2014-09-18-You Are All Now Honorary Melchizedeks


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Topic: You Are All Now Honorary Melchizedeks

Group: At Large


Teacher: Malvantra

TR: Paul Conklin



Greetings my brethren! We of the Melchizedek corps are always excited when an evolutionary world reaches this level of consciousness, this level of spirituality. I sometimes feel that we Melchizedeks are the “luckiest” persons in all of Nebadon because we are privileged to see the glory of our Father Michael and our Mother Nebadonia constantly. Because of our travels throughout the realm of Nebadonia we see so much of their glory, so much of their handiwork, if you will, because all that we see has their stamp of approval on it. Everything that is in their consciousness separately and as a partnership is manifested through their stunning works of beauty. I marvel at it when I get a chance to pause. When I get a chance to pause and connect with them in earnest I am stunned. I am stunned that I am their son, along with the contributions of the Father Melchizedek. How can I be anything other than speechless before them? I, their son, created to patrol their vast realm. I, their son, created to patrol their vast realm so as to contribute to the growth of the Supreme.

That is what it is all about my brethren. Whenever you wonder why you are going through the tragedies and the travails of this life wonder no more. There is one, there is one at the center of all things, created in love by our Paradise Father. This one, our Queen Mother, knows everything about us. She awaits as we give to Her our experiences as we ascend to the One. Through the long and arduous Paradise journey She is there, ever there, guiding us, loving us, directing us, to Her Creator and Mentor, our Paradise Father. Her growth, Her growth is predicated upon our acts, our acts of heroism, our acts of goodness, our acts of love. Though it may seem at times that our acts are so lonesome, so far removed from anything of value or anything of glory, our acts are anything but that. Each act, each solitary act, each solitary act of goodness, each solitary act of mercy, each solitary act of love, is being contributed to Her, to God The Supreme. Each solitary act that you perform that reflects the goodness, the kindness, the love, of the Glorious One contributes to Her growth. You are by no means little. You are by no means useless. You my brethren ARE THE UNIVERSE.

Now are you stunned by the above pronouncement? When you reach this level of growth you begin to realize that you are just not a part of the whole. You realize that YOU ARE THE WHOLE OF IT. Take a minute and let those thoughts resonate within you. Do you feel the power, do you feel the energy, the eternal energy of Father washing over you? He is now working with you in the realms of consciousness, in the realms of eternal mind, so that you will understand. YOU, YOU ARE THE UNIVERSE, and since you are the universe there is nothing that you do that is ever little. Whatever you do is big, really big. Whatever you do is monumental, is gargantuan. You may have thought that you were little, that you were powerless, but I say oh universe, how is it that you are little, that you are powerless?

You think that right now you are changing Urantia and you are indeed doing that. But who is Urantia? Is She not the Planetary Supreme? Is She not a child of the Supreme? So if She is a child of the Supreme is She not one with God The Supreme? If She is one with God The Supreme are you changing more than just this planet when you are changing Urantia? I tell you my friends, my brethren, each act of courage, each act of bravery in the face of insurmountable odds, each act of love, though it may seem little to you, is not little at all. It is not little because those acts that you perform are like a ripple that generates out, further and further out, until your energies reach the heart of Mother Supreme.

Right now my dear friends it is like you are roaming this universe with us, with the Melchizedeks, because you are roaming this universe with us in the realms of consciousness. And when you die, when you transition, we will feel honored to have you aboard. We will feel honored to have you participate with us in this monumental task. What is that monumental task? The monumental task is to see every corner of the seven superuniverses become immersed in light and life. When you beloved Urantians, make an effort to transform your world, to lead it into light and life, you are also transforming your local system, your constellation, your local universe, your superuniverse, all of the superuniverses. These acts, these seemingly little acts are being felt on a universal scale. Your efforts to bring this little world on the outskirts of the Milky Way into light and life are far reaching. The results of your efforts to bring this world into light and life will affect everything. It will affect the entire universe. ALL PRAISE TO THE FATHER. ALL PRAISE TO MOTHER SUPREME.

And to think my brethren. And to think that you, a seeming little one, contributed to her growth. But I tell you, that you are no longer little. YOU, YOU ARE THE SIZE OF THE UNIVERSE. Oh universe, now that you have awakened, now that you have awakened, do those things that a universe will do. Perform those miracles that only a universe can perform. Watch as galaxies swirl within your hands. Watch as eternal energy spins before you, much like you spin yarn on a spinning wheel. There it is, there it is all before you now, oh mighty universe!

I now declare you all honorary Melchizedeks. I Malvantra, am proud to call all of you my beloved brothers and sisters. We are no longer above you. We are partners together in this universal struggle. In this universal struggle to bring the entirety of the seven superuniverses into light and life. Oh universe, let us contribute to the whole. Let us watch as our heroic acts of goodness, of love, will eventually empower our Mother to go ahead of all of you into the outer space levels. Oh She is going ahead of you to prepare a place for you, that where She is you may also be. Oh the glory of the Father who can know it? One day you will know it as you stand before Him my brethren. Until then my brothers and sisters, oh universe, hitch a ride with the Melchizedeks and let us, let us all rove this universe until every last place, until every local universe is immersed in light and life.