2014-05-01-Angels of Races and Nations

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Topic: Angels of Races and Nations

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Andromadeus, Merium

TR: Gerdean O'Dell



Gerdean: Okay. And now, this is Light Line. It’s May 1st. The National Day of Prayer.

Gerdean hosting. First we’re taking a minute here to get centered and situated. I will call in heavenly helpers, beginning with …

Father God and Mother Spirit,

Thank You for tending to us, your babes. Thank you for bringing with you all the heavenly helpers and celestials that hover around us, to take care of us and uplift us, inculcate us into the greater Reality, nurture us and exercise us – physically, mentally and spiritually.

Thanks for our indwelling Adjusters that encourage us and enable us to grow, who hang out with us and wait for us to learn the lessons that they present. Thank you for the many, many occasions to be of service, and to be grateful, and to rejoice.

Thanks, too, for the fact of your existence. Not just the Faith, but the Fact that we come to know through spending time with You, reading about You, learning about You, focusing on You … sampling You … so that when it comes right down to it, there is no doubt, there is full faith … absolute confidence of Your being there for us and with us …through every trial, every triumph. We thank You for making our life a religious experience.

Let’s see what we can do with this opportunity. What can we make of it or what can it make of us? Send us Your helpers most appropriate to serve. And thanks for the joy of being part of Your far-flung Family of Faith Sons and Daughters. Amen.


0802-AB JACK here. I will come out. Stir things up. I’ll take some of the rough edges off this lump of coal that has been kicking around in the dark for several days, gathering dust, coal dust, in the coal bin of her existence, ready to be set aflame with a spark of truth and invigoration that will come if we keep rubbing on it and blowing on it in the right way, rather like those early days of fire-discovery when Andon and Fonta delighted to search for birds’ nests to serve as the facilitation for fire-building.

What a panoramic history this world has! You will be so glad to review the archives, when you arrive in that place, to discover and read about the many things that occurred on your world of which you are unaware … so many you have not yet sought to ask about them. And in many ways it doesn’t really matter except for satisfying your curiosity about who you are and where you come from. That will probably be stimulated more when you get to Mansonia and begin to discuss with the Morontia Companions and other ascending mortals from myriad other worlds about what it was like where you came from. That is, generally speaking, a glad time for everyone, but assuredly you will regret not having been where Jesus walked, if you have not visited those lands abroad, just as you would regret not going to Disneyland if you lived in Anaheim, since you are so close. But you will not get demerits for not going. It is fully understood that many of your wants and wishes are not possible, given the restrictions of your local universe, your local universe in this case being your own immediate environment, your home circumstances and your finances. So don’t worry about not knowing all there is to know about this planet.

I cannot help but observe how many are busily foraging through sundry archives to find out more about other life forms, extraterrestrial contributions, planetary placement and so forth; some of it is fruitful, much of it is not, but as in any science project, it seems to be necessary to run a lot of tests before you finally light upon the truth or before the solution is presented. It’s rather like historic alchemy -- and don’t overlook the fact that very often an entire people will rewrite their history depending upon what they know, what they have handed down, and what makes them look good.

It is always amusing to find out more about your world, but it is even more valuable to learn about your own responses and reactions to the world you live in and on, for this response is experiential and can become part of what goes with you into your morontia life when once the material worlds have become a part of your past. It’s a gradual process, though, of weaning the evolving soul from the material worlds; as you ascend in Mansonia 1, 2, 3 and beyond, you become less concerned about the physical worlds and more concerned about the realities that comprise these invisible and yet functional spaces and places on high, leaving much of the physical effort to the workers designed for just that purpose such as the Univitatia or the spornagia.

So much to look forward to, so much to look back at, and as we look at the moment, there is always so much to contemplate and to do.

Perhaps I should call someone in to talk about something specific or more focalized. We seem to have the equipment smoothly running. Let me offer the platform to any that might like to come forward ... if there is an interest. And yes, I see there is some interest in learning more about the current opportunities and challenges you face. One moment.

ANDROMADEUS: Good evening. This is Andromadeus. I have lectured before regarding the Seraphic Planetary Government and on this note I’ve come this evening to assist THE ANGELS OF THE RACES in their efforts to advance planetary life. You will recognize this as politics or some branch of sociology that enables countries, nations, nation/states, to formulate and function in ways that will forge a future from what was and is into what can be and will be, even if that is a temporary step in planetary evolution. The fact is your paradigm today on Urantia, your political paradigm is undergoing tremendous change; on one hand it is vitally busy and in some ways progressive, but it is also precipitously situated, sitting on the brink of yet more war and many other problems of a social nature that complicate your advancement.

The Most Highs rule in the kingdoms of men but not without a lot of coordination and cooperation from those entities -- human and divine -- who are in a situation well-fixed to assist as well as to resist. A delicate balance it is since there is the light of truth from many factions and none should be sacrificed for the vanquishment of another, no; rather, the truth should be gleaned; the best approach should be brought forth from and through … (What’s that word? It’s a legal term. Starts with an M. Mediation) … mediation. Sometimes the smallest matter of mediation -- such as the Ukraine or Croatia, or many others -- Occupy and so forth -- have far-reaching, long-range effects, and it is wise to not go too quickly or too slowly, and so a certain orchestration is necessary, a vast coordination of energies is called for.

But since light and life for your world and all worlds is a proposed goal, efforts are going to be made to reach that goal. There are those who feel that these kinds of discussions … having to do with government or politics … are more administrative than spiritual. And this is true, but it is also a large part of the reality of ascension. I will thus say only that things are unfolding as they should, and that includes getting rid of that which no longer works and introducing that which is destined to take center stage, and many times the workers in the field are called to function even when they cannot see the end from the beginning. When this happens, such as with yourselves, you can become confused or disheartened, you can begin to question your own mind / motives; you may need to consult more often with the spirit of truth. You may need to back off until the way is clear. And you may find yourself acting spontaneously or impulsively and waiting with abated breath to find out what you’ve done.

Evolution is an exciting thing; even when you think it’s a long stretch of drudgery, it is not; it is a thrilling adventure and it is for you to determine how you will perceive your experience.

This is a very dynamic time for THE ANGELS OF NATIONS. And as you can imagine, when the world is in such upheaval, other sectors of planetary government are equally poised to act on the slightest prompt that will support the efforts of those in a leadership position, as well as there are those who are poised to take advantage of any opportunity to advance their own self-interest. And so there again is the continual opportunity for you to weigh the options presented, ponder the effects of certain causes, pray for guidance, and step up in faith for whatever you feel your part may be or not be in the pathic ed.

Michael is the spiritual head of this universe and his chief executive Gabriel is the administrative head of this universe and they work together in their coordinated efforts to advance Nebadon and its many constellations and sectors and planets in such a way as to be well-positioned for its sister universes in the superuniverse. There is a tremendous network of workers throughout the heavens on so many levels; your mind would be boggled if you sat and considered how many things are coordinated, connected, and mutually stimulated so as to facilitate orderly progressive growth. And the more you focus on the creativity of organization, the more you will see those who are willing to play their part and participate in the program of ascension that is set up for us to follow.

It is a very gratifying feeling to know you are a part of the solution, and to discover how it is you have been part of the problem, there to set yourself aright and join the ranks of those who conspire together to uplift humanity into a consciousness of God-knowing and spirit-led citizens of a heavenly realm. You will know you have come home. You are with your kind. You will feel more and more of the dynamic affection and less intolerance for those who wander around blundering in the dark thinking they are being helpful.

It is a maturing process; it is a process. And you are supported in your efforts, guided by divinity, upheld by Deity, and you are not forgotten in the annals of history as one of those who lived through this period of time on this particular world of time and space. It is your day, your time; give yourself to it accordingly, with your feet on the ground and your eye on the goal. I am glad to have had a chance to spend a moment with you, encouraging you on your path. I return you to Jack.

0802-AB: Jack’s back. Haven’t heard from him in awhile. There are some who think he is too cerebral. I myself have no problem with an administrative perspective.

Are there questions this evening? This is your opportunity. This is your meeting. Your opportunity to enjoy the connection with your heavenly helpers. If you want to come in and chat, press *6 on your telephone; that will open the line. Afterward, re-mute yourself. Let’s proceed into the more social structure of our time together. Any questions or comments? [Pause] I’m going to call Merium in here. Just a moment, please.

MERIUM: Greetings, lovelies. This is Teacher Merium and I am here indeed I will stir up the atmosphere; I will open the windows, let the breeze blow in and the fresh air, fluffing up the pillows and encouraging you to stretch your body-mind-and-spirit that has become bogged down in the act of focusing on your teacher Andromadeus, a most high Observer who could be said to give vertigo sometimes. Let’s not get dizzy over commentary, but feel revitalized by the stimuli of his words that will begin to affect your consciousness as soon as you give it free reign to grow in your mind and your heart.

We don’t even have to talk about what he had to say if you don’t want to; we can talk about whatever you like. Your daily concerns are our daily concerns as well. Your coming and going, your learning and teaching, your problems and solutions, your children, your parents, your kindred spirits, all these of interest to you are occasions to engage in thought that can be lifted up into a meditative mode of reacting that abuts the morontia realm and which helps spiritize your thinking so what have you been up to? How can we assist your growth? Ask questions. [Pause]

We have a quiet group tonight. Perhaps the mechanics have been mis-calibrated. Gary, come in and say hello so that we know that the motherboard is working.


Gary: Yeah, this is Gary. I’m still awake and trying to digest everything that’s been said, but I do have a question. When we get to the morontia world, we do get a new mind. Now, is the intellect that we establish on this planet in building the soul, I guess, what happens? Is this new mind a higher intellect mind? Does everyone in the morontia world all of a sudden have an IQ of 180 or how does that work?

MERIUM: Well, you are thinking more in terms of the human mind if you are thinking in terms of the IQ. Intelligence is not necessarily IQ. In terms of divine mind, it is far removed from the intelligence quotient of the mortal mind. Intelligence is not all about facts and statistics. You need some facts and statistics here on the material plane in order to function, but not so much on high where your values are of a different sort.

Gary: Yeah, but doesn’t the divine mind give us the…? I don’t understand how that relates. Even though we get a divine mind, is everyone on the intellectual level of an Einstein and we can understand everything like the ultimatons and --

MERIUM: No. Gary: -- all of the atom’s structure and the astrophysics and--

MERIUM: No. You are not understanding the meaning of the word intellectual, or intelligence. Divine intelligence is infinite, but the intelligence enjoyed by humans is limited, structured only to serve this segment of your existence. Think more in terms of the butterfly and the cocoon and the moth and the larva; you will not need it when you leave this plane. The mind you use here is specific to your life here. Intelligence on high is not dedicated to literal-minded pursuits. You know the adjutant mind spirits are circuits, the circuits that you are given here to use are related to local intelligence. When the body is gone, when the circuits are closed down, the mind is shut off, never to return. When you arrive in Mansonia, you are bestowed a new mind. It is not entirely yours; it is more like -- you would think of the Borg -- it is considerably enhanced.

Gary: So that means that everyone is brought up to that divine level where everyone will understand divinity, absonity, the trinity, triunities, triodities, and all of that will be automatic?

MERIUM: Well, it will be made clearer. Gary: Clearer, yeah. Automatically, then.

MERIUM: But still it is an experiential universe. And there will be lessons learned requiring intelligence, divine intelligence, even after you’ve left the local universe as full-fledged spirit beings.

Gary: Yes, like there’s a Science Officer, like we’ve discussed on Serara dot org. The Science Officer tries to explain the ultimatons and--

MERIUM: Yes, you will always have teachers.

Gary: Yes, but does everyone understand that technology, or is it broken down into a field of science, or …?

MERIUM: No, you are still thinking with the human mind. The question is posed with a human mind and so any answer I give you is going to be received by the human mind and thus limited in its ability to answer your question.

Gary: Yes, and understand, I follow that, but … I’m, you know, still trying to put the divine mind -- I know we have a soul. That’s what we are developing here.

MERIUM: Yes. Gary: But… And then we get a new mind when we go to the morontia worlds.

MERIUM: The mind is already there. You just become part of it. You have a separate mind here.

Gary: Yeah, that’s my problem: my separate mind, I guess. (Chuckle)

MERIUM: Yes, yes. But it’s done that way on purpose so that you can make those independent choices. It is your mind making its own independent choices that has led you to where you are today in your spiritual path. It’s up to you to make those decisions that advance or retard your growth. That’s the purpose of your intellect here.

Gary: Well, I’m ready for Monjoronson or Serara or the Magisterial Mission or Michael to initiate whatever it is they are going to initiate and hopefully bring this planet into … I don’t know if we’ll ever reach light and life. They say that we have to have one race-- I don’t think that will ever happen in my lifetime here. That’s what they claim, that in order to have light and life, like they talk about? On another planet, but they have one race and they have all their energy given to them, so there’s no competition, there’s no people going out to grab that, so they have control over the population.

MERIUM: It would seem you were not listening to the lesson this evening from Andromadeus, for he spoke of the many things that you can do now to foster the goal of light and life. Indeed, not just for your planet, but for the local universe in which you live. The opportunities are plenty and immediate. Perhaps you are guilty of chronic yearning, wishing for someone to come and fix it, believing it will not happen unless someone does it for you, when you are in fact a part of the process. Your decisions advance or retard the work at hand.

Gary: I agree with that point. But, this planet has obviously been the worst of the worst as far as Caligastia and his group, and they talk about how dirty our DNA is, even though –

MERIUM: Well, I would quit listening to that channel.

Gary: It doesn’t have anything to do with it, but different sources say that Caligastia messed with that and I think taken apart the DNA for the spirituality that we’re supposed to have.

MERIUM: Everything you need is within you. Everything you need is within younow. You have sufficient DNA to become perfect. You have a Thought Adjuster, the Eternal Son, and the Infinite Mind all with you in your microcosm of the macrocosm. You have angels – legions of angels – in your corner.

Gary: I’m a hard case, then, I guess. But then why are they going to get rid of homo sapiens? The Eternal Son said they will not – this is the end of homo sapiens.

MERIUM: This is not the end of homo sapiens. What are you talking about? This is how the worlds advance! Through humans. It’s been going on like this for centuries – millennia, billions of years -- and will continue on for billions of years.

Gary: Well, that’s not quite what … that’s not what they say?

MERIUM: Who is “they”?

Gary: We’re going to work toward homo spiritus. Well, in one of the Flurries, or … I don’t know if we can believe that type of information then.

MERIUM: I see.

Gary: Then what is that all about?

MERIUM: Listen. This is Merium. Teacher Merium with the Teacher Corps which is Urantia Book based. I am not a teacher of the philosophies that you are engaged in cultivating. I cannot compare apples and oranges with you because it appears we are not reading the same Book, we are not on the same page.

Gary: The same plane. Yes. Okay.

MERIUM: Now, if you want to think that I am passé or retarded and your philosophy or your leader is more advanced, if you get more from that, then I encourage you to go there and enjoy it fully, and give yourself to it completely so that you can be a part of the solution and not a part of the problem which is questioning and niggling about how others do it or don’t do it. Jump in with both feet with what works for you. And I will commend you on your eagerness to learn, but I cannot engage with you in a theory that I don’t support.

Gary: Right. I understand. I don’t want to put you in a position which you’re not, you know, comfortable with, in extreme, I guess, thoughts. But I’m trying. I am human, so ….

MERIUM: Indeed.

Gary: I’ll just continue on and hopefully I’ll get there.

MERIUM: I am sure that you will, Gary, my lad. I am sure that all of you will here. And there are, as you know, many paths to Paradise, and if you are sincere, chances are you will arrive in good stead and in good standing. I am just delighted to have the occasion to get to know you somewhat under these circumstances as we advance ourselves, our peers and compatriots into future realms and as we simultaneously treasure and cherish the experience we have today on this orb Urantia, 606 of the Satania System, in Norlatiadek Constellation of Nebadon.

Gary: Well, hopefully we’ll all get there and contribute to the Supreme and just “keep on keepin’ on” I guess.

MERIUM: We are contributing already, as we speak and as we breathe, but my breathing has come to an end. I’m giving you to Jack.

Gary: Okay. Thank you.


0802-AB: Jack’s back in time to call it a day. We’ve run overtime. Thank you, Gary, for opening the door and for all of those of you were here this evening in attendance, who listened.

Gary: Thanks, Jack. I appreciate it. 0802-AB: Later!