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  • 1. The action of guiding; guiding or directing agency; leadership, direction.
a. with reference to a journey or movement. (b) spec. in Astronautics.
b. with reference to conduct or procedure.
c. With reference to problems and advice relating to education, marriage, careers, etc.
  • 2. quasi-concr. Something which guides or leads.

For lessons on the topic of Guidance, follow this link.


  • Guide F. guide-r (recorded from 14th c.), an altered form (influenced by Pr. guidar or It. guidare) of the older guier, whence Guy OF. guie-r (superseded in later Fr. by guider: see GUIDE) = Pr., Sp., It. guiar, It. guidare; prob. of Teut. origin, from some form of the root of Goth. and OE. witan to know (e.g. WIT v.); cf. Goth. fairweitjan to spy. WIT- Goth. witan, wait, waist, witum, wissa: f. OTeut. wait-, wt-:Indo-Eur. woid-, weid-, wid- to see (? origin to find), also found in OE. adj. wis (see WIS n.), WISE n.1, WISE a., WITE. WISE n.1 - OE. wíse wk. fem. (rarely wís str. fem.) manner, mode, condition, thing, affair, cause, reason, (occas.) song = OFris. wîs, OS. wîsa wk. and str. (MLG. wîse, wîs, MDu. wîze, wijs, Du. wijze), OHG. wîsa, and wîs manner, custom, tune (MHG. wîse, G. weise), ON. vísa wk. fem. stanza, *vís manner in öruvís otherwise (Sw. visa, Da. vise song; also Sw., Da. vis way, manner):OTeut. *wsn-, *ws: f. wit- WIT v.1 (for the sense cf. the cognate Gr. form, shape, kind, state of things, course of action).

Chronologic Sample

  • 1590 SPENSER F.Q. III. iv. 6 So forth she rode..Following the guydance of her blinded guest.
  • 1788 GIBBON Decl. & F. I. (1846) V. 17 They steered by the guidance of the stars.
  • 1835 URE Philos. Manuf. 219 Mounting the heckles, and carrying them along the chainway by the guidance of parallel bars.
  • 1860 TYNDALL Glac. I. xi. 74 We trusted to our own muscles to make good any mistake in the way of guidance. *1870 BRYANT Iliad I. VI. 199 At Lycia he arrived Under the favoring guidance of the gods.


A guidance system is a device or group of devices used to navigate a ship, aircraft, missile, rocket, satellite, or other craft. Typically, this refers to a system that navigates without direct or continuous human control. Systems that are intended to have a high degree of human interaction are usually referred to as a navigation system.[1]