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The Friends of the Daynal Institute comprise a network of individuals who recognize the curriculum of divine love in its countless forms and methods of delivery. Their purpose is to surmount the great challenge of our time by fostering a culture of union without regard for particular religions or 'revelations'.

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Who Are the Friends?

  • Generally

Any whose personal religion is love and therefore encompasses all that is true, beautiful, and good, and see these attributes in all human endeavors as well. Who view such beauty in all things such as art, music, literature, and science; who understand truth is revealed in many different ways; that truth is a reality known not only as a divine attribute but human as well. Who manifest a future religion now that combines all of the human with the divine.[1]

  • Specifically

Those willing to explore a) the spiritual counterpart of advancing material knowledge [2], b) the vast body of essential spiritual knowledge indispensable to high spiritual attainment that cannot be consciously received [3], and c) who are willing to serve as material complement of spiritual personalities entrusted with the enactment of some cosmic achievement essential to the spiritual economy of the planet.[4]



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