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Buoyancy (pronounced /ˈbɔɪ.ənsi/) is the upward force, caused by fluid pressure, that keeps things afloat. The net upward buoyancy force is equal to the magnitude of the weight of fluid displaced by the body. This force enables the object to float or at least seem lighter.[1]


  • 1 a : the tendency of a body to float or to rise when submerged in a fluid
b : the power of a fluid to exert an upward force on a body placed in it; also : the upward force exerted
  • 2 : the ability to recover quickly from depression or discouragement : resilience
  • 3 : the property of maintaining a satisfactorily high level (as of prices or economic activity)

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This Spirit has a buoyancy that will lift you progressively higher. Envelop this light. Wrap yourselves around the love. Identify completely and in time you will be all that is this Divine Presence.[2]