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Topic: Setting the Record Straight

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: George Barnard

TR: Susan



On one of my trips to the US (2000, 2001 and 2002) I met up with an unaffiliated Urantia Teachings based group on the US west coast, whose receiver of celestial messages is in my opinion beyond reproach in celestial communications on behalf of the group.

Through this receiver I spoke with Machiventa Melchizedek about our great shortage of Secondary Midwayers and I asked him to in some way make up the numbers to give us a full complement of 50.000 of those worthy planetary helpers. Our Planetary Prince answered that 150.000 were ready to begin working on Urantia and one of them was sitting on my knee as he spoke. Indeed! Months later, back in Australia, I met up with the fully acclimatised 3-foot-tall Secondary Midwayer Mathew, released from a larger, advanced world in Nebadon, to assist us on our planet.

The previous week it was made known to this west coast group that a Magisterial Son named Monjóronson (not Monjorónson, which would be wrongly accented) would come to this world. The following week when I had traveled to meet with the group, we spoke with Machiventa, as I already said, and also the Magisterial Son’s companion in the Urantia mission, who jokingly allowed us to call him, “George” . . . just for now.

“George” gave us all a good laugh, but perhaps he had his reasons to for a time keep his name to himself — maybe to not detract from the eventual mission of his senior, Monjóronson.

There were no ‘perhapses’ or even ‘maybes’ about the timing of the announcement. Firstly, the west coast group had one of the truest receivers that could be 100% entrusted with the news of the Magisterial Son without fudging the transmission through receiver’s doubts. Secondly, this group was a private concern, unaffiliated and most unlikely to widely make known the news about Monjóronson.

However, thirdly, 11:11 Progress already had a larger readers’ list than did any other organization and more importantly, the regular naysayers could not contradict any or all other readers on the 11:11 Progress list by being quoted on that list. Their input would have been censored and the celestials knew that.

Meanwhile, right now in 2017, people keep asking, “When will he be here?” It is this writer’s opinion that he is already here, finding his feet, making his connections and still awaiting for some years to come the ages-ago foreseen opportunity to take up his Paradise ordered position.

The writer is hardly the only one who is of that opinion.

Oregon Group 1

  • June 7, 2017 (posted to 11:11)

The Oregon Group is a non-associated group. Susan writes:

Thank you, George for asking our "charming receiver" if she would like to add information about Monjoronson being on the planet.

She and our group are of the belief that Monjoronson has been on the planet since the turn of the century. He is in spirit form, not physical form.

She had a visual in 1999 of the Magisterial Sons' City, in a stationary orbit above the earth in the northern hemisphere. (See below)

It is our belief that Monjoronson will not materialize until the Magisterial Sons' City descends to the surface of the planet and is visible to all.

We believe this will be far into the future.

We have included 2 other attachments (See below) that we think will be of interest to you.

We are very pleased to send you this information. It needs to be shared, and we trust that your website is the best way to get this information out.

It has been most helpful to our group.


Oregon Group 2

  • June 7, 2017 (posted to 11:11)

The Magisterial City, a visualization: In orbit above the planet, near the North 70th parallel is a floating spiritual City. It is associated with the Magisterial Mission and contains many features including, the Father’s Temple with an Assembly Stadium, The Tree of Life, Nebadonia’s Garden, a Central Courtyard including a Fountain and Reflecting Pool. The city’s structure is of crystalline material that was transported to this location and assembled. The crystalline material is opaque but changes colors based on many factors of spiritual energy, color changes are highly active during worship. There are many buildings around the city for various uses such as administrative, classrooms, and lodgings.

The Obelisks:There are 3 obelisks within the city that are located around the perimeter of the city, and they are located such that they form a triangle when viewed from above. Obelisk one is located at the Fathers Temple (upper center), Obelisk two is associated with Michael located lower right and the third located lower left associated with Universal broadcasts. Messages and energies that arrive to any one of the obelisks get bounced between each of the other obelisks, amplified and translated, and also transmitted to receivers on the planet.

This is our City (Urantia’s) and anyone can visit this city where it is in orbit using your higher awareness and with help from your Thought Adjuster. Your consciousness can enter a circuit and travel instantly to this city; some may go through circuits via the seraphic transport platform also in orbit. This is a wonderful way to have a place to worship the Father, you may discern other beings doing the same.

