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Topic: Sharing

Group: At Large


Teacher: Tomas

TR: Tiahuan



Good morning my friend, this you know is Tomas.


I have seen and enjoyed observing your interaction, exchange with your friends, your family as you touch the periphery of sharing the nature of this contact. Yes, you would be injured to discover that others might use it as a pretext to convert you, to seek to enlist you in their own discipline. How so readily do we share that which is peripheral, superficial, the outward form that is so easily managed by mortals and while these may and do offer assistance in many ways, again and again, it is worth remembering, the riverbed is not the river. The water of life welling from within you, flowing into a great river that is our combined efforts, indeed the source of the evolving Supreme who gathers and collects and builds upon each child's efforts to open themselves, liberating that spirit within, allowing, inviting this divine light to wear the clothing of your human personality. How easy it is to share the seen, the concrete expressions whether your writing, your books, your buildings, your leaders, so called.

Who leads you? Is it not our Father within you and is it not his presence that is sought in your sharing? How so quickly the mortal mind becomes activated not by your spiritual nature, but your animal nature, how so quickly this raises its walls, its defense to guard that which it has found to be so precious. That which is most precious, that which you are in truth and in spirit is indestructible, it is that which grows in every encounter, that which is multiplied in each exchange, and while the human heart may experience a retreat, suffer a loss in and through these as well, even especially these moments of disappointment, your spirit moves, our Father is stimulated, his fragment within you discovers new ground in your heart unearthed by this experience.

Do not neglect the truth, this truth our Father is revealing in and through each of your fellows. There is no boundary to his presence, there is no one he does not know and adore with a divine affection; learn to listen, learn to trust his Supremacy, and as you listen to your fellows, you draw them closer to yourself, you invite their own self-revelation, you invite them to share their heart uncovering the treasure they hold. It is in this moment when trust has been extended, the opportunities are multiplied, and if in this tenderness, another might seek to inject their judgement, implied or explicitly stated, be quick to forgive, learn to allow that space to show mercy, and invite yourself and your friends into that sublime experience of love's compassion, its mercy.

Let your borders be porous. You are free now from assault; no real harm can come to you in truth. Even in the context of spiritual rebellion your choice is assured and guarded by the wisdom of the Gods of a greater universe who are always seeking to offer mercy. As you proceed in this path of sharing, sharing this contact, sharing your contact with your own indwelling spirit, with the hosts who are gathered here to nurture the garden of your heart's delight, recognize that the boundaries of your mind, those walls that your mind delights to erect are constantly overfilled by the light of our Father, his active presence working to lead you home, that place where you dwell in truth, that place in Paradise which extends itself in and through and well beyond any boundaries of time and space. He sees in perfection that link that each of you are one to the other, all joined in this amassing of our efforts, this gathering of the fruits of every choice, the God of experience evolving in and through your own, whose perfection you will reveal in the course of your destiny.

Do not trouble yourself that the course of evolution is rugged; the trail is real, it is uncertain, it is designed to cultivate in you a vigor that is heretofore unknown. You all are pioneers exploring the depths of time bringing in the fruits of your journeys through space, an offering of yourselves to he who gave it to you, as he gives himself now. My son, it is our joy to walk with you in this adventure, and when the path turns unexpectedly, let us rejoice, for this exercise in time is the foundation of your service in eternity.


Come now, let us enter this day confident in the team which walks together, the guides who know well the path, who have designed it for your own stimulation, who have created it as a means of revealing his love.

Go now in peace to walk your way; I and we delight to walk with you.