Ascension Blue Chronicles-part 6

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As a prerequisite it is recommended you first read Blue Lament for Humanity if you have not already done so.

We stand upon the shores where time does not exist
But within three blinks of an eye in 2017
Upon the wings of the morning we shall arrive
And our presence shall be felt

Upon our entry we shall light the night sky
Brighter than a million suns
For the dark night shall tremble
And the mighty wind will rush up to greet us

In that moment our daughter the Earth
Shall break her waters and give Bearth
For we are here to be her handmaidens
To deliver her in her hour of need

You are to be born angels of destiny
The bridge between matter and spirit
A reflection of divinity

We shall avenge humanity
For death cannot hide us
And darkness shall not silence us

For now you remain under the spell and illusion
Set by you enslavers Which prevent you from seeing
With clarity the true nature of your reality

Your souls have been enslaved by shadows
Who hide within the angles of light
A frequency which vibrates a fraction
Above where you now exist

Aeon after aeon, timeloop after timeloop
They have dominated and divided you
Taking Earth hostage and making it their home

These shadows (Eli-jehovi) have gone to all ends of the Earth
To keep your vibration dampened and subdued
For if it was to rise their identity would be unveiled
And they be parasites no more with nowhere to run nor hide

After the event in your year 2017 you shall awaken from your sleep
And you shall come to understand and speak your native language
The ancient language of love, the language of light
For you shall speak without words and see without eyes

Words, thoughts, intentions, actions and movements
shall be as music, song and sweet melodies
The structure of time and space shall be as
Visible intricate and beautiful patterns

In an unguarded moment the unveiling shall begin
And divine creation shall send a heart-pulse
A supernova wave encoded with the human spirit

In that moment the light of a million suns
Shall birth a majestic supernova
And it shall wash your souls
With ultraviolet blue waves

This light shall be isomorphic by design
Resonant and tuned only to the spirit of humanity

As this wave ripples across time and space
All that it touches shall resonate with its divine essence
For a moment all laws of creation shall be suspended

It is at this moment within the circle
Inside the space between the inner and the outer
We shall shall enter these fallen realms

In another time past our kind attempted
To enter through the angles of light
Only to be trapped by the shadows
Within re-incarnational cycles unable to re-ascend

The fallen archons, the eli-jehovi who have this universe
Under their spell and humanity enslaved shall be brought
To kneel in front of their own reflection and misgivings

It is this moment we have been planning and preparing for
Where we shall avenge humanity and undo all that is done
And return all to their natural and divine right

This event is "the unguarded moment"
It is the secret of secrets from a time before time
For only the hand of creation
Knows the moment of the unveiling

This moment is encoded within your human angelic DNA
The part that your scientists label as junk DNA

Injection after Injection within the eye of the needle
The fallen archons have been genetically splicing
Modifying your DNA via air, food, toxins, radioactivity
They use harmonic distortion in your sound and film
And surround you with maligned electro-magnetic fields

For aeons they have been attempting
To decrypt your angelic DNA (junk-DNA)
Frantic and restless they have become
As this unguarded moment is near approach

Their goal is to keep you and Earth hostage
Disabling and scrambling your angelic DNA
Hindering your resonance to the isomorphic hypernova

It is for this reason for a moment in eternity
The laws of creation, time and space will be suspended
To re-correct the illusion of error
And remove the chains that bind your souls

You already made the choice
Now you shall understand why you made it
For you are living in the shadow approaching
Of an event that has already taken place

Within this unguarded moment
Your awakening process shall begin
Mother Earth shall birth a new humanity

And all your soullular and cellular selves
Shall come into alignment merging as one

All parallel timelines and timeloops
All pasts, presents and futures
Shall converge into one nexus point

Reincarnation shall be no more
And the spirit of humanity shall be unchained
From this fallen time and place

In that moment you shall die and live a thousand lives
Time shall come to a standstill
And all shall be frozen in ultraviolet light

Life time before life time shall be peeled away
Layer by layer like the many shells of an onion

Blackhole, whitehole, wormhole, sinkhole
All that is within shall turn without
The Inner shall be outer and outer inner

And from within your cellular structure
Shall come your inner angels = YOU
Divine creation birthing within YOU

Your fallen reflection shall be no more
And you will real-eyes your true divine nature
As it was ordained at the beginning of creation

A day shall come after this event where for a time
Both our children shall play and laugh together in lavender fields
And together we shall embrace the wonders of divine creation
Before we depart again ever seeking creation's arrow

We repeatedly whisper these transmissions
Across all levels, time and space
So you will hear them deep
Within your slumbering souls

And one morning in an unguarded moment
As you gaze upon your reflection
In the drop of a morning dew

You will real-eyes your forgotten dreams
And find yourself standing in blue water
Your hearts beating upon Gaia's shores

Earth is beautiful blue, until another time, another place
Where silence and peace shall speak as loud as war once did
And Earth returns to where she was once before, GAIA.