2014-04-27-Planetary Healing of the Heart


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Topic: Planetary Healing of the Heart

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Serena, Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Thank you, Mother and Father, for this opportunity to gather together in family as one, as you weave us together heart to heart, soul to soul, Adjuster to Adjuster. We pray for a mighty outpouring of celestial support as we focus our hearts and our minds where we are guided. We are grateful for what you provide to us to help us heal our lives and transform this world. You have the plans, you know the timing, and we present ourselves to assist in this effort that our love and care and concern may be put to the best use possible. Thank you. May your will be done.

SERENA: Greetings, dear brothers and sisters! This is Serena. I will be conducting the energies of today’s call. Over the last several years, you have been collaborating with us to build more of the spiritual circuitry for the planet to change human consciousness. You and other groups such as yours have been diligent, and we appreciate the human contribution to help your world’s consciousness open to the true reality of life in the Father’s domain.

As you know, there is much work to be done upon Urantia. Not only in terms of the physical energy that it will take to bring more economically and environmentally productive ways to the planet, but also the change of heart—the change in consciousness. But it all begins with the attitude of the heart: the desire to love, the willingness to forgive, the attitudes of compassion, tolerance, patience, kindness, fairness, equality. These are all of what is at the core of this change of heart. This time is now upon you, where we are ready to impart certain energies of spirit that will help the human heart open and receive these spiritual energies to heal and transform lives.

You, my human brothers and sisters, are the ones who will be sharing this heart energy for the children of this world who are ready to awaken. We who work behind the scenes of your lives to prepare you for this time of ministry—the ministry of the heart. Sometimes it is not done with words but with a gentle touch, a loving embrace.

So we are here today to prepare you further. Many circuits are well established. There are certain essential ingredients that still need to be applied, one of which is MERCY, and for the human heart to recognize that there is so much to be released of pain and suffering, anger and animosity, and that for many children of this world their heart opening will cause them much pain. But you know that beyond this pain is great love and joy and life.

So we encourage you to be bold in ministering, to not fear what others experience of their own pain, but help them understand in the best ways you can that this is a part of the healing process, and that we are here to infuse the human heart with compassion and forgiveness, and the Father’s LOVE.

Let us begin with you receiving what we wish to share with you to further empower and embolden you during this time of the healing of the heart, that you may be so inspired and uplifted by the Father’s LOVE that it is your most fervent desire to serve your brothers and sisters who need this. Let us minister to you now as you simply focus on your hearts and receive what we share with you. Let us begin. (Pause)

It is time to look beyond yourselves—to seek those who are in need, to ask your angels and teachers to bring those to you whom you can serve through love and mercy and compassion. It would be most advantageous for you all to think less of your own personal selves and your needs and to be more engaged outwardly in service to the best of your ability.

Many of you who are already doing this are stimulating your spiritual potential and your soul’s growth. This is an area of your life that you are responsible for developing. No one can tell you what it is that you must do in order to grow. We can support your efforts and give you encouragement, but in the final analysis it must be your desires to serve that outweigh your own needs that will truly give you what you need in the deepest levels of your being.

So, in considering how you would wish to step up, know that there is a mighty presence behind you encouraging you forward. This is a time of bold action, stepping out of your comfort zone and into the fields where the harvest is ready. We need all of the workers in the field who are ready to serve Michael in this effort. So let these words settle in and continue to receive, that your hearts and souls may be more stimulated to engage with us in loving ministry to the children of this world. (Pause)

The changes are upon you and there is no turning back. The waves of LOVE that are swaddling Urantia is a mighty embrace to heal the heart. So prepare yourselves in the coming days to think less of what you need and more of what you can do in service to Michael and to the Magisterial Mission. (Pause)

Take time each day to commune with your Father Fragment with that open hearted desire to be of service. It is in this place of desire where your Father can be more expressive of His LOVE through you. This time of upliftment and upstepping is designed to expand you in your capacity for Adjuster reception and to help your mind be cleared of that mental debris coming from your planet’s consciousness. It is time to move more into the mind of the Father –Adjuster mindedness—that you may truly be able to perform these acts of love and kindness without the encumbrance of egoistic desires and thoughts.

In a few moments I will withdraw and allow another to speak to you. But, in any event we will continue to minister to you, and help you to regain a stronger assurance within of our support of your efforts of love and healing. Thank you for this opportunity to address you today. I withdraw for another to speak. Good day, my dear brethren.

MICHAEL: Peace be upon you, my dear children! This is Michael. Much has been done to prepare this world for this time of HEALING OF THE HEART. It may stagger the human imagination to consider what this entails, and one day you will completely understand and see what has been put in place for this time of true transformation upon Urantia.

I am here today to fortify you in my presence. In the past, we used terms as, “we encourage you to share our love.” We looked at you as ambassadors or representatives of the Father. There was an invitation to draw you closer to us, and to your indwelling Father Fragments, to encourage you to learn to quiet your mind that you may carry these spiritual energies within you, and share them with your brothers and sisters, representing to them what it means to live a Godly life. You are our representatives no longer. What we ask of you now is to BE the Father’s LOVE to your brothers and sisters. You are ONE with us in providing this love. This is a significant change in your own hearts and minds, and I ask you to consider what this will mean for your life if you truly choose to BE MY LOVE out in the world.

When I was here in human form, I exhorted my apostles—it was to them and they were infused in SPIRIT to share my love, and they did well. The course of history was forever changed because of many men and women who able to BE this love, and now it is your turn.

I invite you to open your hearts and allow me to share who I am with you, that you may be more of who you are in the Father. Receive me, my children, and BE. (Pause)

You are no longer my ambassadors. You are ONE with me. In the coming days, I invite you to come to me, to continue to receive what you need, that our ONENESS may intensify and reverberate out into the stream of consciousness of this world. (Pause)

There is a renewing energy in my LOVE. This world is in line for this renewal energy to spark life in various places. Many of you will witness the growth of these life sparks taking hold of this planet. Know that I go before you as you see these changes come to this earth. Be emboldened to proclaim the GLORY of the Father as Divine LOVE touches this planet and truly begins the regeneration process more fully and completely.

What will your role be as you open to more of my love—to BE that love? This is an opportunity to spend more time within, and ask to be guided more faithfully each and every day. I am with you, and your Mother in Her BEAUTY and GRACE supports you, and many will come to your aid to be with you in service.

Continue to drink deeply in my LOVE that the fortification may go into the very cells of your body, and that the emanations of your heart be strong, clear, direct and attractive. Carry my presence out into the world with courage, faith, strength and hope, for I walk with you and I hold this world in my hands as more love begins to dominate the planet’s consciousness.

Thrive in my LOVE, my children! It is always yours, and it is always available. Continue to prepare yourselves each day by renewing yourselves in LOVE, in SPIRIT, and in the ever renewing energies of service as you share more of the Father’s LOVE with those you encounter. BE MY LOVE, my children. Good day.