Sutras for a New World

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The following are edited excerpts from the Teaching Mission Dialogues that represent some of the gems of thought emerging from the ongoing dialogue between terrestrial and celestial personalities engaged together in the experiential study of philosophy, cosmology, and divinity.

To obtain a free copy of this collection in ebook format, open this link.

Spiritual Teachings

All spiritual teachings must be evaluated by their content, and not followed or rejected because of the celebrity of their supposed source. The time is long past on this planet when religion can be promulgated by asserting the authority of the must be the teachings themselves and the effect they have on the students' lives, and not the claimed authority of their source that must be the final determinant in evaluating any religious teachings. - Will


We cannot be perfect here, brothers and sisters, so do not make another ego error of self punishment for past and present mistakes. We are all learning together. We are becoming together. We are going through a process together. This is what ascension, evolution, & experiential beings do. Just be aware of the difference so one may achieve balance.....There are few rational group voices on Earth now, but that will be corrected, and there is no need for despair. - Rayson

Perfect & Evolving

Perfect and evolving at the same time. This is what religionists miss: the idea of perfection, omniscience, destiny; the idea of God as imperfect, evolving and being created by his own creations; the Creator, the creations, ultimately flow into and out of each other, And this is why no religion yet has grasped what God is. - Rayson

Mediocrity & Excellence

There is much hiding in life that perpetuates mediocrity in allowing this inner self to be hidden in a mediocre realm of existence. By allowing the unfolding of this inner self true individuality is seen..When it is, creativity and openness occurs, for there is connection between that inner self of the person, and the inner self of those perceiving it. It is true of all genuine leaders, that they flower as individuals connecting then with those who are too timid to do it themselves. - Ham

Burning Bridges

You have invested your whole heart into mortal arenas as if they were all there was, and when you invest wholeheartedly in anything other than the dominion of spirit, the kingdom of God, the state of divine love, you will necessarily burn that bridge. Why? because it cannot withstand the energy of this investment of your soul. There is only one that deserves and can receive your wholehearted, consecrated devotion. - Monmacion

Bridges Falling Down

Look all around you,(your world) is disintegrating, it is falling like a bridge that has been abandoned, and in some cases your infrastructure is literally burning. My friends, it is not as a result of malice. It is a result of the rising tide of illumination which has left behind these things of former association. - Monmacion

The Well

Happiness, peace, spiritual fulfillment, is part and parcel of God knowingness. Happiness, true happiness, springs from an eternal well.

This well, found in stillness and solitude, wells up within the soul, refreshing not only yourself, but all those who chance to come in contact with you. Happiness is not found in external stimulation, possessions, physical adornments, infatuations, or wealth.

True happiness is only found within. Augmenting this happiness is our relationships with others. Friendship, fellowship, of all kinds, augments, strengthens, secures true happiness. Remember you always have this refreshing well to drink from. - Ham

Clarity of Stillness

Compose yourself, clear your mind. Don't think about anything. Don't think about not thinking. I like to use the example of the water in the glass. The more you try to calm the water, the more it is stirred. Just allow it to fall into the bottom and come to rest naturally and you will find that there is a stillness which has great vitality. You will be able to discern the vitality of God, Himself, even in what you formerly thought were the empty spaces. Those who can find meaning in the empty spaces are truly on the right path. - Will

Time & Leisure

Life has little to do with material, worldly success. The only benefit of progress which has value in God's eyes is the free time which is created. Yet the people of your world do virtually nothing with the free time except conspire to more ruthlessly exploit their weaker-minded brothers and sisters. This situation must change, and under the laws of spiritual progress, the change must take place in human hearts, one person at a time. One by one, the hearts of men and women on your planet will turn to God, for He is the only answer to the problems you see all around you. He is the answer to the problems you face within yourself; so similarly is He the answer to each level of problems you face as you raise your view to the outside world -- your neighborhood, town, nation, and planet. All will be resolved, brought back within the fold, not by new organizations yet to be formed, but by the actions and mind change of individual humans. "And one by one, He sets things aright." You are all part of this plan. - Will


Love strikes the spiritual chords which always results in Divine harmony. Harmony is the opposite of discord. It is strong and beautiful and simple and true. Harmony is balance. It is the balance between all spiritual things. That which sustains this harmonious balance is love. Our Father is the source of this sustenance and balance and harmony for He is love.

As in musical harmony, there is synchronicity of vibration or tone, and these tones, in their synchronous vibration, create music, and this music is Divine, the harmonious melody which is the perfect reflection of the Paradise center. Love, you see, creates that feeling of harmonious vibration within the soul, and this love-vibration-harmony, in reality, radiates from the soul's center, the heart. - Ham


Our North American civilization has progressed so far in so short a time chiefly on the contributions of its casualties and not on the abilities of the successful…. There are only so many days allotted to each and it is piracy to take away all of the people's time….People are too precious to allow all daily waking moments to be completely consumed by the demands of material experience. -Will


The fruits of wisdom ripen most readily in the dark. It is difficult of understanding, but I tell you this is truth. The most stable parts of our inner being are made so by this difficult passage. Our trustworthiness and faith is strengthened, our wisdom is ripened, and our souls are made more perfect, even in these times of trials. - Ham


Joy is that special quality that cannot be bought, cannot be obtained through the material outer realm. True, you can have lasting moments of gratification and happiness. This is the outer, and the things in the outer realm that bring you joy and happiness are necessary, but it is true inner joy that brings the lasting peace that you strive to manifest.

See joy in your fellow, in his heart, in his doings. Look to joy in the beauty of a flower opening. Sense the fragrance of joy in the rain. Feel the touch of joy in the skin of a new born babe. Listen with joy to the sound of the morning birds. See life as an opportunity to feel joy in all that you do. - Daniel


Those finding self-expression are finding God-expression. Each child is in a vast and seemingly endless universe of beings/persons, and all are experiencing this wonder of ascension. - Ham

Mercy of Love

At times in your life when you are not hitting the mark; at that time be gentle with yourself, love yourself. Love your humanness; love those failings! For it is in loving these failures that you help them to reverse. If you look at the broad picture, those things where you do not hit the mark can be like two enemies, and if you are always trying to tell the enemy he is wrong, it only makes the problem bigger. But if you can love your enemy and understand your enemy, what happens? His defenses are gone, for you cannot fight love. So don't fight yourselves in these moments. Use the greatest tool of all, love. Love empowers. Love brings about change. - Daniel

Heart Path

True, it is seen that the middle road is the preferred in all but one area - the middle will never serve you as the path to spiritual progress. We exhort you. Always choose the higher path, the rarified path, the path with no marks upon it, the path with heart. - Will


Timing is the most important element in conscious awareness of spiritual insight and growth. You cannot rush things. It is human nature to try and short-circuit the natural process of things. This cannot be done. Each step along the spiritual path must be fulfilled. You cannot by-step what must be experienced each day. - Welmek


To recapture, to repeat (spiritual) experience, in general, is a bad idea. The necessary function of ego will overtake the repeated experience and trivialize it…The method in which the Spirit operates will always contain an element of surprise because spirit, by nature, can be nothing but spontaneous. This is a discomforting situation for the human and explains, in large measure, why people have created bureaucracies to administer the relationship between man and God. There is no such thing as comfortable spiritual growth. It is always disturbing; it is always provocative, but the result is usually happy. - Will


Truth is a value transcending material fact. Truth partakes of universal spiritual values. That is why, when you encounter the truth, you experience it not only in your mind, but in your heart as well. Truth has a harmony about it; a ring to it. It may be experienced deeply, honestly, sincerely, as if you were experiencing a reality as sure as any you have known.… Many of the beliefs that you hold, you hold as self-protective devices to give pseudo-meaning to your experience of material reality. You fear that to give up your beliefs would leave you with nothing. But to surrender them to the truth will give you more peace and light than you can imagine. - Andrew

Real Religion

When your personal religion encompasses love and therefor encompasses all that is true, beautiful, and good, you see these attributes in all of your human endeavors as well. As you view such beauty in all things such as art, music, literature, science, and on and on, you know true religion. When you can understand truth is revealed in many, many different ways; that truth is a reality you understand not only as a divine attribute but human as well, you manifest a future religion now that combines all of the human with the divine.

Enjoy this human aspect of living as well as your newly growing spiritual awareness. Enjoy the sunsets and the stars in the sky. Enjoy the fall foliage. Enjoy the excited cries of young children. See the good in those who seemingly have no goodness. For when you do, you help them to see the good in themselves. You then mirror these concepts for your siblings who have not understood, have not felt such love, have not known that they, too, are worthy, that they, too, have the spark of God within them. - Daniel


Begin by seeing the goodness within your own being. Realize the qualities of your being which are good for until you can understand the goodness that you are, how difficult it will be to understand and see the goodness in others. As you come into this understanding about your nature, proceed to the outer realm. And with every person you meet, make it a habit to reflect on the positive, on the goodness, rather than on the weakness, the negative of that individual. When you do this, your relationship with that person will change, for they will be seeing their own goodness reflected back by you. Always see your brothers and sisters as if you were seeing through the eyes of Christ, as if you were looking through the eyes of God. Those things which are negative will not go on for only good is retained. All good transcends forward. How great this world would be if all saw this in one another! - Daniel

Hungry Planet

This is a very hungry planet. There are many searching souls, many looking for the light, many trying to find the boat. Be that light, be that reflection for others. Yes, often you will feel like you are alone in this temporal plane. In the spiritual domain you are in grand company!- Daniel


Spiritual growth is invisible energy which motorizes the mindal, emotional, and material being connecting all systems. Spiritual growth affects the molecular structure of the material being so that as you grow spiritually all physical systems are enhanced. There is a definite crossover, for just as an impaired physical brain, disease, or pain, affects spiritual receptivity, so does spiritual growth affect physical health. It is a marriage, intertwined, and while you are unable to discern this medically now, soon you will. - Rayson


Love is always willing to travel. Its bags are always packed, because it knows how helpful is the practice of talking with 'strangers'. - Will

The Poor

In your television sets and printed material distribution networks you may be often confronted with depictions of the poverty and desperation of certain parts of your planet, yet I will say that there is no desperation equal to those who are the castaways of your own society.

The people whom you propose to serve through your plans this evening have been rejected by your own society, and they know that they are not wanted. They know that there is no place for them. They know that the curtain has come down for them in a way that is different both in degree and in nature from the ordinary tragic desperation of poverty. The people you propose to serve know that they will not ever receive the degree of attention that your own cats and dogs receive as a matter of course. It is difficult for them under these circumstance to maintain any desire for further connection with the human race. Their circumstances compel them to live in their own separate society surrounded by wealth and opulence with full knowledge that they will never participate.

Therefore should the occasion present itself, don't satisfy yourself with the thought of providing them a meal, use the meal as a vehicle and attempt to establish a human connection. Offer them the opportunity of humanity. Let them know that they are not adrift and completely cut off and that they have a place in the human race, straightened as it may be, then you will have performed the work of the kingdom. And I commend you. These are the people the Master referred to when he described the poor in spirit. It is not limited to someone having a bad day or someone who is ready for supper. You are referred to those like these who feel that they no longer belong to the brotherhood of man. Well, let's see what we can do about that. - Will

Sparks of Fire

When we allow ourselves to be at peace with the spark within, letting this infuse our entire being, then we know the Father's will and flow with this in our lives, in our actions, in our speech, touching any we meet. When this touch is made, a spark of truth is created, and when this spark is ignited, it catches fire and spreads the ring of truth that will soon encompass the earth. When this is done, our power source will be known. We will know the Divinity that rules the Universe of universes, and light and life will enfold our planet. - Olfana


Feeling originates from within while emotion is a reaction to an external stimulus. - Andrea


Any who wish to heal, yourself and others, perfect this state of mind (worship) as it will benefit the flow of the energy as you focus your thoughts on the source, the Father himself, for you are then directing this energy that emanates from Paradise itself…. Worship automatically channels energy throughout your system. - Andrea


You have uniquely creative ways of using humor… on your planet. We find your humor thought-provoking and heartening because you have an incredible capacity for laughter in the face of tremendous adversity. - LinEl


When you have labored for something meaningful, the reward is a living energy called joy. How interesting then to observe the economic status of the entire world right now where individuals are discovering they cannot buy meaning and values as true joy is the outcome of understanding meanings and values.

Spiritual connection while working this earthly life is building a road to real joy, the feeling that puts you beside yourself. - Abraham


Kindness occurs when the act is done with no thought of result. One is not responsible for the end result of the kindness, rather your spiritual responsibility resides in your own attitude of love and giving, and very often what appears to be a futile effort at love and kindness has its result much later. The echo may not occur until after the material life has passed, but it will be there. - Rayson


If Jesus were to live on the earth today in the flesh how would we perceive Him? He would be a wanderer, someone who values heavenly things rather than earthly. - Abraham

"Fighting Evil"

Jesus always taught to be active in your passion to reflect divinity rather than to be caught up in fighting evil, for evil of its own accord will fall away and divinity will always endure….Modern persons have especially made the mistake of "fighting evil".- Rayson


As time passes on your planet, in the future, physical work will become more or less extinct as the notion of toil will be applied increasingly to intellectual effort while the concept of leisure is applied to pure spirit development, but there will come the day of widespread realization that spiritual effort is indeed work.- Rayson

Worshipful Play

Do you not see that worship is indeed play?…too many allow the playful spirit to drain away, and be replaced by rage, fear, greed and pride. The extirpation of those qualities from your mindal activity will create space in a recreational way for the playful spirit of worship to enter, and you will leap forward in your worship skills when you undertake that housecleaning within. - Rayson

Worthy Pursuits

Make each moment count and find joy in all things. Pursue worthy endeavors while you are here, for only such worthy experiences have survival value -- all others will perish. Live, love, laugh, learn, teach, pray, heal, and give -- these are worthy pursuits my friends. -Ophelius


As you enter the new year, pause and reflect on how much you have received this past year and how much you have grown, what you have learned, and in seeing where you are now, feel the weight of the future as a stage and arena in which you have grown to take a part; you have been trained as a player on this stage in this arena of activity where you interface the spiritual universe with humanity through your own individual lives. - Michael


As you reach into the stillness of your heart, as the mind quiets itself in preparation to reflect the spirit pronouncements of truth you are ready to receive, as these emanations become more perceivable, you must supply the faith to "hear" them as clearly as you would your own thoughts. The stillness is always here, help and communication are always available. - Unknown


Unpleasant moments are the great trials inviting you to create greater peace- the peace within. - Unknown


On normal worlds, most of the inhabitants have innate abilities to direct energies and thoughts to others. You would call it telekinesis, telepathy, mental projecting, and there are other names with which you are not familiar. It is something that is taught from birth. Everyone here has the potential, but is totally, or almost totally undeveloped. - Welmek


You all have been gathered from the hair of life into a strong thread spun within the looms of heaven. You who have given evidence to the greatness within, go forth, show your true colors. Just because the world has become black and white does not mean that the spirit has been drained from you. - Michael

Shame & Guilt

Shame and guilt are words that often are synonymous in many people's book, but guilt is that which one feels because of external circumstances, because of mores, conditions imposed from the outside. Shame, on the other hand, is that which the individual feels personally and does often play a greater role in a person's inward experience of having erred. Harboring either one of these for any extension of time creates blockages. One must come to terms with why they feel guilt or shame and deal with it so you can let go and again open up to the flow of God's love. - Daniel


