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Topic: Updates: Magisterial Mission and Urantia Book

Group: Serara.org


Teacher: Ron Besser

TR: Ron Besser


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  • To the BCC List Subscribers
  • July 11, 2014 at 1700 EDST, York, PA
  • Subject: Review and Update as to where we are today about the Magisterial Mission, the Urantia Book project, and several other areas that probably concern many of you this summer


I have often mused whether we should just use a simple message to get new changes across on the BCC list, or write as a publication like the FLURRY or the ABC Summaries to do it. In this case I will just write the basics out to you and let the long reasons for such alone today. So here goes:


  • 1) The URANTIA Book, as published in 1955, is to be changed over to two new volumes. Volumes I and II are already finished as processed through the Second Revelatory Commission, and the text is being brought to Urantia through the arrival of the Magisterial Son in the flesh, probably sometime this year.
  • 2) The 2016 URANTIA Book is to be reviewed by a Commission of ten humans already selected to sit on the board, and they will review chapter by chapter as to its content, and information arrayed before them. The intended release will be in 2016 or perhaps a little bit later.
  • 3) The 1955 URANTIA Book as published will be allowed one more printing. It then will be retired from distribution and sales. It is suggested that those who love the old Urantia Book buy up the extra copies as the old arrangement of information is to be revised and new information added for later publication as Volumes I and II in 2016 or thereabouts.
  • 4) The 2016 URANTIA Book is in two volumes, because the length of the book is expanded to 3,157 pages in its new form. Both volumes include what is in the old URANTIA Book plus about 1,500 new pages which includes the 500 pages redacted from the old book from the Life of Jesus are to be restored. Plans are to publish the new URANTIA book by other than the current Urantia Foundation, and they will be informed by the Magisterial Son, what plans exist for the Foundation to continue without a Declaration of Trust to publish and organize future distribution of Volumes I and II. More on this later.
  • 5) The 1955 URANTIA Book is without precedence on Urantia, yet it floundered over complaints of its complexity and its enormous length compared to the other celestial publications that came later. In our estimation, no revelation like this ever was produced here or anywhere else with so little attention paid to it by the population of the world it was intended to be given to.
  • 6) Because the 1955 Urantia Book was fostered by humans and with very little universe or divine guidance as to how to develop a theme to produce interest in the first Urantia Book, the universe is not going to make that mistake again. For the first 50 years of the 2016, Volumes I and II of the new Urantia Book, it will remain in the custody of Machiventa Melchizedek. After that it will revert in its published format to a non-profit corporation we (the government of Nebadon), decides is right and proper to manage its contents and distribution.
  • 7) The Declaration of Trust, a legal instrument assigned to the Urantia Foundation of Chicago; SECTION 1. 1. These By-Laws are adopted and promulgated by the Board of Trustees of Urantia Foundation pursuant to the authority and direction of Paragraph 7.6 of Article VII of the Declaration of Trust dated January 11, 1950, by William M. Hales, et al., Trustees, and filed for record January 26, 1950, in the Recorder's Office of Cook County, Illinois and recorded as Document Number 14722215 creating Urantia Foundation, is hereby rescinded between the Nebadon Government and the licensee of the document when Monjoronson appears in the flesh, and assigns the two new volumes of the Urantia Book, to the unnamed Trustee, or to other interests unnamed at this time. A new Declaration of Trust, will be created between the unnamed interests and the Michael Nebadon Government agencies in charge of revelatory incidences on Urantia in publication form.
  • 8) The Urantia Foundation, is to be advised through official channels, what their role will be, and how they will be asked to reorganize their efforts on behalf of the Magisterial Mission and the following mission, the return of Jesus some five of so years after the Magisterial Mission is established. It is important to recognize that the Urantia Foundation has served its purpose and will be honored among all Urantia consignees to the new Declaration of Trust, to be observed the instant that the Declaration of the Fifth Epochal Dispensation is completed. The Dispensation so named herein is a world-wide declaration to gather the Sleeping Survivors from the death of Jesus to the Day of Pentecost in (June) 2014. This has already been observed, and it has been declared on high that all dispensational occurrences are now observed as reported in the broadcast observed in these Papers last June 2,, and June 9, 2014. The Dispensational Roll Call is still in operation and will not be concluded until January, 2015 at the earliest.
  • 9) Be it recorded, that the Broadcasts, Numbers One and Two are still in effect, and that they will remain in effect until otherwise rescinded by Michael of Nebadon, sometime in 2015 or earlier if the Universal Father does not order their plans revised.


