2021-07-28-Unspoken Realities via Energy

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Topic: Unspoken Realities via Energy

Group: Zoom Contact Group


Teacher: Daniel, Aaron, Abraham

TR: Simeon



My friends, it is good to be with you tonight in tandem. I am Daniel, here with my associate Aaron and the supportive and encouraging presence of Abraham. We are engaging with you, not just simply through Simeon, but also fine-tuning with each of you, allowing for a more connective circuit. Allow your intention to focalize on one question: How can I do the will of my Father, Mother, Spirit presence more assuredly -- yes, in life each day -- but also in association with the connected presences here gathered? The Midwayers are functioning with you in combination with other associated spirit presences, to the degree of your willingness.

We encourage you to contemplate the unspoken realities that can transfer via energy. While these connections may not result in conscious words at all times, rest assured that you are ministered to on a deeper level than word. The ability to function in today’s world is made more able by your efforts at becoming attuned. We would that all would have this opportunity to rest easy in the presence of God. Allow the excitements and frustrations, the tension-building episodes, and confusing aspects of an ever increasing amount of information coming at you from various directions to gain perspective from this calming presence. You may not always get the verbal answers, but you can find a level of clarity and calm when relaxing in the presence of Spirit.

God is not an isolated reality in a far away place. In some ways, the far-flung ministry of the ascending and descending children of God are the acts of God Him or Herself. As you engage in actively pursuing spiritual reality and providing the ministry, the kindness, the truth, and the witness of another being in service, you are acting as a part of God in those moments. This is a partnership.

Recognize your place and your invitation to be a part of this grand universal process, not simply as a cog in a machine, but also truly welcomed into a loving and supportive family, learning from your siblings, teaching your younger siblings, experiencing the joys and the challenges. The attendant realization of this should allow you to recognize that there is no one thing that you have to do to be worthy, to participate. All of who you are and who we are works together in the eternal and infinite plan of our universal parents.

This is a collective sharing this evening from our collaboration prior to the meeting and we hope you can find some insight in it. At this time we are open to any questions or any thoughts in sharing that you may have as well.


Q1: Daniel, I’m wondering if you might have something to say about a project in which I have been involved and to help paint a clearer picture of the realities I am trying to illustrate? A long time ago there was a group of beings in robes that came to ask me if I was ready to do this. And I said yes. And then they left. Later, these drawings started coming out of my hand and I am under the impression that the drawings are a part of the project. I’m wondering if there is some recognition on your part about what sort of thing this is or perhaps you might have the verbal communication that would help me to interpret the impressions into ever more clearer drawings.

Daniel: Thank you for sharing. The inspirations from spirit, from your adjuster, and other spiritual presences related thereto, are interpreted by you, as humans, in various ways. Not all receive inspiration in words. Whenever one endeavors to create from a place of sincerity, using the tools of truth, beauty and goodness, those efforts are met with an equal measure, or potential, of spiritual insight. Your ability to express grows as you express and experience the results of your endeavors. Contemplate how you have manifested some project or piece of art. The lifetime of willingness you have shown to be receptive to these leadings, utilizing your talents, has brought many things to fruition, but your continued expansion in all of this simply requires your continued willingness to be open. Is there something in particular you would like to envision from this process?

Q1: This process is, as I understand it, a matter of keeping the intent open. When I question how to keep it clear, I was thinking of making the impressions more of a matter of intent from Spirit, free of human intent, or my personal intent.

Daniel: Yes, this is a question for many on how to separate themselves and their human inclinations from their spiritual side so that inspiration can be more free-flowing and pure, and yet we encourage you to not dismiss your human intention, but to recognize it and put it in perspective with your overall desire to be spirit led. This experience you are having now is a human experience and before long you will see what it is like to engage without some of the barriers as you progress forward in your ascension. But as long as your desire is to be more pure and focused and in the presence of God, then what results is worth exploring.

Q2: Daniel, Aaron and Father Abraham, it is so good to hear from all three of you at one time. I wasn’t going to come on tonight because I have been feeling heavy, human, overloaded, all the things you said. So I didn’t want to bring anybody down on this lovely Wednesday call. To hear from the three of you, I am overjoyed, uplifted and ready for a new day. So, thank you, to all three of you.

I am Abraham. My dear, in no small measure did I choose to visit this evening to assure you that your presence is welcome and we prefer you to come and be, rather than to avoid because of some sense of frustration or feeling of low energy. Know that we are working with you and the connections are there. You have the support to rise up from the challenges you and so many other people face. Thank you for your expressions tonight.

Q3: Abraham, thank you for coming, and Daniel and Aaron. I have a service question. Speaking of groups of beings, I have a friend who has those Shadow men following her, the ones with the red eyes and they are seen by, and scaring the grandchildren. I’ve researched about them on the internet, you know how it is, lots of repeat information in circles but nobody has any advice about what to do about it. I want to ask you, not so much who they are or their history but just how do we handle them when we become aware of them? How to make them go away, or destroy them? What can we do when they are haunting us?

I am Aaron. Thank you for your question tonight. The first thing to recognize in your spiritual pursuits, aside from the fact of the presence of God, is that the Universe is friendly. There are no evil beings allowed to enact their purposes on your world aside from those actions that occur in material form by mortals.