Miracles do exist, but not in the way you imagine. You are the miracle! Remember this. Many things that are called supernatural are misconceptions of the mind. - Rael


Just like hard granite rock eventually wears down and becomes the minute particles of clay in a lake bed, so do the ego minds of the humans transform in time and render themselves pure in spiritual light and love. Sometimes it is important to look at the large picture in which your very small part plays a very big hand in the slow and steady movement of bringing the divine intention of reality to bear upon this sphere. - Machiventa


Tolerance is made easy by love. If you love your neighbor, if you love an enemy as you would a friend, it naturally becomes easier to accept or tolerate their activities. You may certainly choose not to be involved in their actions, nor wish to share yourself in what you feel to be their misguided doings; but be not less than loving. Be accepting. To be intolerant of this person, is to empower their actions to have control over you, thus making you less than what you are capable of being. To be tolerant of others, not only adds to your growth, but it keeps the door open which allows change in the one being shown your unconditional love, your understanding tolerance. - Norson


Picture in your mind a dam holding water, one that is not yet full, but is filling. Your experiences are the water that fills the dam..the beautiful lake behind the dam. Occasionally, you have another experience that opens the dam momentarily, and outflows the unified mind experience of your entire life in a rush. Then you feel the tapering off as the spillway is raised. The water begins to trickle and then it stops. Your emotions are very similar. They are born from the totality of your life experiences. When you have an occurrence in your life that opens the dam, much of your past experience that surrounds that occurrence flows from the safe keeping places within your mind into your consciousness as an indescribable flood of feeling. - Signa


You want others to tolerate your less than mature, and less than perfect actions. You want to be given room to grow and not be held or seen only for the immaturity of your acts. You want to be loved for who you are becoming, and not rejected by intolerance or held unloved for the stages through you are passing, learning and developing the wonderful self you are to be. Your love, your non-judgmental actions actually assist and promote the growth of your siblings as well as your own. As you grow tolerance, tolerance helps grow you. - Norson

Inner Smile

Practice on a daily basis to keep a smile in your heart so that you have this in reserve. When these occasions arise that you cannot seem to smile on the outside, there is a smile in reserve on the inside which will break through, which will come through for you. If you keep a smile on the outside and a hardened heart on the inside this will not work. - Elyon


Music in its power, while based upon mathematics, is similar to the experience of faith, for it harmonizes and fills with a beautiful complexity not only the mind but also the soul.- Alkon

Humble Patience

God has put vulnerabilities into our natures with the intention of allowing us to remain humble, and at the same time, recognize more clearly that we always have growth yet to accomplish in our ascendant careers. You do not reject a blossom whose petals are only partially open. You say, "Ah, there is beauty in this flower and more beauty to come as it continues to open to the light." Take this attitude with your own closed petals. Say, "There is beauty here, yet covered, but in time, with growth, this beauty will open to the light." This is an attitude of patience. - Olfana

Love Vibrations

Remember that love is a power, is a vibrational frequency. You can emanate this to others, and indeed, tune them to this beneficial frequency. When people sing in harmony, move in harmony, think in harmony, feel in harmony, there is a shared serenity, a shared ability to be in the moment of this experience together. I promise you that this potential of the shared experience of harmony and inner peace will come more and more to your planet as we proceed together in this work!- Olfana

True Religion

The true religion of any planet is the personal realization of a shared journey with the First Source and Center. - Daniel

Courage to Love

When you risk bodily harm to save the physical life of a fellow being, you exhibit physical courage.

When you follow truth wherever it leads you, whatever the cost, you are exhibiting mindal courage.

When you live uncompromisingly in the spiritual realities that you know, you are exhibiting spiritual courage.

When you love others as God loves them, you bind the courage of body, mind, and spirit as one. - Anastascia & Ordon


Truth is never transferred from one intellect to another, yet an intellect is able to guide another's toward his own truth discovery. You can never give another your truth experience, only aid him in finding truth for himself. - Ham

Gratitude & Worship

As we "give thanks without the reservations that imply dependence upon human wants or perceived needs, we verge upon worship. Gratitude begins to open the soul's unique song to heaven which in worship becomes a symphony." - Ham

Healing Pain

Inner scars are deep and painful to millions of people living lives as if those scars weren't really there. When a crisis leads one to use all of their inner resources, often these old wounds are re-opened and brought to consciousness. It is necessary to heal and treat old wounds before new growth can begin in vital areas. If one seals off painful experience from consciousness, then always is this wound crying for healing and attention. Healing comes when all of the wound is opened and cleaned. As pain is to the body, fear is to the mind. It begs attention. Think about inner psychic fears as pain indicating healing need. - Ham


In attempting direct awareness communications, all that is required of you is to attempt sending thoughts, ideas, to friends wherever they may be. At this stage it is most appropriate to inform them of your attempts and possibly arrange efforts at focusing on energy coming and going from others. This is a normal occurrence on worlds with established circuits though not all people in such worlds are capable of this form of communication, and not all on this world will be either, but your Internet system is a wonderful example of what can be with these inner connections.- VanEl

Goodness & Greatness

Goodness and greatness are like having two legs, each one propels the other forward. There is no goodness that isn't fully great, nor is there truly any greatness that isn't good. Tools are involved within this understanding to measure the reality content of every human endeavor. Remember though, as you seek to understand your place in the universe, that the measurements of divinity are always judged through thoroughgoing mercy ministry, and that you individually have not any yardstick with which to measure your true standing, much less that of your neighbor. So, even as I point the way to a kind of judgment, I admonish against using it. Simply use these understandings within your personal sphere of relation to Deity and as your own standing lifts you above where you were yesterday, enjoy the cognizance of spiritual advancement humanly and personally. - Ham

Goodness & Greatness

Goodness becomes an experiential, spiritual reality by the measure that it is exalted and held aloft. Always will greatness be an increasingly lofty goal the more it is held above. Only by exalting goodness can it be tasted in this lowly life existence, and the greatness which is esteemed within our characters increasingly gains stature as the attainment falls short. Paradox is inherent in all of human dealing in the divine realms. The more of Deity one experiences, the more understanding of the infinite nature of these experiencables and the greater the longing for experience. Divine water surely quenches thirst, but one who has tasted this heavenly nectar becomes insatiable for more. However much of God you have experienced, there is still infinitely more. Paradox is its seeming in the human understanding, harmonious completion its awareness in the divine understanding. - Ham

Goodness & Greatness

The measure of a great deed is the extent that it was motivated by goodness, and good deeds are measured by the greatness of the ideals which spawned them. Learning thus to motivate and inspire our lives by comprehending goodness and aspiring to greatness propels humanity forward by the increasing awareness of the reality of these great spiritual facts. Mercy is the inevitable child of goodness and greatness. Wisdom is the inevitable child of these great spiritual realities, goodness and mercy. As you are slowly learning to experience wisdom, it always shows the way to mercy and goodness combined as greatness. - Ham

Depth Within

As you gaze out into the stars of the night sky and contemplate the infinity before you, pause and reflect back, that deep within you is that same infinity, that same vast expanse. As you reach in and recognize the loving Source of your own being, you will with full assurance grasp the all present Source of everyone in this entire universe that surrounds you. - Elyon

Human Drama

Certainty bestows herself upon a noble and generous character, (even upon less than perfect characters) as her intimate companion. Her every guidance produces a result. Every inner whispering leads the boy along toward universal manhood. Even that certitude which comes in passivity guides, leads and bestows. Lend an active heart that is certain, sure and destined its active role to play. Play your active part as though an angel held your hand and whispered your lines into your ear. Such human bravery does this human drama require. Cease your two-bit crises that hold fast the mind in allegorical chains. Create instead with the humble and mortal tools of the mind an opera-house of great passion. Express emotion through the mental refinement of great songs. - Abraham


Humans may greedily seek ascension through their own means and it avails nothing. Mankind has a million ways to artificially ascend, individuals, groups, and nations, yet they all fall again. They may seek to be wise without experiencing wisdom; they may seek to teach truth without residing within it's heart; they may aspire to goodness without experiencing the spiritual, and they will fall back to their true level of maturity when the winds of adversity blow down their houses of cards. Wisdom is not contained in cleverness anymore than knowledge is contained in facts. - Ham

True Nature

The truth about you can never be sabotaged, can never be destroyed, can never be forgotten. Even amidst the seeming appearance of sabotage and self-destruction, your true nature shines forth unimpeded, shines forth brilliantly, shines forth unobstructed, shines forth radiantly. There is nothing to work on, work out, or to work through. Wherever you are, your true pristine nature is. There is never a separation, never a disconnection, never isolation, never a shadow, never an independent nature, and never confusion and chaos. Fearlessness and conviction, love and compassion, wholeness and wellbeing, completeness and potently beneficial creativity: this is your true domain--always open, always expansive, always love. Wherever you are, love is. - Nebadonia

The Process

Intuition as a whole is generally your thought patterns, desire for information. You are requesting input and information to make decision, to have knowledge. Intuition allows you access to the spiritual side. That information then can be used in your decision making, but it happens at such a rapid pace you become unaware of it's process. This is what we mean when we ask you to trust in the process. The processes are moving very quickly, and you cannot take conscious thought of each aspect of a particular process. It will not fill your consciousness, but the end result will be aware to you. It is the end result that allows you to just trust in the process. When you have in your hands the end result, you are not thinking about the process it took to achieve this thing, only that it occurred.-JarEl


The biggest threat of all darkness is nothing more than fear, and light releases this fear from the grasp of darkness, usually to reveal some small and non-significant trauma held in such a conspicuous stance as to affect everything around it with fear. This is the healing nature of light, to dispel fear, to dispel it from the physical, to dispel it from the mental, to dispel it from the consciousness of reality.- LIGHT

Inner Life

While you are engaged in spiritual pursuits while still a mortal of the realm, do not overburden yourself by looking for tangible evidence of your spiritual efforts. These reassurances are available to you within, that is where the comfort of being in spirit is attained. - Charles


Every minute particle created in the universe has a purpose, that the interaction of all these minute particles constitute the complex reality of life. Yet, the intelligence designed life with an antidote, that no matter what happens in life there is an element that can circumvent any aspect of life and that antidote is love. Love can take on the nature of any particle in the universe that may be needed at that moment. Love has the ability to cut through all of the red tape of life and all of the electro-chemical negotiations which are constantly producing life. Its nature is such that in a moment it can change the quality of life, the awareness in that moment, it can change the condition and situation of the moment. - Unknown


Words form as the result of thought, and thought constructed is a result of many factors such as insight, intuition, inspiration, and impressions. Though they be yours, the thought and the word, the initiation is complex. I remind you of the Divine Indwelling, my presence, my friends, your subconscious, your memory. It is a manifold interplay.- Darid

Knowledge & Truth

When knowledge is acquired, it is first a concept. A concept that may be new or a concept that has its beginnings from previous information. When a new concept is presented, the mind searches for a correlating concept or information regarding this new concept. When no new information is retrieved from memory, then confusion arises and then an element of fear, yes ambivalence for the new information. This is a normal process. When knowledge of new information comes forth, the determined outcome of the new information is already formed in the perceived knowledge. So you can see that new information requires overcoming the inherent elements of the reactive physical being and something else, a new element is required. Humans have this phrase, "open mind", and upon examination of this state of mind, one will notice the ability to set aside previous concepts inherent in this action and absorb the new knowledge. So, here we are dissecting this process and the element of open mindedness which is called many things, but foremost should be truth. - JarEl

Permanent Transition

Your ancestors, like you, sought to change the world in such a way as to be remembered after passing, and now you understand that your knowledge of them is practically non-existent. Generations pass and few are remembered, still fewer as time goes on. History is forgetful and existence becomes lost and easily forgotten. Searching for permanence is the urge of human existence, but permanence is not found in this life. There is nothing of permanent nature here. When humans learn that their lastingness is the result of transitions, they will cease to be enamored of their temporal reflection and happily trust that the transition is toward lasting value.- Ham

Sorrow & Joy

Life's sorrows are the non-acceptance of its changing nature, while life's joys are the intunement of the soul with change.- Ham

Patience & Peace

Patience is a practice undertaken to relieve the lack of peace. Patience leads to peace. When peace is attained, patience is unnecessary, for it is implied within peace. In a sense, patience is something you practice; peace is a state that you can become. The Master has said, "Peace be upon you," and, "Peace I leave with you." This gift is yours to become. -Elyon

Companions as Guides

Do you realize that all beings have companions to guide and train them providing each with glimpses of our future. You are chosen as all are chosen to be attended by an unseen friend from a step above. This is not in any exclusive sense for you too are a guide for others. Together, we are a long chain of love reaching from the outer realms to the inner sanctuary of every being. What a wonderful experience we are undergoing. Make each day count with time to love, to give, and to receive. - Elyon


You have spoken of atrocities and these have great dynamics. Yet in the realm of forgiveness, perhaps the greater danger lies in those simple human instances of being unforgiving of general mortality, regular human frailties and even those things about which no one can do anything. How deep is your sense of outrage at someone who is poor, or ugly, or rich, or fat, or etc.? These simple things comprise a huge cloud of darkness on this planet. The atrocities of alienation are real in everyone's lives. The ignorant and deformed, and lost, and those of other races, other genders, other sexual orientations, other nationalities are all human beings, all part of your family. How great is the realm of unforgiving of your own fellows! This is so acceptable in so much of your society that it is glossed over and condoned, but this unloving attitude is unacceptable for progressing into an age of Light and Life.

