2021-09-16-Circuitry and Its Potency

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Topic: Circuitry and Its Potency

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Machiventa,Inner Voice, Jonathan

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: Divine Parents and divine messengers and spirit friends, we approach you at this time. We would attempt to find and join your frequency which we are ever seeking in our process.


Machiventa: I greet you once again at your invitation to join the forum. I am Machiventa Melchizedek and I would take this opportunity to discourse with you a little about this notion of circuitry and its potency. For some time now we have been spending some focus on the various circuits that we have been able to define. These energy fields, once they are connected to and joined with, they become a dimension of the whole, that is, they are now connected to all the other dimensions of the whole who choose to join in the energy field and choose to participate in the frequency.

Joining forces with circuits and perhaps even creating some of your own is definitely how you leverage some of your potential. When joining in common pursuit of spirit, of service, of gratitude, of love, when joining together in pursuit of such noble goals there is a great pooling together of the individual components. By joining of circuits, you may alter it to accommodate your contribution, you may flavor the mix, you may add harmony to the tone, you may bring a certain sense that you can offer to the circuit as well as your ability to tap the circuit, to receive from the circuit and therein you multiply your resources. You have support from these configurations and when you join together you are as links in the chain and your contribution is vital. This is where your creative expression as a spirit born being takes you to new heights, new dimensions, with new proportions, new boundaries and new expectations. Connecting with energy fields allows you to enjoy both the ability to contribute as is your desire to be of service as well as your ability to take advantage of the flow of love as you may have need of it as well.

You have all discerned for yourself the power of combined focus and intention and that is because your thoughts, when focused, your intentions, when focused are creative elements and it is your pleasure and your privilege in this life to express your awareness, to express your capacity to be aware of your embrace of your Divine Parents and of your subsequent birthright. We have indeed created a number of circuits throughout our experience, a number of energy fields which become living and viable because we have chosen to make it so; we have chosen to activate our intentions and to activate the principles before us which result in the manifestation of these intentions. So it is even now, even this moment. We all ride the current, we all feel the connection of circuitry and that we are not only connected, we are joined and now we may experience the magnitude of the whole as simply the part that we are.

I wanted to follow up on the notion of how potent this coming together is because these things are not tangible in any physical sense. It’s hard to tell if your efforts may be fruitful but I assure you that all contributions made in faith, made in service and made as a gift to your Divine Parents, all such acts are sacred, are treasured and are fostered and assisted in their effort to manifest. Therefore, focus your intentions boldly with the faith and confidence that yes, in fact your efforts are fruitful, your desire to transfer the energy signature of love is well received and is welcome always. It is unimportant in what form or at what time or under what circumstance, the only important factor is the connection, the reinforcement of the bond and the revisiting of the connection.

There has been great progress in this exercise we have been engaged in and it is encouraging to see your dedication to following where any new direction may go and in fact, we are creating the direction as we go as even now we are forming the pattern. Our desire to make it so and our faith allows it to manifest and this is the building and maintaining of the circuitry that is referred to, the effort required to connect because you so choose and you will so devote your energy and then the embracing of having connected and then being able to share and being able to feel more than you were able to before.

It’s always a pleasure to stroll up to the blackboard for another illustration. I enjoy the opportunity you provide immensely. I now relinquish the platform for another. A good journey before you, may you enjoy the most, the deepest, the grandest journey you can imagine. Good day to you all.

Inner Voice: I am grateful to my companion for allowing such use of the material voice as is required to manifest this connection. Certainly I recognize that these connections may seem tenuous or even nonexistent at these times as you attempt to feel them, explore these dimensions and travel on their frequency. Each time we come together for this purpose we rejoin the circuit and recreate the energy field that has been created and is more and more familiar to us as we return to this wavelength. The more we join here at this place and contribute our energy signatures to the field of energy, the more we share in the process of spirit growth, the more we are able to combine forces and join each other in this onward pursuit.

