2014-06-28-Q and A with Michael


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Topic: Q & A with Michael

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, thank you for your presence in our lives, for the ability to communicate directly with you, to receive your loving words, and of course, your personality energies. We open this circuit to you now and we thank you for securing it in your light and your protection. Expand our minds and hearts that we may receive from you what you wish to share with us today. We thank you for your will being done.


MICHAEL: Greetings, my beloved children. This is Michael. Within the depths of your being lies the presence of our Paradise Father. The spiritual circuitry which comprises a part of your overall being is designed to help you receive the leadings of the Father Within. The human system of consciousness, therefore, is designed to interface directly with the Paradise Father, and your Indwelling Father Fragments strive diligently to augment your awareness to what Father wishes to reveal to your minds and help you enact throughout your daily material lives.

It is my desire that my children be able to perceive the greater leadings of their own indwelling Father Fragments. And therefore, I am here today to provide certain endowments of my being—personality energies you might say—that will expand your receptivity to the Father within you. Additionally, I can offer advice and guidance on how you, in your own lives, may develop more powerful relationships with your Father Fragments to help you become more secure, confident, and operative in the Father’s WILL.

As you know, there is much confusion on your world regarding the presence of the Mystery Monitor, and it is only developing this intimacy with the Father Within will you be able to perceive the inner leadings of what the Father wishes to disclose to you. It is unique to each individual, and yet, as more people open to the presence of their own Fathers, there is a unifying element and harmonizing energy which comes from the Father Himself to help humans outwork the energies of separation and all of the many social and spiritual ills that it has fraught upon this planetary system consciousness.

Before I address your questions or comments, I invite you to simply feel your desires to be more focalized and receptive to your own indwelling Father Fragments. Your Mother and I can minister to you in this place of desire and help restructure certain circuitry within your minds that will render you more receptive to this wonderful gift. Settle in this desire now. Feel your need to become more Father-conscious and we will move in you now. (Pause)

The presence of the Father Within expands with your desire to become Father-like in thought, word and expression. You are well apprised that this part of ascension journey—the discovery of who and what the Father is in you, and all through your lives will you be guided by this magnificent presence. As you increasingly identify your desires with that of the Father’s for your lives will your ability to commune more directly be part of your daily conscious recognition. It may not be constant but it will continue to grow and you will receive more of what you need to be more consistently operative in the Father’s WILL on a daily basis. Your intention and desire are the two human energies—attitudes—that you bring into this relationship, and over time as you begin to increasingly trust that the Father is the over-arching controller of your mind will you begin to simplify your lives and have more time and space to act creatively and effectively, bringing a new meaning and a richness to your material existence.

Let these words settle in. Continue to feel your desires to be more Father-directed, guided, operative as your Mother and I continue to minister into you. (Pause)

It is so, my children! All through your lives will you operate with your creative co-partner, increasingly yielding the fruits of the spirit in your daily lives, which indicate how well aligned you are with your Father Fragment. It is delightful to your Mother and me to watch how you grow, not only in your intellectual comprehension of your relationship with the Father, your emotional and spiritual development, but also in how you make those choices and demonstrate the fruits of the spirit in your relationships with others. Continue your best efforts, knowing that each day is an opportunity to let the Father express His LOVE out into the world through your thoughts and feelings and actions.

Let your mental currents relax in more of the over-control of the Father Within that you may find a new sense of ease and strength in your lives. It is not to say that your struggles will be any easier. There are still many challenges ahead of you to face. But there does come within the emotions a sense of easiness and peace—an inner security that all is well and that you are well equipped with the Father’s presence within you to meet any challenging circumstance of your life should you desire the Father’s WILL to become more prominent in how you see the circumstance or relationship.

With that being said then, I will invite you come forward with your questions and comments when you feel ready to speak. If you desire to stay in stillness you will continue to receive from your Mother and me. It is your choice. You may begin when you feel ready.


Student: What are the hallmarks in the changes of a person’s behavior or attitude as they progress in growing their relationship with their Father Fragment from a Thought Adjuster to a Thought Controller?

Michael: Thank you for your question, my son. This is a very important one you have raised. First of all, I would wish to address it from the perception of your consciousness. When the Father Fragment is able to convey more directly into your streams of awareness, it is as if there is more truthful information and the desire to lead a life of righteousness and goodness. There is more willingness, because the human mind has now perceived the greater reality of the Father within. As you know, this is an evolving process of moving from the Father Fragment adjusting your thoughts, to now being more able to harness your currents of consciousness and convey a higher perception to your awareness.

