A Study of the Master Universe

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Studies in the Cosmology of The Urantia Book, by William S. Sadler, Jr.

Author's Introduction

Chapter 1: The Creative Thesis of Perfection: The Finite Story

Chapter 2: The Evolutionary Antithesis

Chapter 3: First Synthesis: God the Supreme

Chapter 4: Nuclear and Cytoplasmic Universes

Chapter 5: The Transformation of Synthesis

Chapter 6: The Second Creative Thesis

Chapter 7: The Second Antithesis

Chapter 8: Master Universe Magnitudes

Chapter 9: The Second Synthesis: God the Ultimate

Chapter 10: The Final Creative Thesis

Chapter 11: Beginning of the Final Antithesis

Chapter 12: The Impossible Synthesis

Chapter 13: Conclusions

Chapter 14: First Epilogue: The Final Universe Age

Chapter 15: Second Epilogue: The Depths of the Final Age

Chapter 16: Third Epilogue: After the Ending of Endings

Appendices to the Study