So, though the most obvious areas of forgiveness are usually the more dramatic, bear in mind this full spectrum of forgiveness. For the simple elements of your relationship with your neighbors and their dog is what creates Paradise here in time and space. - Tomas

Soul Growth

Soul growth is not for racing ahead of your fellows, but to release potentials and likelihood for growth in others by demonstrating it in and as yourself. - Evanson

Good News

My friends, the good news is that unlike physical stamina, you are never past your peak. Spiritual strength only continues to develop and to grow. - Daniel


All available emotions have qualities which add to the tapestry of your life. Grief may be experienced. Anger may be experienced. Bliss may be experienced. Give yourself wholly to the experience and pass through it. Don't become hung up on fearing these emotions and thereby drawing out the process of your own growth through either resisting the emotions or clutching onto them. Rather, know it, appreciate it, value it, and go on without destroying yourself or your environment as a result of these very powerful gifts. - Tomas

Emotion is part of your total being. You feel. Our words are not to ask you to quit feeling, rather they have been to ask you to raise your consciousness to a higher level regarding your feelings so that you can remain happier for a longer time, you can understand why you anger, why you grieve, why you are intolerant, why you are compassionate about some given thing, or why you are joyful. …honor the feeling and move into higher realms with that feeling toward more progressive ends. It is true, those who are spiritually in tune ride the tide of being able to rejoice in the simplest things, to understand joy even in the darkest moments or trials of the human condition. - Daniel


True abundance is not seen very often in this world as it is displaced by a worship and desire for things and activities to fill this vacuum. True abundance is not the amount of things that one possesses, but is, in fact, the recognition of reality, that we are related as children, sons and daughters to the God of all, who supplies all of our needs, emotionally, spiritually, and materially; and that we have the opportunity to offer service to our siblings. This is what creates joy and happiness in living. Our relationships with other personalities are our secondary abundance, our true friends, our families, our parents, our children. Even one's health, important and desirable as it is, is not the bottom line in abundance, for there are those who are happy despite the fact they are paraplegic for they have spiritual wealth. - Tomas


Fear of dying is at the heart of greed. This fear of non-being is the cause of wealth accumulation and unjust treatment of others. Those who are driven to accumulate are endeavoring to leave behind a legacy, a false immortality. - Ham


The function of laughter is to adjust the emotional balance when emotional stress has taken over or been stretched. Laughter is the window of opportunity in which one can view oneself and one's situation in perspective. The need for laughter is as universal as the need for acceptance, and laughter can facilitate acceptance as well. When the tension is especially high, the need for laughter is greatest. - Ham

Mindal Balance

Many of you have discovered one thing which you excelled at and clung to it for your advancement in life. I say to you now that the need is there to explore all your mental abilities in order to know a fuller expression of your being. You who are creative writers have neglected to cultivate the mathematical, analytical and logical. You who are scientists have emphasized these traits and sometimes neglected the wonder of artistic creation. I urge you not to sacrifice any side of yourself. Rather take some time, specifically in order to cultivate the unexplored of your mental endowment. Great satisfaction is found when you can realize that you are capable of creative expression. These two balances in the mindal pattern are greatly enhanced through the gradual expansion of mind which comes through spiritual growth. - Ham

Sex Equality

The modern idea of sex equality is beautiful and worthy of an expanding civilization, but it is not found in nature. When might is right, man lords it over woman; when more justice, peace, and fairness prevail, she gradually emerges from slavery and obscurity. Woman's social position has generally varied inversely with the degree of militarism in any nation or age. - Chief of Seraphim

Times of Change

There is a great sense in the world today of some big impending event. I tell you plainly and clearly, this event is underway with the flooding of this planet in light, in love, in peace. Those with spiritual eyes to see will see, with the ears to hear will hear, and with faith in their hearts will choose, act, and be the new direction, the new mode of operation. There will be those who forsake this choice because it represents too great a change, too much unknown, and that is the freedom given to them by the Creators, but all those who desire to be born of the spirit will have no trouble in simply going towards the light and choosing it. This is the majesty of the times in which you live.- Luminerion


As the soul grows so does the beauty of the soul. In your world, beauty is not so commonly recognized. The ugliness of disastrous events seem to be of more interest. Without focus on the beautiful and deeply meaningful things in this life, acknowledgment of beauty dwindles, but recognition for the beautiful shared with another is the way beauty grows. - Abraham

Healing Old Wounds

There are some wounds which take years for healing. And you may think this wound is closed and its healing complete, when in reality, it is only resting and is awaiting another opportunity for your psyche to connect with it and discover anew the old pain, the old grief. There is never any magic formula that bypasses the important function of time. Only experience past suffering and pain with another level of understanding.

Each level of understanding that you reach in your lifetimes requires another healing level for old wounds, for it is the hurt places of the psyche which cause imbalance and require the most growth. As a wound on the flesh requires new growth or repair, so do the psychic wounds inevitably seek attention of the mind. This is not a spiritual setback when you discover that you're not really over something that you thought you were. This is simply self-revelation so you can see where healing is required and you are wiser for this knowledge. - Ham


The position that yields the greatest reward and most difficult to maintain is the heart held in the posture of forgiveness. - Yogananda


Those of you who understand the spiritual aspect as being different from the mortal know intuitively that whatever happens on this plane, while it has potential for human tragedy, can, on the spiritual plane, be overcome and seen differently.- Daniel

Home Base

The conscious level is like your home base. You can move above it into the superconscious realm of pure spiritual communion or below it into the realm of animal fear. This home base continues gradually to rise throughout your lifetime search for God. Increasingly does the mind grow through spirit identification so that this base expands as it rises into each new level.

The fruits of the spirit emerge from this process, and all of these are reflections of a balanced mind. Wisdom grows in this environment as a balanced mind is immune to the extremes which plague the immature levels of mind. So it is, maturity, wisdom, and a balanced mind are spiritual developments that are always attended by increasing joy. - Ham


It is far too easy for the social animal to jump in with amenities to cover the awkward moment when a soul is grappling in silence for understanding. It is not necessary that we fill every hole with a joyful noise! It is equally important that we begin to perceive the deeper voices, the more resonant sound of souls at work in silence. - Tomas


Understanding grows when minds are sympathetic. There may not be complete understanding, but harmonious relationships are certainly attainable. Sympathetic, mutual and non-judgmental attitudes are essential in this love growth. The strength of man is logic, and the logical thought pattern is somewhat inimical to the strength of woman, which is intuition. She, in many ways, finds it easier to follow God, for His communication is often in that intuitive realm. This is a great and noble strength which should be respected in this world, although it is largely unrecognized. These two complementary, yet different, mindsets are wonderfully expressive in union of God and creation. In union, there is tremendous and entire nobility of expression between both men and women together. This union is sublime, and stronger and more beautiful than either one separate. It is meant to be so. - Ham


Faith rings like a silent bell in the heart. It resonates with the vibrations of divine love. Faith is never an unconscious effort. It requires conscious attention to the perception of all we understand, coupled with our trust that the design of events is woven with a greater beauty than earthly perceptions can comprehend.

Faith efforts are those which bear the creator's mark. They are the motivation of the spirit coupled with our free will heart's desire. How often do we truly reach out to the experiences of life with this "hallmark of spirit" as our guiding light? Such efforts ennoble our character greatly. - Tarkas


Platitudes abound on your planet -- good intention is mouthed while self-serving ends are practiced. Our goal is to change the balance of the scale -- to help humans sincerely work for and build love and right intentions for their siblings. The planet is slow to move from awareness to practice.

It does take effort. You must change a lifetime of old thinking and start afresh. Yes, continue to wash away and throw away . .. whenever necessary. Acknowledge 'bad thinking' and mistakes -- they are inevitable and to be expected -- but they cannot be continued if progress is to be made. Excuses are, after all, still excuses, and the very word indicates awareness of your 'wrong' position and, if not carefully monitored, adherence and a holding-on to these actions.

Thank you for your willingness to look at your position and ask for help. We sing your praises because that is God's way -- He sees love and good in your very being -- in him you grow as He, in you, evolves. It is truly a conundrum and a puzzle . .. and yet the very fact creates the unending circle without which we would not be. You are all in the circle, your position is key as is everyone's -- and each soul you touch, each mind you awaken (or even nudge) helps us all move a tiny bit further along our wondrous path. - Oren

The Path

The spiritual path is not a river in which you float idly taking in the scenery, no. The spiritual path is more like a hiking trail in which you must overcome obstacles to move further; debris must be removed and all your attention must be focused on the next step. When focus has been interrupted there can occur a slight stumbling, but you know well that it doesn't take much to dust yourself and proceed. - Abraham

Dreams to Realize

Opportunity is like weaving a skein of fabric. Your individual threads are interwoven with each other. The individual idea or research or human contact or creation are all interwoven with each other creating the fabric that is opportunity and is your life. This fabric is what draws the attention of others who can use your life's work in a greater garment.

No human being lives or works in a vacuum. Every person you meet, every human you treat with love and respect, every unselfish deed, every creative impulse, every thought and every understanding, your beliefs, your faith, and yes, your fears and your weaknesses all contribute to the fabric you are weaving. Take care then to inspect those threads which you would use. For this fabric is the opportunity, the passage way, into your future.

Don't be discouraged when you consider your past creations, for this gradually fades from sight as you weave newer and greater and more wondrous ideas into your fabric. One's life pattern enlists ideas in all its creation. The wise man says, you are what you think, and I say you become in the direction you are thinking. You must understand though that you cannot project yourself through thought ahead of your material, your weaving. Each thread must find its place; you cannot miraculously become something completely different from what you are just by wishing or thinking yourself there. But, you can chart your direction, and if you do not neglect the fabric, that is neglect the small individual threads which must all be put in place to create your opportunity for the future, then surely as night follows day, you will achieve your destination.

I do not advise you to be dreamers, but no great thing was ever done without first being dreamed of. All of you here want deeply to help your world's forward progress toward the goal of light and life. You must all understand that this goal is far off, but it can be dreamed of. You can dream of a future where there is no hatred, or violence, disease, hunger, or warfare, where all human beings exist in loving respect for all other human beings. We understand that there are very many of you who are contributing to this forward progress, and we humbly and sincerely embrace you and your work. You also forget the great strides made by those who have preceded you. Therefore, I say to you, think deeply on the opportunities you are creating, the fabric that you are presenting to the world or will present to the world. Don't' think that it does not matter, because it matters intensely - to you, to your world, and to the on looking universe. - Ham


It is acknowledged how the human race views the higher realms with such wonder, anticipation of the experience of great beauty, of spiritual luminosity, of love and bliss. But we who hail from the realms you admire are greatly and equally amazed at the miracle of the human being, what attainment is possible, what perseverance resides in the nature of humankind. This, I would say, is the greatest demonstration of God in time and space. - Elyon

Transmitting Love

We are anxious to convince you of your capabilities as a transmitter of love and information. We guarantee that your desire is sufficient and that you learn to quiet your mind long enough for us to get through. Any worthy thought or desire you can trust is indeed reinforced by us, even though you are not conscious of this. All of you have spoken unknowingly already with our help. This is the ideal, that you combine our energies with yours. When it becomes habitual to practice, it will become more and more hard to tell who is speaking. - Unseen Teacher

Beauty of Difference

Custom and behavior varies greatly from one planet to another. The diverse codes and mores as they exist on your planet between populations fail to be comparable to any that I know of. There exist, still, those of higher and lower castes, unable to converse on the same level, intermarry, do business, perhaps even touch. And if this sounds particularly like I’m referring to the Hindu world, not so, for it is identically so in your western world.

By the time of arrival in the higher realms, you will be living in a state of complete certainty, confidence, yes, utter conviction that all you meet are friends, but better than friends. Still being unknown to them, all the same, you will have their love. There will be none so far above you that will shun you as unworthy. There will be none so high in status that they will avoid you. There will be none so intelligent as to see you below their rank, and there will be none so busy as to lack the time to acknowledge you.

Your world could be like this my human friend. Indeed, your world is becoming like this as you more fully awaken - Mathew


Spiritual education is incomplete without worship for in worshiping is our acceptance of God as Parent and ourselves as children. Worship assists in the area of service to our fellows as it replenishes us with new energies, and with these energies we are not only able to serve our fellows, but to serve them cheerfully. Worship is a living energy that when its effects rain down upon us, we are overfilled to distribute this as truth, beauty, and goodness. Sitting in worshipful meditation, we feel this energy. - Abraham

Truth as Value

Truth is never a possession of one, but a gift to many; each of us envisioning a part of it. It is not something to prove, but a value to share by means of love. - Andrea


Contentment is a certain satisfaction within the self, within the soul, that is garnered by appreciation for life's gifts or bounties. Contentment then is like a cat's purr. Complacency, however, is like the cat that is asleep in front of a fireplace, who opens an eye, observes a mouse walk past and goes back to sleep. - Tomas

Being Divine

It is not you who describes herself as miserable, for you are divine. You are joy. You are perfect. What the challenge, then, is, is for you to identify with her and forego that miserable shell of false reality with which you identify. Allow the light of truth to raise you up. Stretch your roots and branches. Lift up your face. Hold fast your glowing ember, and behold yourself becoming new. Begin to unfurl, like the rare flower you are, with your own petals, unlike any other. Let not someone tell you what your flower looks like. Don't even worry about trying to describe your flower to someone else. Just grow. And be. And the Creator will speak for you and through you in your being. - Jay-Orzj


Growth is like time in that you can live only in the present. You can look back upon the past and witness your growth. You can project forward in hope of future attainment. This is your point of reference. But the Father's presence is beyond time. Your inner spirit knows your to-be-attained states today as if you have already accomplished the growth that you must undertake from your vantage point. Spirit luminosity can project you forward in faith to attain the trust that you are in Paradise even now while you are yet an animal origin human being. This is because the Father who is above all holds you close in the center of His being. Having accepted His call to become perfect, you are by all intents such. Grasp this as a value of the soul so that you may, during those confusional doubts of the mind, rise above the complexity present in your growth level of the current moment and perceive your worth even during your apparent failures.

Likewise, since you have each make great progress in your ascension efforts, always allow yourself the freedom to recede retrospectively and enjoy the qualities of the attainment you have accomplished in the past. They were pleasurable levels of successful growth at one time, never to be despised later for being immature. Enjoy your retrospective views of your successes. They are as real now, for they are the foundations upon which your current growth level resides. At times when you are disturbed, feeling like you are not growing, that you are in a circular rut, faith grasp firmly that the Father knows the entire growth continuum of your being. It is a reality transcendent of your time location. It does exist now. Take this faith to the Father in worship and realize it for yourself in the present. This will lighten your burdens; it will strengthen you in dilemmas. It will encase your past in the light of high value.

You have all looked forward to that eventful future date when you will leave the realm of time and enter the dimension of eternity. Growth will carry you through the spectrum to this future event. Growth is your sailboat in the ocean of time, and the Father holds this ocean in the palms of His hands.- Elyon

Balance Point

You have a point within your mind that is your gravitational center, your balance point where divine spirit meets human personality and soul growth comes about. As you dwell here, it expands more and more, putting you in deeper touch with divine energy until you finally become this center, not merely your conscious mind full of thoughts that are but a small puddle beside a large lake. The conscious mind is the small puddle of knowledge while the center is a beautiful lake of wisdom. We want to show you that you can come here anytime and live from this center rather than going in and out. Here, the one who walks the slower path finds his answers more quickly than the one who is at a fast pace.- Malvantra

Prevailing Truth

I have a story to tell. Regarding its actuality, it may be absolutely true or wholly fictitious depending upon your outlook, but at all times the truth will prevail, whether in fiction or in fact. - Aaron


Prayer is a song in the heart that sings to the melody of the divine Spirit. - Abraham

Guiding Star

The path of spirit is never long traversed by the weak of heart. If you have courage, then God requires all your courage. If you have faithfulness, then God requires all your faithfulness. It is impossible to be devoted to the spiritual life and be half-hearted or cowardly about it. The world is full of those who follow other humans, but few who follow God. - Ham


Morality is not the ideals imposed on you from society or social organizations such as churches. Morality is individual and is variable according to each person's own individual situation and inner light. Life's journey is only meaningful as it is expressed in this search for higher morality. Morality is not what someone tells you you should do. It is found only in your own heart and soul center, that place of spiritual leading.- Ham


As you progress in spirit, coming closer to God, partaking of his divine perfection, you become a better friend to others just as God is a perfect friend to you, one you can never trust too much for he will never let you down. As you partake of his nature, you are less and less likely to let your friends down.

You become increasingly worthy of God's trust for he knows what he can give you and what you cannot handle. You never have to worry about violating His trust because you cannot do it. You can never disappoint God.