The Father’s Temple and Assembly Arena - At one edge of the city is the obelisk of the Father. At the base there are doors that open to the interior of the obelisk, anyone is allowed in (that I know of). There are markings and writings on the entry doors that I cannot decipher, but I understand you read them from the bottom-up and they depict the history of Urantia. Inside was very large and there were other beings, but hard to discern because there was such a white light all around.

The Obelisk and Father’s temple is part of, and forms one of the narrow ends of an oval shaped assembly stadium that has access isles from each side in the middle and one from the opposite end of the stadium. The benches stretch upward and seem to expand to fit capacity as needed. In the center of this stadium sits the Tree of Life, intended for our planet. This stadium is used for gatherings of worship, reception of messages, and other group activities. During worship, every worshiper’s personal energies combine to make what looks like an Aurora that everyone is immersed within, the energy collects into the obelisk and then into a circuit direct to the Father.

It seems the floor of this stadium reflects the messages as they are received. I have seen the floor as white, grey like concrete, like grass, like pebbles, it just seems to change. Around the outside walls of the stadium there are murals that depict events and life of Urantia evolution. Outside the stadium on the right is a courtyard for socializing.

Nebadonia’s Garden – Outside the stadium on the left is Nebadonia’s garden. Full of flowers and trees, paths, benches and plots everywhere. If you were to visit this garden, you will find a garden plot just for you and a bench to sit on if you wish; this is true for each being to visit. You have the ability to plant whatever you would like in the garden. Each of the plants in your garden reflect aspects of your spirituality for Nebadonia and others to see. If you look closely into the blooms or leaves of your plants they will reflect an aspect of your spirituality back to you.

Central Courtyard and fountain – The fountain reflects crystal blues in the concentric circles at times, other times it looks like the sea of glass. This is an area I have not explored so I have few details.

The City plays host to visiting Celestials, and there are current residents there as well. This city is Monjoronson’s headquarters and the City will be a gift for Urantia. We believe this city will eventually descend to the planet and visible to all and become a center for the planet's spiritual culture.

Oregon Group 3

This is a transcription from one of transmitter visuals from 1998.

  • Seraphic Transport Platform

Visual: A set of platforms North and South, in outer space orbit above the surface of the earth. Platform shape and size will change according to the number of beings on the platform. Much like a train station where passengers arrive and depart to all corners of the universe, and of course those who have completed their mortal careers, sleeping survivors ready for transport to the mansion worlds.

The following is a visual narrative:

  • Date 9-8-98

I find myself standing on a platform above the northern hemisphere of earth. There are three seraphic angels moving around on the platform. I see seven energy transport circuit tubes on my right, lighting up and two golden spheres coming out of one of the circuit tubes. The first golden sphere floats above the tubes, and the second sphere takes the form of an angel and she gently wraps her arms around the first sphere. I am told that the golden spheres are the spiritual energies of someone who has passed on, and the angel is the Guardian Angel of that individual golden sphere. I am told the tubes originate from various Soul-energy collecting areas around the planet.

The platform is still receiving many more pairs of golden spheres from the energy circuit transports, and each second sphere forms an angel to cradle their charge from earth. I feel such a wonderful sense of love from the guardian angels to the individual spheres. As the platform is filling up with Guardian Angels and their wards, there is a bright yellow and white streak coming to earth from outer space. It reminds me of a Comet. I am told this is the Transport circuit, the Seraphic Transport is coming from Uversa Mansion World One. The bright streak is really moving fast but the transport is starting to slow down, it’s route moves behind the planet and comes around the back side to the platform as it slows down. It is a mass of yellow-white blur which quickly stops at the platform. I can see an outline of an angel that has 3 box-type containers behind her, very much like a train.

There is an angel that steps out of the first container and has the Guardian Angels that are waiting on the platform with their wards (still spheres) place their spheres into the first container. As an angel places her sphere into the container, it appears to be floating above a shelf. Then the Angel becomes a golden sphere and floats next to her ward in the container. This continues to happen until the 3 containers are completely full and the platform is empty. There are so many golden spheres inside the containers that the containers glow very bright. I can sense a very strong feeling of love all around me.