The inner hallmarks then become this increasing desire – you might call it a thirstiness or a hunger for the Father –to align more fully with Divine Presence. It is as if the need for truth, beauty and goodness become so elevated in your consciousness that it becomes almost a single-most yearning, or objective to obtain in human life. When you reach that state of more single-minded goal orientation, that is more of a signal that you have moved into the state of being more controlled by the Father.

The outward manifestation of this then – you might say in your material life – would be to demonstrate the fruits of the spirit, with the desire to be of service as the most rewarding objective. Now the focus is off your own needs and desires, because the inner perception that all you need to feel complete is now operating as the Father is controlling your consciousness currents. By this I am referring to your thoughts and feelings.

Does this answer your question, my son, or would you desire more elaboration on this point?

Student: Yes, it does. Thank you. I do appreciate the inner and outer perspectives of your answer.

If it is instructive, would you share with us, as your life as Jesus on this planet, an example of how this happened to you as you increased your connectedness to the Father within?

Michael: I will be most happy to share an experience. There were several that started out in my human mind when I began to become more Father-aware. It was in the transition from the adolescent period to early adulthood when I became aware of my objectives for my human life, that I was here to perform a certain type of service for humanity, and that my material life would differ radically from the traditional Jewish family life. By that I mean by not taking a wife and raising my own biological children.

I struggled with this during my adolescent period. I could perceive that within a deeper level of my being was this sense that there was a bigger reality for me to consider. It took me several years to appreciate more fully what this would mean. But I always deferred to this inner-sensing prompting. As I developed in my own trust of the Father I began to perceive that this was indeed the Father’s voice speaking inside of my being.

It was not something that came easy at first. But the more that I trusted in the Father – and of course my own human father Joseph was very foundational to help me trust in the Paradise Father, because of my human father’s love for myself – that I was able to translate into trusting the presence of the Father within me more. Does this address your concern, my son?

Student: Yes, thank you very much for sharing. It appears as though what you described was what many people would describe as faith. Faith is typically that knowingness of the ‘righness’ of things. In my experience it takes another leap of faith to recognize that that is not just your own voice talking to you, but it is the voice of the Father. It is a subtle thing, I think. So, thank you very much for sharing.

Michael: You are most welcome, my son. It is indeed the act of faith on your part.

But you do not need to make such great leaps, as it is to make these steps of faith each day. To set, perhaps, an agenda, “I wish to take more steps forward in faith today, Father. What would be beneficial for me to experience to grow in my faith comprehension of your presence within me?” Here is where you as you say, ‘walk your talk’, or ‘walk your thoughts’.

I do not encourage my children to always be testing themselves to leap forward, because that sometimes strains the ability of your own thoughts and emotions to reach those heightened states of Father consciousness. Rather simply ask the Father to guide you to take whatever steps are important for this particular day. Some days will be what you might consider to be longer or more steps of faith. Others you might only move forward one step or so. That does not matter.

What does matter is that you are continuing to ask, and that you continue to walk forward. In this way, the Father’s presence within you will continue to control your thoughts and your feelings, and help you be more demonstrative of the fruits of the spirit in all that you speak, think and act.

So be in my peace my son as you take your own faith steps. Enjoy how you are learning the ways of the Father a little bit more each day.

END of question section


I leave you in my love. Trust and know that the Father’s presence within you is indeed gaining more strength and the ability to inlay what you need to grow. Each of you has challenges unique to your growth. Spend time with the Father. Scrutinize these challenges with an open and trusting heart. Do not try to justify your own opinions or feelings, but be honest about how you are looking at your challenges. Ask for the Father’s perspective, for the guidance you need, for the spiritual surge of power, strength to carry through your difficult periods of life.

Know that I will support you. Your Mother will expand you, and that you have many, many angels who will guide you through what you must learn as part of your spiritual development. Remember that you have access to my Personalized Adjuster to help you as well. So there is much afforded to you to help you in this transference of power in your mind from thinking about the Father to actually having your consciousness currents be controlled by the GLORY and LOVE and pure potential that is contained in the Paradise Father living within you. Good day, my beautiful children.