Keep your total trust where it belongs, not on your shoulders or anyone else's but God. Be calm and be gentle with yourselves. Be careful not to set yourselves up for disappointments by putting too much trust where it doesn't belong. - Ham

Gender Roles

It is a part of the maintenance of civilization that men and women have the roles to play, but it is highly detrimental to spirit, even the spirit of the individuals when they take those roles so seriously that they lose themselves in the role to satisfy society's expectations and their sense of marital obligation. This, if not checked, will make a mockery of the partnership of men and women.

If you overextend in these roles of wife/mother or husband/father in lieu of your own genuine self, then you will be contributing to the estrangement that is inherent in anyone who plays a role rather than relying upon the reality of truth to bridge these gaps. - Jasmine

Thread Within

You are literally like the spider drawing forth from within yourself the next step, the next choice, intimately connected with your new reality, designing your life one step at a time, one thought at a time, placing the new line down continuously. - Merium


When you are resolved to know God, and have opened your mind and your heart to his presence, you will know him as infinite gentleness and infinite strength. It will occur to you that you can partake of his being at all times, in all circumstances, in each moment of every day. You will know the meaning of a door that has been opened which no human can shut. Indeed, the truth will be upon you and you will have no doubts, no nagging feeling that something doesn't fit, no worry that you placed your hopes and you dreams in something that may not be real. All that is washed away.

This period when you come to this realization is the beginning of the adolescence of your life. This is a period where you will learn the manners, the etiquette, the grace of adulthood, that you will have the feeling of starting to grow up, of knowing what's important and what is a distraction. And though you may be grey haired and aged, you will suddenly realize that your entire life had been spent in childhood. The future of your planet very much depends on the number of people who reach their spiritual adolescence who can put aside the petty materialistic and egocentric concerns of childhood and begin the initiation process of growing into maturity. - Ham


The human-self is a vehicle for the divine-self, but to do battle with your human imperfections is to most likely see them come out in full force. You seek self mastery, and you are believing it is in stifling the more animal like self within you. I would enlarge your concept by saying instead to remove this pressure by having your divine-self simply take your animal-self by the hand, like a precious child, and show it a new and better way to live. All those things you see as shortcomings or flaws, are more likely to be mastered by love than with self-loathing. - Abraham


You as mortals of the realm are inherently shortsighted and fear ridden. As a species, as a race, your tendencies are to look for the outside forces you yearn for to show themselves, to make themselves known, to make their presences undeniable and overwhelming to all. This is your double edged sword, for, while it would remove all doubt as to the significance of the unseen principles, it also carries with it great disharmony, dysfunction in its implementation.

I would challenge everyone, each of you, to not place any significant amount of your life energies in the arenas of cataclysmic changes or undeniable intervention from higher forces. You, indeed, have intervention from higher forces in your lives this very hour. This is your circumstance, these are your parameters of reality. I would encourage you to embrace these that are at your feet, that surround you, that are sent to uplift you. Refrain from the temptation to even inwardly seek such overt signs of outward domination.

The desire of your race to have all things either put right or destroyed has been with your race since the beginning. All of your ancestors have had a similar thought pattern run through their existence, the desire to be shown overwhelmingly and with force the right way and the fear that this force brings with it, the destruction of all that we have come to know. It is true that, if you truly live with God in your hearts, you will learn to loosen your expectations to allow for the reality to be embraced. This goes as well for this phenomenon of seeking outside intervention, of, indeed, hoping for outside intervention. - Malvantra


You may bear the fruit of spirit in isolation, but you reveal spirit through socialization just as an orange tree may bear fruit season after season that falls to the ground enriching the soil, but when another gathers this fruit, peels it, and tastes it, revelation takes place.

Remember, call on God and the many unseen influences He has provided to assist you for you are not alone in your struggle - you are guided. Many are waiting for your reach, beings who bear fruit they hope you will pick. Avail yourselves to the reception of their gifts. - Evanson


All spiritual values are only truly realized as they are socialized in your lives. - Ham


Think of prayer as love which flows like a river, that with time and consistency wear away the hardened aspects it encounters and whose force creates change in the physical and emotional surroundings. - Minearsia

Faith Amidst Uncertainty

Faith is sure of the future. When you have strength of faith, uncertainty is just a temporary fleeting emotion. Like going down a roller coaster ride, the uncertainty is thrilling rather than a stress producing, disease promoting problem. When you ascend the roller coaster, you are certain that you will arrive safely at the end. So it is with life, you know for certain that you will get to the next level of spiritual attainment. How you will get there is uncertain, and so it is thrilling to experience. - Ham


Enlightenment is the process of reaching for what is yet to be attained while your living action is a demonstration of attained states. The stillness of communion is the bridge between them. - Evanson


As you grow in spirit, your intimacy threshold gradually lowers and you become more comfortable with self-revelation in any context. When Jesus said, "who is my mother, who is my brother", he was expressing his feeling that he is equally self-revelatory with all people, felt equally intimate with his followers as with his blood family. In other words, he was at home with those who felt at home with him. Most humans are the most intimate with their immediate family, somewhat intimate with their close friends, and rarely intimate with associates, and not intimate at all with strangers. As you grow in spirit, and begin to feel equally at home with strangers as you are with family, then you will feel truly at home in the universe. - Ham


Only turning within and sharing your life with God is required. Once you do that, then you can walk the path and your fears will disappear; your peace and love will grow. The fears of what you could turn into change and crumble as new images and understandings of true spirituality emerge. Not only do the images emerge, but as you see them and pursue them, you actually become what it is you seek. - Anatolia

Gem of Personality

A gem in the rough appears ordinary, yet it comes complete with all that is to be revealed as beautiful subsequent to its skillful cutting. The gem of personality is much like grace in your life, for it is given to you with its entire value present. All that remains is a sequence of events to bring about its revelation. On the other hand, a pearl is an acquirement. As you are well aware, it is a result of irritations that are transformed into an object of beauty. This is what your physical life is with all its human interactions and necessities demanded by your environment and culture. You are evolving the pearl soul just as the Father is faceting the gem that is your personality.- Elyon


This activity that appears as prophecy is not the prediction of events to come but more correctly a demonstration of what can manifest through yourselves and a rally call to your fellows that they likewise can undertake the same and thereby accomplish the hoped-for conditions. Therefore, it is not the best orientation to speak of events as impinging upon you, something to be waited for. Instead, these apparently prophetic changes are instigated within you and will make their outworking obvious. So, when you do attempt to let it be known the kingdom of heaven is at hand, as your Master said 2000 years ago, underline the very principle that he taught, that the kingdom of heaven is within, that the expression of the great changes to come emerges from the well of deep relationship you have with the Father. That is all that is needed, that this be recognized. Your fellows may not seek the inner dialogue and not recognize this potential. It may appear as an event that will rise up and overcome them, but it is an event that will rise up and come from them. - Malvantra


Faith is like a lifeline into the realms of peace. As you exercise your faith, you bring higher peace, security, and trust into the present moment. The spirit filled mortal calmly watches as earthly things crumble, secure in the knowledge that Father has something greater in store. To some, it may seem that the spirit filled person is oddly detached, and this can be interpreted as being out of touch or cold, but instead, she empathizes with the suffering of others even while gradually letting go of her earthly suffering as it is not required any more. Also, the spirit filled mortal is untouched by worldly success for she knows success and failure are both obstacles to be dealt with and surmounted. - Ham

Stillness & Silence

When you are in stillness, the Father speaks in silence, for much that you understand in mind, that you feel in your heart, is amplified through this receptive state. There isn't a need to further instruct when you are so positioned to receive His presence. It is this acknowledgment of God that energizes your soul, that illuminates your mind. So, your time alone in this soul chamber is the time for this eternal embrace where words are unnecessary.

It is upon this foundation of stillness that the activities of growth build into service. The rush to attain can distract the seeker from the subtle foundation residing within. Every painting begins with a white canvas, every song with silence. You have rightly discerned our encouragement to be willing and active. You are also encouraged to be willing and receptive. One direction results in its reciprocal aspect coming to fruition. - Lantarnek


Life is too short to require that your love be coaxed from you or that you should require love from another before your love is released. Love others with an open heart, enjoy the feeling of loving. Others will come to you in time, people that you are meant to share a deep bonding with. But always throughout your lives, the most joy producing thing you can do is to love another person. You see, you really are brothers and sisters. Love each other with that unconditional surrender of feeling as you would your closest sibling and in this you will find the richness and joy of living. - Ham

Gender & Difference

Speaking of gender, I would like to mention DNA and its double helix quality. You expressed the untangling of confusion on this world regarding the sexes.You will come to an understanding of your mutual support for each other and from each other as this spiraling helix does for you all genetically. One without the other and there is no life; without each of you there is no life. You are to be seen as standing equal in a dynamic which will contribute to progress. It will never be static. Always will you culturally benefit from the oscillation back and forth with the traits that are more dominant in one and traits that are more dominant in the other as this provides forward movement. - Elyon

On Paradise you will better understand the unification of these seemingly different dimensions much as you will there understand the oneness of matter and spirit. - Will


The path begins wide for any seeker with detours that are taken to investigate options, but the more one proceeds as an earnest seeker of divinity, choices become clarified, and the need to veer off course to explore grows less while your experience becomes greater. In this way the path narrows as a result of continued choosing for you have settled on your internal compass heading, and pursue only that direction. So, it becomes a straight and narrow path because that which is not true to course simply falls away from lack of being considered. These decisions, made from moment to moment, create a clearer path, easier to walk as there is less uncertainty with each step, more and more conviction with greater faith in your compass heading and true direction. - Light

Growing with Uncertainty

As you make the effort to grow, you will encounter uncertainty. It is a natural part of the process, for it would not be growth with certainty as that would be the expression of prior attainment. In order to proceed through your incomplete grasp to reach another stage; you are applying faith, and your are displacing fear. As you walk this path, it becomes clearer to you that what you have grown into before is expediting where you are going to now. It has a momentum effect like a snowball. - Elyon

Light & Life

Light is revelation - life is evolution, and you are the meeting of these two. You have discerned that this light is the presence of God in you, this inner spiritual luminosity transmuting into mindal enlightenment, becoming that light which so shines that it blesses all others.

Light is, has been, and will be always. Life is creation becoming the reflection of light, this pure, unadulterated luminosity of God animated, directionalized, and refracted through us. This is the way for he desires to experience the full spectrum in the display of luminosity. - Elyon

Becoming Real

The inward path is the movement towards true reality. The more spirit-led, the more real you become. Many are afraid to choose this because they feel it will change them, and it certainly will, but change to what? Your childish notions find you thinking you must be like Mother Theresa, you must give up worldly goods, never have desire for sexual pleasure, or never want finer things in life. To all these images, I say let go of them.

What does God offer you along this path? That you find joy in all of life. There are gifts in physical pleasures, there are gifts in material things that bring you joy and happiness. There is wonderful joy in relationships. All of these are given to you, but this change will bring you more love, peace, joy, happiness, patience, and understanding. These are the fruits of spirit. All else is childish teaching of those who do not understand. - Welmek

Love's Creativity

One of the most useful pursuits you can share together is an examination of what it means to love, not to come to a consensus, but rather to see the vast range of ways in which genuine love can be expressed…What you are doing is inherently creative. Learning expressions of love is always the most creative of acts. Usually, there are times in any creative process where it seems to break down, yet if you push through, knowing that success can be had, you will come out into the excitement of the deeper creativity that is only had after the initial difficulties are overcome. Persistence and dedication are powerful creative tools. Do not fear the outcomes, for you are most certainly in the hands of God. Yet also, do not cease and weary of the important lessons in coming to understand one another ever better. - Machiventa

The Journey

You are on a marvelous journey, but sometimes you travel through the scratchy grass where stinging bugs seem to thwart your way. Hold one another’s hands and look to the snowy mountain above the jungle. You are going there, and you will help one another. The grasses will continue to lacerate until you are older and stronger, but help one another to salve the wounds, even when you are sometimes the apparent cause of one another’s wounds. Learn forgiveness, patience and forbearance, for these are some of the watchwords of love. Remember that inside each of you lives the very heartbeat of God's love, and it will never fail you, indeed, always guiding you in your path. With such guidance, and a universe of support, you cannot fail. - Machiventa

Threshold Generation

You are the Threshold Generation. Those of you who manage to be brave and willing to open your eyes to see and your hearts to know, will own a personal history of such deep meaning and value, such intricate and beautiful contrasts, that you will as a natural consequence, be subjected to much honor, respect, and loving curiosity among the citizens of the Universe, who watch even now with intense interest your future history as it begins to unfold.

Let us give you comfort of heart, for in the big picture of reality, you are rising above the limitations of your world, rising above against unique, extreme conditions, that will give you a brand of courage forged so deep and so true that there is not compare. In your beautiful breaking hearts, seek the One Source of hope and joy that assures your success who can indeed embrace and heal all. - Unknown

Shadows of Truth

Truth lives forever though we may know it here only in fragments, in partial shadow, or in lines that fade and grow dark. The truth of our one Source lives forever and is true for all time. Of this truth, we may see only a pinpoint of light the blazing glory of which is His limitless being, yet that pinpoint of light is our guidance, our hope, and the source of our destiny for truth is an experience of the soul. It is that knowing sense of identification with reality, that shock of affirmation, and a quiet glow of wisdom. It is a light that banishes darkness and where there is no shadow. - Ham


Service is not about convincing someone that your perspective is correct. It is about touching your brothers and sisters with love. …A closed mind will never permit you to explain a different scenario; however, there is no mind so closed that selfless service cannot flow love over any barrier between you. - Will

Turmoil & Laughter

The nature of growth is that on its cutting edge there is turmoil, for here newness exists as an experiential unknown. Once assimilated, it is then possible to know the relief of humor in reviewing what was once a great and fearsome struggle. - Daniel

Planetary Transition

Your world is making a transition between the time when might made right and when right will be valued for its own sake. Your people have not cherished righteousness, but power, so your nations do likewise. You are going through a time when people are recognizing the need for global restructuring, and will, when presented with positive leadership, respond and actually recreate the political structure of your world. But, all these things must be done in an entirely positive manner. There can be no stick, only carrots in the future world order.

It is good that your nation is going through a soul searching time now for the truth is its own power. The truth doesn't need money. The truth doesn't need self-gratification. When you find leaders among you who will represent the truth in its purity, you will find that corruption will fall away of its own. There is no area of your world where there is not corruption now, in the churches, in your educational system, your political system, all your businesses, everything. So, look well within your hearts and seek divine aid to purge the elements of corruption that exist there. - Ham


Memory is one of the most important functions of mind, for it is the seat of identity, the history of your experience. You have three types of memory: short-term, long-term, and soul memory. The first type, short-term, is mainly used to allow you to function in time-space, to navigate your environment, to experience the ‘moment to moment’ passage of time. This first type can be thought of as a filter for what will be filed in the long-term and soul-memory.

The second type, long-term, is the storage house for significant events, relationships, and moments that are passed on from the short-term memory and retained as part of a library of comparative experience that you will draw from when making decisions about new experiences and how you will process them – the ability to learn, adapt, and grow wisdom. These are the memories that contribute to your personality growth.

