2021-03-04-Reconciling Custom and Tradition


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Topic: Reconciling Custom and Tradition

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Michael

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: Divine parents, we come to you tonight to drink of the cup of your presence, the cup of spirit that we so seek in our experience. We are all hooked on this goodness, on the truth and the beauty that we have seen in our experiences with you, our Divine associates, and it draws us forward. But we would march forth in your direction, continuing to seek you out and to follow where you would lead us in spirit, trusting in your care. Thank you. I would like to go ahead and give vocal expression to the conscious act of opening the doors, building the connections, setting the circuitry in place that we are learning how to do in this process of becoming spiritualized beings. We now choose to approach you with this objective and in so doing we would construct the cathedral, we would access the circuitry and would seek to be of service, to discover the mind of God and to do the will of our Divine Parents. Let it be so, even now. I set a place in the circle, in the circuit for our associates. I would invoke them, their presence among us by name, Machiventa, Michael, Mother Spirit and many other friends we have made on the other side. I even invite, at a place next to each of us in the circle, our Inner Guides and invite them to join us in our desire to be of service and to find God. Let us come together and drink this cup together, even now.


Machiventa: I will accept the place you offer. I would rise and join you in discussion. I am Machiventa and I would address this issue that you bring forward of reconciling custom and tradition amongst your brethren and how it translates in determining what is in effect, the hierarchy of mortal existence. Whenever you have any group of any individuals, there will be a stratified order which comes about based upon many factors which will determine who rises to the top, who has leadership skills and abilities, who is content to work the fields and who have made a self determination of little worth for themselves. This all occurs when the group branches out into their direction, their chosen interests and these pursuits determine where they stand in the relative comparison of the mortals of the realm.

You all have heard of the fact that chickens readily establish what you call a pecking order and each member of the flock finds a place in the hierarchy of the chickens and they are content to stay at their level in the flock, content to play the role that has been assigned and that they have taken in the order of things. The same phenomenon happens with the human race. Whenever there are groups, they will differentiate and have different approaches, different values, different levels of self worth, different degrees of education, different amounts of experience. All of these factors tend to pigeon-hole individuals based upon their accreditation, their accomplishments, their experience, their drive and their willingness to explore and investigate.

This phenomenon occurs even among groups of individuals which are similar in appearance, the differences being minute and yet the distinctions in what you might refer to as class are well evident. Take that same natural phenomenon and introduce different cultures, different races, different life styles and distinctions are far more readily made when the color of skin is different and the structure of the face differs. The attitudes and persuasions of different cultures provide a contrast and they must be sorted out and placed in order for the human concept frame to reconcile their position. So in a way this custom is an animalistic separation based upon skills, abilities and tendencies. When a stark contrast arises as in nations against nations, it is easy to establish order; all these people are the good guys and all those individuals are the bad ones. This gives some sense of order and some sense of regulation to this process of discrimination and judgement.

It is very true that your race of humans has long since reacted on first impression, on assessments made very rapidly of individuals and circumstances and this is how we have so facilitated this process of categorizing your brothers and sisters. You can categorize them in so many different ways and find so many differences, but this is not the approach of the divine. The divine seeks to unify and come together and find the commonness, the connection, the similarities between individuals and the individuals seek to find harmony with the frequency of the divine. This is accomplished by allowing greater expansion of your consciousness about judgement and about classifying anybody or anything, once you learn that individuals are not who they were and cannot be pinned down to any specific traits because they are growing and learning and expanding their consciousness. This is what creates room for expansion, being open minded enough in your assessment, in your judgement of others to seek to look beyond the obvious and glaring traits and find the commonness, the same feelings of searching for spirit and finding it.

This stigma of classification of your fellows has run very deep throughout the mortal experience on this world, even providing justification for ownership of others. This is the danger of classifying people and in essence classifying them into a sub-human category, a category which then allows many to feel as though they do not deserve the same rights or the same circumstances as a real human. This is what must be fought for some time to come. First recognize that this ‘casting' of individuals places them in a position that they may not be in and they may not be able to escape once placed there. They may begin to accept this mortal sentence. This is what is so potentially powerful about empowering individuals and bringing a sense of self worth that they are equal in the eyes of God, they are equal as children of Divine Parents, they suffer no stigmatism to the Lord. This will free them from their bondage, from their captivity that has been imposed and perhaps even accepted.

It may be your privilege then to bring them this good news, to assure them that they have equal footing under our Divine Parents, the same Divine Parents for all of us and that they are in fact, cared for and watched over and provided for as they have needs. It may be your privilege to make this association for them, to illuminate this connection, even to demonstrate your experience of this connection and the effects it has had on your life. But you are right to consider that this system of categorizing everyone as a butcher or a baker or a candlestick maker is one of the great obstacles to human growth and expression. It is one of the challenges to be overcome that you find yourself limited to only what you have been told you are, or what you can do or you can be. These are things which only you may determine and there is no such thing as class when we are all becoming spiritualized beings, all fragments of the same whole.

You have tools to break these cycles and certainly your are learning to wield them as in this session of ‘coming to the gym’ once again. This topic may well serve as a focus for your positive intention investment you regularly make on such occasions. Just a suggestion. It’s an honor to be allowed this platform and to have such dedicated students. I now would allow the floor for others, thank you.

