• 1. a. The fact, process, condition, or quality of persevering; constant persistence in a course of action or purpose; steadfast pursuit of an aim, esp. in the face of difficulty or obstacles; assiduity.
b. Of a person: continued or prolonged life. good perseverance: long life. Obs.
c. Of a thing: the quality or state of enduring; continuation; long-lastingness. Also (quot. a1500): stability.
d. Preservation, keeping. Obs. rare.
  • 2. The action or fact of continuing or remaining in a state of grace, virtue, or religious fidelity; (Theol.) continuance in a state of grace until death. In early use freq. in blessings.
  • 3. Constancy, fidelity, esp. in love. Also personified. Obs.

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