aware of their influence to help you in the ways in which you are being guided to serve, that you may achieve more success in how the Father wishes to move through you as you minister to your brothers and sisters.

Let your thoughts turn to attitudes of gratefulness for these angelic helpers moving with us today, and let their presence move in this circuit now, as you continue to focus on the desire for the UNIVERSE GOVERNMENT to take greater form and shape in Urantian consciousness. (Pause)

There is a great change growing upon Urantia, and we invite you to welcome this change, to be a greater part of this change by welcoming these energies into your being. Your Father Michael sends His LOVE out into the world and it is now able to be perceived by many more hearts. It is truly a most wonderful time for us to observe how the children of this world awaken to gain their footing in this energy of change and transformation.

Continue to receive and gain strength from what is being provided to you, even though you may perceive this but subtly. It will grow, especially as you desire to serve Michael more and more. Each day remember to be faithful to the WILL of the Father within and to desire more of Michael’s energies to bathe the planet. (Pause)

Let us shift focus now. Let us turn our gaze toward the planet as a whole. And in your mind’s eye, envision the words UNIVERSE GOVERNMENT or UNIVERSE ADMINISTRATION, whichever you prefer, to embrace the world. If you like, you may take this wording and spiral it around the planet as a globe from the North Pole to the South Pole in that counter-clockwise rotation. Zbut mostly, we ask you to project your energies from the heart into the globe that this desire for the UNIVERSE GOVERNMENT to become more firmly implanted here, and we will add what we can into the circuits you make available to us. (Pause)

Feel your desire now for the energies of RIGHTMINDEDNESS, RIGHTFUL ACTION, LOYALTY TO THE FATHERS WILL, DIVINE MERCY, DIVINE JUSTICE, MICHAEL’S PEACE. Feel your desires for all of these energies to be activated now in this desire for the UNIVERSE ADMINISTRATION to take a deeper hold on the planetary construct of consciousness here. The Seraphic Host are moving in these circuits, so allow your hearts to be filled with love and joy, hope and faith. Allow the Father’s LOVE within you to be this wellspring coming from your hearts to fill this world from the human end. (Pause)

IT IS TIME TO MANIFEST THE FATHER’S WILL UPON URANTIA. IT IS TIME TO MANIFEST THE FATHER’S WILL UPON URANTIA. IT IS TIME TO MANIFEST THE FATHER’S WILL UPON URANTIA. Let your hearts be filled with this desire, and allow this energy language to be added into what you are focusing on as well. (Pause)

This tiny world, seemingly insignificant in the vast cosmos of the Father’s creation, is of singular importance to us now. You cannot possibly conceive of all the attention and help that is being made available to this world. But we do increasingly ask you to open a little bit more each day to these plans of correction and how your life is unfolding in them. This is an act of faith on your part, and yet when you do take this step of faith, you activate something very powerful within you. It is the presence of the Father, and it is Michael’s plan that each one of you becomes more aware and attuned with the Father’s presence within you, that you will continue to show the way and help your brothers and sisters be able to relax in this transformational phase of the planet, and to help them join our family and receive the loving embrace of the Father within themselves.

Now as we have done in the past, you may take this focus and place it into certain situations or circumstances around the planet as we follow your gaze and add what we can into where you focus. Feel free to roam where you feel you are being guided. But especially we ask for you to feel your love for these circumstances to change and to open to the Father’s WILL: for MERCY and FORGIVENESS and COMPASSION to be seeded here, that the divine administration—the UNIVERSE GOVERNMENT may be more deeply implanted here. (Pause)

LOVE is the rule of the day. LOVE is the order in the universe. There is truly only one way—the Father’s WILL, the Father’s WAY. Yet, within that is abundant co-creation with all life, and there are parts within your being that are being activated and compelled to awaken to what this all means. So embrace these energies and to allow them their movement within you to yield new meanings, to give you new feelings of what it means to be a child of the Father.

When we are here with you, you will be able to help us implement more of the Father’s plans for planetary ascension to make more headway here, and I might add, make greater heart-way as well. For truly, this is the time of the heart awakening: the change of planetary consciousness to the LOVE that exists within the universe through the portal of the heart. So, as we continue to minister through these circuits, let your hearts expand as you truly, deeply, reverently ask for the Father’s LOVE to become a greater river flowing through you. (Pause)

We will join you now as we collectively lift our gaze to Paradise and to our Creator Deities to fill this world with their LOVE, their LIFE, their LIGHT. Join us now in these moments of worship, of praise and thanksgiving for the UNIVERSE GOVERNMENT now shining upon this world in becoming a stronger consciousness here on Urantia.

To our Creator Deity Parents, we lift our world up to you in humility and gratitude for your ways being more fully implanted here in the hearts and minds of your children and all life itself. May your GRACE fill their hearts and minds and help them in the coming days to be more of your conduits of LOVE, LIGHT and LIFE that this world in being returned to circuits of GLORY may truly embrace these changes and know of your GOODNESS and MERCY. We thank you for these stalwart men and women who are so devoted to you, as we pledge our loyalty to you and to them to serve them well as they go about making these changes upon this tiny world, that it is your WILL that is done, and that it is your LOVE that is being expressed. May it always be so! Thank you. (Pause)

Let us descend from Paradise to Urantia, and do an exercise with you that we have done before, if you wish. See the words UNIVERSE GOVERNMENT and plant that into the ground with great love, great faith and hope. See yourself standing in these words that you would become more firmly rooted in these energies, becoming more further integrated in Michael’s plans, and knowing that you have something valuable to share of yourselves within them. (Pause)

Dear brothers and sisters, we cherish your lives, and we hope that you cherish your life as well as those of your brothers and sisters. All children of this world are invited to this time of change, to be the reformers and the transformers of this world. The way is open to all. Some will answer the call and some will not. That is not for you to know or to be concerned, but to stay faithful to the Father’s presence within you, that when you hear those calls of service you are able to step out in faith and go where you are being guided and directed.


There are mighty forces around you. But you are the laborers in the field and we ask you to be more aware when those calls come, to pay attention, to trust in how service opportunities are coming your way. So, enjoy your lives! Revel in these times of change, for what an adventure it is to be on a world that was once associated with so much disloyalty and sin, and it is now returning to Michael’s embrace, and the Father’s WILL stirring in the hearts! This is the opportunity of a lifetime—your ascension career. One day when you are further along on your Paradise journey, you will marvel at what was being afforded you during this time of transformation, and how you stepped up to serve by simply loving, forgiving and knowing that LOVE is the way and the rule of the universe. Good day, my dear brothers and sisters