2016-08-21-Solving the Disunity of the Urantia Revelation

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Solving the Disunity of the Urantia Revelation and
Reuniting Factions by a Method Adjudged by the
Conciliating Commission Sojourning on Urantia,
Using the Jurisdictional Plan of the Revelatory Commission
Whose Supervising Melchizedek Remains Charged with the Responsibility of
The Urantia Book
August 21, 2016
The Urantia Book came with instructions called mandates!
Caution: If you are a reader of The Urantia Book and believe that the mandates and instructions of the Revelatory Commission that were given to us many years ago do not apply in the present day to you or to your organization, and that these mandates are "old news" and for "others long ago,"
Lest you must need answer for your decisions.


In order to understand the true significance of The Urantia Book revelation and its real purpose, it is necessary to understand how your organizations have fared with their responsibility to meet the actual goal that The Urantia Book was given to you "early" to achieve.

To understand this, it is necessary to explore a number of things, but first is the basic question: "Who is in charge of the revelation?" It is also necessary to review previous epochal revelations, both on Urantia and on "normal" planets. By this you can begin to understand the parallel method that revelations have followed since before Urantia had its first bestowed Son who brought with him a revelation of God. It is also quite necessary to compare all such revelations as they affected the racial, biological, and spiritual growth of humankind.

To do this, our narrative will review life on a "normal" planet so that you will begin to see how the epochal revelations were designed and what they were to accomplish.

Then each epochal revelation of Urantia will be reviewed to the coming of The Urantia Book in order to make a parallel determination of each epochal revelation. In doing so, you can develop further understanding of the true significance of the goal you were to accomplish with The Urantia Book revelation, as it was and still is being directed by the Revelators. This comparative study will afford new readers and committed long-time readers a deeper understanding of the nature of revelation.

Our narrative will also lead you to comprehend the Judgment/Solution of the Conciliating Commission in relationship to the mandates given by the Revelatory Commission to the Contact Commission and Forum members who made up the founding leadership of Urantia Foundation and Urantia Brotherhood.

Our narrative will also attempt to bring understanding about why the Contact Commissioners were selected and how this bears on the current situation of disunity.

Finally, our narrative will provide the Judgment/Solution of the Conciliating Commission. This list of items requires the members of the existing three Urantia organizations to act as asked—and act now. In fact, it is an offer with a time limit. All three factions can become unified and be directed on their destiny to achieve the goals for which The Urantia Book was given to Urantia in the first place. This is possible only if all factions agree and implement the solution with the Revelatory Commission leading the way with the help of Urantia Midwayers and your unseen Planetary Government, all by Jesus‘ Birthday—August 21, 2017.

If this Judgment/Solution is not accepted by but one faction of the existing Urantia organizations, there will be a summary judgment affecting all three of these existing factions.


No human being has authority over the fifth epochal revelation known as The Urantia Book! There is but one group in authority, the Progress Helpers known as the Revelatory Commission that consists of the United Midwayers of Urantia, who remain under the sole supervision of the Melchizedek Revelatory Director, and it is he who remains charged with the guidance and responsibility of the Fifth Epochal Revelation known as The Urantia Book. And it is these United Midwayers of Urantia (UMU) who have full veto power over any man or woman who is assisting, through organizations or otherwise, in the worldwide distribution and dissemination of this revelation as a book or by its supernal teachings. The human carriers of this the Fifth Epochal Revelation and their organizations are currently in default after being vetoed by the UMU acting on behalf of the Revelatory Commission.

The Revelatory Commission is hereby offering a solution to this default. This offer is directed to all in this dispute, after a solemn petition of certain Urantian mortals, each from one of all three factions, who made requests to the Conciliating Commission of Urantia sojourn to intercede in this matter. Your default has been adjudged by them, and it is their judgment and their solution that will be forthcoming later in this narrative.

First must needs be an explanation of the nature, reason, intent, and goals set forth by the Revelatory Commission for the Fifth Epochal Revelation known as The Urantia Book. These are set forth as Publication Mandates that are incorporated in the Declaration of Trust of Urantia Foundation, in the Constitution and bylaws respectively of The Urantia Book Fellowship and Urantia Association International, and in other instructions in other sources. It is also necessary to understand the nature of the epochs of man and corresponding revelations. For each of man‘s epochs has attached to it an epochal revelation that was given in advance to meet its future goals, needs, and enhancement of the status of humankind.


Urantia is a decimal planet complicated and confused by certain failures of nearly all the revelations that were given to its inhabitants: The first epochal revelation is a revelation to bring primitive man to the apex of evolutionary racial, intellectual, and cultural development. However, with the rebellion of its planetary prince, this revelation ended, and consequences of this rebellion continue to plague humankind with multitudinous problems all over the world.

The second epochal revelation came with the arrival of Urantia‘s material son and daughterAdam and Eve—to uplift to all the races biologically. This epoch suffered an early default for which you still biologically suffer, and will for some time to come.

With the rebellion and default, very soon men and women nearly lost all knowledge of the spiritual nature of man and the previous revelations of God. Planetary knowledge fell so low that a third epochal revelation was required to bolster declining human memory of the previous revelations. The work of this emergency son of the Melchizedek order proved only to be partially successful given the planetary conditions caused by failures of the two previous revelations.

Then the fourth epochal revelation came with the bestowal of the Creator Son of our universe—whom errant mortals then unceremoniously hung on a cross. After Christ Michael‘s magnificent revelation of God the Father, his followers, though well intended, distorted his teachings and passed them on to present-day inhabitants such that today many follow a religion about Jesus that is hardly recognizable as originating from him.

Finally, and more recently, the fifth epochal revelation has come—the revelation of The Urantia Book. This is truly the first revelation that was put into the hands of Urantia‘s inhabitants to manage and disseminate, who were organized as Urantia Foundation (its translator and publisher), and Urantia Brotherhood (its social disseminator and fund raiser). These two organizations, in an exceedingly short time—only a quarter of a century—both defaulted in the trust placed in them.

These two organizations have gone on their own paths away from the celestials‘ plan by their disregarding, not taking seriously, and not following the revelation mandates set forth by the Revelatory Commission. As a result, the United Midwayers of Urantia carried out the judgment that these two organizations are in default, and with their veto powers withdrew the celestial support to these organizations, with the result that the founding Urantia organizations are both completely on their own without celestial help.

Your human organizations, until this default occurred, had the full support of your unseen friends. This support came not only from the Revelatory Commission, but also from the entire Urantia Planetary Government. It included as well the support of all the visiting celestials, under the leadership of Gabriel our universe administrator and under the banner and support of Michael of Nebadon. Your unseen friends were all on Urantia to assist you in your efforts by leading men and women of spiritual insight to readers and members of the Urantia organizations as the Contact Commission was promised. There would have been no greater advertising campaign, fund raiser or human marketing plan that would have equaled the work of our unseen friends. Do you recall how you personally were led by them to the book?

Remember always that these goals were set by Michael and revealed to us through his Revelatory Commission which was then acting under the sole supervision of a superior and experienced Melchizedek Revelatory Director (one who STILL REMAINS IN CHARGE of this revelation). The Midwayers have the veto power to remove and to restore the status of mortals

WHO MANAGE the Fifth Epochal Revelation,

but they will restore the mortal status only when committed members direct their efforts to the established mandated spiritual goals

"which are commensurate with Man's intellectual and cultural development"

When the Revelators, having used their powers, vetoed both organizations, they caused the immediate cessation of the Urantia Brotherhood of 1) use of the trademark name Urantia, 2) use of the trademark of Michael, and 3) the support of the Revelators. Upon its founding in 1955, Urantia Brotherhood was only provisionally approved by the Revelatory Commission, who could project the possibility of a future default. Organized as it was, it was clear to the Revelators that it would take only a few self-centered leaders to influence and guide away from the planetary spiritual goal the entire organization—which is just what happened.

Urantia Brotherhood ceased to be due to its leaders‘ own default in trying to wrestle away the publishing rights of The Urantia Book from Urantia Foundation by thinking they, better than the Revelators, could market The Urantia Book most effectively. Then they added to their default by publishing their own version of The Urantia Book, contradicting the mandate not to add any human authorship to the book, causing greater confusion among the readership.

It is of record, as may be found in the offices of the Secretary of State of the State of Illinois, that the corporation operating as "Urantia Brotherhood Corporation" ceased the use of this name and changed its name to "Fifth Epochal Fellowship Corporation" under the assumed name of "The Urantia Book Fellowship" on November 9, 1989. They made this change to comply with the directive of the legal trademark holder, Urantia Foundation, to no longer use the name "Urantia" in their corporate name. The name "Urantia Brotherhood Corporation" from that time on no longer exists. This, too, we will discuss further later on in this narrative.

At the same time, the publisher of The Urantia Book, Urantia Foundation, was also declared in default. To understand this, one must first understand the psychological makeup of the Contact Commissioners and why they were selected in the first place to receive this revelation, for this default begins with them. Three groups were considered for the task. Although it is not fully known by humans why the Revelators chose the members of the contact commission, when considering choices of men and women for such work, they prefer families. The family they selected to receive the Fifth Epochal Revelation was the Kellogg-Sadler family of Chicago, starting with two married couples.

