2014-08-24-Focusing Heart Energies

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Topic: Building Heart Energy

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Serena

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Thank you, Mother and Father, for this opportunity to be of service to you and to our world as we conjoin in one circuit of your love, connecting us to each other, heart to heart, soul to soul, Adjuster to Adjuster. Thank you for helping us grow in this consciousness you bring into us today, and to help us in our focusing efforts that we may participate in the constructing of your will and the Father’s LOVE into our planet’s consciousness. We are here to serve. We are ready to begin, and we thank you for your help as we move closer into these circuits of love, light and life. May your will be done. Thank you.


SERENA: Greetings, my dear brothers and sisters! This is Serena. I am pleased to be with you once again, and I am here to facilitate the energies that you generate from your hearts to further the construction of the heart energies for the planet’s consciousness. We have been assisting your efforts over many months. We have patiently come close to you to help you receive what you need to help you during this time of change. You are in the midst of a great unfolding, and it is our pleasure to come close to you to help you—to give you encouragement, strength and support as your world begins to shake off the energies of the rebellion and to formulate a new way of life here, one that serves the greater whole of all life here.

In today’s session let us begin by encouraging you to hold that desire to be more heart centered in your relationships with your brothers and sisters. The heart energies that you have within you are a powerful container for love—for kindness and compassion. And yet, because there is so much emotional pain, the heart energies become clouded, constrained. We are here to help you receive a deeper level of compassion that will assist your hearts to open further and to develop more divinely attuned compassion towards your brothers and sisters that grows this circuit of the heart that is so fundamental to the healing of this world.

In our last session, your Father Michael spoke to you and shared more of His heart energies with you. And in today’s session I encourage you to again call upon Him not only as your Father, but as your brother Jesus, whose heart of compassion is far greater that any human has heretofore ever contributed to the heart consciousness of the world. You have access to His heart.

So as we begin, set that intention to focus on receiving more from your Father, both as Michael and as Jesus, as we help you open your hearts and grow in what you need to be larger containers of your Father’s LOVE to your brothers and sisters. Place your focus at your heart centers, and simply ask Michael to fill you with what you need, and we will help you. Let us begin. (Pause)

If it helps to focus, concentrate on the word COMPASSION. Set an intention of developing and receiving the compassion of Jesus as your elder brother to infuse this space within your heart. You may share and imprint upon His compassion that you would be more able to demonstrate this in your relationships with your brothers and sisters. (Pause)

The heart is a mighty portal for spiritual energies to be perceived and received within the human construct of consciousness. When your hearts are fully opened and activated, aligned in the Father’s WILL, it sends forth a mighty beam of energy that is attractive to your brothers and sisters. It draws them into love. We are helping you open to this mighty power potential that will serve you very well during this time of change.

The children of this world, as you know, are love deficient, and by your growth in these energies of the heart will you be in better positions to serve your brothers and sisters through your love, through your devotion and through your compassion. So continue to receive. We continue to minister to you, and together we add more light in this circuit of the heart. (Pause)

Compassion forms the environment for forgiveness and understanding to develop within human relationships. Forgiveness is the mighty healer, and it helps you as individuals outwork the negative effects of revenge—the self-seeking desire to gain the upper hand against your brothers and sisters. You might say it forms an equal playing field. It is this level of equality that fosters the blossoming of the brotherhood of humanity, the sisterhood of life as one in the Father’s LOVE.

This is a very important spiritual quality to embody now; carry these energies with you to maintain that state of mind. Be compassionate and forgiving as more of the rebellion energies are outworked through this construct of consciousness for the entire world. It is as these times when we can come close to you to assist you by feeding you with more of what you need at the spiritual level and help you maintain that emotional and mental composure. You will be fed this to help you remain peaceful and steady—a point of stabilization for your brothers and sisters who may be racked with fear and other forms of mental and emotional anxiety and insecurity.

So that which you need is being provided to you, but the effort to love and to serve is yours. We cannot do it for you, but we can support your efforts by drawing close to you to help you recognize that you are not alone and you have nothing to fear. And when individuals see your courage and steadfastness, they will be drawn to you and they will want to know how they may acquire what you have, and you can lead them to the Father within.