Indeed, once a number of connections are made they turn into a network, they turn into a field of energy themselves and this ability to combine and direct and employ and focus brings many elements together and offers you many potential resources by virtue of the connections, by virtue that you already have a connection. This is what we build even now. We come together again to re-familiarize ourself to breathe in the tones, the frequencies and to sense with that aspect of our being that is spirit and to dwell on this frequency together. Typically there is a desire to serve and to direct your energies when they are brought together and let us employ this circuit we have created, this energy field to direct the loving energy we would project, the loving energy we would expect of the divine for the desire for the upliftment of Mother Spirit, of Mother Earth as the presence of the Mother Spirit. This focus of light and love, of peace and grace bestowed is shining as the sun onto the physical manifestation as well as the spirit presence of the Mother Spirit. May these be nourished by our projections of love, our desire to serve, to bring love and project it, offer it, give it in service and direct it to this Mother presence, to even the material entity.

So let us charge the circuit, let’s focus the intention and let this be our gift of service and the answer to our prayer to serve. Thank you for the devotion of your intention and for your faith that brings you here. You must rest in faith that your efforts are indeed a gift of grace you return to your Divine Parents, an offer of grace all the way to the top. It’s a pleasure to join with you in such a process, such an opportunity, such a gift of grace for all. I believe we have once again spent valuable time experiencing the flavor of the circuit and experiencing the attributes of the frequency and creating the very manifestation of that which we are attempting to define. I now take my leave and move to a more recessive position but anytime, anywhere, we may revisit each other here on this frequency, on this channel that we have created and we have become familiar with. We will meet again here, until then make every attempt to enjoy the ride, good day.

Jonathan: Hey guys, I’d like to say hi, I’m Jonathan here to connect with you again. It’s been a while since I’ve accessed this forum but I like to check in every once in a while and perhaps throw in a word edgewise. I’m interested to note the current discussion around circuitry and finding it, building it, creating it, making it and I am struck by how this same thread has been present throughout the entirety of this experiment referred to as the Teaching Mission. We have been engaged in this process throughout of attempting to tease out different circuits that we are connected to, different connections that we can make and the different frequencies that we can tune into as you are trying to bring all of this into some matrix of understanding.

This idea of making more and more connections, bringing you more and more depth to your dimensions, the building of a matrix if you will, the combining of different connections to bring strength and stability, this process is what we are undergoing as mortals of the realm, figuring out about connections, how to connect, how to create the pathways to make connections and to build these networks of connection. I’ll tell you that it only gets more interesting after you come to the other side of the veil. Once you become familiar with connecting to different frequencies, different channels, you then become a spirit being and realize that your connections may be rather unlimited, that the ability to make such networks of connections is unlimited by virtue of the fact that it is virtually effortless, when in the context of spirit, to manifest these connections, to simply choose to do so and do it without regard to having to sense it or feel it or understand it or even be aware of it.

When in spirit context, all of those factors are overridden by the sense of awareness of spirit receptivity. This is an entirely new approach to be considered which you are thrust into and you will discover for yourself how interesting the dynamic is. Meanwhile, you are deep in the middle of your own interesting dynamic, your own coming to terms with your spirit component and its attributes, its abilities and its properties and we are building even now the connections, the bonds of spirit that may endure eternally just as you may endure forever in spirit.


It’s nice to meet you on one of these channels, on one of these circuits that we have established, we, you and I and many others. We developed this channel, we devised this mode, we created this avenue of approach and so I enjoy greatly joining you here once again and sharing this accomplishment of connection with you. I’m sure I join you in thanking our Divine Parents for such gifts of grace as we have embraced so far and the ones we will receive moving forward. My love to you all and that, in and of itself is a connection, is a circuit, a shared circuit of love and I appreciate that you join me here. I am in gratitude for our association and I look forward to sharing the journey as now we may do so in spirit. Now we may do so because we both know how, we can meet here again, we can share again here in this place as we have before and as we will again. This represents the power of our choice and our faith in choosing. I leave you with great gratitude for this association as I have said, this combination, this circuit, this field of energy that we have contributed to and are now a part of, an aspect of, this that we have created, this whole between us and among us. Until next time that I budge my way in, enjoy the ride as was said and we’ll meet again later, farewell.