By the time they were appointed as the Contact Commission, after years of preliminary contact, these men and women included their socially adopted daughter, a daughter of a minister, and later the son of the Sadlers, who participated after the book project was underway. They were selected not simply for their living in a central cosmopolitan area, not for being religious, nor for being highly intelligent; they were selected mainly for the reason that they were all of natures, minds, and temperaments that would naturally preserve, conserve, and virtually keep secret a project that would span fifty years until fruition. Although these valuable attributes were helpful to receive the book, these same attributes eventually led to the downfall of both Urantia Foundation and Urantia Brotherhood when once the revelation became a book.

The trustees of Urantia Foundation and executive committee of Urantia Brotherhood were derived from both the Contact Commission members and the Forum of men and women who asked the questions that made the book possible and had read the papers before they were "made book". However, these Forum men and women continued on the same path based on the inherited attributes of the Contact Commissioners, who continued in their indoctrination of Forum members with their need to protect, conserve, and generally keep secret The Urantia Book. And they continued this attitude long after the revelation was printed and published as The Urantia Book. Whereas the book should have been given to the world freely with love and with open welcoming arms, leaders cautioned everyone to continue practices that had become indoctrinated beliefs. Some developed attitudes of mistrust, anxiety, and even fear.

If only a majority of your leaders would have had the Universal Father centered in their personal lives, and if they had centered the Universal Father in their organizations, we may not have had to suffer this double default.

Here ―centered means having God as the focal element in your life.
Here ―centered means living by the Thought-Will of God.
Here ―centered means striving to be more and more like God by seeking His Thought-Will first among the many human thoughts in your mind.
Here ―centered means after finding His Thought-Will, selecting it, and then courageously and with love choosing it, and then doing it.
Here ―centered means that such doing of the Father‘s Will, by choosing His Thought Adjustment and doing it, leads you to serve the Universal Father by actually living a God-Led-Perfect-God-Like-Moment in service to your fellows.
Here ―centered means participating with your Adjuster in the growth of your soul that at the same time adds to the Growth of the Supreme.
Here ―centered means the coming together of God-Led mortals in your religious organizations with the Father centered therein.

When it became apparent to the Revelators that Urantia Foundation was continuing on a path that would never lead the revelation to its intended goal of being the spearhead of spiritual uplifting, for which The Urantia Book was given early to achieve, and that the trustees were following continually their own personal paths for the revelation away from what the Revelators mandated, Urantia Foundation was declared in default by the veto power of the Midwayers under the supervision of the Melchezedek Revelatory Director. This, too, we will continue addressing later, but first it would be good to understand epochal revelation and its intended goals of achievement.


It is said in the Papers:

On an average evolutionary planet, the six evolutionary races of color appear one by one; the red man is the first to evolve, and for ages he roams the world before the succeeding colored races make their appearance.(64:6.1)

In this first planetary epoch, "Pre-Planetary Prince Man", humans emerge from the animal level when they can choose to worship the Creator. Mortals of this era are called primitive men (589:3). When human will is functioning in a significant number of individuals who generally stand erect, as reported by the local universe Life Carriers, these races are ready for their first revelatory epoch. These ages of primitive man are filled with painful struggle and war. As the Revelators would wont to say, the first revelation appears in the ―wake‖ of this era.

On a normal world, the arrival of a Planetary Prince and his staff begins a new dispensation and government begins (591:1). The best individuals from the evolutionary races are trained at the Prince‘s headquarters, to continue to rid the races of inferior traits and to advance their cultures, including family, language, and religion. Great social strides are made during a few thousand years of this regime. Under normal conditions, mortals attain a high state of civilization during this age, averaging five hundred thousand years.

The Prince and his staff, working with the best of each race, are able to foster the development of racial peaks, as advanced individuals mate and establish advanced cultures around the world. The next born in these races are able to mate with the best of the succeeding races until evolutionary men and women reach their peak, and a foundation set in place for further expansion of the culture of the realm.

Eventually, with the guidance of the Planetary Prince and his staff, all races have been purified of inferior traits and advanced in cultural developments in relationships, language, and worship. Now begins the biologic evolvement of new and superior amalgamated races.

At this point, with these recently developed, stronger, and improved races, in this "wake" there is witnessed the arrival on of the Adamic pair, a material son and daughter, an Adam and Eve of the violet race. They arrive before the next evolutionary biological peak occurs, so that when the biological peak does occur, they will have in existence an ever-increasing progeny of more than a million offspring who are primed to go out and mate with the human stocks to infuse them with the superior traits of violet race.

These children of Adam and Eve are destined to be existent at the same time as the racial biological peak of the evolutionary races occurs. Thus they begin to mate with these racially evolved and biologically perfected, purified races of man, who have established progressive cultures around the world after being trained at the Planetary Prince‘s headquarters for thousands upon thousands of years. All of this advancement of biological and cultural development continues under the supervision of the Adamic pair in the garden, and the Planetary Prince and his staff at the world headquarters. At the end of this epoch, which lasts twenty-five thousand years, the mortal races are blended and biologically fit.

Then comes the next revelation, the first magisterial mission of divine Avonal Sons, which includes at least one incarnated Magisterial Son that is not born on the world. In a succession of missions, Magisterial Sons aid in man‘s growth until the world is ready for the arrival of a Paradise Son of God, the one planetary Bestowal Son, who is born on the world of his bestowal. To prepare the way for the Bestowal Son, the magisterial missions bring about economic liberation and improved human government of the races, and the flourishing of art, music, and higher learning, for twenty-five thousand to fifty thousand years.

The Bestowal Son on a normal world is an Avonal Son, and would be due to be on the world when the uplifted races of humankind reach the peak of intellectual and spiritual development. This Bestowal Son‘s revelation will be there at the time when all mankind hungers and thirsts for greater revelation of God and advanced spiritualization. On a normal world, the epoch of the Bestowal Son lasts from ten thousand to one hundred thousand years (596:8). At the end of a normal Bestowal Son age, there is peace on earth and "only one race, one language, and one religion" (597:1).

But this normal sequence of development has not been the case with Urantia, for yours is a decimal, experimental planet, with rebellious and defaulted carriers of revelation. This revealed knowledge leads you to know where and why you are in rebellion and default at present. Such circumstances will become understandable as you look back at your own epochal revelational history and lack of goal achievement.


Urantia is a decimal planet, a planet designated for evolutionary experimentation by its celestial Life Carriers. On Urantia, the Life Carriers‘ experiments included variations in the planetary evolution of humans in nature, timing, and sequence. On Urantia, the human race is almost one million years old. (718:2) The first evolutionary race on Urantia was not the red race, but rather the Andonic race. Further, the Planetary Prince did not arrive upon the appearance of human will as would normally be the case. Urantia‘s Planetary Prince arrived 500,000 years after the first humans, the Adonites. Then the six colored races appeared at the same time in one family, early in the era of the Planetary Prince. The Lanonandek rebellion began approximately 200,000 years ago, disrupting the sequence of normal epochal revelations, followed by the Adamic pair and their default, the emergency mission of Machiventa Melchizedek, the Bestowal of Christ Michael, and The Urantia Book. If these revelations were plotted on a chart, you would see that they were originally destined to rise and achieve a peak of development sometime after the coming of each successive epochal revelation, and that leaders of each revelation were responsible for ensuring that their revelation would be at its peak when humankind reached its "wake" of corresponding development.

It is said in the Papers:

The simultaneous emergence of all six races on Urantia, and in one family was quite unusual. (722:6)

This successful experiment, including the early evolution of human will in the first human race, the Andonites, necessitated a change in the order and timing of Urantia‘s epochal revelation of the Planetary Prince. For, unlike a normal planet, Urantia‘s Prince came not immediately after the birth of the first human pair, but only upon the simultaneous emergence of all six colored races in one Andonite family, and after 500,000 years of man‘s unguided and relatively unpurified Andonic racial evolution. This experimental plan might have produced continued success if the high civilization it produced had not been ended by rebellion.

Although racial evolution proceeded to the point of readiness for the Adamic mission, Adam and Eve, your intended biologic uplifters, came to an isolated planet amid the chaos and confusion of rebellion only to find a complex and problematic array of cultures, languages, and rebellion. But still, they did arrive just prior to the biological peak development of humanity, and this pair was supposed to have had millions of pure line offspring ready to amalgamate with humanity at its biological peak or "wake". This mission would have been a real challenge for anyone, and it overwhelmed your material son and daughter.

As you know, the plan of your unseen friends largely failed due to the ongoing consequences of the Prince‘s rebellion and the Adamic default, for the racial peak of man has never occurred. Furthermore, the widespread amalgamation of potent, racially superior pure line Adamites into the biologically purified and racially peaked colored races into the human gene pool also never occurred. This left you with thousands of racial strains, cultural practices, languages, and religions.

Rebellion and default ruled supreme and chaos ensued.

This was not the plan of the Celestials!


Three main developmental curves of humankind‘s evolutionary growth may be plotted vs. time on earth:

1) The Racial Purification and Blending Curve, 2) The Biologic Curve with Corresponding Biological Uplift, and 3) The Spiritual Development Curve Fostered by Epochal Revelations (especially Jesus and more recently The Urantia Book).

