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1. a. Of, relating to practice or action, as opposed to speculation or theory. Freq. designating that area of a particular subject or discipline in which ideas or theories are tested or applied in practice.
b. Available or applicable in practice; suitable for a particular purpose; functional; (of an idea, plan, or method) likely to succeed or be effective in real circumstances; feasible.
c. Electr. Designating certain units (the ampere, volt, ohm, watt, coulomb, and farad) used for practical measurements, as contrasted with the absolute units of the cgs system. They are now part of the International System of Units, and are less frequently designated by this name.
d. Theatre and Film. Of props or scenery: operable, functional, real, as opposed to purely decorative or sham. Cf. PRACTICABLE adj. 2b.
2. a. Actually engaged in the practice of some occupation; practising, working.
b. Actively engaged in; active, busy. Obs.
c. Practised, experienced, versedin. Obs.
3. Of a person: inclined to or concerned with action as opposed to speculation; having knowledge or skills derived from practice rather than theory; (hence) sensible, realistic, and capable in dealing with situations.
4. That is such in practice or conduct (as distinguished from belief or theory); that is such in effect, though not nominally or professedly so; so nearly the case that it can be regarded as so; virtual.
  • II. Having to do with trickery.
5. That practises art or craft; crafty, scheming, artful. Cf. PRACTIC adj. 3, PRACTICE n. 5 , PRACTICE n. 8.Obs.