2019-02-20-The Human Condition

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Topic: The Human Condition

Group: Unknown


Teacher: Machiventa Melchizedek

TR: Michel Levasseur

Session 1

Machiventa: “Today, my friends, we are going to undertake a short series of messages about the human condition in these present times.

“Many of you notice that the life and conditions under which it is lived, seem to be deteriorating and taking a wrong turn, so to speak.

“Mankind is somehow caught in a kind of grip that prevents you from making real progress.

“Daily stress, sickness, work, family obligations, hobbies, and the pursuit of the false peace that material possessions bring, take up a great deal of your life in the West.

“However, we must not forget that in certain regions of the planet, life is different because there is famine, war, dictatorship, intolerance, poverty, and the stress of surviving on a daily basis, to name a few factors.

“So, my friends, no matter where you live, there are negative factors that affect and condition your lives, keeping you away from Father. Nevertheless, there are rays of light that manage to pierce through these negative, black and dark factors that paralyze you.

“These rays of light are the hope and the key that make it possible to escape from this negative state which prevents you from advancing towards the TRUTH.

“My friends, these rays of light will be more and more present and intense in the near future, and their effects will gradually bring Truth, Beauty and Goodness back to this planet that so badly needs it.

“Know that you are loved, helped and supported by a multitude of celestial beings who are present on Urantia and about which you will be informed very soon.

“This is Machiventa.”

Session 2

Machiventa: “My friends, let us continue our inquiry about the question of the human condition. In the earlier message we touched upon some of the factors that influence life on Urantia. Today we will also address the positive aspects that will affect your future.

“Your Creator Son, Michael of Nebadon, has taken steps that will positively impact the way life will be lived on Urantia by gradually phasing out the yoke currently affecting the entire planet.

“These changes will occur over a longer or shorter period of time that could last up to about 1000 years, leading you to the era of Light and Life.

“However, in the near future, there will be great changes that will improve your living conditions and gradually eliminate the negative factors set in place to prevent you from knowing the Truth.

“This vast plan of your Creator Son intends to completely eliminate all traces of Rebellion and to bring you Divine Light and Love.

“You are not alone, my friends. We are able to see the despair that permeated the planet, but know that the future will significantly improve the human condition because you are loved, everyone without exception.

“This is Machiventa.”