  • The Racial Purification and Blending Curve

The Planetary Prince and his staff came on Urantia virtually at the same time that the six colored races came. They were from one family, but spread around the world quickly. It was the Prince‘s responsibility to begin the purification of these races of color and amalgamate them with the best of the Andonites immediately upon his coming. At the same time, he with his staff, were to guide them into racial improvement, elimination of inferiors, developing languages, home life, communities, religious beliefs illuminated by revelation. Bear in mind, unlike the Adamic pair, who were alone and isolated in their given task with a small initial family, the Prince had a staff of one hundred experienced men and women from the mansion worlds, fifty couples, to help in their mandated assignment.

The unseen Prince‘s job with his visible staff was to improve these races in all endeavors of their lives, and at the same time doing so by inviting the best of the human stock to their headquarters so that the primitives could witness firsthand the superior lives of the Prince‘s staff. Then, when trained, they were sent back as ambassadors to the surrounding tribes enticing their tribe to develop in advanced practices, worshiping one God as did the Prince‘s staff.

When once these races began to show signs of improvements, as evidenced by the removal of their inferior stocks and advancing cultural and religious traits, based on revelation, the surrounding tribes seeing such improvements in commerce and beauty of the blended stock, would then be enticed to commerce and mate with them. All this would be, with the guidance of the Prince‘s staff, the method used as they began to amalgamate these races for eventual biologic uplift of the Urantia races.

Thus, humanity‘s racial and cultural development meets epochal revelation under the guidance of the Prince and his staff, but this never happened because you were beset by and continue with open rebellion ever since it first occurred. You have thousands of racial blends, as many languages as there are nations and tribes in the world, and multitudinous religions, philosophies and cosmologies under the heavens, all as a result of this confusion and disorder.

  • The Biological Curve with Corresponding Biological Uplift

It was intended that as humanity approached its biological peak, with purified and highly developed blended races, world languages and religions, that Urantia would be given biological uplifters, an Adam and Eve to biologically up-step the races. The responsibility of this pair was to produce more than a million pure line offspring who were to establish centers around the world, and eventually mate with Urantia‘s purified and blended biologically peaked native races. And these native races were supposed to be able to fully communicate with the Adamic pair and their progeny, and worship the same God, but as you know, this was not the case.

When you plot the biological growth of humankind‘s superior blended races on The Biological Curve with Corresponding Biological Uplift versus time, you can easily see that Adam and Eve came early enough and at the relatively perfect time for their millions of pure line progeny ready to meet and mate with Urantia‘s evolutionary races when they reached biologic perfection. This would have resulted in a super-superior race, a blending of all eight perfected races, that would have had a progressive spiritual path to perfection of spirituality, and eventually to light and life itself.

But as you know, such was not the case. Adam and Eve found Urantians then extant too difficult to harness and they defaulted their trust after only a hundred years. While some of their offspring did enter the human gene pool and found some success, it was not what was planned (mandated to the pair) and many of the world‘s inhabitants have had little or no part in their biological upliftment and corresponding cultural and spiritual growth. Multiple, devastating diseases resulted from the default, perpetuated and unresolved to this day.

  • The Spiritual Enlightenment and Epochal Revelation of Christ Michael

Although Christ Michael lived a victorious life on as earth as the Paradise Bestowal Son of Nebadon, the religion that bears his name on Urantia today hardly carries his original message to the world, nor embodies his superb spiritual teachings. Like the telephone game in which twenty children line up, and the first one is told a story to pass on to the second child, who tells it to the third, and so on, the story becomes distorted until the twentieth child speaks a story totally unlike the first, Christianity passed the teachings of Jesus from the First Century through each generation to the Twentieth Century. You are now the 21st children in line hearing distorted forms of his teachings, having multitudinous churches who by ritual and dogma teach, not his religion—the religion of Jesus that you are born as the children of God, that God is your Father, and that you are brothers and sisters, and that the Father‘s Spirit indwells all—but primarily a religion about him, leaving out his supernal life in the process. As a result, the true religion of Jesus prevails among a relative few of his believers. Again, Epochal Revelation has been thwarted.

  • The Spiritual Development Curve Fostered by Epochal Revelations:

Now to your current condition: As with curves one and two above, there is a similar and much paralleled curve associated with the spiritual development of mankind that also is destined to reach it spiritual peak or "wake" as did the racial curve and the biologic development curve of humankind.

Consequently, because of this and because of your lack of clear religious, philosophical, cosmological and spiritual understanding, our Master Son Michael authorized the Revelatory Commission to begin one hundred years ago the process of transmitting the Urantia Papers to uplift our spiritual development. The Urantia revelation was intended to give you a suitable revelation with guidelines and mandates as to its purpose and goals to achieve, so that there would be more than a million adherents committed to the teachings of the Urantia revelation and the true teachings of Jesus when humankind reaches its spiritual, religious, philosophical and cosmological peak being

commensurate with Man's intellectual and cultural development.
(See ―The Publication Mandate‖—―THE TIMING OF THE URANTIA BOOK)

As spiritual uplifters, the United Midwayers of Urantia, through the selection of twelve revelatory midwayers operating under the supervision of the Melchizedek Revelatory Director, along with a host of revelatory authors, some hailing from as far away as Paradise, the superuniverse capital, and local universe capital, did prepare and offer you the Fifth Epochal Revelation in the form of a book called The Urantia Book. This revelation, like its predecessors, was intended to develop millions of committed readers and institutions of religion, philosophy, and cosmology to meet mankind‘s peak or "wake" on The Spiritual Development Curve Fostered by Epochal Revelations.

The Urantia Book was given to Urantia mortals with explicit instructions, guidelines and mandates early enough to accomplish its purpose, just as the Planetary Prince and the Adamic pair arrived early enough to accomplish their purposes. The Planetary Prince and his staff arrived in sufficient time to aid and guide primitive men and women into racially blended superior stocks, leading them further to racial perfection on to the peak of the racial development curve in anticipation for the coming of the biologic uplifters, Adam and Eve. The Adamic pair arrived in sufficient time to produce millions of offspring for the uplifting of the existing purified and blended races of mankind to reach the biologic perfection-peak of humankind. And likewise it was the plan of the Revelators to give the fifth epochal revelation to Urantians early enough to meet the peak of the spiritual age of humankind. But all these plans of the Revelators were thwarted because they were never taken seriously. Like the Prince and his staff and the Adamic pair, the plans and purpose of the Revelators of The Urantia Book were never carried out by Urantian leaders even to the present day.

The adherents of readers and students of The Urantia Book, being human and well-meaning as they were (and still are), erred (and are still erring) as they suffered (and are still suffering) the Fifth Epochal Revelation into chaos by defaulting in their trust. The corresponding result was that the United Midwayers of Urantia through their veto power caused both organizations to cease and desist as the human liaisons and leadership of The Urantia Book, and to discontinue under the authority and guidance of the Revelatory Commission their assisting in the celestial plan for the advancement of Urantia‘s spiritual growth.

These organizations of human liaisons and leadership of The Urantia Book no longer have the right to continue as the social brotherhood and forerunners of the revelation that was meant and still is intended to meet, by having thousands upon thousands of study groups, millions of readers, with visible and thriving religious, philosophical, and cosmological institutions to meet the peak or "wake" of humankind‘s spiritual development on The Spiritual Development Curve Fostered by Epochal Revelations.

The Urantia Book was never intended for the first, second, third or even the tenth generation of readers; it was meant for those generations to come that would be in existence at the end of our

current ideological struggle.

These struggles include those political, intellectual, philosophical, cosmological, and spiritual challenges that precede the time when humankind will reach its spiritual development peak on The Spiritual Development Curve Fostered by Epochal Revelations.

(See ―The Publication Mandate‖—―"THE TIMING OF THE URANTIA BOOK")

The Urantia Book came with instructions. These mandates represent the plans set forth by the revelators. They still exist and can still be adopted, but must needs be adopted by all three factions together (Urantia Foundation, The Urantia Book Fellowship, and Urantia Association International) and must be done in unity with the adoption of the Mandates as a priority. The solution to this disunity will be discussed later in this narrative.

If these mandates are not immediately taken seriously, and if the judgment of the Conciliating Commission given below is not followed in unity by August 21, 2017, then they who continue to REMAIN CHARGED with the responsibility of the Urantia revelation to have in the future thousands upon thousands of study groups, with millions of committed readers and have organized those institutions: religious, philosophical and cosmological, WILL pass this responsibility from these three factions on to others who are willing to carry it forward and are now being readied by the Revelators to do so.

Said in another way and to repeat: The instructions and mandates accompanying The Urantia Book were intended so that there would be thousands upon thousands of study groups, serving millions of dedicated and devoted teachers and leaders, who would establish religious, philosophical, and cosmological institutions to feed the hungry minds and souls of spiritually deprived men and women craving for spiritual, philosophic, and cosmologic sustenance.



All three organizations of the Fifth Epochal Revelation (one faction being presently in default, one faction being both in default and unsanctioned and the other being unsanctioned as well) have yet to discover why they are not growing, supported and funded as once Urantia Brotherhood and the Foundation did, ever before the defaults took place. For a while, there were more than 1,000 attendees at international conferences of the Urantia Brotherhood. The number at such conferences has not approached this for a long time, for the most part averaging around 300. Even this year‘s (2016) UAI and TUBF joint conference, with the support of UF, attracted only 200 attendees.

