• 1. Fixed or secure in position. a. Of a person, esp. a soldier in battle: Maintaining his ground. (Now with mixture of sense 2.) Also, of a battle: Fought without change of position.
b. Fixed in abode. Obs. rare.
c. Of a thing, e.g. a pillar, a foundation: Firmly fixed, not to be moved or displaced. Also in fig. context. Obs. exc. in rhetorical language (of the earth, etc.).
d. Of the hands: Steady, not tremulous. Also of shooting: Steady. Obs.
e. Of a pain: Not changing its position. Obs.
f. Solid; firm in substance. Obs.
g. Unshaken in health. Obs.
h. steadfast land: the mainland, as opposed to an island. Obs. [Cf. G. festland.]
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b. Applied to God: Unchanging. Obs.
c. In bad sense: Confirmed, incorrigible. Obs.
  • 3. Of a law, a treaty, an institution, a condition of things: Firmly settled, established, unchangeable.
b. Of a language: Settled. Obs.
  • 4. Of sight, the eye (occas. of the mind): Steadily directed.