2016-12-24-Be Spiritual All the Time

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Topic: Be Spiritual All the Time

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Anyas



“Man aspires by worship to be better and thereby eventually attains the best.” 196:3.22


Thought Adjuster: “You are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Ideally, it could also be said that you are physical beings having a spiritual experience as there should be no demarcation line within yourself. Looking at it from this perspective is placing the spotlight on your spiritual experience.

“How many among you can honestly say that their life is an ongoing spiritual experience? Such a question is meant to help you look at your experience from a different and higher perspective.

“Indeed ‘being spiritual’ is not a part-time job, an afterthought or a hobby — a brief moment in your day when you send some hasty thoughts to the Divine before retreating to your mundane ‘busy-ness.’ Frequently, religion is being compartmentalized. What I mean by that is that its adepts turn to God at some prescribed times of the day, on some specific days of the week, or on very special occasions.

“The adherence to these religious ‘duties’ may lead you to believe that you are religious. Yet, are you spiritual? Are you living as the spiritual beings you are? Are you able to be spiritually spontaneous? This is how you should look at your life as therein lies the key to finding your inner harmony and to dealing with its occurrences from a much higher and wiser perspective.

“Whenever you are a part-time religionist — a week-end warrior so to speak — you unconsciously compartmentalize your spiritual life and make it difficult for it to overflow into your daily life. This is the reason why on their ‘off days’ — in spite of their professed spirituality — many are venting baser and pestering emotions of hate, resentment, bitterness, antagonism, and much more toward their siblings — projecting the worst, rather than expecting the best. These are faulty foundations for a better world; they keep refueling the fires of antagonism and separation.


“Dear ones, be spiritual all the time as it is your true nature. Be unified within your being so that you are no longer conflicted in your way of life. Tear down the dividers within your life that make it look okay for you to be spiritual at times and hateful at others — thus displaying a very split and bipolarized personality. Rather than squandering your precious energies by judging others harshly and without being qualified to do so, go within and bring your own affairs in order. This is what you are called to do as fully-fledged spiritual beings.”