2017-11-05-A Total Network


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Topic: A Total Network

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: The Damascus Scribe

TR: George Barnard



The Scribe: “Continue to be My bellwethers you all in this growing group, for such a task will serve you well on this world and beyond. You could have been born on another world, lived to the age of 180 years, have been a servant of the Gods, a leader of your kin and an inspired indicator of the ways of the future. And, My human friend and co-worker, in all those long years as a diligent helper you would not have accumulated the goodwill that can come to you in one short year on Urantia.

“Samuel of Panoptia was one such who was a leader of minds, a bellwether of the Life Carriers, who invented ways and means to enhance nutritious effectiveness of important crops in his laboratory by being ever in touch with his human/celestial total network — so easy to do on advanced Panoptia of his days. Your harvest is still to come for you, the work is still to begin, Monjoronson is not far away now and your total network is there to make use of . . . as it makes use of you and yours.

“That which you have begun on this troubled planet with Cherubim and Sanobim, with Destiny Guardians all, with Midwayers of all ranks especially and their Superiors will be the order of the day on Mansonia. You will learn, retain all of what you have learned and progress. And you will assist in every way those of your kin, of your world, who will come up after you, for such is the experiential curriculum on terra firma and throughout the universes and onto Paradise.

“Now another matter and this is particularly because of the ‘newbee’ faces on the lists, although it is related to what we already covered here. It deals with the follow-up revelation you received when you questioned your likely tasks beyond your stay on Paradise, I say it was a follow-up revelation only because your text hints at it. Nevertheless it was in part delivered by the Eagle, your Spirit Fragment, in part by Midwayer Mathew.

You are requested to ‘publish’ this once more, firstly because it is actual revelation and secondly because it is appropriate for many to know that they will be skilled for and rightly receive important positions in our far-flung universes even beyond their sojourn on Paradise . . . and thus be part of a total network.


“This is a one-time Fragment of the all-knowing Father and the one who guided Michael throughout his earth life. This is the Scribe who loves you all without question or hesitation, unconditionally and ever more deeply.”