The significant events, relationships, decisions, and experiences that contribute to the perfection of the human personality are recognized by the indwelling spirit as having eternal value and will be routed to the third type of memory – soul-memory, which is ‘set aside' so to speak, or ‘counter-parted’ by the spirit. These memories of eternal value are the treasure of an ascendant personality for they are the building blocks of the soul and will become the ‘new child’ of the universe in the hereafter. - Ophelius


While in the physical world, you will want and need a certain degree of satisfaction and success. This is natural, but you must lessen these expectations, allowing your focus of perfection hunger to transfer from without to within. As you do, you will live your life with greater poise balancing the material and spiritual, the inner and outer life. This is part of the secret, the mystery of learning to walk day by day in balance while learning to live and love and living to love and learn. - Welmek

Stillpoint of Peace

Peace is something you can bring into your life from the stillness that is a great help in gaining the balance in your life that you seek. All of you in your quiet time reach that point of peace, that area of conscious contact with God within that is quiet, calming, and peaceful. You can bring this same feeling of peace into your lives throughout the day by just refocusing, recommitting, rededicating yourselves at various times. When things seem to well up around you, where fears are threatening to engulf you, take a moment, draw one or two deep breaths, remember, God is within you, and bring the stillness into that moment. You will be surprised at how the fears, the problems seem to die down and how suddenly you have perspective that was not there before. This is expanding God-consciousness and bringing his peace into your hearts more and more frequently. - Ham

Glow of Joy

True joy is not ecstatic shouting from mountain tops. It is the quiet glow of living in acceptance of God's loving embrace. Joy pervades the entire being and does not come and go like the wind but is steady and quiet like a warm glowing ember. - Ham

Soul's Whisper

You are but a soul's whisper away from the great Source of love who dwells within you. - Aaron

Restoration of the Heart

We have set sail upon living waters restoring this earth to her proper place in the universe, but it needs the co-operation of its inhabitants to wake up and spread the good news that things are not real as they appear in the present world-view. This outward chaos is necessary to correct the insanity of over-much left brain thinking. Left and right brain are not separate from each other. They are created equal with each having their specific functions needing integration through play. Thinking and creativity go hand in hand through connection with the heart resulting in the balance of harmony. - Unknown


As we mature in our spiritual progression, as we move from human to divine understanding and gain greater insights, we are also learning that the word love denotes an ever-greater and expanding reality approaching cosmic manifestation. Indeed, we are beginning to understand that love is more a matter of the will than it is a matter of feelings. It is possible for us to choose to love. Our mortal flesh follows suit then with feelings that we would ordinarily call affection.

Love is an attitude, an intention of service toward our brothers and sisters. Love is the desire to do good to others, and when it is wholly sincere, it will result in actions. You see, if love was based upon feelings, it would be limited only to those we feel comfortable with and whom we approve of. When our Master entreated us to love our enemies, he transcended the realm of feeling in terms of a door of entrance. If we are commanded to love our enemies and love were based upon our feelings, this would be absurd and impossible, but we are indeed enjoined to love our enemies, therefore logically and truly, this love is not ultimately or even initially a matter of warm, fuzzy feelings. To love our enemies is to be God-like and to recognize that the status of 'enemy' is in large part a perceptive category. When we love an 'enemy', we think to ourselves, what good could I desire for this other person? What could I pray for, wish for, and even possibly help effect that would be in the best interest of this, my 'enemy'? To love another then is a matter of intention, a matter of attitude.

Love takes no account of worthiness before the bar of judgmental human nature. Love is patient and kind. It is not paranoid. It does not imagine evil about other people but always expects the best, and as Paul so beautifully stated, love never fails. Love is the attitude of God. It is the essence of God's nature. It was out of God's loving heart that he decided to create the worlds of time and space because he desired to share his nature, his existence, his joy, with other personalities. Love begets love. It creates new opportunities. Love rejoices in diversity and in the expansion of reality. Love is never self-centered, never scraping, stingy, rude or abrupt. Love expands to embrace all others therefore love is the greatest thing, the greatest reality in the universe.

Knowledge is constantly expanding, and that which is superseded falls away like scaffolding. Our expectations for the future are imperfect and will be fulfilled in ways greater than we can imagine, but love remains the staple, the foundation, the quest, and the eternal prize. - Ham

Kissing God

To kiss the face of God is to recognize the dynamic nature of individual interaction and shared vulnerability and intimacy. Where spirit meets the willing personality is in the daring efforts of realizing the commonness between individual wills. This may seem vast in scope, but in reality your comprehension of personal relations with God is greatly amplified in your willingness to interact with other personalities.

Your inward relationship to God cannot sustain you in an empty plane, for the Divine requires your interactions and reactions to your environment for its working in your life. To know God on an island, all alone, holds no torch to the recognition of God in the vast sea of humanity where you must not only interpret your inner leadings, but recognize the outward manifestations of that same Source as it is personalized in other individuals. - Aaron

Being Here Now

There is a form of judgment reflecting the attitude that "I am not enough, or what I am doing is not good enough." You must realize that you are exactly perfect in your realm of imperfection for this moment in your journey. From the perspective of spirit, you are perfectly positioned exactly where you need to be to take your next step. - Ham

Prosperity & Happiness

For many, prosperity and happiness are held as goals and not realities in the now time. You all strive for increasing prosperity and increasing happiness and forget that as you are now is where these things are existing. The ideal of prosperity is found in this inner realm just as surely as peace is there. When you focus intensively on the outer world, on the future, on striving and planning, you can, and often do, lose balance with the inner world where all things are and are now. The prosperity you are seeking, the happiness that seems to lie in the future does not lie there at all. It is only within that these things can ever be realized. - Ham

Great & Small

In truth as in all things, the great is made up of the small. Each human being has a myriad of decisions to make every day, and it is in these small decisions that the path to God is taken. There are no kingly roads, there is no easy path for the small things are the hardest to change such as whether you offer assistance to this person or smile upon that person. This is the way forward. - Ham


It is true that your natural compassion goes out to those who are most like you who are experiencing tribulation. This, however, becomes perverted in the ethnocentric human reaction of compassion for "us" and hatred toward "them" which is the lynch pin for all warlike aggression that human beings engage in.

When human beings break through that barrier and find compassion for the other within themselves, the structure on which oppression and racial hatred crumbles. Indeed, once hearts are moved to compassion, the rationale and the justification for war and oppression falters and fails.

Compassion is the door through which love can flow. It is that initial identification, that initial impulse to love, that opens the door to all love and all understanding. Once there is compassion for another, there soon develops understanding, and once there is understanding, it soon ripens into love. - Ham


Union with God is, in the eternal scale of things, an event just now at your fingertips. At least this is true subsequent to making the supreme decision regarding your relationship with God and the service of his love. With this decision behind you though, there is a whole new array of adjustments to be made. These are numerous, and, in a sense is like this: prior to your supreme choice your spiritual progress is like a jigsaw puzzle where all the parts are still in the box and all the potential is there for attainment. Your supreme decision is equivalent to spilling the pieces out onto the table.

Now begins a great process of assembly. Yet, without opening the box, none of the adjustments could be made. To have lifted the lid is the most important thing and begins the inevitable attainment of union, that of assembling, perceiving, and in this case, becoming that big picture. This is an event of eternal consequence, and its time orientation is insignificant relative to the eternal ramifications. Diligent and careful work in cooperation with God brings the event nearer at hand. Your hankering for this will in no way bring you any closer to the event itself, but your alignment with truth, your love for beauty, and your living goodness will go further in bringing about this event than merely wanting it.

The assembly of this puzzle has many events of enjoyment as you begin to discern fragments of this picture you are becoming, and clarity begins to dawn on you as to how it is going to emerge. These epiphanies are multiple and quite fulfilling. Emergence of the actual picture signals completion.

Afterwards, you will be faced with a completely new horizon, one that you are more greatly endowed with divine power to attain, but one that, though rising out of your past experience, is now based upon an entirely new reality, your union with God. This could be likened to returning to the store and walking aisles in search for which of the many greater and more complex puzzles you will open next. Seeking God before this union is a different undertaking than it will be afterwards. Then you will note that the undertaking stretches over far, far greater periods of time than the one prior to union. This is why I tell you it is now at your fingertips. - Lantarnek

Flying Mud

Renewal is like the cycle of the wheel when it leaves the road and rises back to the top of the revolution, picking you up and preparing you for the next episode. Conversion is when you head back down the rotation to meet a new event on your path to Paradise. The personality moves forward in this process in spite of the fact that it has never, itself, turned over. All else that makes up your being is in constant movement that propels you forward.

God's presence is much like the fork of a bicycle that guides you towards Him on Paradise. When you waver, He endeavors to bring you back into balance. Each of you has made the Supreme decision. Now your wavers are minute; it is unlikely that any of you will ever fall over. All that is left is for those spiritual corrections where the weights are placed upon the rim to perfectly balance your wheel.

Here on Earth you are learning simple things like how to inflate the tire, how to prepare it for motion, how to stand upright. The one thing we ask of you all is that you remove the fenders of your wheel and let the mud fly. Let the truth and the goodness and beauty you experience be flung far and wide. - Elyon


On the higher spheres throughout the universe, you will experience great focus as all beings will have the same directed perspective about their daily activities. You will experience a foretaste of Paradise as people work through their growth experiences contributing to one another in concert. Here on Earth, much of life appears like a symphony tuning up before the classic piece begins. It appears so disharmonious and random and scattered. The condition of the world today in the end will contribute to immense faith on your part. Your experience of finding a tune for yourself among all the clatter will carry with you into the stretches of eternity and will reward you again and again, age upon age. So, even though within the year or the next you still struggle with these conflicts, rest assured of your eventual triumph. You will attain your desired goals, but this assurance should never foster complacency. It does require hard work. - Elyon

Divine Justice

Divine justice insures the consequences of hurtful actions are not things like childish pictures of hell. No, but there is certainly what would be called the psycho-spiritual experience of going through the fear and suffering of the victim(s) that any person has caused. - Ham

Flow of Compassion

To a believing and trusting soul, all things are possible with God. Allow yourself the peace that comes with a greater understanding of the unconditional love which is beginning to flow. Do not stifle this flow in your need to ‘fix’ others.

Each is allowed to walk his or her own path, never mind how destructive it may seem to you. Only God knows all the facts. Ask for discernment and wisdom in all things, but be ruled by loving compassion.

A few words thoughtfully and prayerfully spoken do more good than a lot of words spoken in the heat of emotion. - Anonymous


Opposites are really the manifestation of a singularity under different circumstances. Visualize, if you will, a point with two rays going out in an angle, the further from the point, the rays are further apart from each other.

Contrast is the means by which truth is absorbed and it is also the means by which ideals are formed. All of the subtlety in life's meanings grow from basic contrasts. All of your values are forged in this fiery furnace.

Here in the evolving outskirts of the universe, the duality seen in everything, good and evil, light and dark, is greatest. As you progress inward towards the Source, these distinctions are less extreme until finally all is absorbed into a oneness that is good, beautiful, and true. - Ham


As concentric circles from a stone tossed into a pond radiates energy outward from the center, so too does the intention of God within you. It is natural, it feels right. Intentionality imposed from without trying to converge upon your heart is unnatural. This is the lesson of the “should’s and ‘thou shalt’s.” You spend many of your formative years learning behaviors which are motivated externally. The crucial lesson of spirituality is to reverse the flow of motivation and intentionality from an external basis to an internal, spirit-guided, basis. - Andirondeck


Because of the imperfection of the evolutionary state of the Universe, truth will appear in places that you do not expect, gems of truth shall be found in the midst of very muddy and dirty surroundings. It is wise to seek the good in every situation and in every person rather than fixate on that which is negative, or what you perceive as negative. - Daniel


Learn to wait upon God. Learn to give him your attention. Above all, learn to bring him in to your mind at all times, not just times of need or times of meditation. Little by little you will notice his presence. Just be open to that presence. You don’t need to be a master at prayer and meditation – just willing, just open. Once you have made your decision to place your hand in his, he will guide you, he will comfort you, he will give you the outlook and the attitude you require to tackle any problem. His love never wavers. It is steady, calm, and complete. You need do nothing to deserve it. Your responsibility is only to receive. - Ham


In being a rose in the Father's garden, in giving of a genuine fragrance of good will, you will always understand, as will they who know "a rose is a rose is a rose" also has a thorn, and there is a purpose therein. But you do not have to lead with your thorns, you do not have to threaten or demand that others look good and deny their own thorns….When you are of good cheer, and when you are in a situation of being pricked by thorns, look to see if you have gotten too close to someone's rose. Withdraw into the fragrance of the stillness and sustaining power of creation within you for the poise of your own fragrant manifestation of God's beauty. - Tomas

Choosing Consciousness

Choosing consciousness happens moment by moment. When the Master taught the better ways of living through his mortal life, he in essence was teaching us how to reach higher levels of consciousness. When someone slaps you across the cheek and your consciousness is flooded with shame and anger, your impulse is to strike back. If you elevate your consciousness to the awareness of God's love and his mercy towards all his children, then the response is to ignore all those lower animal feelings, to feel instead love for this erring sibling and to offer the other cheek, to do the positive thing. This response goes against all of the millions of years of animal evolution that you are carrying with you. This response is truly revolutionary in your world and will change it completely. - Ham

Change Point

Natural disasters do bring people together for a specific function and purpose. Mankind needs to open up to the possibility that you can come together to change the face of things and bring things into balance without being forced into it. It is choice, and it will come down to a majority of individuals choosing the correct choice for the possibility that life can be lived at a much higher level, not by any one individual but by the whole of all persons living together. The possibility exists and the choice is truly yours. You are at a point on the brink of no return. You still can make choices, but there are default mechanisms within the planet you live on which will begin to turn upon itself as if life didn't exist in order to bring itself into balance. - Machiventa

Deepest Desire

When your highest desire is to do the will of God, He, then gives you the desires of your heart, for your heart and His heart are united. - Daniel

Awakening Joy

As you grow proficient in practicing the presence of God, you will be able to bring his greater consciousness into all areas of you life in every moment. Here, what you find is simply joy. More and more, your mind is unburdened by the pressures, the worries, and small regrets of living. You experience peace that passes understanding as you infuse superconscious levels into your life. Furthermore, through this training be able to elevate your consciousness level at will. This, children, is the experience of actually living in higher planes of existence.

You realize that doing God's will is not so much a matter of his saying "you shall do this, go and do that", but that his will only exists in the now, and he will say "look at this beautiful opportunity", or "experience this beautiful person", or "experience this beauty and truth of my existence and of my manifestation". - Ham


Ascension is a series of decisions and rewards. Realize that the cost to you is always offset by the benefits you derive as a result of your commitments. There will come a time in your ascension when you directly correlate these rewards with the cost, and you will overshadow any cost with the appeal of the reward to be gained. As you become familiar with the certainty of this reward, you will look for opportunities to pay the cost. - Elyon


To encounter limitation brings an individual to a point where something must be done, yet equally the ability to do so is not present. The nature of the Supreme is to overlay experience with others' experiences such that every individual is enriched by the experiences of others. You can overcome hurdles and obstacles simply by taking in the fellowship of another, receiving their services, commingling your talents to step above any one particular shortcoming.

