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#REDIRECT [[Epochal]]
Depending on context, '''epoch''' can refer to:
==Period of time==
* a distinctive [[historical]] period or era
* a [[unit]] of the [[Geologic Timescale|geologic timescale]], less than a period and greater than an age
* a [[phase]] in the [http://institute.daynal.org/archives/extended_reference/cosmology/tufts.html development of the universe] with distinctive properties
==Moment in time==
An '''Epoch''' signifies a significant [[event]], [[time]], or [[moment]] which is chosen as a new [[origin]] for time [[measurements]], usually as the delimiting factor of an [[Milieu|era]]:
* [[References]] to such may include Epochal date, Epochal [[event]], Epochal [[moment]]
* epoch (astronomy, and Epochal moment regard a precise moment in time for which [[celestial]] coordinates or [[orbital]] elements are specified.
===Time benchmark in Computing===
* a step in the [[training]] [[process]] of an [[artificial]] [[neural network]].
* Unix epoch]
===See also===
*'''''[http://nordan.daynal.org/wiki/index.php?title=Paper_76#76:6._SURVIVAL_OF_ADAM_AND_EVE Dispensational Adjudication]'''''
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[[Category: General Reference]]

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