With this initial statement, I would encourage the recognition of what can bring one into the loving embrace of the spiritual family of God when one has fears and doubts and questions. There is a force field of goodness in Michael’s Spirit of Truth that one can tap into. Sometimes it may help to envision this force field as a light around you and around your loved ones that prevents the darkness from pervading, knowing that if you ground yourself in the presence of God, no spirit or disembodied soul, nor any other non-physical presence can penetrate this citadel of strength and power. My encouragement would be to encourage your loved ones and friends to envision, with you or on their own, the light and love of God surrounding them and protecting them. This can have influences physically, mentally and spiritually. I hope this answers you to some degree.

Q3: Yes, as you say that, I remember that there was one comment on all of that material online I tried to read, where they had said something like thinking good thoughts and being happy made it go away. Essentially, that is what you are saying in using the power of light and love.

Aaron: And sometimes people need an image to be able to return to when they become afraid or uncertain, so having some image of what you do want, to replace what you don’t want, which allows for the positive presence to feel more real in the moment.

Q4: In my cross-over experience, I noted that there was a very personal and in depth connection, consciously, with my host on the other side and I suppose my soul, or whatever I became. So, what say you about appreciating the conscious telepathic connection between spirit host and mortal, or quasi-mortal? I’m directing this question in regard to the impressions of the Shadow people.

Aaron: While I can’t speak specifically to a particular group such as this, what I can say is, again, how people perceive the presences around them is not always based in the actuality of what is occurring. Therefore, one could be sensing a presence of goodness and finding it fearful if they didn’t recognize it for what it was. And yet, your connection spiritually can be at a deep and soulful level, such as you have experienced with your spiritual connections at times. Another person might react differently to something that occurs, whether real or imagined.

Q4: So, it couldn’t hurt to consciously address the shadow people in full awareness because in doing so, they would recognize the actual benign presence behind the shadow impression?

Aaron: Potentially. The imagery of recognizing the Spirit presence around you such as the Spirit of Truth and the presence of the light of God serves to build a bridge, in some ways, to explore without fear, to know that you are held safely in the presence of God so that one could explore what is occurring from a different perspective.

Q5: When we address you with our questions or comments, are you hearing just what we say or is our unspoken intent obvious to you as well?

Aaron: This is a good question, for we are not mind readers. We are not allowed to analyze your emotions and thoughts as we hear your questions. We generally react from what is expressed, although at times we do have some sense of your emotional state or feelings based upon the connective presences involved, as well. But mostly we hear your expression and respond based on the moment and based on other interactions that occur throughout your days, as we are invited to participate.

Q5: So, if you need to know more about, say the spirit of our enquiries, is it protocol that you might ask us? Well, I guess you do when you ask if there are any further question?

Aaron: Yes, we do ask for clarification at times because of our inability to know exactly what the intention is.

I am Daniel again. Are there any last thoughts or questions?

Q6: Yes. How is it going? The Michael-Machiventa-Abraham plan… how is it going?

Daniel: Thank you for the broad stroke. We are excited as participants in the plan on this side, privy to the various measures underway. Of course we cannot speak to everything, but know that while there are true difficulties on your world at this time, environmentally and spiritually and in relationships amongst humans of various tribes, there is what we would see as a groundswell beginning that is asking the questions that can generally find answers such as, “Why am I here? Will I survive? Is there Anybody out there?” As people ask these questions it means they are seeking whether they consider themselves spiritual or not.

Scientists are striving for answers to many questions and even if they think they are a material child of the earth, we see them as children of God nevertheless, and work with them in their truest intention to be of service and to help provide solutions and answers to the various difficulties. Yes, people are listening and asking and that combination generally leads to a greater level of spiritual awareness in the long term. Perhaps we will see a renaissance in the near future of creative and scientific and spiritual ideas exploding upon the scene.

Q6: Yay! I vote yes!

Daniel: I knew you would.

Q7: Could you comment on the nature of the groundswell that is occurring amongst the UFO community and their interest in making contact with spirit beings?

Daniel: Young children, as they make friends, have a practice that is called parallel play. Various communities of seekers could be seen similarly to be involved in parallel play, such that in one circle I could be called Daniel, in another Maitreya, in another some alien from another planet, but nevertheless the communications have a thread of truth to the degree that they are seeking answers. Therefore, I encourage you to consider these groups of seeking people as participating in a journey that’s a similar direction even if how they perceive they are receiving that direction is different.

There is one plan of Michael for our universe, and all of us are working toward that plan and as we reach out to you, it will be interpreted in various ways.

Q8: You may have answered my question right there. Abraham was in the Bible and if I tell someone I talked to Abraham, because I am in what they perceive as a cult, suddenly I am seen as evil because the Bible says I am not supposed to ever talk to any invisible people or use fortune tellers or Ouija boards and all that. It seems just crazy to me. But, if I say that all things are working in the plan of God, that’s what you called a broad stroke, then it’s okay that we talk to Abraham.

Daniel: I have complete faith that you will know how to talk with your family in a way that is nonthreatening if you apply yourself from a spiritual perspective.


Q8: Well, you know it’s been 20 years in the Teaching Mission and I’m still not welcome in my hometown. So no, I’m not sure that’s going to happen until the Mansion Worlds. I can wait until then and say “See, I told you so.” (Laughter) Oh, the petty human heart! But thank you and for all you have done for us.

Daniel: Very few would bristle at the thought of the light and love of God surrounding them. Thank you my friends for the inquiries this evening, going in directions we both anticipated and did not anticipate. This is what communication is about. We thank you for your explorations in this regard. We are finished.