The realization that you are a child of the Father is a spiritual experience. The realization that you are part of the family of God is a Supreme experience. The Supreme seeks total enlargement of capacity to the extremes of finite possibility. Each of us is undergoing a microcosmic -- I would say imitation -- but each are a significant contribution of this Supreme process. - JansEl


Envy implies a lack within yourself that you perceive as being filled in the life of some other person. It is an illusion because it does not see the symmetry and beauty, the creative potential, and spiritual status of your true self, of your God-given personality. Envy implies a certain sense of injustice in the universe, that somehow you were not given some thing or some status, some aspect of life that you should have had. In a sense, it is an implicit criticism of God. It also is based on the false supposition that the outer world provides happiness and adds to the essential worth of an individual's soul.- Aaron


Very often in romantic love and in interpersonal relationships, parental-child love, child-parent love, there is an aspect of wanting good done to one's self. This is self-centered rather than other-centered. Very often there are numerous agendas for the other person mixed in. These are the individual's agendas for the other person not their agendas for themselves. It is in this sense that human love, or what is called love, is dependency based, in that one tries to get their needs met through the other person meeting these hidden personal agendas.This is different from desiring good for others; in that the good is very often defined and does not always allow for God's good in God's lessons to be taught in God's way and time. - Daniel


Resistance is a natural emotion among humans. As time goes by it appears mortals struggle and fight out of habit. Many are so used to resisting, so opposed to having their will impinged upon by others and/or circumstances. Yes, struggle is a part of human existence, but this lesson on resistance applies to your lack of willingness to meet struggles with an attitude of challenge.

More times than not mortals dwell in their troubles with an attitude of, 'why me?' And they may find it more natural to resist than to move through their troubles slowly, each step learning and accepting. Like children, who need certain medications or injections to fight disease do not understand the implications of the disease. They only know that the shot is painful. They would rather resist than to take a deep breath and relax and receive this pain that will benefit them in the long run.

Yes, struggle at many things you will, but I ask you to ask yourself, is this resistance appropriate? Am I closed to a lesson God might be trying to give me? I ask you during your next struggle take a deep breath and relax and consider that the pain will benefit you in the long run. - Abraham


To shift your consciousness from the material mindset to the spiritual mindset is the purpose of mortal life. Because you live on such a backward planet, you have more opportunities for the kind of decisions that produce true soul growth. - Daniel


Anything, any one thing that you would put ahead of your relationship with God, that is an obstacle. And, if you continue to put that one thing ahead of your most important relationship, you will undoubtedly become more and more unhappy instead of what God's will is which is to become more and more happy and content. - Ham

Thriving in Uncertainty

Like learning to swim, the child is first anxious in the water until he learns to use his own strength and his own mind to swim or to dive or to float in the water. Uncertainty is the water. It is the excitement that allows you to propel yourself forward. Some day all of you will learn to thrive on uncertainty. - Ham


Relish the joyful moments to let the spirit luminosity of God warm your heart and the times of exhilaration and enthusiasm, but likewise console yourselves that difficulty and frustration are indicators of progress, not signs of stagnation. Indicators of stagnation are apathy, lack of concern for your standing. Frustration is a wholesome indicator that you desire to progress. - Malvantra

Thought and Mind

Your thought is but a reflection; it is not the light yet is a reflection of the light of your Father dwelling within this same mind. This reflection, of course, you and your fellows call your thought. It is also a reflection of your experience, the focal area of its appearance gathered in your mind for its subsequent use, infused then by our Father’s light, nurtured and enhanced by the presence of many ministering spirits. This image who you are becomes the image of who you will be by the joint efforts of those participating in this moment with you.

You have begun to sense how your mind is pervaded by the presence of many that you do not see, but nonetheless discern you are not alone, nor is any. It is in this arena of mind where is gathered the collective experience of yours and many, even all, but focused in the frame of your personal reference. You may use it as you will. It is truly a gift for you to work with, and the greater mind is one who enjoins the presence of many in this labor that is our love. So mind moves well beyond the merely material focus of its efforts though these too have their place, but the glory of mind is the glory of God working in and through it. - Tomas

Memory in Time and Eternity

The mind is able to traverse both time and space, so you are somewhat free of these constrictions. Due to certain actions of your indwelling spirits, some of you have had quite extraordinary experiences. Your spirit is not constrained by either time or space in any way. This good spirit can be simultaneously on the higher worlds, and with you. He can be on Paradise and with you at the same time. He is also present in your past and in your future, at once. He can bring forward important memories, very vividly, when they serve his purpose. For he can project the life that is to come in a few years, or in a thousand years, should is suit his purpose.- Ham


Spiritual vision has little to do with material eyes, but is seen with the heart and felt by the soul. - Abraham


On the higher worlds, lessons in spiritual vision are few, for you see, students there are without the hindrance of material form. Spiritual vision is quite natural and not labored over as a positive spiritual trait. It just is. You, however, have experienced spiritual blindness and spiritual vision. You are knowing of the contrast, and I say this is of great value.

Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. Liberty is a benefit bestowed by spiritual vision. To view yourselves and others with your new vision you are released from the bonds of human judgment. There is liberty in the everyday mortal living when you are at ease to be your true selves. There is also liberty for those that you view with your new eyes. There is a comfort in being with one who possesses not judgment, but love and complete acceptance. Do you see, when you choose to be spirit led, obtain spirit vision, view all personalities as children of God, you are freeing yourself to be just that, yourself? - Abraham


Compassion is a tenderness of heart, it is a willingness to be emotionally touched by another, a willingness to extend one's emotional self toward another and receive emotion in return. Becoming increasingly compassionate, therefore, entails becoming progressively fearless of one's own emotions. If you are afraid of feeling your own emotional state, you will be afraid of feeling another's.

All that you are, all the imperfection, all the sides which are less than perfect, are part of everyone and it's all there to be integrated and exalted. Most of the things you think of as faults are not necessarily so. As you judge others, you show evidence that you have judged yourself. Therefore, be fearless of your emotions, let them come. Be fearless of your memories, let them also come and grow then in your ability to love other people because you have grown in your ability to love yourself. Be understanding and compassionate with your own inner life and you will be better able to be compassionate with others. - Ham

Creative Dreaming

In the dream-state, the mind can become focused and clear, and one can choose the ending of one’s undesirable dreams. Through self-discipline towards self mastery, life can become a very interesting journey indeed.

You can hold a question in your mind before going to sleep, sleep on it, and then dream mindfully and trust that the deep mind has all the answers, as it can also access the unified field where all thoughts are formed, and creation happens. - Unknown


You humans tend to believe what you see with your eyes, and doubt what you feel with your heart. We desire the opposite -- to believe what you feel with your heart, with your soul, and doubt what you see with your eyes. Faith means to believe in something so real that all the evidence, all the sensory evidence to the contrary, cannot dissuade you from the truth that you know with your soul. So you must discern the words of truth with the method that can best do that, with your soul, with your heart. - Ham


What does it mean to be heroic or to live your life with a brave confidence? You can be heroic every day by not allowing fear to intrude and force decisions. When you allow yourself to be forced into an action or decision through fear, you have renounced the heroic prerogative given to everyone.

It is heroic to face the full consequences of one’s actions. It is heroic to grasp for that which is slightly out of reach and causes discomfort in your life. It is heroic to leap into the unknown with the full trust that your needs will be cared for by the God who has given you life. It is truly heroic to always choose the greatest good that you can perceive.

It takes great courage to live one’s life with one’s heart exposed to the world. A hero is not heroic by protecting himself, he is heroic by exposing himself. You are all involved in various degrees of self-exposure and continuous self-revelation. The test comes, of course, when you have rejection experiences or experiences where that self exposure puts you at some risk. When these tests come, will you continue to believe in yourselves? Will you continue to take those faith steps that require even greater self exposure?

Think of the Master’s life. And in his last days when he was deserted, alone, humiliated, tortured, and finally put to death. That is the ultimate faith. By his will he could have stopped any part of that chain of events. But he chose rather to follow the Father’s will, mysterious, unclear, and allow the natural outworkings that had been set in motion to occur.

The Father’s hand is with you through the many circumstances in life which bring the real challenges of life. Trusting him is not something which comes with the easy way. Trusting him comes out of trust and faith overcoming fear. And each time this happens, your soul is strengthened, and indeed your entire self grows in maturity and understanding of life. Therefore, be heroic in your attitude toward living. Welcome the challenges of the harder way, and build your faith that the Father’s hand triumphs over everything else. - Ham


The person of faith lives not by the ups and downs of life, the person of faith lives by that faith touch of God which sustains and feeds their true spiritual hunger. Their life may take many roads, many detours, reach many highs and many lows, but through all this, through all the sorrows and all the disappointments that discourage those without the spirit, the person with faith becomes happier. And this increasing happiness is directly proportional to their living faith contact with the God who lives within. - Ham

Astral Travel

Astral travel is not unlike this process of transmitting and receiving. To be projected into a higher realm, from the terrestrial perspective, is accomplished through several techniques. Firstly, your Indwelling Spirit has immediate and direct connection to Paradise at the center of all things and, given the quality of being that this Father Fragment is, it has access to perception and knowledge and other beings throughout the entire universe. Because of this reality you can experience traveling.

For the beginner this experience is local. You as a personality may not travel far, only far enough to express your acceptance and willingness to experience such an activity, and the Father will meet you the rest of the way with the vision and the projection from the Thought Adjuster. Those who have made great strides in personality balance and in personal centeredness can experience actual travel to other universe locations in the custody of the Divine Spirit.

The importance of all this is for you to understand that the realm of your being is much grander and far more extended than simply your body, your mind, and the makeup of your character. Your lines of connection, your range of influence, extend into the mind circuits and, through the Father's Presence, is capable of a vast universe reach. We encourage you to reach to the higher realms, for it is in the reaching that you attain the skills and abilities not only to travel but to assist other beings in accomplishing tasks of ministry and healing for others. - Elyon

Reflective Inquiry

A child asks why about everything. As a child grows and begins accepting everything the way it is, without question, he loses his sense of wonder as well as his sense of fairness and accepts the status quo without question and just does his best to get by like everybody else. Those who keep asking why are those who give to society, who can dare to imagine things being different. They are the people who challenge the rest of society to question. Maybe this can be better? Maybe the world can be a better place?

So, take your reflection time, think about things. Think about who you are and how the world is, how society is, how nature is, and ask why. Don't give up on the big questions, leaving them for others. The big questions are yours, the big questions belong to everyone. The wonder of life need not be pushed aside and trampled under foot in the rush to conformity. Take a step back and reclaim the wonder you felt as a child at the world. Reclaim the why's.- Ham

Becoming Perfect

So how do you become who you are; how do you begin to take those steps? One must access with faith until one stops believing and starts knowing that what is within is what is. When the Father said to "Be perfect, as I am perfect," He meant that literally, not as an ideal, but as a practical way of being, and this is his plan for you - to bring you into who you are becoming; to gradually bring the whole world and all of its people into harmony. Harmony starts with one note. Each of you has a note. All of those notes…and there you have it. - JarEl

Rejecting God

When you reject feelings of love for a person, you reject that part of God that is projecting love to you and through you.- Ham

Mirror Exercise

Look at yourself in the mirror and say to yourself, "I love you, you are wonderful just the way you are". Do this every day this week and we will discuss it next week. Any others who are feeling blocked in the areas of self-love and self-acceptance, do this as well. If you have trouble looking at yourself in the eye and saying "I love you, you are wonderful", if this causes you to laugh or causes you discomfort, you know there is a ways to go. This is an exercise designed to bring things to the surface. It's a cleansing exercise.

You must come to a point where you are ready to give up your fears for in a strange way, these fears are a comfort. So, like a child who is gradually weaned, you must learn to enjoy the solid foods of existence, the realities of love and joy and happiness; letting go of the child's security blanket that serves no purpose. - Ham


You have come far in self-acceptance, but naturally, it is still difficult to accept your father and his imperfect love and this is impeding your own self- acceptance. So again, allow the Father's love, your real Father's love, to merge with that small and imperfect love that your father was able to give you. Allow the Father's perfect love to heal and to replace those areas where love was missing. Know that you are a beloved child of the infinite, eternal God. You are loved just as much as if you were his only child. As you grow in your acceptance of this love, you will grow in your ability to accept others and to accept their love, however imperfect it may be, for his perfect love makes up for all the rest. - Ham


Think of God as the purest water, vital, nourishing, crystal clear. Now consider yourself as water not necessarily of this quality. To become more like God, you must empty yourself and let God fill you with his perfectly clear, and nourishing water. - JarEl

Goodness and the Soul

Goodness feeds the soul. The soul during your physical life is incubating; it is in the womb. Every act of goodness brings nourishment to the soul that it may grow in health. When the soul is born, you reap the rewards of your acts of goodness on the higher levels. You invested in a healthy, strong, and well developed soul that is capable and ready for the ascension. The reward for acts of goodness in this life is often more for those to whom you have given in kindness and in love and in ministry. The rewards received by oneself are often reflections back from these whom you have served. - Lantarnek


Choosing to experience the whole human adventure comes complete with joy and despair. Be not surprised when adversity befalls you. Choose to take the challenge as an opportunity to be a light from God. In adversity we find what really matters. We find how important love is and how unimportant deadlines are. We find money to be useless, and family and friends to be priceless. In adversity we find God, we feel the realness of our mortal path. - Abraham


There is a quality of spiritual light which allows an individual to perceive spirit. In the same sense that the light from your sun allows you to perceive what you term physical reality, the light within you, gives and sheds a spiritual dimension into your material thought patterns, your psycho-emotional observations, your felt-sense of being. As your perception of spiritual light increases, there is an ever deepening connection to spirit. As your own spiritual light begins to accumulate, begins to grow brighter and more noticeable, you are able to discern beings of light. Your ability to perceive these beings is not determined by their light, it is determined by your own light, by the spiritual access you have engendered within your own soul and personality.

