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The Daynal Institute Press is one service project of the Daynal Institute whose work is to foster exploration of the spiritual counterpart of advancing material knowledge and temporal wisdom. As such, the scope of the Press could include work in any subject area but will focus upon areas germane to cultural formation especially those considered part of the Humanities and Social Sciences. However, as the role of technology is of central importance to the tools we use to extend the dialogue in any field of inquiry, the Formal and Natural Sciences are essential to realizing the goal of exploring the full range of facts, meanings, and values implicit in the perennial question of “who are we” to have taken upon ourselves the name- homo sapiens or the wise and knowing one.

Otherwise, the Press is a web-integrated endeavor embracing the Internet as the primary distribution network and Open Source applications as the most effective tools for creative collaboration. Consequently, while the Press makes provision for the physical production and distribution of discrete media products in various text, audio, or video formats for purchase through resellers, these resources may likewise be found freely available in the Nordan Corpora. This corpora is a single body of work one of whose merits is its digital integration with all work featured on the World Wide Web which is seen as a local extension of the circuitry that is our shared endowment of cosmic mind.