Next I notice that the Seraphic Transport Angel (STA) starts to vibrate and I get a sense of a lot of energy around the transport containers. The STA starts to rise, turns around in an arc and starts to vibrate more. The vibration has colors of yellow and white. The STA herself is spreading her energies over the containers that look like a shield around the containers. The STA starts the return trip, back around the planet the way she came, when visible again she is a yellow-white streak looking like a comet going back through the transport circuit she originally came from.

I am told this happens twice a day. In the morning and evening, once in a while more frequently if the need arises. This particular transport carries the individuals that have passed on recently. Individuals are sleeping during this transport, as are the angels. They will arrive at Mansion World One, and placed into sleeping chambers for the next dispensation. There is such an overwhelming sense of love and care for each and every individual that was on the platform.

Note: In other visits to the platform, I have seen 9 or more containers behind the STA, and this many containers seem to pack closer behind her, not completely lined out like a train. For Reference from the Urantia book:

39:5.10 The Transporters. The planetary transporters serve the individual worlds. The majority of enseraphimed beings brought to this planet are in transit; they merely stop over; they are in custody of their own special seraphic transporters; but there are a large number of such seraphim stationed on Urantia. These are the transport personalities operating from the local planets, as from Urantia to Jerusem.

39:5.11 Your conventional idea of angels has been derived in the following way: During moments just prior to physical death a reflective phenomenon sometimes occurs in the human mind, and this dimming consciousness seems to visualize something of the form of the attending angel, and this is immediately translated into terms of the habitual concept of angels held in that individual’s mind.

39:5.12 The erroneous idea that angel possess wings is not wholly due to olden notions that they must have wings to fly through the air. Human beings have sometimes been permitted to observe seraphim that were being prepared for transport service, and the traditions of these experiences have largely determined the Urantian concept of angels. In observing a transport a transport seraphim being made ready to receive a passenger for interplanetary transit, there may be seen what are apparently double sets of wings extending from the head to the foot of the angel. In reality these wings are energy insulators—friction shields.

39:5.13 When celestial beings are to be enseraphimed for transfer from one world to another, they are brought to the headquarters of the sphere and, after due registry, are inducted into the transit sleep. Meantime, the transport seraphim moves into a horizontal position immediately above the universe energy pole of the planet. While the energy shields are wide open, the sleeping personality is skillfully deposited, by the officiating seraphic assistants, directly on top of the transport angel. Then both the upper and lower pairs of shields are carefully closed and adjusted.

39:5.14 And now, under the influence of the transformers and the transmitters, a strange metamorphosis begins as the seraphim is made ready to swing into the energy currents of the universe circuits. To outward appearance the seraphim grows pointed at both extremities and becomes so enshrouded in a queer light of amber hue that very soon it is impossible to distinguish the enseraphimed personality. When all is in readiness for departure, the chief of transport makes the proper inspection of the carriage of life, carries out the routine tests to ascertain whether or not the angel is properly encircuited, and then announces that the traveler is properly enseraphimed, that the energies are adjusted, that the angel is insulated, and that everything is in readiness for the departing flash. The mechanical controllers, two of them, next take their positions. By this time the transport seraphim has become an almost transparent, vibrating, torpedo-shaped outline of glistening luminosity. Now the transport dispatcher of the realm summons the auxiliary batteries of the living energy transmitters, usually one thousand in number, as he announces the destination of the transport, he reaches out and touches the near point of the seraphic carriage, which shoots forward with lightning-like speed, leaving a trail of celestial luminosity as far as the planetary atmospheric investment extends. In less than ten minutes the marvelous spectacle will be lost even to reinforced seraphic vision.

Oregon Group 4

July 30, 2002
Melchizedek University, Crystal City
Teacher: Avonal George
Received by U.S. west coast group

Greetings: I’am Avonal George.

Group: Greetings.

Avonal George: Your teachers are all here as well as midwayers. We wish to take a journey today. You will place yourself in the trust of your Thought Adjuster. Your teachers will travel with you. The midwayers will be here to monitor you. The experience is new to you for we are opening a circuit over this home and we wish you to step into the quiet and allow the TA to lead you into the center of the room.

It will take your imagination to implement this. Do not worry, it was recently done with Sandy. As you step into the center of the room your teachers are with you as well and your TA. I wish you to look up into the circuit entrance or portal if you wish to call it that. The destination is what has been termed the Crystal City, which is actually a Melchizedek University. This circuit will take you to the platform over the equator for you to view. You may enter the circuit now.

