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Topic: On Forgiveness

Group: Unknown


Teacher: Amanson

TR: Mark Turnbull



Tonight we speak, at your request (and it’s a good one) on Forgiveness. Forgiveness is the stretching of the fabric to beyond what appears to be its initial parameters. It stretches the parameters to include all of the elements that have conspired to make the fabric. Forgiveness begins in the heart, travels up through the mind and out into the corridors of the imagination.

Forgiveness is the root of all living relationships; for there will always be bumps, there will always be contrasts if not to say conflicts, there will always be differing points of view that, mankind being what mankind is, will take on extreme enthusiasms to the point of hurt, to the point of personal offense. And whereas these episodes may be unpleasant, one might thank one’s lucky stars that such episodes have transpired, for they demand the interior growth of Forgiveness. When one can forgive, one has taken a step further into the terrain of cosmic mobility, the realm of true forgetting of enforced structures, and replacing them with the Oneness of which we have spoken, that embraces us all.

Forgiveness is a recognition that the playing field is uneven but only in the mind’s eye.

Forgiveness assures the forgiver that all can be made well because all at one time was well.

Forgiveness reassures the forgiven that a fellow human being can reach the correct conclusion.

These acts that seem to demand Forgiveness are always relative to the one who needs to forgive, who has the opportunity, the golden opportunity, to forgive. But it is not a theory, “it ain’t book larnin”, it is the lancing of a mental boil that allows the forgiver to breathe freely once again; and whether the forgiven knows it or not, he or she will benefit by the easing of tension that happens automatically in the vibrational realm.

Forgiveness has to do with the story that is being played out, with a story that is being played out; the dramatis personae in relationship that goes awry. Some error is truly egregious. Some error seems unforgivable but no error is unforgivable when seen from the heights of Wisdom. The arena in which such escapades play out is a partial one, so the truth of the matter is the unforgivable is ultimately forgivable. The hard part – again, ultimately – is he or she who has done the egregious act, the apparently unforgivable act, will have to forgive themselves. And indeed Forgiveness, a true forgiving approach to life and its elements, begins with forgiveness of one’s self, understanding one’s self and the errors that we ourselves make. When we can learn to forgive ourselves and to move on - to learn the lesson and to move on - then we can turn this wisdom outward and apply it to those with whom we come in contact, those with whom we have altercations.

And then there is the non-personal, the larger scene, the social scene, the reprehensible acts in society at large. These too must be considered in the light of Forgiveness. Not necessarily the act but the actor. The act itself must be dealt with on many levels - the mental, the psychological, justice, social justice, bringing equity into alignment. But those who are provoking the inequity must ultimately be forgiven for Forgiveness is the body of God. Forgiveness is the very stuff… it is the reflection of Love. It is Love in its working clothes. It is Love in action. Mercy is the main ingredient - the kernel within Forgiveness - and Love is its very foundation. And without Love there is no justice, there is no equity, there is no will of God.

So, in this world with its many tossings and turnings, many belief systems, many mind sets, all its rampant fears which play out, which act out in the most devastating ways, be thankful that you have these opportunities to learn Forgiveness. This is not to be malleable, overly pliant, passive. It is not that at all. Appropriate action must be taken for the good of the whole. That is society. But society is a shell, a construct whose heart, whose beating heart, whose entire underpinning must be Forgiveness, otherwise you have no society. Or will soon not have a society. Be vigilant. Be aware. Be calculating if you must. But be merciful. And just as you would hope it would be applied to you, so [may] you graciously apply Forgiveness.