2014-03-16-Journey of the Soul

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Topic: Journey of the Soul

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

TR: Chris



Teacher Ophelius: “The message for today is about the journey of the soul and how each one of you fulfills a special and unique ‘requirement’ in the development of the Supreme Being – that part of the Infinite God that is ‘becoming’ and growing in experience along with the evolving finite space-time universes, for there truly is a ‘reason’ for your being and a purpose for your life that is priceless, cherished, and irreplaceable regardless of how you, through your short-sighted perception, see yourself and the value you attach to your own worth.

“The Infinite God is perfect, all-knowing, all-wise, all-powerful, and everywhere present, yet in one aspect of his totality is He incomplete, for He desires to have ‘all-experience’ to explore and complete that part of Himself, and so because of this supreme desire to be ‘all-experiential’, the grand universe was born as the construct – the theater and playground in which to experience life in diverse life forms and environments. The Creator Father knows of every star and planet in all creation and also does He know, intimately, every sentient creature that lives and moves and has its being, for He indwells His children with a fragment of Himself – a divine monitor that is eternally present in the mind of these children of time should they accept and make the supreme decision to journey back to the Source of perfection and become ‘like’ the Father of all creation.

“Diversity is the watchword of creation, for in this divine requirement does the Creator fulfill this mandate to have all-experience. You, my friends, have been given an assignment – a mission of supreme importance that serves as a patch in a great quilt of this experiential requirement. The thread that holds the patch to this enormous quilt is the plan or pattern for your life – not just the life you live on this world, but the totality of all the experiences you shall have as you ascend the multiverse – world by world, circuit by circuit, and through dimensions untold. Your free will is the unique ‘color’ of your patch in the quilt, in which you design by your sovereign decisions as the soul journeys back to the Source to stand in finality of being in the presence of the Creator. In that moment when you receive the divine embrace of God, will the Creator review and appreciate all that you have become – this beautiful, colorful, unique, true, and good patch in the quilt-work of life that furthers the completion of this divine requirement.

“This Great Quilt-Work IS the Supreme Being! You, my friends, are actually a ‘part’ of this experiential God! You complete Him with your free-will experiences – your unique life! There is nothing ordinary about you – you are needed, unconditionally loved, and divinely cherished for your part in the whole of this requirement to fulfill the Creator’s desire to have ‘all-experience.’ Never should you see yourself as unworthy or less deserving than some other, for you are just beginning to walk the long and astonishing path to perfection. God lives, loves, sees, and feels through you!

“There is nothing more beautiful, more precious, more loved, or more cherished than who you are and what you are becoming.


“Peace to you,

“The Circle of Seven.”