Your thoughts or experiences please:

Student 1: moving fast, went straight up then curved. (Yes) Student 2: did it twist up in kind of a corkscrew way? (Yes, it is avoiding other circuits) Student 3: I’m just now feeling the energy, a swirling. ( Very good)

You should find yourself on the platform now. The circuit will gently place you on the platform as you step out. Do not worry about running into anyone, the circuit places you in different spots next to each other.

Question: Is this the transport platform? (This is a platform that has been recently created. It is an in between station. It has been used as a Seraphic transport on special occasions.)

Comment: It’s big. (Yes) (As you look around you should see your planet below. To the south you should see the Crystal City/Melchizedek University. To the north you should be able to see the Seraphic Transport as well as the Magisterial City or headquarters.)

The Crystal City has seven large obelisks that reflect all colors. They are made of a crystal formation. They resemble a type of star. The crystals have the image of a mirror. They are reflective mirrors. Questions?

Student: It’s not as big as the Magisterial Sons’ City. (No)

(This is the city in which special educational meetings happen. It is the learning center for teachers to teach or be taught. This is the place where new teachers come to be educated about Urantia.)

Student: Are there places in the city for us to visit and be taught? (Yes, you may attend meetings.)

(At present we are establishing a circuit connection for you to the platform which will become ----words garbled, transcriber couldn’t understand---- The next stage will be from the platform to the Crystal City, Melchizedek University)

Question: In the teaching of the new arriving teachers, will they learn from reflectivity what is happening on the planet? (Yes, from the past to the present.) So that gives those teachers a thorough history of the planet? (Yes, as well as the individual they will become attached to.) The teachers will learn about the genetic and ancestral inheritance? (Yes)

Question: When we learn to utilize the circuits to the city will we be taught in the same manner, (It will depend on the session that you attend) or will we be like a guest, just observing? (At first, yes)

Question: How can this be accomplished? Just going into a quiet time with the intent is that right? (Yes, the TA will awaken in you the desire to explore.)

Question: When will the circuits be ready to go to the city? (In a few moments.)

Question: Is it appropriate to call it the Crystal City ? (That or the Melchizedek City, Melchizedek University, any of those three will activate the circuit to take you there. Is this helpful?) Yes.

Comment: Now I have two cities to explore, the Magisterial City and the Crystal City. (It is expanding your horizons or hemispheres) (chuckles)

As you move forward along the platform you will notice a circuit opening up in front of you. This is the circuit to the Crystal City.

Question: Do we just walk into it? (Yes, it is activated to the city)

The point of arrival will be a courtyard with reflective flowers from the Universal Mother. She too, has another form of garden here. It is a place of reflectivity as the city is. It gives you a focus point to remember and it helps you in remembering that when you enter the city, (Crystal City and Magisterial City) you will enter into the garden place. Does this help? Yes, it does.

In the center of this garden is a fountain. As you look at this fountain and the pool around it, it is the Sea of Glass that will reflect back whatever is happening at that particular time. Seeing this will let you know you are in the right spot. Do you get the common theme? Student: reflectivity. (Yes)

Question: Is that how teaching is done? (At some levels, yes) So the reflectivity can reflect whatever is needed throughout the universe? (Yes, as well as reflect a speaker to an auditorium.) I’m gathering this is a very versatile way of sending information/communication. (Yes, and it is part of the Eternal Sons’ plan for connecting all the universes through a systematic system. Does this make sense?) Oh! Yes. (This city is designed for the Nebadon universe in which Urantia belongs.)

Question: So a Melchizedek could be on that city and through reflectivity be teaching a class in an auditorium here on this planet very safely. (Yes, without actually being here.)

Avonal George: Are you on the platform or are you in the garden?

Student 1: I am looking at a flower in the garden.

Student 2: I’m in the garden.

Student 3: I’ve been trying to peer into the reflective pool.

Student 4: I’m having a little trouble getting to the garden. (The transmitter is having trouble also. Imagine taking the transmitters hand and leading her to the circuit and we will push you both. Do you feel a leaning?) Student 4: I feel a pulling. (Do you see the garden now?) Student 4: Not yet. (Look for the fountain) Student 4: I’m seeing something like rock work. I’m not sure if I’m in the garden or by the fountain. (You’re there.)