Wish as you may, all three factions (UF, TUBF, UAI), being either in default or unsanctioned NO LONGER have the aid of the Revelatory Commission to coordinate their functions by and with their assigned angels, midwayers and others. No longer is there or will there be a celestial effort to bring spiritual men and women to these defaulted organizations and this will continue. Others may find their way to them on their own.

Although the Revelatory Commission will allow these organizations to do as they will and organize themselves as they wish to go in their own directions, and doing so with freedom and license, only to serve themselves and their own pet causes, it remains true that for as long as they go in their own directions, there is and will continue to be no celestial support forthcoming with "help from above".

The Urantia Book was given by the Revelators and timed to appear on the spiritual curve of mankind just prior to the "wake" or peak of the oncoming spiritual epochal evolution.

Mandated the Revelators:

"We regard The Urantia Book as a feature of the progressive evolution of human society. It is not germane to the spectacular episode of epochal revolution, even though it may apparently be timed to appear in the wake of one such revolution in human society. The Book belongs to the era immediately to follow the conclusion of the present ideological struggle. That will be the day when men will be willing to seek truth and righteousness. When the chaos of the present confusion has passed, it will be more readily possible to formulate the cosmos of a new and improved era of human relationships. And it is for this better order of affairs on earth that the book has been made ready."

"But the publication of the book has not been postponed to that (possibly) somewhat remote date. An early publication of the book has been provided so that it may be in hand for the training of leaders and teachers. Its presence is also required to engage the attention of persons of means who may be thus led to provide funds for translation into other languages....

If you wish to join the Revelators and restore your organization to full support status including funds, commit every word of the above into your heart, soul, and mind and immediately turn your organization so that it is on the same track as that of the Revelators!

How will this revelation meet the wake or peak of spiritual evolution on this world? The Revelators advise us (by mandate) to do six (6) things. It should be noted that although some of these mandates may have started, there are none to which Urantia Foundation, The Urantia Book Fellowship, or Urantia Association International, or any of you individually, have given your full, wholehearted lives and one hundred percent effort toward accomplishing. Herein lies the main reason that these men and women and their organizations have been either declared in default or were never sanctioned to be under the guidance of the Revelators in the first place. You have been given these mandates, not for yourselves, but for you to apply and with your whole hearts and souls as required to accomplish:


  • as Carried Out by UF, TUBF and UAI
1. Training and preparation of teachers and leaders: There are none ordained.

(Grade F)

2. Translation in other languages: There are only 18 or so translations in sixty years of the Foundation and a few years of the Fellowship‘s version of the book, with some only partially accomplished—a halfhearted effort. (Note: You are advised that with the full force of the readership in union to accomplish this purpose there would have appeared so many persons of means who may be thus led to provide funds for translation into other languages that there would be a book translation already for every language spoken at the United Nations.)

(Grade D-)

3. Foster thousands upon thousands of study groups (Definition: foster >verb: "to promote and encourage the development of"). This was a publication mandate as well that has been considered with meager commitment. Each social organization publishes a ―Study Group List and/or Guide, but certainly none of these organizations, including Urantia Foundation have ever seriously considered fostering study groups. Especially alarming is the absence of effective study programs for children, their parents, and families.

Most damaging is your failure to study and apply Jesus‘ methods to the dissemination of the Urantia revelation. (Grade F)

4. Foster a religion: This mandate has never happened at all, nor has it ever been discussed or taken seriously. This is one method by which Urantia Foundation and Urantia Brotherhood were to carry out their goals. These words were given respectively by the Revelators to both organizations and carried on by the three organizations today. Also look at the objects and purposes stated in their respective Declaration of Trust of Urantia Foundation, the Constitution of the Fellowship, and the Charter of the UAI. They all share the same mandate, except for the amendments made in default or unauthorized actions. In addition to not carrying out this mandate from the Revelators, UAI actually changed their version of it by adding the word, ―Personal,‖ and the Fellowship amended their wording, confusing the meaning.

(Grade F)

5. Foster a Philosophy / (See 4. Above).

(Grade F)

6. Foster a Cosmology / (See 4. Above).

(Grade F)


The Urantia Book was given to us in the twentieth century and early enough, not for your current needs, but to be available in full force at that future time when many men and women will have an insatiable desire to know God and do His Will. It was given to but a few who would begin to train teachers and leaders and prepare the mechanisms that will be ready in the future to attract the best of humankind. And these mechanisms would include fostering thousands upon thousands of study groups from which millions of consecrated believers with established and growing religious, philosophical, and cosmological organizations to welcome them.

To understand where you are today, it would be wise to understand how you came to be here. It is not readily known, but by a few, as to why the Revelators chose the members of the contact commission that they did. As earlier explained, they were selected mainly for the reason that they were of natures, minds, and temperaments that would naturally protect, preserve, conserve, and virtually keep secret a project that would span more than fifty years until fruition. These valuable attributes that were necessary to receive the book were the same attributes that eventually led to the downfall of both Urantia Foundation and Urantia Brotherhood.

During the scribing of The Urantia Book, the Contact Commissioners were told by the Revelators to seek out men and women who came to be known as the ―Forum,‖ who would likewise and for the most part have the same inherited attributes, and were able to keep a ―secret.‖ To be a Forum member one had to sign a vow and become sworn to secrecy stating that they would not reveal the revelation taking place at 533 Diversey Parkway. They were also indoctrinated further with the same, but stronger protective characteristic attributes of and by the Contact Commissioners, i.e. to preserve, conserve, protect, and otherwise keep secret the Urantia Papers until such time as publication.

These attributes, to the dismay of the Revelators, proved to be a handicap when the book was printed and published, in as much as on and from the very first day the book was published and appeared in the first book store, the Contact Commissioners and the Forumites could not stop using these characteristic attributes. These indoctrinated tendencies continued long after the book became available, as they continued to preserve, conserve, protect, and keep secret these same Urantia Papers now called The Urantia Book. They did this from 1955 onward, remaining in PROTECT mode until a new generation of men and women came forward in the 1970s and 1980s.

They did this even to the point of actually stationing guards outside the first book store when the first copy of The Urantia Book went on sale there to see who purchased it. As told by a Contact Commissioner: ―After a whole day of not seeing anyone leave the book store with a book, they checked inside and in their horror found the book gone.‖ And they did this because ―They feared reprisals should a strong church get their hands on it and attack them.‖ The Forum members, who founded Urantia Brotherhood and were Foundation Trustees, along with the surviving Contact Commissioners, for years continued to promote the protection of The Urantia Book. These Contact Commissioners and Forumites were on the Executive Committee of the Urantia Brotherhood and were sitting Foundation Trustees promoting protection.

Although the Revelators told the Contact Commission that there would be a slow, steady growth of the revelation as the Revelators with the planetary government began the process of assisting mortals, they never said to Contact Commission ―foster a slow steady growth,‖ but rather, they would exclaim: ―Expedite!‖ This was the word they used. But many of these men and women still went on governing these organizations in their own personal directions, always in protective mode, and never as mandated by the Revelators.

The Revelators knew ―whereof they speak‖ in that they intended to use all the powers of the unseen planetary government to lead spiritual individuals to the readers of The Urantia Book, who were committed members of Urantia Brotherhood and supporters of Urantia Foundation. They never said or meant to stop anyone or any the organizations from outwardly promoting The Urantia Book themselves or through inspirational works such as publishing music, other books, study aids, personal spiritual experiences, and so forth, as is done today. As Jesus said, ―Freely you were given, freely ye shall give.‖ They did not understand that the best way to protect the text of the book was for it to be widely read and its teachings widely expressed.

But these poor indoctrinated souls, all of good heart, but still in error, continued to stifle the free expression of the revelation, and worse—they continued indoctrinating new readers in their preservation and protection of the revelation. This obtained until a new generation of readers entered the scene, when upon taking over leadership roles in these organizations from the passing ―old timers,‖ and finding this stifling approach to be counterproductive, they rebelled, thus causing the disunity and default status that now exists.

Unfortunately, although well-meaning, the Urantia Brotherhood rebellion and attempt to wrestle The Urantia Book away from Urantia Foundation to accomplish their personal plans were found vastly counter to the Revelational Plan of Revelators, who continued to and even still, ―remained charged with the responsibility of The Urantia Book‖ and whose United Midwayers of Urantia retain veto power of human charge over all phases of The Urantia Book, forced them to declare Urantia Foundation and the Urantia Brotherhood in default.

However, the default of Urantia Foundation and Urantia Brotherhood was really a result of their leaders‘ lack of trust in the Revelatory Commission. They never with wholehearted commitment carried out as they should have the Revelators‘ far-seeing and wise plan for the eventual use and reason for The Urantia Book in the first place. And that Revelatory plan was for these organizations to be developed in full force to meet the ―wake or peak of the spiritual growth of mankind.‖

These revelatory mandated recommendations or instructions that came with the Urantia papers were and still are set forth in the Urantia Foundation‘s Declaration of Trust and in the Urantia Brotherhood‘s (now The Urantia Book Fellowship‘s) Constitution, as well as in the UAI‘s Charter (although UAI leadership changed it, in error, by adding the word, ―personal‖ and the Fellowship has made other erring amendments). These mandates concern the methodology by which they (UF and UB), with the Revelators‘ devoted and trusting help, were to carry out their planetary mission and sacred trust. And this sacred trust, as originally given, still remains the principal objects and purposes of all these three organizations. It was true then, and it remains true now that they are still to achieve their goals. And how are these goals to be achieved?