It truly is this simple, but you know how much effort it takes for you to maintain this sense of equilibrium of spirit, and that it must be practiced over and over diligently, patiently with great faith and fortitude in your own choosing to do the Father’s WILL each and every moment, time and time again. Drink in these words. Let them blend and be infused with compassion. Let your hearts and souls be fed with what we minister to you now. (Pause)

I invite you now to shift your focus. We will move to the planet’s consciousness now. From your heart center draw a line of energy as you envision the world in your mind’s eye before you. See the words JESUS’ HEART OF COMPASSION. From the North Pole to the South Pole draw a ribbon of energy with these words ti spiral around the world in a counter-clockwise manner JESUS’ HEART OF COMPASSION. Feel your desire for His compassion, that which is so divinely human and humanly divine to embrace the heart consciousness of this world. Do your best to focus here as we minister in this circuit now. Take your time. Do this mindfully with great love. Feel your desire for the inhabitants of this world to calibrate to more of the compassion of Jesus. We will do the rest. (Pause)

If it helps to focus, see the word JESUS cover the world like a blanket. Feel your desire for His energies to embrace the world—to touch the hearts of humanity with His compassion, His understanding, His forgiveness. (Pause)

Jesus’ love for humanity is something each person can aspire to achieve. It is available through your desire to experience that as He did. You know from reading your Urantia text that what the world needs now is to know and experience the inner life of Jesus—His communion with the Father, to grow in that sublime childlike trust in the GOODNESS and the MERCY of the Paradise Father.

Continue to focus Jesus’ energy into the heart circuitry of the planet as we meet you in that place and do what we can to help the children of this world open their hearts to what Jesus wishes to provide to His brethren and children. (Pause)

As we have done in the past, you may now move your gaze over to the various circumstances, situations, geographic areas or relationships where you would wish to see more of the heart energies of Jesus to be more fully established. It can be wherever you desire, wherever you wish these energies to assist the individuals in these circumstances to receive more of Jesus’ energy and love, His compassion and what He wishes to share with His children. Take your time. We will follow your gaze. We will seed what we can into these areas and help the children of this world become more calibrated to what He wishes to provide to them. (Pause)

There is a mighty outworking within this circuit of the heart. The human effort to build more love into your construct of consciousness is paramount for this world to heal. Many people are expecting divine intervention to suddenly correct the evils of this world, but that is not so. This world is healing. It is changing, but it must come from individual choosing. The choice is yours. And we are here to support those efforts in making the choice to be more love saturated—dominated, demonstrating compassion and forgiveness, fairness, tolerance, patience with your brothers and sisters.

Is this challenging? Yes! You certainly have evidence of how challenging this is at times, and yet there is so much hope. And this hope is what you might call a lifeline to sustain you through this time of change and to maintain your open access to Spirit as you grow in your own unique ways of Father-consciousness. Continue to focus in these areas for the next few moments. We continue to add what we can to where you wish to seed more change—more LIGHT, LIFE and LOVE. (Pause)

Join me now as we lift our gaze to Paradise. Focus on this phrase: IT IS TIME TO MANIFEST THE FATHER’S WILL UPON URANTIA. Feel your appreciation for the Father and His plans of creation and evolution being restored here. Feel your appreciation for your own indwelling Father Fragments helping you receive what it is you can do each and every day to make the Father’s WILL a reality here upon this earth. Thank the Father for the gifts you have been given: your personality, and for His presence within you, and know that you have an unlimited capacity to grow in His WILL. What a gift! What a joy! Let us spend these moments of worship together.

Father, the celestial hosts and I join with my brothers and sisters of this world, thanking for your WILL being implemented here, more and more through the efforts of so many courageous men and women who dare to love, who dare to forgive, who are filled with your LIGHT. We thank you for each light shining within the human heart. And we pledge our support to these men and women who demonstrate such courage in the face of much evil to demonstrate your WILL. And we thank you for fortifying them in what they need that they may shine your presence into this heart consciousness to help it grow. Thank you. (Pause)

Join me as we descend from Paradise back to Urantia. See the words IT IS TIME TO MANIFEST WHAT FATHER WILLS to be seeded into this heart construct where we have also infused it with more of the heart energies of Jesus. Feel your desire for the Father’s WILL to grow here, to expand the energies of Jesus, that all humanity may share in this bounty and know a greater truth, be fed with a greater light. (Pause)

May the heart energies of Jesus continue to feed you as we leave you in this manner. We will continue to minister to you, especially when you call upon our assistance and ask us to help you incorporate more of these energies into your own lives, into your own desires. Remember, that it is you who heals the world through the power of LOVE—the power and the presence of the Father within you. Go about this task with great joy in your hearts with the assurance that all is well, and Urantia is being carefully, steadfastly guided into a new way of life.


We thank you for joining us today in this focused effort to build more energies for the Magisterial Mission. In time you will have a greater appreciation for what you bring into this forum. For now, stay in the attitude of faith and trust, and know all is well, and that the Father is GOODNESS, TRUTH and BEAUTY revealing Himself through you. Good day, my beloved brothers and sisters.