Spirit is real. Unlike natural light which illuminates the surface, spiritual light illuminates the depths. You are able to see within yourself with spiritual light. Sunlight may show you pimples and hair follicles; skin color and texture. Spiritual light will show you your confusion, conflict, what it is within which needs to be addressed. It will even show you how to address these things. Spiritual light has depth perception and quality of observation. Spiritual light can let you see all the way to Paradise.- JarEl


Is there a difference between what you do and how you do it? Is there a difference between who you are and who you are becoming? Are you finding that you are becoming more real in a spiritual sense and less real in a material sense? Are you finding that things which held value and meaning are beginning to shift in your life? Are you beginning to embrace more things which you are led to, which you don't quite understand? Are you beginning to fall in love with the unfamiliar, the unsure, the uncertain? Is your curiosity beginning to pique? Are you exploring within? - JarEl


God reveals himself one part at a time. One little part which has tremendous ramification within your own psychic self. You can spend a whole lifetime learning just one aspect of God and becoming that one aspect. It is when all of these particular individual and personal aspects of God which each one of you discover, begin to manifest this in your lives, that the sense of God begins to form into dimension and depth. When the dimension of God begins to deepen, it forms a pattern; an incredibly beautiful woven and undulating pattern, capable of every quality and characteristic of combination and form that is possible. The fabric is also a metaphor. The Supreme, in a sense is this fabric, the pattern and design of each God knowing soul, expressing a unique and personal quality of Divinity. It is good to begin to glimpse, many of you probably already have. These glimpses motivate and move you forward. They are like spiritual experiences. They show you possibility. - JarEl

Mind at Play

There is a time in the normal and healthy cycle of the mental environment that you let your mind be at play, to free associate, to not be concerned over evaluative judgments of worth, to let the activity of mind be restful. In doing so, you will discover rising to the surface previously unconsidered ideas that you would not have dredged up through a concerted and disciplined mental probing. So, I encourage you to be playful, to let the mind go, to let it romp in the playground. The musicians among you understand how often it is in the jam with other musicians that a new hookline appears that makes for a new song that is not necessarily discovered by deliberately sitting down to compose a hookline. The mind at play is the rearrangement of potentials. The mind at work is the application of potentials. The mind in stillness is an event that has no comparison. - Jessona

Feeling Beauty

Feel the beauty within yourself, the beauty within your soul and understand that you are creating beauty all around you, always. Let your art reflect that. - Ham


Make it known that we who are assigned to this world to bring you the message of Michael and the truths of the Father are not in any way pulling strings, working behind the curtains, to bring about some worldly event that would wake you up. Know in reality that this has been going on and will continue to go on all the time, in the sense that we will work every day at every hour to help you awaken. But we will not bomb the world with some sudden explosion of spiritual realization to shake you to awareness on any given day or at any specific time. To illustrate this principle I remind you that Michael's birth on this world which began the events of the new epoch were done quietly without the fanfare, without the cataclysmic upheavals, that is often so desired in human experience.- Malvantra

Flow of Spirit

You can read words in a book and speak and listen to another, but when you connect with spirit and sense its movement in your life, this is knowingness. You sense a clearing in the thick of the woods, you begin to discern the path right beyond the entanglement in which you perceive yourself at the moment. It is this glimpse, this sense of flow is an indication of the presence of spirit in your life. This is something you activate, opening yourself to this ever living, present, ever moving capacity of spirit whose desire is to come through you and express light as your life. It is your challenge to open up, to open the doors of your hearts and windows of your minds, to sense your oneness, and as a temple, rejoice allowing spirit to move through you. - JarEl

Supreme Integration

What you do, how you live in this life, effects the lives of all others, not only on this world, but upon every world, not only on this level of existence, but every level of existence. No one is alone, no one is unconnected to the whole. Remember, as you grow in the spirit, as you augment that which is holy in your lives, you are enriching the lives of all. - Ham

Fear and Anger

Fear is part of the animal level, the body mechanism, but all human beings have an equal opportunity to overcome this fear. Some people hold onto it without knowing that is what it is. Society has not understood that fear underlies many emotional responses, that fear and anger are essentially the same thing. When this is understood, great gains will be made. - Ham

Intelligent Life?

Q.- Is intelligent life here from some where else living on the planet?

A.- What I can share with you is that you may soon find the answers to these questions, but I can assure you that there are many who are closer than you think. There are many in the universe, even those who are in physical form as more advanced mortals who have developed the capacity to extend their lives and travel the spheres. This is possible in the service of God's will as all things are possible in service to our Source. It is the one activity which has yet to be procured on this world. Of all the activities that are familiar, the most important one is yet to be realized. In time much more will be revealed to you.

In time more will become clear as it opens and evolves in series of events on this world. This mission in particular is a personal spiritual mission, but there are many who are ready to establish sweeping social agendas. Yes, the world is ready, but this is something which is to evolve from within the consciousness of the beings on the planet. When the planet is ready to accept help, many things will begin to change. Just like when you yourself begin to accept the help given you, so you begin to change. - JarEl

Discerning Treasure

Truth is often found in muddy waters, in dirty circumstances, even as gems are retrieved from their more base surroundings. The spiritual circuitry, powered by love, can accomplish the separation of what is true, beautiful, and good from that which is dross, what are worthless stones, which is dirty water, like a filtering screen separates the gem from its surroundings. However, this filtering system does not make judgements about personalities, only about truth, beauty, and goodness. It is not your job to judge the worth of personality, yours, or anyone else's. Because we are all God's children, our worth is inherent. It is our job to exercise discernment regarding the various levels of truth, beauty, and goodness and to make choices for the highest levels of each. - Daniel

Communal Healing

You are literally the first generation to have the opportunity to actively commune with God from the healthy space of knowing you are perfectly loved by Him, just as you are. As you commune more and more regularly and receive His love directly, it will heal the wounds of not receiving the love you knew you should have had from your parents. God's love flowing through you now, wherein you can consciously acknowledge it, will fill you with compassion for your mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers of this generation and past generations. You will be able to see them through the eyes of God's Love, and you will transcend your own losses as you embrace and grieve for them as well as yourself. Seek the communion regularly and it will bring about this eternal healing I have just described. - Nebadonia

Song Celestial

There is a connection between the human soul and its indwelling spirit which gives rise to a notion of sound and color that the animal does not possess. Of all the things that humans do, they do them well with music. Music is used for the highest honor and worship of God, to express the sublime beauty of all nature, the harmony of spirit and the faith of all. Maybe you will live in a time when society's true heroes are its musicians, its songwriters, rather than their war heroes. Maybe you will begin to hear the song within your own soul and give voice to that song in your heart, the song waiting to be sung, the song which can garner the desire and faith of a world, the song that can bend a person's knee in humble emotion and the song that can burst forth the joy hidden in a human heart, joy for life, the beautiful gift of life and express this through song and music.

This world definitely has its own musical style, yet there have been a few in your recent history who have heard the celestial symphonic harmonies of Paradise attitude, of eternal notion and absolute fact. There must be a chance element of goodness which attracts one to the notion of Paradise, to the thought that somewhere in the universe is the heart of greatness, something that calls everyone homeward bound. So with the grace of angels and the love of God in your heart, may you continue to utter forth harmonic sounds, vibrations which echoes your spiritual birthright and destiny. - Gormon

Stillness Mirror

Consider the realm of your next life to be as a mirror, that as you grow now and look into that mirror, it will reflect back to you your future attainment. Just as you use a mirror in your daily life for grooming, to set yourself aright before you make your entrance into your daily affairs, use this spiritual mirror for grooming, for that perspective of oneself that you may adjust your tie, that you may straighten your hair, that you may reflect the spirit in your daily life. Stillness is sitting before this mirror. - Elyon

You should look into it often to see how your spiritual selves are appearing so that you may groom them for optimal performance. I would remind you at the same time that you, as budding spirit persons, will also be using this mirror to reflect outwards to others what it means to live a soulful life. Your individual lights will shine out, and the love of our Source will reflect off your mirror so that others may see and be attracted to life in partnership with spirit. The spiritual mirror is a two-way mirror, but if you will look at it closer, you will discover that indeed it is a three-way mirror. - Malvantra

Manifestation Triad

That which you feel you must acquire is in reality that which you need to unfold from within.

Application is the third leg in the balance of unfoldment and attainment. What you attain, you do so vitally, not theoretically. Unfoldment implies a certain degree of naturalness as would the opening of a bud into a full flower. Application implies that you put yourself to work, that you apply pressure of your own, that you exert. As you naturally unfold and as you deliberately apply, you will attain. Every attainment is a step in the ladder wherein you may continue to unfold and constantly apply yourself. - Jessona


Individuals who are struggling with issues of change show their greatest resistance just before their walls are breached, just before they capitulate and get past the barrier they have perceived in the change-challenge presented to them. Likewise, the resurgence of fundamentalism is a manifestation of awareness on the part of world religions to the need for change. In this sense, fundamentalism can be perceived as a defense mechanism trying to prevent the inexorable march of intellectual, spiritual, and social evolution. - Minearsia


It is easy to grow weary in one short life and wish that more change could come about, and when this happens on a large scale people are ready to embrace the apocalyptic, which says basically that there is not enough internal momentum to produce significant change from within and the only way is by an outside, dramatic event which will shatter its boundaries and definitions. - Minearsia

Haste for 'Now'

The more fully you enjoy the present moment, the less anxious you will be for the future because the "now" is found so satisfying. As you approach the end of your mortal lives, you discover that they seem to be but a few moments in length, and yes, as you grow beyond mortality, you will begin to appreciate what it means to have no boundaries in the future. One of the reasons mortals are in a hurry is they do not know the eternal, and must get it all done now, in this life, for the rest is only shadowy fantasy at best, but once your have tasted the reality of eternity as it intersects with your life now, it changes forever your attitude about being in a hurry. -Minearsia

Cover crops

Many times you have witnessed what you perceived to be progress upon the planet and then are disillusioned by what appears to be the destruction of that progress much like a field of produce that has gone to weed. Do not be concerned, for myself and many associated with me are often planting a cover crop that does appear to be robust and vigorous only to be plowed under. This is not disastrous; it is stepping toward Light and Life in a deliberate manner with purpose and intent. - Margul


Marriage is the bringing together of two people of different strains, different tensions so to speak, different readings on life. Some marriages dance, others plod along, some trod the same path but look east and west, separately. The most effective marriage is one in which two individuals, two different minds, learn how to communicate over great gaps of understanding.

Success in marriage is like the cloverleaf in highway engineering; several streams of rapidly moving goal-directed energies are brought together and allowed to mix, weave in and out, and in between each other, without mishap or the elimination of any one segment or member of the traffic. The "traffic" in marriage is many fold; family, career, self-fulfillment; fears, dreams, hopes, intentions; physical existence and insistence, death.

Divorce is the abortion of understanding, that is, misunderstanding that can not be bridged and a new route, or highway, must be taken. You liken it to a crash only because many do not let go in their minds, even as they move on in other ways. To sever such ties includes the ability to remain misunderstood. That is one purpose of prayer, to turn your misunderstandings over to God. - Legion

Emotional Healing

Often times spiritual growth requires emotional healing and this healing requires a willingness to accept the scars that have been inflicted during various points in your development. Realize that you don't need to bring others along with you, that it isn't necessary that these things be revisited with those who participated with you at an earlier time. You can experience healing by understanding and meeting those old experiences yourself and you must realize that your perspective on these things is different than the other people. Everyone has to go through this experience themselves and everyone has to find understanding for themselves in their own way, but be careful not to require something from someone who is not ready to give it to you because you will hurt yourself all over again. - Ham


Eventually, you come to realize that your highest loyalty must be to your highest experience and that highest experience is the love of God. When you come to focus your loyalty entirely on Him, then much of the social and personal problems you encounter are smoothed and melt away of their own accord. Truth in human experience is always partial. Loyalty to some truth as absolute has the potential to eventuate in evil if it is not love dominated. Loyalty to the person of God must become your supreme loyalty, the center around which the facets of your character are cut. - Ham

Bodies of Knowledge

Worldly knowledge is accumulated much like the landing of meteorites upon your world contributing to your land mass, but spiritual knowledge comes from within like the volcano releasing magma to form new land masses, even continents. Oftentimes the up-rush of spiritual realization is too hot to handle and can be upsetting to what appears to be your stable land forms, your settled opinions and concepts, but when the revelation is complete, you find that you have gained spiritually. There is more of you than prior to this time, and yet, it has emerged from within having already been part of you.

In the course of your growth, these continents of spiritual knowledge can clash, and like your earthquakes, can cause disruption as you learn to adjust and stabilize your diverse experiences. Just as worlds like yours have oceans that can be likened to your lack of vision, continents appear separated because of water, and you must explore to discover these new shores about yourself. However, as you find these new continents, you see more clearly how completely integrated are all the bodies of knowledge. - Elyon

Love & Understanding

Without understanding, love is not really possible, but there is a point beyond which you cannot understand the motivations of another or their experience of the world because you are not that other person, and yes, this can be a barrier to love if you let it. You must rather find that which you have shared, the experience, the understanding that you share together, and use that as you connection for love. The rest you have to take on faith. - Ham

Stepwise Progress

Every person living has tremendous potential. Each one has the potential to be absolutely incredible. You are all the creators of your lives. You are creating something new every single day and as you create this new you every morning, a little bit of the old you has to be put down.

Everything around you, everything within you is changing moment by moment. You are a different person, just a little, from when you walked in the door this evening. Each of you is growing and this is an actual reality that occurs in the moment through every single experience.

Everyone progresses step by step in the experience of unfolding. There are inner blossoms within you that are coming to the surface then breaking forth in beauty and wonder that surprise even yourselves.

Have patience. Walk a step at a time, but yes, set goals and follow the way the angels set forth. Sometimes it is a straight line toward a goal you envisioned early on, but often it is more of a sightseeing trip, where you gain many experiences and learn many things that you would not have otherwise. - Ham

Opening to Greatness

We are asking you to become conscious of who and where you are, and how you can move into what you are becoming in relationship with God's will and plan for regeneration and the rekindling of light of love, truth, beauty, goodness, happiness, smiles, fearlessness, art, music, play, dance; that the quality of life on Earth take on a different air; that it is not always recuperating and recovering from pain and suffering which has been its traditional legacy. Yes, the spiritual is here and now. You have the potential and capability to bring this into your lives today. Shift your attitudes and thoughts and open up to the possibility of greatness. - JarEl

A Manner

Many methodologies of thought have attempted to correlate experiences into a package with the intent of delivering to another the same experience of an inner awakening of the consciousness of the divine. The intentions are good and do lead others into a deeper search for God. However, due to the apparently infinite variety of personality, each experience will be different, and there is no one description. Many who cannot align with or adhere to a pattern of approach flounder in isolation. The expressive eye, the expressive tongue, are capable of validating another's experience through simple gestures unencumbered with a superstructure of intellectual thought. I remind you that it was the manner in which the Master looked upon a person that touched their soul more than the words that he uttered. - Elyon

Truth & Peace

Truth may create whirlwinds of disturbance for many suffer false truth, or, as I have said, consequently, false peace, but truth, even as it marches through the storms, truth will lead you to peace, harmony and love. So you must have faith in God and his spirit that has been given to you to bring you into our loving embrace. It is the practice of your faith, the practice of your stillness, that will teach you. This practice will teach you how to connect with our vibrations and allow us to change your emotions, your thoughts, your behavior, so that you, like us, can be servants of love that brings true harmony and peace to all. - Devina

Focus & Refocus

Your focus is drawn in so many directions that your life is lived practically without your being aware of it. With all you must contend with, there is such imprisonment in mind and spirit, and this is where true discontent begins.

True joy in living is overlooked, for your focus is set on doing these material tasks that you believe will bring you less stress and more happiness. Ponder, if you will, what would life be like if you were indebted to no human or obligated to do naught else but to serve God?

Redirecting your focus from the demands in life to the commitment you have for God is to have understanding of meanings and values of the everyday occurrences in mortal living…Clean the canvas of your mind and allow God to show you true beauty, true contentment, rest for the mind and spirit, clarity in thinking and balance in emotions. - Athena

Precious Life

Step forth with renewed vigor in executing your life plan. Walk not in a habitual state of action. Throw off the chains of programmed interaction, and open yourselves to seeing your siblings as children of God. For while they are not perfect, they carry within them the most perfect presence: a fragment of God.