Train teachers, train leaders, train fosters and foster thousands upon thousands of study groups, accumulate millions of committed readers, in many languages, through many translations, and accomplish these and all your goals

―through the fostering of a religion, a philosophy, and a cosmology which are commensurate with Man's intellectual and cultural development.‖

  • Consequences of Default

The United Midwayers of Urantia under the supervision of the Melchizedek Revelatory Director vetoed Urantia Foundation as it reached a point of literal default in carrying out the Revelatory mandates, after they first vetoed Urantia Brotherhood for its rebellion to wrestle The Urantia Book away from Urantia Foundation to ‗market‘ it themselves. No longer would the Revelators allow Urantia Foundation to continue as the only source of The Urantia Book, and its sister organization, Urantia Brotherhood, whose members were to be the ―Soldiers of the Circles,‖ to continue as the tip of the spear.

You were mandated to be well established with thousands of teachers and leaders, thousands upon thousands of study groups with millions of consecrated, committed and dedicated readers leading and fostering visible institutions of revelation-inspired advanced religion, universities of Urantian philosophy and cosmological organizations who would all be destined to bring The Urantia Book revelation to humankind at the time of their anticipated wake or peak of spiritual evolutionary growth and cultural development. In the direction you were and in fact are still going (in apparent circles), you will never get to that day and age that the Revelators could easily forecast and foresee coming.



Any time these mandates (to foster a Religion, foster a Philosophy, and foster a Cosmology) are discussed, the first thing out of the mouths of some well-meaning, but confused, Urantians is the statement that these are meant only to be ―personal.‖ And if interpreted that way, this leads to the illogical idea that their organizations, as corporations, are to foster corporately ―a personal religion between each personal individual and his God, each personal philosophy and each personal cosmology.‖


Just how is a corporation to accomplish this very personal thing?

Short Answer:

It Cannot!

A Puzzlement!:

This has always been a puzzlement to anyone who has read the Declaration of Trust, the original Constitution of the Brotherhood (and the later Fellowship) and the Charter of UAI. These ―Personal Mandate People‖ probably never read the second part of this statement of purpose as follows:

which are commensurate with Man's intellectual and cultural development.

How in the world can a corporation ―personally‖ accomplish this worldwide feat, as well as the feat of fostering an individual‘s personal religion commensurate with all of humankind‘s intellectual and cultural development? These are not personal endeavors; groups and organizations must accomplish them. How it is possible for a corporate organization, either UF, TUBF or UAI, to ever foster a personal religion in any individual, for a personal religion is between him or her and God, or even foster a religion in you personally? It is impossible because you like everyone else have your OWN personal religion (relationship) with God. The organizations cannot foster a ―personal‖ religion in you; neither can they foster in you a ―personal‖ philosophy and a ―personal‖ cosmology, especially one that is

commensurate with Man's intellectual and cultural development.

Like it or not, the Revelators were talking about fostering these to be growing and guided Urantian institutions which would be advanced by the guidance of God-conscious spiritual men and women, all with the superb guidance of their Adjusters with the teachings of The Urantia Book. Unfortunately, it is also true that Urantians, for the most part, never ever speak of these other two mandates, namely philosophy and cosmology. This is mainly because it would not make sense for an organization, being a corporation, to foster these mandates in some personal individual. So, they never considered them at all. There are Urantians today in leadership positions who believe these mandates are for them alone personally and not for another generation. They say that the word ―personal‖ should be added before all of these three mandates giving the following:

…through fostering a ―personal‖ religion, a ―personal‖ philosophy and a "personal" cosmology

Especially in the reference to ―religion,‖ they may mean fostering a religion in their own personal lives. But how would Urantia Foundation or the Fellowship or the UAI be of benefit to the entire world, commensurate with ―Man‘s intellectual and cultural development,‖ if all one does is to foster a religion in oneself alone, and in one‘s own personal life? Imagine if this is what it meant, as some interpret it, as to foster a personal religion in the personal lives of the Trustees or in the lives of the members of the Executive Committee or the General Councilors, the Representative Council or Strategic Planning Committee. This is definitely not the intended meaning of the Revelators.

  • True Religion

There can be no question about it, and it is fully agreed by all, that it is true as stated in The Urantia Book, that true religion is one‘s personal relationship with God, and it indeed is. Here, speaking about true religion, there is no question that the authors of The Urantia Book are speaking to the reader of the book as one may say ―person to person.‖ This is told, given, and meant directly to and for the individual, as one reads, listens to, or studies The Urantia Book. It is not spoken to a corporation or organization!

  • Institutional Religion

However, in the governing documents of the Urantia Foundation and Urantia Brotherhood therein the Revelators, as a celestial organization themselves, passed on instructions in the form of mandates, not to any one individual person or leader, but to the entire corporate organizations of each of the above for each have corporate status. One may say it is a message from one ―corporate entity to another corporate entity‖ about ―fostering yet another corporate entity‖ or institution (religious, philosophical and cosmological). It could then be said the following theorem:

A person gives to a another person what is personal, and an institution gives to another institution what is institutional.

Now having said this, one may easily see why there has been so much confusion between the teachings about personal religion found in The Urantia Book and the organizational corporate mandate concerning organized religion given to Urantia Foundation and The Urantia Brotherhood by the Revelators. The confusion lies in your not clearly defining the relationship of revelatory information to the receiver (person or organization) of such revelation and its respective intended (personal or organizational) use. Although the authors of The Urantia Book speak of personal religion to the individual who is reading personally, with the organizational mandates they are speaking as an organization to religious organization about its organizational duties that the revelators intend that organization should create.

The mandates in the governing documents of the Foundation, Brotherhood, and as carried on in the Fellowship and UAI, are specifically referring to the worldly and typical meaning of the term ―religion‖ as being organized specifically with revelation and led with committed Urantians, with the Revelator‘s help and guidance, and intended for a future ―group‖ of religionists at man‘s peak or in the ―wake‖ of mankind‘s religious perfection hunger. (Similar points apply for a philosophy and a cosmology).

So you can now see that while those who have been applying and incorporating the word ―personal‖ to these mandates, and for those well-intentioned adherents of UAI who insisted UAI make the change in their Charter to add the word ―personal‖ before the list of the three mandated methods, so that it still reads:

―a personal religion, a personal philosophy, and a personal cosmology‖

That was a gross error then and it remains a gross error now. They should consider eliminating the word, ―personal‖ completely from their Charter, and do so immediately.

Think about it. It would really be impossible for these organizations, as wonderful as they may be, to achieve, using the word ―personal,‖ any of these mandates of the Revelators and achieve their organizational (institutional) goals as stated in their charter, constitution and declaration of trust, ―through (or by) the fostering of a religion, a philosophy, and a cosmology which are commensurate with Man's intellectual and cultural development.”

It certainly does not say which are:

―commensurate with Man's PERSONAL intellectual and cultural development.‖

Instead, it seems to say:

―commensurate with ALL OF MANKIND‘S intellectual and cultural development.‖

These Revelatory mandates are meant to foster a religion, a philosophy and a cosmology consistent with man‘s (all of Mankind‘s) intellectual and cultural development and this is clearly very much different from a personal religion of an individual.

Remember that these mandates were given to BOTH Urantia Foundation and Urantia Brotherhood organizations by the Revelators who were acting, ―...under the supervision of a Melchizedek Revelatory Director,‖ and for the specific reason that these should be in force and fully ready, through the support of thousands of Urantian Teachers and Leaders; by their fully planned and implemented program of fostering thousands upon thousands of study groups throughout the world, to support and inspire millions of readers committed to The Urantia Book, who are reading from hundreds and perhaps thousands of translations, and timely having all this in place to receive those future God-seeking, spiritually, philosophically and cosmologically hungry and righteous-ready souls.

With these institutions in place, all being guided by revelation-proven committed Urantia men and women, they will be successful because they will be guided by the powerful aid of our unseen planetary friends, and with the superb revelation teachings of the Revelators, and the insights of the authors participating in The Urantia Book. The Urantia revelation will be given to mankind who will be poised to reach unimagined spiritual glory. This is the Revelator‘s plan.

The evolutionary method of religions growing from revelation by men and women taking and leading it in their own ―personal‖ directions, as seen by some of the teachings of Christianity today compared with the superb teachings of Jesus, has demonstrated itself to be haphazardly founded and distorted. And this is true for most all other of today‘s religions.


It was and still is true today, that it is the intent of the Revelators to salvage the three factions and foster the organizations needed for success, but it must be quickly done now, and each must do so in full unity with one another. And they must further agree to begin to follow the mandates of the Revelators and achieve their appointed tasks using trained teachers and trained leaders by and through fostering thousands of study groups with organizational prepared fostering couples, accumulating millions of committed readers through or by actually fostering religious, philosophical and cosmological institutions, even universities.

