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post-classical Latin manifestation-, manifestatio (Vetus Latina) < classical Latin manifestt-, past participial stem of manifestre MANIFEST v. + -i -ION suffix1. Compare Old French, Middle French, French manifestation revelation (c1200; a1630 in sense 2; 1867 in sense 1d, after earlier manifestant MANIFESTANT n.), Spanish manifestación (1495), Italian manifestazione (1569; a1872 in sense 1d

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  • 1. a. The action of making manifest; exposition, explanation (obs.); the fact of being manifested; the demonstration, revelation, or display of the existence, presence, qualities, or nature of some person or thing.
b. An instance of making manifest; (also more or less concr.) the particular form in which someone or something is manifested; (also) that by which something is manifested.
c. Christian Church. The action of making known to another the state of one's conscience. rare.
d. = Demonstration n. 7.
  • 2. Spanish Law. A process by which an accused person might be protected from the animosity and precipitate action of judges and removed to a special prison out of their reach. Also: the prison provided for this purpose. Obs. rare.
  • 3. A public act on the part of a government intended as a display of its power and determination to enforce some demand. Obs. rare.
  • 4. Spiritualism. A phenomenon or collection of phenomena by which the presence of a spirit is supposed to be rendered perceptible. Freq. in pl.

Other Uses

Manifestation may refer as well to the following: