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Topic: Urantia Changes Status Report

Group: Serara.org


Teacher: Machiventa, Life Carrier, Nambia

TR: Ron Besser


Machiventa Melchizedek: Seismic and Other Urantia Changes Status Report
Life Carrier, Nambia, Climate Changes Are Not Due to Carbon Emissions Entirely
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Seismic Activity on Urantia

This is Machiventa Melchizedek. The seismic activity on Urantia has doubled what it was three years ago when I last spoke to the idea that the earth is like a pregnant woman, and that the dilation of the uterus had begun at that time. Urantia is now in labor and her pains will become so much more powerful that we are asking the Power Directors to come to Urantia and make it less susceptible to the awful pains of birth women on Urantia go through every time they must give birth.

In March of 2011 (magnitude 9.0, about 8 miles deep), the last of the terrible tremors for the time being that struck Japan were fairly well done, but another clash of titans or earth fault lines will appear again. These Japanese tremors will be mainly about five miles deep and begin as small earthquakes on its northern limits of sovereignty. In about a year, Japan will experience another of those horrible tsunamis, but this time in the north and loss of life and property will be a great deal less than in 2011 (5,885 deaths; 6,148 injured; and 2,623 people missing. For more details see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japan_tsunami.)

In general, the tectonic plates on Urantia are already beginning to realign parallel to each other rather than at perpendicular angles of attack forcing one to subduct beneath the other. In North America, the plate which runs through the Bearing Sea down into Seattle area is above normal in its registry of earthquakes, and that is because the plate itself (the North American Plate to the East), is riding over the Pacific Plate to the west without forcing the Pacific Plate to dive toward the earth’s core.

In Central America, the plates in question are never well aligned as they are to the north, and for this reason, we believe the Central American Plates will fall short of expectations of crushing the entire Gulf of Mexico area into a small sea about one half the present size. Mexico City sits on an old lake bed, and because of that is sitting on land that acts like jelly when the earth shakes. Expect huge losses of life in this area when the plates in Central America begin to collapse into the Pacific area and bring much of the Ocean into what is now desert area of the Mexican nation.

The southern border of the United States and Mexico will collapse and a long narrow tongue of the sea may enter to separate these two parts of the continents of South America and North America.

South America will have its northern areas preserved, but every thing south of São Paulo, Brazil, is subject to renewed tectonic shifting not seen in those areas for 12 centuries. Chile will mostly fall into the sea, and the high mountains to its east will become the new coastline.

Australia is likely to suffer the least of the land mass problems foreseen for the rest of the world and will remain a dry and desert like place for millennia.

Europe is in big trouble. The Kiev region of the Ukraine will remain high and dry and will likely become the breadbasket for central Europe. However the Balkans, the site of so many problems in past history, will become sodden and watery and will produce snakes the size of those large biceps in body-building ads sometime in the next few hundred years. The Balkans will become the world’s new wet lands and will produce some new species not foreseen when the Urantia Book was written. The new snake is not a constrictor, but will eat flesh bearing vermin such as rats and moles and small furry creatures not unlike those grass eating rats in South America, and the Patagonian Cavy. These Cavies live in southern Argentina in South America, and roam grasslands eating mostly grasses and shrubs. They are rodents, closely related to capybaras, another rat-like creature appearing between large rabbits and skunks. Such creatures will run wild over the grasslands depopulated by population reduction in the central regions of Asia, and this new snake predator will prevent many of them reaching western Europe or even the United States.

Western Europe will become mostly decimated after the ocean comes in to as far as Paris in France and Antwerp in the north and the Norwegian industries of fishing fleets and salmon taking in the north Atlantic will cease to exist almost entirely as the North Atlantic swells to twice the present area because of sheet ice melting in the pole region.

England’s western shore will melt into the sea, and the Islands in the north known as the Hebrides will likely remain above sea level but will be greatly inundated on their shores as the North Sea encroaches into areas now claimed by Scotland. We may lose London, or at least the areas that are at the heart of this major city of civilization.

China is going to have major problems as the East China Sea will collapse into the Yellow Sea to its north. That is because the Yellow Sea will become less buoyant because of glacial melt from the Tibetan region and the westerly Himalayas. Fresh water is heavier than salt water and the difference between the water salinity of these two seas will create large problems for centuries. A great sea will open up over what is now central China and destroy much of the migration colonies started in the 1980's by the huge population shift from rural areas to urban areas.

Three Gorges Dam, the largest power supply dam ever built on Urantia in China, will become a major source of electricity for what is left of the Chinese mainland and will be used for drinking water for areas below its discharge. Due to the strength of the river currents behind the dam, the backwaters of the Yangtze River will never silt completely to the point the dam either bursts or becomes useless as a hydroelectric station. The silt in the river now is no more than four feet deep in places and that is due to the strong current that runs through these waters even now.

In the central United States, reported on about a year ago from today (not issued as a Flurry), a huge lake will appear due to the over run of water from the Great Lakes into the Mississippi Valley. This Lake will stay there until the Ocean itself comes in and rearranges the boundaries to cover Idaho, Utah, Colorado up to its western most boundaries, and all of Wyoming, portions of Nebraska, and portions of the eastern Dakotas. The Great Plains will cease to exist as they become places for huge preserves of pine and hardwood just as they were in the Pleistocene Era. Food production in the United States will now be strictly limited for the needs of what population remains in the United States and Canada.

Canada will be impoverished as the vast western regions succumb to the ocean as the tectonic plates of the Pacific and North America realign themselves, not South and North as expected, but east and west, causing them to form small areas of islands over which great amounts of wild life will reestablish itself for the future appearance of the world in Light and Life.

Machiventa Melchizedek provides these forecasts through Michael of Nebadon, Mother Spirit, and the Power Director in charge of the planets reformation, Power Director Number Seven known as Fortan on Uversa.

End - From Ron Besser as the Scribe for the astute reports given here by our spirit administrators through their humble servant, Thought Adjuster Number 4715476, the last seven parts of the Scribe’s own Adjuster’s serial and series number.

Climate Change


Much has been spoken in this controversy that erupted years ago with the Al Gore book stating the severity of the case as he saw it. Machiventa Melchizedek reports that Climate Change is not bogus, but it is an overworked review by government regulators and science due to the erosion of safe harbor dams of wisdom and sagacity of thought on Urantia at this time.

Climate Change is the result of solar bi-flex. The term bi flex refers to the terminal exposure of the internal parts of the sun’s core itself to chemical and solare elements not usually associated with a star of this magnitude. Solar-Bi-flex occurs when elements of cesium and nitrogen combine to form dipoles of magnetic disruptions that retain enough heat to erupt as gamma rays and thereby expose Urantia to excess gamma ray radiation. Gamma ray radiation, when absorbed by the Urantia atmosphere brings causes water in the Urantia atmosphere to fail to evaporate as it should. Consequently the water in the Urantia atmosphere is losing its ability to become useable where it once could go as a gas that allowed cooling by evaporation processes mostly unknown to science on Urantia.

On Urantia (earth), the temperature is now reaching levels not seen since the Pleistocene Era on the planet. In that Era, the plants and animals were subject to awful humidity and temperature inversions that kept the animals and plants in splendid health, but nearly killed everything it touched because of the density of water molecules within the plants and within the bodies of the animals. I am a Life Carrier by the name of Nambia, and it is my duty to report to all of you that the inversions suffered by the plants and animals of the Era spoken to above, will never become available again on Urantia. You and your heirs will be safe from that situation.

What will happen when the land masses restructure themselves on Urantia this time, there will be several years of excessive heat followed by a general cool down lasting perhaps one quarter of a millennia. Humans living today will not feel the cooling referred to here, but they will feel the lessening of humidity in the atmosphere, and thereby, will feel more comfortable during their stay on Urantia.

Climate Change is true, but science does not understand that it is not the carbon emissions causing the drift to greater heat on Urantia and the melting of the polar ice caps. Rather, Climate Change is the result of too much C0(2) in the atmosphere that is saturated with too much water vapor, and the chemical change causes heating rather than cooling in the atmosphere. Removing acid rain, removing carbon emissions– all of these things can be achieved with great cost to industry, but that is not entirely necessary if man wishes to close off the escalation of the temperature he lives in. The ideal way to stop earth heating is to block the sun, which is, of course impractical over a planet’s land mass. So then we must wait for the solar bi-flex process to reset itself and cause less gamma ray pollution of the evaporative process on the earth's surface. Man is totally unable to affect such a change, so it is the Life Carriers of Nebadon, and the Power Directors of Uversa, that must come to the rescue and reset the solar processes so earth may return to its normal patterns of heat and cold and climate variations over the millennia.

This is Life Carrier, Number 21745715 of the Primary Life Carrier Order of Nebadon reporting the truth about Climate Change on Urantia.


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