2014-08-30-Q and A with Mother

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Topic: Q & A with Mother

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Nebadonia

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, thank you for this time to be with you and to receive your words of guidance. We come before you and we thank you for helping us to receive your words and your personality energies to support our efforts at growing in the Father’s WILL and LOVE during this very important time of planetary transformation. We open this circuit now. We open this circuit of our hearts and minds, and we thank you for your will being done that we may grow in you and gain more confidence of who we are as evolving children in our beautiful universe family. Thank you.


NEBADONIA: Greetings, my children! This is your Mother Nebadonia who speaks. It is always delightful when your focus your attentions on us as your Divine Parents and receive the energies of Spirit that nurture your souls and provide that fertile environment for you to gain more experience of a spiritual nature with life.

As you know, there are certain lessons of self mastery that the Father Within you wishes to help you experience to come close to you, to guide your thoughts, to stimulate your feelings of desire to achieve certain objective that are contained within the Father’s presence within you. The objective of mastering life and the lessons that you need to learn form the foundation of what it means to be human. And yet so many of the children of this world do not understand this, and have instead created many distractions around themselves that divert their attention from the spiritual journey.

We are in the stages of correcting this, and it is through individuals such as yourselves that are being test very vigorously to bring forth the fruits of the spirit in your daily lives as the life lessons you earn as soul acquirements. And the light within the souls is able then to shine out into your world to attract others to begin their own exploration of what it means to live a spiritual life here on this earth plane.

So today before I address your questions and concerns, I invite you to look at the concept of self mastery. What does it mean to master who you are—your consciousness? How do you evolve in the Father’s WILL? As you ask this question, ask for the guidance of your Father Fragment to help you perceive a broader understanding of what Spirit wishes to disclose with your mind and heart. It is not so important that you understand all of what this conceptually means for you at this time, but rather that you have a willingness to explore this concept of self mastery.

As you know, your Father as your elder brother Jesus was able to achieve this state of self mastery, and He shares this with you of the way in which He went about accomplishing this in His very short earthly sojourn.

So many people are very trepidatous about undertaking this self mastery, thinking that they must give up certain things that give them pleasure and satisfaction. You are gaining a greater awareness that there is much satisfaction to be gained within your souls and that this satisfies the deeper yearnings within you. Yes, you do give up certain things---you give them up willingly. It is not as if we are snatching from your hands that which you truly love and take pleasure in. You release these of your own volition because you know that it is no longer giving you the same sense of satisfaction as you once experienced it.

What we seek from you today is your willingness to explore this concept of self mastery. Take it to heart. Set that intention. As the Father Within you to steer in this direction of what it means to truly gain control of your thoughts and feelings—to use your consciousness wisely and appropriately in service of the Father’s WILL. As these words settle in, take a few moments to focus on your willingness to explore this concept. Your Father and I will minister to you now and, of course as you know, your Father Fragments will all use this experience to help you come into a deeper relationship of what it means to master yourself. Let us begin. (Pause)

Setting this intention to explore this concept of self mastery stimulates a deeper level of spiritual hunger within. The potential you have to achieve this has always been there. Now this potential is being stimulated to call forth from your desire to explore this with the Father Within. As your Father and I move in you, notice if you begin to sense a deeper affinity for this concept and a feeling of desire. Notice if this begins to percolate in your hearts. (Pause)

Self mastery is a soul acquirement. It affords you a greater appreciation and understanding of life. There are many benefits to be gained when you truly make this a priority of your life. It does take effort. And yet there is a certain amount of struggle as you learn to yield your own self centered desires for that of where the Father Within is guiding you, helping you outgrow self centered tendencies in favor of what serves the greater good of humanity and the growing consciousness of the Planetary Supreme Mind. It is a part of your cosmic responsibility, and you give yourself, what you might say, a leg up when you make a more fervent commitment to mastering this earth plane experience so that when you reach mansonia you are in a different place than most of your brethren of this world who still need to outwork so many characteristics of the animal nature.

It is very beneficial to call on Jesus to help you in this undertaking. You have access to Him through the agency of His Personalized Adjuster, through Michael’s Spirit of Truth and from His human experiences that are part of the Supreme Mind of the planet here. You have access to all of this information, so it is not as if we are asking you to develop and construct your self mastery without any help. There is ample support. We encourage you to avail yourself of it. Let these thoughts settle in and receive what your Father and I share with you today. (Pause)

Self mastery accrues over time through each and every experience you have in your daily lives. Some may be painful, some may be joyful. Whatever you experience, be thankful for what you are learning and ask the Father Within you to continue to stimulate your appetite for soul development for this truly forms the foundation of how you master yourself and live here more soulfully each and every day.

I will pause here during this endowment and entertain your questions if you feel you wish to address me. However, you are also free to maintain this meditative state as your Father and I continue to share with you more of ourselves that you may deepen your ability to appreciate what it is we speak to you today. Please begin when you feel ready to speak. (Long pause with no questions)

The goal of self mastery is to become self reliant. That which I speak of self reliance is based on the conjunction of the Father’s presence within you and you becoming as one. It is part of the greater Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of humanity, for you begin to operate more naturally from the greater container of SELFHOOD that is the Father. The journey begins here. The journey begins now to turn this human life. It is something that you will continue to develop and explore throughout your long ascension career, but you can certainly make every effort to set this as an intention to strive for this in your daily environment and activities.

Before we conclude, if you have any questions about this or even another subject matter, you may bring them forward. The circuit is open and I am here for you. (Pause)


My children, go about your daily activities with greater assurance of the love that you have available to you from your Father and from me. Drink this into your bodies, into your cells, and know that we are so pleased with your efforts to grow in Spirit.

Delight and support one another on your brothers’ and sisters’ journeys. Help them by demonstrating the fruits of the spirit as best you can each and every day. There is so much goodness to share, so much life to experience. Even though life may become more challenging, it is in a way becoming more joyful for your souls will experience the refreshment of sharing LOVE with those who are in great need. Savor those moments of service and know it all helps grow the Planetary Supreme here upon Urantia. I take my leave. Good day, my beloved children.