In this way the Urantia Revelation will then be fully developed, so that when The Spiritual Development Curve Fostered by Epochal Revelations reaches its peak (or as the Revelators state it, ―...at the wake...‖), they will be ready to amalgamate the superb teachings of The Urantia Book with the spiritually developing men and women of that day who know only of their age-old institutions, until they make contact with the superior institutions established by Urantians using the supernal teachings of the authors of The Urantia Book.

Always remember that we were told that these mandated institutions are intended by the Revelators to be actualized and in place in those future days after the

―current ideological struggle is over.‖

And to be there to welcome those spiritually starving, philosophically searching and cosmologically experiencing men and women; and which institutions will be assisted by the Angels of the Churches and the Angels of Progress, and directed continually by the Revelators ever to enlighten Urantians through a spiritually visible brotherhood of men, women and children. This is easily accomplished if we follow the Judgment/Solution of the Conciliating Commission, presented below, and begin now to prepare, train, and establish, through our salvaged organizations, trained, spiritually-led teachers and spiritually-centered leaders to establish and foster thousands upon thousands of study groups. These learning communities will be producing millions of committed, dedicated, and consecrated readers, being men and women and even children of spiritual insight whose personal religion has God centered in their lives and by them in their institutions. With their knowledge of the revelation of The Urantia Book, it will enable them to be true Soldiers of the Circles, and be there when the spiritual development curve of mankind reaches its peak.

It is interesting to note that the Revelators use the word ―Wake.‖ This word is defined as: ―caused to stir or come to life.‖


It was and remains the intention of the Revelators of The Urantia Book, through inspired human aid and ingenuity, to have ready these outward institutions, born of the teachings and guided by the leaders of The Urantia Book, at the time when the spiritual peak of mankind is reached. This revelation was never intended, as many now think, solely for themselves personally or for other‘s personal spiritual growth—how selfish is this! It was never intended for the current generations, but instead it was given to you “early” so that it would be in place and ready for that spiritual age of mankind to come. This concept of the meanings of these mandates all readers (and you personally) must understand in order for your organization to be reinstated as a Revelatory Commission supported institution.

If not accomplished by the 2017 birthday of the Master,
you should be aware that there are as many as three other potential organizations
now being readied to carry out these mandates, including publishing, and will
be established in the future as planned by the Revelators.
Or if accomplished in time
they could be led to join with you,
if you follow the mandated and adjudged path.


Urantia Foundation is still judged in default, remains in disunity and disloyalty, and has been drifting along completely on its own, being allowed to publish The Urantia Book, and make translations, but without the full support of the Revelators including the funds you so desperately need to fulfill your purposes and goals. This is no different from the lack of Revelator support afforded the Fellowship in their printing, translating, and selling of their version of The Urantia Book. The Revelators in this regard are no respecters of publishers. If there were no default, there would be but one publisher today, and in fact, as you will read later, still can be, but more importantly there should be but one publisher.

Yes, there are book sales at the Foundation and Fellowship, but there would be tens of thousands more books sold by now had there been no default on the part of the Foundation. Of the six mandates listed on the pages above, Urantia Foundation has only now begun to seriously foster but one—translations. Yes again! They have begun to foster translations, less than 20 or so with many partially finished, but this they are doing completely on their own, without the full support of the Revelatory Commission and Planetary Government, and without the full force and financial support of the social organizations and the individuals that the Revelators said they would bring to the Foundation for such translation and publishing support that is needed for them to do their job. As it is, many of these translations have already been seen to be in need of revision or correction because of their poor, rushed and amateurish quality, but there is no money to do so. And while the internet offers convenience to publish an e-book, new readers actually need to have their own printed book in their hands when reading and later to undertake deep study of the teachings; but this again takes money. And this you will get once you activate the mandates and follow the Judgment/Solution of the Conciliating Commission that will be revealed below.

It should be further noted that while this number of translations seems like a lot, it falls well below the number of translations that would have been fully finished by now had they the full and financially led support of the Revelators, through spirit-led donors, together with the strong financial and fund-raising support of Urantia Brotherhood, and had Urantia Foundation not also been declared with them in default.

But it is sad to note that as far as the other five mandates go (see above), Urantia Foundation still has a near-failing to failing grade in propagating them. They have lost more than sixty years of following the mandates and are not keeping up with the uprising line on the curve of mankind‘s spiritual and cultural development. And, if truth be told and the leaders of the Urantia movement are asked, they will tell you that they never really considered the mandates seriously, for there are today: no ordained teachers, no certified leaders, no trained fosterers of thousands upon thousands of study groups of The Urantia Book, no Urantian-led religious institutions, no Urantian-led philosophic organizations, and no Urantian-led cosmological establishments.

Urantia has lost 61 years of progressive time. (See above again for assessment grades of action on all the mandates). These factional organizations have nearly reached the point of no return on the ever-ascending spiritual and cultural curves of mankind! You are so far below these curves that only quick and concise action will allow them to rise up to it, to be ready as mandated and when purposed. It appears that you have less than one year to comply.

It should be again mentioned in this regard, that until such time—and please note that the clock is ticking as the spiritual curve is rising rapidly—and unless Urantia Foundation gets on board with a serious regard to the Revelatory guidelines and mandates, many more and other, even foreign, publishers will begin to proliferate books as they note the disunity of the current publishers and its social organizations, and begin to realize and follow all of the Revelatory Commission‘s mandates, directions and leadings. As in a childhood story:

Urantia Foundation needs to put Humpty Dumpty back together again!

So to this end, later in this treatise and in accordance with the judgments of the Conciliating Commission, the Revelators will offer Urantia Foundation together with the other two Urantia organizations a simple solution to their disunity and default. This solution will be offered later in this narrative—pray everyone will take these mandates seriously.

My order prays they adopt it quickly!



In order for the spiritual revelation of The Urantia Book to be truly effective throughout Urantia, it must show itself unified in all aspects. Its leaders must demonstrate the love of God by themselves having the Universal Father centered in their individual lives and then bringing Him to their organization so that He may also be centered therein. The organizations that bear the name Urantia and who claim human responsibility for the dissemination of The Urantia Book and its teachings will never be accepted by men and women of intelligence and righteousness throughout Urantia if they adjudge the followers of the Urantia teachings as dis-united, dis-loyal to themselves and self-centered rather than God-centered.

In this regard, Urantia Foundation has failed in their unity, loyalty, and God-centeredness. The Trustees have proven themselves on three separate occasions to be divided in spirit and disloyal to their associates, but most of all unloving in regard to one another. They have treated a spiritual revelation and a spiritual movement as a corporate ―business.‖ While it is true that to operate in these times it is necessary to incorporate and follow the law as it is written within their jurisdiction, be it known that this is a spiritual movement that they are perforce to manage, and to do so as spiritual beings—sons and daughter of our Universal Father—with love and compassion.

But Urantia Foundation Trustees have not always acted as such, having instead proceeded in haste and in a manner inconsistent with the loving teachings of The Urantia Book. They acted as if they were a business-for-profit corporation, governed by motives that are contrary to the teachings of The Urantia Book. Was it not asked of the Master, ―How many times should I forgive my brother?‖ And you do know his reply. Yet it was not even to one time that they forgave their fellow Trustees, but immediately and forcibly removed not one, not two, but three of their Trustees. And this they did without love for one another or first seeking guidance from their unseen celestial associates—the Midwayer Commission. If they had acted with the Universal Father centered in their lives, with His Love they would have known without question, that forgiveness and love should have dominated their actions toward one another; especially toward their brother and sister Urantians and Trustees. In each of these cases, had love dominated their union, and if care and patience prevailed, all issues with each of these three Trustees would have been resolved ever before legal removal actions ensued. They would all still be Trustees to the end of their days. And Unity and Loyalty would have prevailed.

It was said from above: the Foundation trustees “know not what they do!” But even though they chose to act as they did, it is not done; it is reversible. These removal cases are of record, and will not be presented here, except to identify them as organizational, not individual failures, that can and should be corrected now.

Unfortunately, given these fiascos, without remedial action, Urantia Foundation will never be able to demonstrate to the world of Urantia that they who print and publish The Urantia Book will bring unity, love, and true brotherhood to its readers. Never again will they be able to claim that The Urantia Book they publish and sell reflects the love of Christ-Michael and his Almighty Father. Never will they have the full support of the Revelators and the Midwayer Commission who operate under the supervision of the Melchizedek Revelatory Director.

But the Conciliators have ruled and declared a solution that only Urantia Foundation alone can accept and bring unity with loyalty into reality, thereby restoring its position on the world Urantia.


The Urantia Book Fellowship, their leaders, and their members are not The Urantia Brotherhood. The Urantia Brotherhood no longer exists because another, unsanctioned, social organization was founded.

As much as you would like to think otherwise, the Urantia Brotherhood was stripped of that sacred trust, for they were declared in default by the United Midwayers of Urantia under the supervision of the Melchizedek Revelatory Director when they tried to wrestle The Urantia Book away from Urantia Foundation to market it in their own way, with license, free of the planetary celestial plan. Their plan failed.

The Revelators‘ plan is for there to be millions of adherents of The Urantia Book in place with their established institutions when the ―wake‖ of spiritual development of mankind is obtained.