  • 1) Once the new Declaration of Trust is installed with the new corporation to see over the new two-volume Urantia Books, they and the world will be given a new calendar. The new calendar will be Urantia wide and it will be based upon the System observation of time on Jerusem.


  • 1) I as your Scribe am a messenger, and not a divine scheduler of events. I report as dictation is received and I am accurate as to those words and declarations. It is evident that we are in a frequent battle of wits of timing. I have answered dozens of inquires about what a fortnight means and what timing does Monjoronson really use when announcing an event to transpire on Urantia. My answer is your answer– by the calendar– and I have no control over delays and disagreements that do come to be in the celestial realm over how to initiate millennia-long causes on Urantia. In my view, one of the most important things anyone can do is to lay low with pronouncements that arrive in whatever form the reader may find them in.

Therefore, I offer this as to what the Magisterial Mission will do without naming dates, and I think most will find this fair to speak to:

Monjoronson speaks with me frequently on a whole host of other issues, and none of these private discussions do we get into the idea that he is cheating or making light of schedules they felt sure would come to pass and have not done so in a literal time frame. In some ways I understand the problem and commiserate with the Chiefs on High who have to terminate the best layed plans to get a program going and to be seen on Urantia.

All who have subscribed to the BCC list know me well enough to learn I have made problems worse by throwing up my hands when something does not work out as indicated in the publications. Monjoronson informs me that not all that is written is worth the paper it is put on, but most, and he means over 80 percent of timing issues, have been thwarted by outside agencies beyond the borders of Nebadon, and they have been serious enough to delay the dates published.

It is important to recognize that the Magisterial Mission is to be announced publically. They have not backed off that since its announcement this past June. But Monjoronson and other must consider the repercussions of these announcements if the charge of time is not expediently delayed to include new situations on Urantia, that if left unchecked, could spoil the entry of the Magisterial Mission before our literal eyesight to see flesh and blood appearances before the cameras.

I do not hold any divine being harshly or do I even blame any of the Deities for playing around with our sense of respect for out time too. They, the Deities, are not conversant with our sense of time to begin with, and in the second place, they have no real regard for our hurt feelings when they must obey evolution and bow to the delay of time on supernal changes to our DNA and our spiritual sensibilities while we watch time after time their promises to appear before us go up in smoke.

Therefore, I let it be known that I will offer my services to inform to continue as is, but I do not invest my obligation to do right beyond reporting, as I can control hearing right, when it comes to what happens with what the divine calls a week and you and I call a year. Learn to be mature enough that you have no one to blame but yourself to expect a schedule they do not see to be as ruthlessly followed as we do in our own lives of appointments and anniversaries.

It is my opinion that we are so close to seeing Monjoronson, that we have little time to decide what we will do when that happens, unless some of us have already determined what that will be. His pleasure is to address you now on his own behalf:

  • 2) Monjoronson:

“I am Monjoronson, and I welcome you all to this review, short as it is for time and space constraints for all of us today.

“It is my constant companion to learn that I have to delay what I thought sure was going to “go” but find that there is a good reason to hold back one more time. That fortnight announcement of last June still rankles the hierarchy of spirit above me, as the announcement on your media is still planned and still ready to go. However, I am constrained by the appearance of yet another war in the Middle East, that so bamboozles the media, it reports nothing else. My announcement is meant to shock the people in charge, but when they do not listen, it is impossible to get the divine viewpoint on the record through a broadcast. I am still waiting for Israel and the Palestinians to patch things up long enough to get a broadcast in edgewise.

“I am an Avonal Son, and I use the name Monjoronson now, but when Michael reappears in the flesh as Jesus, my name will revert to the Paradise designation which is Serara. Both names are used on Urantia for the time being. I wish you all a good day!”


Finally, let me announce that there is a serious attempt to reestablish the teaching mission on Urantia, and that events are snowballing into real accomplishments behind the scenes today. I let the news there for the moment, but those of you who have participated in the past with the teaching mission so recently scoured off the public attention forums, might brighten to learn of the new effort, as it will be coordinated with Abraham of the Old Testament and Machiventa Melchizedek, the Sage of Salem.

This concludes a brief over view of subjects bound to be of interest to many readers. I thank you all for your attention, and wish you all the peace of Michael in your forthright attempts to be about the Father’s business on Urantia.