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The Nordan Symposia is inspired by the capacity demonstrated by persons in every time and place when they serve as host to that unique wonder leading all to examine more deeply what it means to live as a human being. While such questions, along with any ensuing dialogue, may become enshrined in the celebrated literature of any civilization acting then as inspiration to further study, too often these can be found serving illusions of power wearing but 'authoritative' answers more than representing genuine authority that illumines the need for deeper inquiry.

To mitigate this tendency implicit in cultural formation, the Nordan Symposia eschews presumptions upon authority even as its participants seek to identify, incorporate, and integrate what are found to be the most helpful resources freely available throughout this world that is slowly becoming a real cosmopolis. Through such means as this Open Source platform, it is hoped that the common threads of inquiry woven through every field of human endeavor might become more vivid and seen as they are in truth, meaningfully related to the enduring question of "who are we" to have taken upon ourselves the name - homo sapiens- the wise and knowing one?

One result of this discovery process is the work entitled the Nordan Corpora that is comprised of a Primary and Secondary Corpus emerging from ongoing editorial work conducted in The Daynal Scriptorium. The Scriptorium is a workspace serving as a virtual counterpart to the dialogue transpiring beyond any observable range as well as the familiar methods of everyday 'matter of fact'.

While the Primary Corpus contains work attributed to divine sources alongside the Secondary Corpus featuring work of human origin, finite distinctions between the human and divine can be somewhat arbitrary given the limited experience with the divine living within humanity and the human dwelling within the Source of all that is divine. Indeed, it is the expanding consciousness of the evolving and indivisible union of humanity and divinity that is the primary objective of this endeavor knowing that as we engage in sincere and sustained inquiry, an expanded revelation of truth unfolds. From such dialogue, varied bodies of work emerge that may become part of one or both the Primary and Secondary Corpora.

Welcome as we learn the greatest of lessons
working together!

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