Only the planned mandates of the Revelators will work
to disseminate The Urantia Book for it intended purpose.
Always Remember:
The Melchizedek Revelatory Director, who was then in charge,
still remains charged
with the responsibility of The Urantia Book.
His judgment is the judgment of Michael!

Members of the Urantia Book Fellowship have never fully understood, even when they were the Urantia Brotherhood, or even as they are now, the importance of the Revelators‘ mandates, much less did they try to carry them out. They never considered or comprehended why the Revelators had the Contact Commission incorporate the mandates into the Urantia Brotherhood Constitution. This selfsame document was originally fully adopted by the Fellowship, but they altered it. Its original Constitution‘s Purposes record that they are to achieve all of their listed goals, ―by‖ accomplishing the following:

1. Training Teachers—No ordained teachers exist, but they did have many in the 50‘s and 60‘s.
2. Training Leaders—No training program exists to train leaders.
3. Foster thousands upon thousands of study groups—the actual fostering of study groups has never been attempted, nor are there training programs to prepare those who will carry out the fostering of study groups. Although fostering of study groups was a publication mandate, only a meager few are being fostered by the Fellowship today, and it is not an official organization program, although they have published a study group list and some study group guides.
4. Fostering a religion—No Urantia religious institutions exist for fear of becoming a Christian-like Church, viewed as a cult, or because of other ―personal‖ concerns. It is also sad to note that the Fellowship is fostering not a Urantian religious institution, but they are fostering any and all religions that may wish to join them at their conferences. Look at what they plan for the 2017 conference.
5. Fostering a Philosophy—(See ―4.‖ above).
6. Fostering a Cosmology—(See ―4.‖ above).

The Urantia Book Fellowship also needs to help

"End the Urantian disunity and bring the Urantia factions back together again!"

So to this end, and in accordance with the judgments of the Conciliating Commission, the Revelators offer The Urantia Book Fellowship and its sister Urantia organization a simple solution to their disunity, their default, and their unsanctioned state.

Pray everyone will take these mandates seriously.


Think not that UAI is the only social organization of readers of The Urantia Book who remains under the watch care of the Revelatory Commission, for it is not and never has been under their direct involvement and guidance. They have no more standing with the Revelators than either of the other two Urantia organizations mentioned above. Nor should UAI continue to look down on its sister organization—the fellowship—as being in rebellion and cast off by Urantia Foundation.

While UAI has been allowed by the Revelators to prosper somewhat, UAI has been given and remains limited in membership size not to exceed the current size of the Urantia Book Fellowship—even to conference attendance.

It should be understood that Urantia Foundation was in dire financial straits when the disenfranchised Fellowship stopped financially supporting the Foundation. Before the conflicts causing default, Urantia Brotherhood was the fund raising arm of the Urantia movement, as intended by the Revelators. But with their default, the defaulted social organization (Fellowship) withdrew their fund raising and financial support from the Foundation. With less money coming in, Urantia Foundation needed new trustees and supporters who could assist with rising costs and financial struggles.

Consequently, with Urantia Foundation going broke they decided that they would start a new social organization, rather than try to

"Put Humpty Dumpty back together again,"

which would have been a wiser and much easier task that they could have done with the help of the Conciliating Commission. They instead started a new financial support group that they called the International Urantia Association or IUA. This organization not only failed to financially support the Foundation, but itself proved to be a financial burden.

[It should be noted that for the Conciliating Commission to actively take part in mediation of a dispute involving UF, TUBF and UAI, it normally would have required the request and agreement by the majority of the board members of the Foundation and the Executive Committee of the Fellowship and the ISB/RC of the UAI. At one point the majority of the sitting members of these organizations, did in their own minds, think this, although it was not made as a motion by any of them to be voted on and consequently was never accepted by the various governing boards. But even so, this proved to be acceptable to your planetary supervisors, who forthwith requested the sojourning Conciliating Commission to take the matter under advisement. They did! Their decision follows later in this narrative.]

It is of record that to get the IUA started, Urantia Foundation found that it first had to financially support IUA by itself. Although this IUA group was actually being started to financially support Urantia Foundation, it did not, and never has; neither does it directly act as the Foundation‘s fund raiser as did originally the Urantia Brotherhood. As it turned out, IUA very soon became a financial burden to the Foundation, when once it began to grow. It became too expensive for Urantia Foundation, so that Urantia Foundation asked the IUA membership to form a separate organization that would be self-funded.

They thus set free the IUA organization to be formed under its own charter, but instead of adopting the charter as given by the Revelators, the new UAI added to its purposes the word, ―Personal.‖ They changed the name and called it Urantia Association International so that they would be listed under ―U‖ in the telephone books and websites instead of under ―I.‖

But what many adherents to the UAI do not realize is that, while Urantia Foundation started IUA, it did so without the sanctions or approvals of the Revelators–especially without the approval of the Melchizedek Revelatory Director. The UAI has always been and still remain on their own. While they can originate and update as many Strategic Plans as there are stars in the sky, they will never, on their ―own,‖ be able to get their own membership to adhere to them, much less agree to or even understand the reason for them. UAI Members know very little about these UAI strategic plans, and thus are unable to carry them out. The UAI continues to be in existence without the sanction and the acceptance by the Revelatory Commission.

You—UAI—are truly on your own.

The UAI Charter‘s Purposes says that you are to achieve all your goals, as did the Foundation and Brotherhood before you, with the exception that your founders added the word PERSONAL, "by"

1. Training teachers—None exist.
2. Training leaders—None exist.
3. Foster thousands upon thousands of study groups—although this was a publication mandate, virtually none are being fostered by the UAI today. Although the Strategic Planning Commission has originated a Study Group Committee, published a study group list, and some guide publications, UAI is not fostering any study groups.
4. Fostering a PERSONAL Religion—Fear again of Churches (See foster above and also see the Foundation‘s Declaration of Trust, the Brotherhood‘s and Fellowship‘s Constitution and the UAI Charter [All are the same with the exception that UAI added the word, ―personal‖].
5. Fostering a PERSONAL Philosophy—(See 4. above).
6. Fostering a PERSONAL Cosmology—(See 4. above).

The Urantia Association International also needs to help

Unify the Urantia movement as originally intended by the Revelators!

You need to first remove the word "Personal" from your Charter immediately. You need to be willing to accept the Fellowship as your EQUAL sister organization. You need to be in Unity with the other two Urantia organizations. So to this end, and in accordance with the judgments of the Conciliating Commission, the Revelators offer Urantia Association International together with the other two Urantia organizations a simple solution to their disunity, default, and unsanctioned status.

This solution is offered below in this narrative.

Pray everyone takes these mandates and judgments seriously.


Stated again simply, the epochal importance of The Urantia Book is that the book and its teachings are to be there and ready for that time with millions of dedicated Urantians with their established religious, philosophical and cosmological institutions when the spiritual and cultural development curves of mankind reach their peak and many men, women and children hunger and thirst to know God. It has been given to you ―early‖ and well in advance of its time in order that this may be achieved.



It has always been the intent of Michael for the First Epochal Revelation, with the visible Prince‘s staff to be in communication not only with the Prince and the Planetary Government, but also to be visible and communicative with men and women. And this visibility and this direct communication were to remain between God and man in an unbroken chain for millennia. Humankind was never intended to be alone—but this type of visible and direct communication was halted upon rebellion to protect other planets and conserve the presence of God on all inhabited worlds.

It has always been the intent of Michael for the Second Epochal Revelation, with the visible Material Son and Daughter to be not only in communication with the Planetary Prince, the Prince‘s staff and the Planetary Government, but also visible and communicative with men and women, and again to continue an unbroken communication link between God and humankind until the planet reaches Light and Life.

Likewise, it has been the intent of Michael for the Fifth Epochal Revelation, with the visible Contact Commissioners and their successors to be in continuous communication with the Revelatory Commission and by them to the Planetary Government, the Most Highs, Gabriel, even to Michael. It was intended that through these Contact personalities, the leaders of the Urantia movement would continue to have a continuous connection between God and the Revelators through this type of communication. The Urantia revelation was always intended to be in communication with and have continuous and direct guidance by the Revelators.

To this end, the Revelators have been looking for another loyal and trustworthy contact group to continue this dialogue after the last Contact Commissioner ―graduated.‖ But with the defaults and unsanctioned social institutions, many members of which believe such things as direct communication impossible, the Revelators, for many reasons, dare not contact any one of those three organizations from within.

It has been attempted a few times before, but the efforts proved unsuccessful, for it takes the right group of men and women. The Revelators are hoping that UF, TUBF and UAI by following their original mandates, by first accepting the Judgment/Solution of the Conciliating Commission, and by taking the immediate steps toward unity as listed below, will make possible this communication with them again in the future.

The Revelators would prefer to have Urantians in Unity rather than continue in organizational factions that show to the world your spiritual disunity, consequently reflecting this upon the teachings of The Urantia Book. These factions, if continued, will delay the purpose of The Urantia Book, and will quickly disqualify these three organizations from ever having the support of the Revelators to obtain the purpose and goals they set, and if so, this human responsibility will be handed to the watch care of others who prove trustworthy.

The proverbial clock is ticking!

Now as promised, the Judgment/Solution of the Conciliating Commission follows.


