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  • 1. a. The action of interpreting or explaining; explanation, exposition. by interpretation, inferentially; = INTERPRETATIVELY. Interpretation of Nature, a phrase used by Bacon to denote the discovery of natural laws by means of induction.
b. The faculty or power of interpreting. Obs.
c. The technique of obtaining information from a photograph, esp. an aerial photograph. Cf. INTERPRET v. 1d.

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  • 2. a. An explanation given; a way of interpreting or explaining; a comment, a commentary (obs.).
b. Construction put upon actions, purposes, etc.
c. The representation of a part in a drama, or the rendering of a musical composition, according to one's conception of the author's idea.
  • 3. The way in which a thing ought to be interpreted; proper explanation; hence, Signification, meaning.
  • 4. The action of translating; a translation or rendering of a book, word, etc. Obs.
  • 5. attrib.: interpretation clause, a clause in an Act of Parliament which defines the meaning of certain terms for the purposes of the Act.

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