2014-07-01-The Power of Forgiveness

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Topic: The Power of Forgiveness

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Controller

TR: Lytske



Thought Controller: “You, my dear charge, have asked that I, your Thought Adjuster, may formally be known as your Thought Controller. This means in ‘heaven’s terms’ that you are willing to hand your free will over to me. Put in other words, this simply means that we have now become a more consciously cooperative union between God and mortal. Over the years you have learned that I am a Fragment of God, which nevertheless shares in all of God’s attributes.

“Therefore, any question you desire to ask of God will be answered by me. The thing you need to remember is that I am a living Spark from the Universal Creator, and therefore I am also able to anticipate your needs. All that is needed from you is an mind-set of gratitude, as this will access my guiding help with greater ease. Even the Father in heaven desires to be recognized by His mortal children, just like an earthly father loves to receive the recognition of his children.

“A simple thank-you acknowledgment is always noted and welcome when it comes from the heart, for the heart is a most useful and needed instrument as it fulfills different functions, mainly as the giver and receiver of life and love, which is why it is such a delicate instrument. As well, but no less important, it is the provider of unconditional forgiveness. On these character traits depends the entire human system’s equilibrium.

“In case love or forgiveness is withheld for whatever reason, the whole system suffers to some degree, be it intellectually, emotionally, physically, or spiritually. This is why it is extremely important for good thoughts to be entertained by the mortal inhabiting that precious physical creation from God – the human body – for it serves as the temple of the undying spirit-self, depending on that Spirit-self having a chance to evolve during the mortal’s life-time. There is much more, however, the main lesson for today is on the Power of Forgiveness.

“Anyone, desiring a healthy physical body ought to be educated about this all-important issue, which has all too often fallen by the wayside, so to say. Think about how you feel when someone harbors a grudge against you, or you are not happy with someone. The most healing thing to do is to get these hidden issues out into the open, and speak with the person concerned. Most important of all, send him or her loving vibrations by entertaining loving thoughts about them.

“Long-held grudges and resentment will sooner or later afflict the physical system when emotions have had their fill and can no longer take such real, although silent, abuse of negative thoughts. Therefore, for anyone desiring to clean the slate at any time of the day or night, forgiveness will be the key to a long and healthy life including that wonderful quality of unconditional love. The physical heart will thank the owner by performing at its fullest potential.


“The power of forgiveness is not to be underestimated. Instead, my counsel shall always be: Wipe clean the slate before going to sleep at night. This ranks among the highest of doing God’s will when coupled with loving intentions.”