Mark: I would offer that you join me as well in my petition to invite our Inner Guides to a more forward position and provide the latitude necessary at this time for us all to connect to this circuit, that we all might share in this circuitry, even now.


Inner Voice: I am here at your request again. I am this one’s Inner Guide and I recognize your desire to broaden the parameters and make connection with all the participants around the circle of this circuit that we share. This topic of discussion this evening, illuminates a great need. It shines light on a dark corner of the growth of humanity. Mankind has evolved significantly in this arena and now openly discusses inequities and inequality amongst its numbers. These attitudes and mannerisms are now coming under investigation, under scrutiny as to whether they serve the values of current thinking, of current awareness because as you grow spiritually, your center of values shifts. It shifts in frequency more towards perfection, more towards the divine energies and in such shifts wherein you experience joining these frequencies, your capacities are enhanced and your values may be expanded so that your actions, your approaches and your attempts may change as your sense of the divine-ness of your acts changes. More and more your choices will reflect your values as they grow and then your lives reflect your choices and in this way, you literally change and become the higher vibration, the higher frequency you are attempting to access and experience and be a part of.

These thought patterns themselves represent an expanded achieved capacity by each of you who are able to follow the vibration and follow what the divine pattern is before you. These are morontia based concepts and here we are in the gym playing with them. You are discovering your potentials and your capacities and these gatherings are a great means of fellowship with your fellow students. So perhaps this evening, if I might request to harness your contributions, your input that you would offer so freely in service, the feeding the circuitry of peace and love that may be found by those who are in need. Let’s expand the awareness of this circuit to include the realization that as a child of God, there are no classes of individuals. You are part of the family of your Divine Parents, the same as any other. All fragments are cherished and necessary to recreate the whole.

Insert your experience of this awareness into your intention to express. Create a wavelength because you know what it feels like, because you have become aware of it and send out this pulse of freedom from class, from stage, from the mortal manifestation of the material being. All of those assessments, those judgments, those categorizations have been about a vehicle that has been driven around by you, the individual inside. Observations have been made about your vehicle and have placed you in the hierarchy of the human tribe structure. But you are not that vehicle. You are not confined to anything about that vehicle. You are a child of God experiencing the use of this vehicle. That is the message to convey. There is a part of all of you, of each of you that is destined to endure, destined to survive by virtue of the fact that you are a fragment of the whole. You are cherished as such.

This sense of conviction, of survival, of preservation of the essence, that is what is so sought after by your brethren. That is what they need to hear for if you are not certain of these truths, there may be a great amount of insecurity throughout the process, so much so it’s likely to be stifling to the growth of the individual. So you are the bearers of good news to those who are uncertain. You are the example of a spirit knowing individual. You are the example of a mortal becoming spiritualized here and now. So I invite you to dig the groove a little bit deeper, make the connection a little bit stronger, invest your creative energy, of which you are the first source and center and if you so desire, we may coordinate and combine the intentions through our desire to do so and by virtue of the connections we have and can utilize such as we are doing in this very hour.

Be still and know that I am God and I am within you and I will lead us back. Follow Me and we will certainly rejoin our Creators after much grand experince, growth and achievement. It is exciting when one has some inkling of the grandeur of what is to come. We, your Inner Guides, cannot help but be enthralled with the journey, with your journey which is also our journey as we move towards becoming One in this process. It is always good to focus on avenues that may be worked on such as the limitations of a class like system and use your prayers, your intentions and wield your creative abilities to weave your energies into the equation, to illuminate and bring light where there is darkness and to expand the awareness by illuminating the possibilities and potentials. This is our gift of grace from on high, this journey we share in the ultimate reuniting of the parts with the whole.

I pray that there is greater access to these circuits we reference, particularly the circuitry between and among all the faithful guides and all their associates. There is a lot of energy to be utilized in this pursuit and it is wonderful to have an opportunity to focus some of this energy in an act of service. This is another gift of grace, the answer to our collective prayer, to be in service to Michael together. And, we are and we have been and we do at will because we are connected, we are parts of the same whole.

I feel this exercise at the gym has been very fruitful, that we have broken a sweat and created more goodness, more beauty and more truth because we have chosen to do so. We have worked together from both sides of the veil and we have met in spirit and joined in the common pursuit of service. It’s been a pleasure to savor this circuitry, this tone, this vibration, this frequency that we have created and maintain and support. It’s been a pleasure to join you again as we work around our portal, as we each attempt to be light anchors for that which we know of spirit. I assure you, your contributions and your efforts are welcomed on high, for your unique contribution that each one of you can make, that only each one of you can make and I appreciate very much the latitude you have extended Me in this process to take voice, to be allowed and welcomed to take a place in your circuitry, in your circle of spirit. Be in peace and we will meet again because you are devoted and I am as well. We are pioneers together, illuminating the trail ahead. We are the scouting party to go out and blaze the trail and then be able to guide others on the paths we took to arrive at this place of awareness. And this is our gift of divine grace we share. I stand in gratitude for all that we have and look forward to it unfolding before us. Good day to you all, until we meet again, farewell.