Question: When we receive reflective images, will we perceive them in a 3 dimensional view or perhaps even in more dimensions, being morontia, or will it be more of a 2 dimensional screen like we would see on a television. (Both. It depends on what you are ready for. Some will have a flat section like your screens and some will be as if they step out of a portal and stand before you. It is all reflectivity.)

Question: Do you expect us to have difficulty in telling the difference in reflection and reality? (You will know if it is a reflection, it will look like a hologram.) Ok, somewhat transparent? (Yes, there is no substance of the individual there.)

Avonal George: The garden will be your entry point into the city, as you go through the garden there will be many hallways or corridors, and there will be classrooms off of each corridor.

Question: Is it massive? (It appears massive to you, yes, tall large corridors.)

Question: I get the feeling there is a technique of learning that we can’t understand right now. (Yes, out of this world. Also remember it is your Morontia self that is traveling to these places.) The human self would not be able to see that. (No, they wouldn’t. This will also show you the development of your Morontia self.)

Question: Are there a few people in this square area observing us? (Yes, your teachers are there.)

Question: This city, was it transported here or was it brought and put together. (Brought, and then put together, welded together with glass or crystal. It is also possible to take it apart.) Do they bring this material through the circuits or on big ships? (Only a material structure would need ships.) Part of it is material right? (It is of spiritual value, there is a difference.) Even the crystals? (They are of a physical sense that you cannot have as a material being.) The material they are made of is a different frequency? (Yes, just as a Morontia being is of a different frequency.)

Question: Does it take a special ability to see into the Sea of Glass, Pool of Glass? All I see is stars. (There are no classes in session at this time.) So the pool activates when there is an announcement or a broadcast, is that correct? (Yes.) And everybody gathers around to see it? (Around this or at the Magisterial City. There is a Sea of Glass there also.)

Comment: I get the impression that there is an immense power there that we are not accustomed to for the reflectivity and all that it entails. (Yes, generally you do not stay that long on this city. It is the value of learning, of education.)

Avonal George: You are there tonight to witness the fact that it exists. That you now have a circuit entry point there and you can leave at anytime. Within the next few minutes the circuit will activate to take you back. You will step in to the circuit and it will take you to the platform. There you will enter the circuit that will bring you back to here, Urantia.

Question: Is there an arch in this circuit? (Yes, you are avoiding other circuits.)

Avonal George: It is time to leave. This time Student 4, your circuit is a stronger connection than before. (pause) Have you each come to the platform?

Group: Yes.

Avonal George: Now go to the other circuit.

Student: It’s really quite easy.

Avonal George: Eventually, you will not have the circuit to the platform. It was a stopping place for you tonight to be able to see the locations of both cities. Your circuit connection will take you straight to the Crystal City from your point of entry to the garden. Does this make sense?

Group: Yes. If you choose to go to the platform your circuit will connect you there as well.

Greetings, this is Christ Michael. Thank you for taking this opportunity to explore the celestial surroundings around you.

Group: Thank you for giving us this opportunity and making it available to us.

Christ Michael: You have asked for growth opportunities and this is a step in faith into your visualization capabilities. This also allows you an opportunity to see your Morontia self grow as well. We thank you for allowing us to be of service to you and these opportunities of exploration shall we say.

Comment: We appreciate it very much. It increases my stability.

Christ Michael: It gives you a grounding point, and a faith step going into this session tonight. This transmitter has been wondering why they were not able to go to the city. We did not allow it until tonight.

So again, thank you for being willing, for allowing us to learn from you as well as you learn from us. I look forward to seeing you on the cities either in a reflective capacity or in an individual capacity. You are constantly asking to meet Andronason. On a material level that is still undetermined, but he teaches often on the Crystal City due to the fact that he is one of the teachers of Urantian understanding. You can ask ------transcriber couldn’t understand sentence, tape not clear-----

Student: I get the feeling that as mortal visitors to this Crystal City that we might become subjects of study to the students there.

Christ Michael: You will be there to study and you will be studied. They will treat you as any other student because you are there on a Morontia level, not a material level, but you will still have the brand of a Urantian written all over you.

This transmitter grows tired. I thank you for this opportunity in which we serve each other and the Father. I look forward to many more opportunities. Enjoy your week. Goodnight.

Group: Thank you so very much.