2014-07-31-Midwayer Introductions

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Topic: Changing Lucifer's Historical Arrays on Jerusem

Group: Unknown


Teacher: Talovenson, Ganahji, Lanaforge

TR: Acorn, Ron Besser



Editor and Transmitter: I have asked for clarification and received the following transmission concerning these off-planet midwayers who have volunteered to serve on Urantia in the Magisterial Mission and any follow-up missions:


Talovenson advises us: (pronounced Tallow Venson) is a Midwayer of the Fifth Class, 3rd Order, from the planet Neyadreeah (pronounced phonetically as: Nay Ad Dree Ah), which is Planet Number 507 of the Satania System.

Planet 507 is in the first stages of Light and Life and had a Midwayer convention years ago and Michael arrived and spoke with them, Five hundred Midwayers from Neyadreeah volunteered to come to Urantia, and of that five hundred who volunteered, only seventy-five have arrived so far. Our (Planet 507) Magisterial Son arrived ten millennia ago. There classifications of Midwayer names is far different from the practice used on Urantia.

Talovenson speaks: Come unto to us with your hurt and your misconceptions as they are clouding your way and making it difficult for us to be with you. It is in the interest of all that you lay down these hindrances and clear the way for our work. Unto to you is given much responsibility and great will be your reward for shouldering these burdens and delivering them to the feet of our Father.

Do not tarry on the way to the mark. We are counting on you to mature your skills in order for you to be useful in the times ahead. Break up the old patterns of selfishness and give your selves to the work of your fellows. You need only pick up the burden and from there we will carry it the rest of the way. You will not be alone in these endeavors

and it is our honor and great pleasure to serve alongside you. Together is how we will win the day.

Bring us in ever closer, into your confidence and we will surround you with our shield of golden light. You are protected and guarded as no other of your kind will be asked to do what you will do. Do not delay but come rest in our light that we may strengthen you for the battle ahead. Let it be so.

You are our sword bearers however they are not swords of steel but swords of knowledge in the love of the Father and the Son. Raise up these swords as a symbol of power for those in your world who have none. Be their protector and their guardians as we are yours. Carry your courage and then toss it away as it will not serve you in this fight. Your surrender is your weapon that will loose the chains of bondage that have enslaved you for so long. Offer up your will and it will be transformed into a glorious (lost words) into the will of your Father. May the day come when you will no longer fear and war with each other. The day comes ever closer. Offer your selves and be transfigured into the image of the one who is perfect. Be ye perfect as he is perfect. And now this is done. I am Talovenson. Good Day.

GANAHJI ( pronounced phonetically as: Gahn Ah Gee; accent first syllable) - Midwayer of the Second Class, 3rd Order from the planet Nehveenea (Nah Veen EE ah; accent small accent second syllable and hard accent on the third syllable), in the Satania System Number 105, and we are in the last stages of Light and Life before the planet becomes ruled by secret orders of the Trinity who are beginning to arrive on our planet already. We midwayers are not to be released until the planet becomes fully settled by the Trinity.

Ganahji speaks further: Namaste, it is I, Ganahji. Open the door to the reality of a time when it will be known that all things are from and for the glory of our Father. You are pioneering a path that in the coming time of light and life will be without question the life and breath of your community. No more will thoughtless action create unchecked ripples of violence. You will experience yourself as your neighbor and your neighbor will experience you as themselves.

There will be no more secret thoughts harbored in the dark folds of your consciousness. All will be opened to the light of scrutiny and you will pluck the dark seeds from each other’s illuminated minds. This you will do for each other out of kindness and concern. When all is open to the other, wounds will not fester and spread but will be healed with the salve of understanding as you all share each other’s thoughts. What would it mean if it was impossible to hide anything? No lies, no devious machinations, just open free flowing exchange of your conscious awareness.


What if everyone in your circle participated intimately in your inner life? What do you think would be different?

[Acorn:] Everything.

Yes, everything. Go now and contemplate how such a thing could come to pass. You are my dear ones and your light will be open to the universe one day.


Lanaforge (Satania’s System Sovereign): I am your Satania System Sovereign, and I wish to state that all the names given here are spelled phonetically even though the Midwayers who provide the names pronounce them as Ron has them spelled in brackets and pronunciation given. I am a System Sovereign of a huge place concerning the artwork that must be redone on Satania due to the default. Thirty seven planets had their historical references deleted by our administrators in order to bring back some sense to the development of the System I rule. Our work consists of ten stages of work on a secret sphere near Jerusem we never reference except to tell you it exists, and on this planet are the works we had to destroy in order to rebuild them on Jerusem. The art work of the Lucifer era is full of errors and omissions which we have corrected on Jerusem, but we retained the works of art by t he Lucifer crew in order to present to all who are allowed to go to this secret sphere and view it as to how difficult it was to remove some of it, as it is quite beautiful where they have it right. This is Lanaforge, and I appreciate this moment when I can insert my message without troubling the higher administrators on Urantia when doing so.