  • Simple Solution:

The solution is so simple; it is so easy: all it takes is trust in the Revelators and the judgments of the Conciliating Commission, and sincerity in action on the part of the leadership of each of the three organizations. You must not only trust the invisible Celestials to do what is needed today to solve this dilemma, but these factions must also prove yourselves trustworthy to carry out the mandates as originally given to you.

It has been now been told that Urantian Trust in the Revelators will bring the Revelators Trust back to these Urantian organizations. Otherwise, if trust is not there, and if you do not act quickly and with determination before the mandated time, as said earlier, there are those waiting in the wings to carry out the Revelators‘ mandates. The Revelators would rather remediate these three organizations and have them board the The Urantia Book train, all traveling on the same track to arrive at the same future station where Michael would have them arrive, and all at the same time. For there is no other way to achieve your assigned goal without carrying out the Revelator‘s instructions and mandates given by Michael through them to you, especially without the guidance and communications from the Revelatory Commission itself.


The simple plan for restoring the status of the defaulted (UF), the defaulted and unsanctioned (TUBF), and the unsanctioned (UAI), is the unifying of all three (UF, TUBF and UAI) by following these adjudged steps:

1. Given that Urantia Foundation is the owner of the trademark name Urantia and the three concentric circles as a registered trademark, with no less than four (4) of the seven (7) voting Trustees, they can begin this process of restoration by making the name ―Urantia‖ and the concentric circles trademarks once again formally available to the organization formerly known officially as The Urantia Brotherhood Corporation.
2. With the name Urantia and concentric circles accepted, the Fifth Epochal Fellowship Corporation would assume it original name: The Urantia Brotherhood Corporation.
3. Urantia Foundation may only release the name ―Urantia‖ and the circles of Michael again to the original corporation, only and strictly with the provisions that the UAI‘s entire membership also be invited formally by the Urantia Foundation Trustees and The Urantia Book Fellowship, to join in equal membership partnership with the members of The Urantia Book Fellowship in operating the revitalized organization, The Urantia Brotherhood, in accordance with its unchanged original Constitution and Bylaws, and with its Revelator-inspired Constitution‘s Mandates.
4. Before the UAI membership is allowed to be invited to join The Urantia Brotherhood Corporation, UAI must agree, as an act of good faith, to first change its own Charter to eliminate the word ―Personal,‖ so that it is the same as the original Constitution of The Urantia Brotherhood and the Declaration of Trust of Urantia Foundation. Similarly, The Urantia Book Fellowship, before accepting the use of the trademarks, must adopt its original Urantia Brotherhood Constitution. Thus, Urantia Brotherhood and Urantia Foundation will operate with the same statements of purpose, and the restored Urantia Brotherhood will proceed as originally authorized and sanctioned by the Revelatory Commission.
5. It should be noted herein that The Urantia Brotherhood‘s membership, once reestablished under its original Constitution and Bylaws, may amend together with the UAI membership as one organization any of the governing operating methods desired by the organization, but not the purposes, goals, and mandates of the Revelators.
6. When once all the MEMBERS of both sister organizations join Urantia Brotherhood, as operated by The Urantia Brotherhood Corporation, then Urantia Foundation must end its involvement in the process and let the new membership of Urantia Brotherhood, together and in spiritual unity, govern the united original organization of Urantia Brotherhood. Urantia Foundation must work cooperatively with Urantia Brotherhood to achieve their respective objectives and goals for the spiritual advancement of mankind to its future spiritual goals.
7. There shall be but one publisher of The Urantia Book and that is Urantia Foundation. To this end one representative of the former Fellowship publishers should join the Foundation Trustees as Associate-Publishing-Trustee to provide their expertise and contacts and to formalize union with one another. In this union, new associate together with all the Trustees must agree wholeheartedly to carry out the goals and mandates set forth by the Revelatory Commission in the Declaration of Trust and the Publication Mandate.
8. It is also adjudged that they as The Urantia Brotherhood together add one new provision to their joint Brotherhood Constitution and that is the loving request of Michael that all members of the Urantia Brotherhood strive to put the Universal Father in the center of their personal lives, and then together strive to put the Universal Father in the center of their organization as they govern it. This will keep harmony. And the Foundation is advised to do likewise.
9. With the concurrence of the Midwayer Commission, acting under the supervision of the Melchizedek Revelatory Director, consider their statement following:

The status of Urantia Foundation will forever be in question by confused Urantians throughout the world and by their unseen guides above, until such time as Urantia Foundation Trustees lovingly forgive, restore, and re-enfranchise each one of their three disenfranchised Trustees (one posthumously).

This is presently the only way to eliminate widespread confusion; the opportunity is herewith given for Urantia Foundation to demonstrate to all Urantia the unity, love, loyalty, and God-centeredness of the leaders and publishers of The Urantia Book!

10. It is highly recommended that the reestablished Urantia Brotherhood once again be housed with Urantia Foundation in the same building as once they were.
11. Lastly, there are many groups of readers that have been disenfranchised by the advent of the default, having sensed the default of these factions, and thus isolating themselves from the chaos that ensued. They will have nothing to do with either TUBF or UAI! These groups need to be lovingly introduced to and re-associated with the NEW Urantia Brotherhood. To this end, it should be a priority of Urantia Foundation and the revitalized Urantia Brotherhood to actively find, foster, and invite these groups to join forces with the plan of the Revelators for The Urantia Book, and to become members with the worldwide efforts of Urantia Brotherhood to bring its revelation to all Urantia as intended by the Revelators.

These are the recent rulings of the Conciliating Commission of Urantia sanctioned by the Supreme Court of Urantia and other higher beings, and it is well advised that their judgments be followed by those concerned, to demonstrate your unity, loyalty, and love for one another as followers of Jesus who are members of the Urantia Foundation, The Urantia Book Fellowship, and the Urantia Association International.

This is but a decree to
Put the love of God in action.
And all of this is true notwithstanding how the above ruling came to be known and reported herein.
So it is said. So be it!



It should be understood by all that the Fellowship Corporation originally was the Urantia Brotherhood Corporation and originally abided by its Constitution and Bylaws. And the Fellowship did in fact originally maintain them in the Fellowship Constitution and Bylaws, some of which have since been amended. It should also be realized that when the Fellowship membership agrees to the Judgment/Solution of the Conciliating Commission, they are simply agreeing to be who they should have been in the beginning and doing what they should have been doing since 1955. For this to become a unifying reality, all it would take is the majority vote of the Executive Committee and a majority vote of the General Council. But it must be done as soon as humanly possible lest time run out. (This is also true for the Urantia Foundation and Urantia Association International).

Their original Constitution and Bylaws are the very same that they abided by in the past and should be abiding by now—nothing changes. As members of the original Urantia Brotherhood agree to abide fully by its original Constitution and Bylaws, they must also, by their formal written invitation, along with the formal written invitation of Urantia Foundation, invite the entire membership of their sister organization, the UAI, to be their full partner in the work of carrying out the plan of Michael through His Revelatory Commission in time for the full ―wake‖ of the spiritual awakening of mankind.

Lastly, it should be also understood that by joining Urantia Brotherhood, UAI membership will be by its presence fully able to share their many years of planning and organizational skills to the purposes for which The Urantia Book was given and for which they have also dedicated all their work, even their lives.

It is for UAI an opportunity to be fully sanctioned into the plan and purposes for which The Urantia Book was given, and for them to do this in unity with their sister organization and with Urantia Foundation trustees. All it would take is the recommendation by the International Service Board and the approval of the Representative Council—actually only the majority of the sitting national presidents.

But again, UAI membership, as full members of The Urantia Brotherhood must also agree to abide by the same original Constitution and Bylaws of Urantia Brotherhood that is part of their own UAI Charter, and they must also agree to join with their sister organization‘s members (but not as Urantia Association International and not as the Fifth Epochal Fellowship Corporation) as their full and equal partner in the work of Michael through His Revelatory Commission.

This Treatise has been given to Urantia Foundation, The Urantia Book Fellowship, and Urantia Association International as their Last Resort for Unity Through Reinstituting “The Urantia Brotherhood Corporation,”

To follow as directed the instructional mandates given with the the Revelation that is known as The Urantia Book!

And this is time sensitive!


Reinstitute Urantia Brotherhood Corporation and have your attorneys make it available without interference from Urantia Foundation once it is done. Do this before year‘s end, so that the TUBF and UAI may be able to finish it all by Jesus‘ Birthday—August 21, 2017.

Your unseen friends report that the Urantia Foundation attorneys can actually make this happen this year. Time is ticking! All it needs first is for Urantia Foundation to get it started with the reinstatement of name Urantia Brotherhood Corporation by allowing again the Fellowship‘s and UAI‘s joint use of the trademark name, URANTIA and the concentric circles trademark. With the Urantia Foundation‘s LEGALLY WRITTEN invitation there will certainly follow the consent of the other two organizations to join each other and accept the Conciliating Commissions Judgment/Solution for them to operate again as one spiritually unified organization (141:5.1), as Urantia Brotherhood under the name Urantia Brotherhood Corporation.

And then you will be of ONE MIND AGAIN!
Wouldn‘t it be a wonderful 2017 birthday present for your Master Son
to present him with the Spiritual Unification of His Urantia movement?

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