2018-12-17-The Time is Approaching

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Topic: The Time is Approaching

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Magisterial Son, Monjoronson

TR: Valdir Soares


  • São Carlos — SP, Brazil


Monjoronson: “My child, it is a pleasure for me to formally enter into contact with you for the very first time on this tropical afternoon. Do not worry about what you may call me. I do have several names, and even more to be given to me in the future. On each planet and according to the geographic regions where an Avonal Son appears on His mission, he may receive different names and titles. Call me what you like best, your respect and love I can feel through your spiritual vibration.

“You are already instructed about the function of a magisterial mission on the evolutionary worlds, so I don’t need to tell you about this. However, it needs to be understood that no two magisterial missions are identical, as you can imagine. And, given the particular spiritual conditions of this sphere, being so marred by rebellion, and being further exceptionally blessed with the distinct honor of your Sovereign Christ Michael coming to it in His last bestowal for the acquisition of total sovereignty of His Universe of Nebadon, make my presence and mission on Urantia even more distinct and special.

“That is the reason why I came to this planet, even still in my usual form, not yet as a male of the realm — to help you with Michael’s restoration program, the Correcting Time, and for me to get more closely acquainted with the spiritual condition of your world.

“Several years have passed in your regular calendar since my presence first became known on Urantia when the spiritual circuits started to function again. The most useful event to the Correction Time, besides the re-opening of the spiritual circuits and the arrival of Machiventa Melchizedek, was the crescent online divulgation of the Urantia Papers, which allowed this revelation and the new spirituality that it brings, to expand all over the world, as it is happening even more intensively now. During these years, I have contacted many groups and individuals all over the planet with diverse degrees of success.

“I also have, as part of my acquaintance with your ways, followed your current events, both social and political to weigh their spiritual importance and more precisely, to define my strategies. My staff is not yet complete as this was only an exploratory descent, but rest assured that my full magisterial manifestation is now in its final preparatory stage.

“My child, you have lately received from several sources the information of what was still to be restored about the final improvement of the circuits on Urantia, now finally completed. That is an important mark for my full manifestation, together with the recent cleansing done of the Urantia Borderland, mostly executed by your Progress Group. There still remain some social and political obstacles that are preventing the immediate launch of my full mission, but, do not worry, the Constellation Fathers are already taking care of these details, and be they small or major ones, the time will come when they too will unfailingly align with the celestial plans and my action will then be fully liberated.


“Continue with your work, my child, keep it up, and especially now when the time is approaching and the spiritual conditions are more open. I have been with you for years already, and when the time comes, you, my child, certainly will know about it. Peace from the Magisterial Mission soon to be in full motion on your world.”