This life is so precious. It cannot be duplicated on the higher worlds. The depravity, the difficulty, the pain, the misguided individuals, provide you with the greatest opportunities for growth that you could ever imagine. You will be known in your future as having come from the world of the cross, and many will wonder what it was like having such an abundance of opportunities to provide assistance.

So when your life becomes difficult, say a prayer of thanks to God. When you have the chance to reach out to your siblings, take it, act on it. Pay attention to these opportunities that come to you when you least expect it. - Will

Cosmic Socialization

This world at this time is alone. It is deemed important that it no longer be alone so we are undertaking the great plan of socializing this world with other realms. There was a time when you were, as an infant, abandoned at the doorstep, and rescue measures were taken. Today you are entering into your schooling, and you are learning how to interact with the other children on the other worlds. Right now you are reading bedtime stories, you are hearing about the other lands, about the adventures of other people, and you are conceiving in your minds what it would be like to interact and interface with them. Soon you will be placed on the school bus and you will enter into the playground of interplanetary and intra-cosmic association. - Lantarnek


Your spiritual affinity and kinship is that which draws you to each other and upholds you each in your faith-path and in your fellowship. Yet the manner in which your perceived purpose is put into practice is the kaleidoscope of personality variation that gives rise to friction, frustration, and those agitations which will eventually give rise to greater understanding and ultimate growth towards that infinite ideal in which we place our faith and from whence comes our motivation. - Tomas

Creative Simplicity

The feeling of personal liberation, my friends, is like no other feeling. The possibilities in human living are endless. At some point in your mortal careers, you can choose to lose everything in order to gain all that you will ever need. How can life be simplified to free up your mind for more progressive thinking and service?

We are on the cusp of momentous evolutionary changes. We require those creative minds to carry forth our work. One who is burdened by non-productive things is not a channel for the new work ahead. Find time this week to ponder these questions and ideas. How can God better organize and simplify your daily living? How can life be made to have a creative twist? For you, what makes you feel spiritually liberated? - Abraham


Communication has inherent within its definition the fact that attempt is made to pass forward ideas and even ideals through this form of verbal communication, spiritual communication, reflectivity, and willingness. There are several links in this chain, each one being completed to the best potential of its actualization in time and space. You rely on many different aspects before you hear the words finally uttered into the room, and then it must undergo your interpretation before an idea may be lodged within your framework. That is the nature of communication. Any one of these links in the chain may be weakened, may be corroded, may be compromised, may even be incomplete. You will get a relatively distorted message. That stands in stark contrast with communion which you are all attempting to develop with the Father and with His other spiritual agencies through the use of stillness. Communion is direct contact and exchange between your soul and that of a spiritual personality. It is a sharing. It is a union, a commingling of spirit. It does not suffer from multiple exchanges as in the passing of information in communication. It is a direct exchange between two individuals in a spiritized state wherein sharing occurs as does understanding. This is the state you are striving to attain in your long term spiritual relationships. This is the state of sensing, not seeing, of knowing, not thinking, of true understanding, not simply appreciating. - Elyon

Reserve Corps

The order of Master Seraphim have in our jurisdiction the corps of destiny, those humans on reserve trained to function during times of planetary need. One of the features we look for in candidates is their ability to explore and maintain stability.

In order to prepare the earth for communication among worlds and the higher realms, lines of circuitry are needed. The circuitry and the communication lines are of a spiritual quality and require personality involvement. You are continuing to undergo training. Your efforts at ministry through the medium of message, through the medium of healing touch, through the broadcasting of our contact with you is strengthening your ability to anchor and disseminate contact from those like myself and those greater than my being. Unbeknownst to you is the sublime spiritual emanations from your being, no matter where you stand or where you take yourself. The presence of a soul becomes a magnet for the infusion of spiritual vibration. The presence of a conscious soul becomes a node, a clearing house, a vortex, for the distribution of these energies more powerfully, more broadly.

We do take humor over our persistent insistence of stillness, but with consistency you will not only improve your communion with the Father, and that is on its own the greatest reward, but you will also be aiding those of my kind who are endeavoring to broaden the inter-connectivity of spiritual human beings, those aware of their placement in the cosmic scheme and those motivated to not only superimpose spiritual realities upon the terrestrial world, but to so blend them that there is no longer a dichotomy between things planetary and things heavenly. - Jessona

The Lesson

Your planet is going through a period where humanity seems to be all at once requiring others to understand them while not requiring themselves to understand others. For many years, we have watched this child-like manifestation proceed. It has rippled through individuals, communities, and even nations. It seems more important to everyone to be understood than to understand.

You cannot continue on this road. It will not lead to anything but disappointment, death, and destruction. It is important now that all individuals say instead, "it is more important that I understand the other fellow than that he or she understands me".

This is a time of great change when society itself seems to be undergoing a type of metamorphosis and always change is painful, hard lessons are not learned in ease. There are many challenges ahead for your country, and for each person inhabiting this planet. Never is it easy to love those who do not love us, yet, this is truly the lesson to learn. If there is to be change, that change must revolve about this central lesson, love in the face of non-love. - Ham


Love is harmony. It is a state when all is various and different yet comes together in such a way that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Harmony exists everywhere in nature. All of the individual life forms, with their own individual imperatives somehow work together to create a balanced system where all are provided for and all have a freedom in their self-expression.

Harmony exists in the highest art. Of course it exists in music, but also in every other kind of art. When art is truly harmonious, it is also beautiful, and there is harmony to be found in social situations. Harmony is God’s plan for each and all willing that all human beings should reside together in harmony, and he desires that each individual should have harmony in his or her life as well.

As you progress in your ability to love one another, so do you progress in your ability to have harmonious relations. All of your eternal life will consist of working in groups. You will all have tremendous opportunities to fine tune your own abilities to find harmony in every conceivable situation.

The immature person often finds that creating disharmony creates a place for him or her, that seeking out and even causing problems creates a way to distinguish oneself from others. This is true also of nations and groups of nations, tribes and families or groups of tribes and families, religions also. It’s like a child disrupting a group of adults and doing it to feel important, to feel valuable. So too, your entire world now is going through a type of post-adolescence when one is not sure if one wants to be a child or try to grow into adulthood.

Maturity requires the increasing ability to work harmoniously with increasingly different others. It is a shame that your inability to do this on a national or super-national level causes such extreme suffering as it does. Blaming others and the pursuit of revenge are all adolescent fantasies as revenge is a childish thing which must be put aside in your own lives as well as the lives of larger groups. Peace and harmony will not become real on this world until your peoples can put down these toys of childhood. - Ham


Concentrate on being balanced. The more balanced you are, the happier and more productive you will be. Focus on balance and on how you can remain so even during times of stress and pressure. Rather than seeking for escape from pressure, which causes imbalance, think instead about absorbing pressure which creates greater balance. Increasingly become more and more at ease with yourself. Think about staying in the now time and really focus on this. - Ham


These times of breakdown or the dissolving of old concepts which no longer serve are times of great growth. Allow yourself to complete expanding that love in your heart which is seeking expression. Accept yourself, yes, but open also to loving that which is not within, to loving that which is without. There is a part of you which distrusts love, which always seeks to qualify or limit love that is being received and also love that is being expressed.

Deep down you felt betrayed by love. Love has been a thing which has pushed you around and made you not trust yourself. So now these old patterns are starting to jump out before they are vanquished. Simply be and exist in love, love and be loved as painful and tender and difficult as this is. Be unafraid for the path is always toward love and even greater love. This is where you will find your security. - Ham

Expanding Truth

Instead of a crusader for righteousness be a seeker of righteousness, a seeker of truth. It is always a great temptation for intelligent beings to grasp what truth they have and want to spread that truth, or be a crusader for that truth, but in doing so, one loses sight of ever expanding truth. - Ham

The Urantia Book contains many advanced truths which have helped to pave the way for a more comprehensive teaching effort, but it is not, of course, the final truth or the final revelation for this time period. All of this effort is to prepare your world to eventually receive another Son, to lift you to where a Son could be received with gratitude rather than resentment.

As always happens with immature beings, when someone receives part of the truth, one tends to exaggerate the part and to make it seem to be the whole. Remain loyal instead to the living truth and all else will come into perspective for you. - Ham

Learning Experience

Your lives and purpose in life is always in a state of becoming. Everything that you do, everything that you are, is not finished, but only in a state of partial completion. Therefore do that which is given to you to do. Do it with glad hearts, openness, and great peace. Know that always you’re beginning, just scratching the surface, of what you can do and who you are. Do not become discouraged at seeming rejection or misunderstanding.

When obstacles occur, they are usually some combination of your own creation and that of events outside your control. It is not necessary to unravel every thread, but it is necessary to learn what you can through overcoming these difficulties. Life is full of seemingly random unkindnesses which hit you on your blind side, and it is these which are valuable. If you could predict everything that everyone was going to do and plan your life in minute detail, how would you learn? Eventually, you will enjoy uncertainty, the thrill of the unexpected. - Ham


Mortals do tend to like things to stay the same because it is without turmoil and the need to make effort. Of course, this is not bringing growth. This is not experiencing the full spectrum of the intended divine purpose. Your books and lessons, your thoughts of today will all change. This is a natural divine process. In being adaptable we can accept these life changes and work from what we know. In the serenity of being adaptable we are open to new revelation--that is instant divine communion. - Abraham

Reaching Through Fear

Reach through the fear. It will not pale quickly for many, but you need not wait. Reach in fear and trembling through the dark to the light that shines in your own heart, and in time, the fear will fade away and the trembling will cease as at last you know the love you have always, always deserved. In that span, you as a child of light will be born out of the darkness and dispel yet one more part of the tragic state of your world. Be brave. Fear impels you to run, but do it not - it is a form of resisting evil. The fear will not kill you as you fear. Face it and see what is true, what is real. For lovelessness can never be real. It is a lie that says you will dwell forever with too little. Abundance is your birthright. - LinEl

Time's Gift

Our life is but a brief point in time, as brief in perspective as a snowflake on a sunny day. It is the experience of time that allows for the perspective that can arrange for us a realization of how the organism of life is a bigger reality than the falling snowflake can perceive. Over time, errors of experiential living are assimilated into the greater reality; the error is as if it had not been in the face of that which is becoming the reality of today, the unfolding of perfection in worlds of time and space. - Onagar

All is a Gift

It is the wise soul that enfolds the occurrence of apparently negative experience in order to discover the spiritual light, the truth, and the goodness that dwells therein. Even one's failure to discern and attain contributes to this discovery of the Father's purpose. This is the meaning of resisting not evil but returning good for evil, for it is in the nature of Supremacy that such occurrences of broken pattern will exist, and in the discovery of these broken patterns comes the discernment of how to place the fragments into order. - Elyon


In any group of people who are active seekers, who want to broaden their life experience, there will be those who feel drawn to supply answers, to exalt themselves out of the searching of others and who these people are is sometimes surprising. Some people are very adamant in their assertions. Usually they are the ones who are the most uncertain. Remember one thing, spiritual cleverness is not a substitute for spiritual growth. You will find many people with broad knowledge and a lot of cleverness which perhaps might have a paucity of true spiritual love. - Ham

Heart Room

Do not fear your fear, embrace it. Do not hide your doubt, reveal it. Love fears no truth. Love can take a limited truth, enfold it within the arms of the heart room, and change it. Change it into the truth of love. - Alana


You have on your planet the idea that practice makes perfect. I would shake, rattle, and roll that one around in your mind a bit, so that you may see the pure joy in practice, and not allow the idea of perfection to rob you of this joy by relegating all joy to perfection, and failing to allow the joy of practice. - Legion


Dissecting the word contentment, focus upon the fragment "content", it illustrates the nature of contentment, for when one feels empty, one hungers. When one has content one is content. It is good either way, to be hungry and to seek, to strive to know, and it is equally beneficial to have content and to be content. As you apply yourself you will continually oscillate through these two phases: hunger, the desire to receive; and contentment, having been filled and satiated.- Elyon


True beauty is like fuel for everyday living. It can take the sharp edges off of the darkness that you experience. Identifying real beauty in everyday living draws forth meanings and values from the darkness. One who can see beauty in everything is a light in the world. What is beauty? Beauty is experiencing those mortal moments that bring you closer to God. Beauty is the hope that love overcomes hate, good overcomes evil, light overcomes darkness. - Abraham

Circuits and Circles

We have taught you about the circuits so that you may grow in awareness of their reality and learn to access them and leverage them for the benefit of your fellows and the world in general. Circuit, the term, is convenient, for it implies network. It also gives the conceptual vision of individuals distances apart who have connection independent of that distance.

You understand electricity better than the many years that preceded its discovery on this world. You understand the flow of energy, and these qualities of circuitry apply well to the spiritual circuits that we tell you of. Yet, the term does begin to fall short of all that is contained in the reality of circuits, for there is another word that would expand the concept, and that is circles.

It could have been said that you ascend seven psychic circuits for seven psychic circles. In order to avail yourself of another circuit, one that is higher than your current encircuitment, you must mature your experience in the circuit, circle, you are in. - Elyon


The quality of forgiveness is of twofold nature, the one being forgiven and the one forgiving. Forgiveness is not an object that passes through the possession of one to possession by another. It is the dynamic of interrelationship just as is love. One may feel forgiven; one may feel that they have forgiven, but the real quality of forgiveness is in the engagement, in the relationship of each one with the other. It may be difficult and it may be easy to intellectually forgive an occurrence, to perceive the relationship of what is wrong to what is right. That can happen like the flip of a switch, but real spiritual forgiveness is the continual sensibility or feeling that never quits. It is an energy that transfers back and forth between the individuals. This experience is living. It enhances trust. It encourages faith.

Once one initiates forgiveness, one continually forgives. It is circuit-like in nature and does its healing through movement, through current, not potential, but in actual dynamics. Both individuals are elevated through the sense of the life-giving qualities of this energy, this transfer and exchange, or more appropriately, relationship. Through this experience is discovered that the article of offense, the action, the behavior, was an episode in time that has passed but that the individuals involved continue relationship, continue to foster the values of brotherhood, of respect, of love, of care and compassion. There will be repeatedly offense and forgiveness applied to a particular offense, but it is the dynamic of the exchange of forgiveness that will elevate the one in need and likewise uplift the one who gives. - Elyon


Maturity is the art of always seeing beyond yourself. When you are in various stressful situations, always the first reaction is to narrow the focus to your own immediate self-interests. That is the temptation you must learn to resist. Maturity requires that you always see the other person's side, that you always see the bigger picture all along.

Therefore, it is those times when you are most under stress that the stillness is so valuable because instead of shrinking down into yourself, it requires you to reach out of yourself. Then you can calmly assess whatever the situation is with the aid of a greater grasp of reality.

When you are stuck in your own narrow world view, then it is easy to lay blame on everyone else, to see only your rightness and everyone else's wrongness. But when you reach out of yourself and ask for God's help, you immediately see yourself part of the bigger picture and you recognize others and their problems and perspectives so that whatever problems you had suddenly is modified and tempered by your understanding of others. - Ham

Threshold of Awareness

It is very easy for a few people to lord it over all else through tactics of fear and oppression. It is spiritual light that frees individuals from these shackles of oppression, the restraints and limitations of your own ego and consciousness. Open to the possibility of changing this pattern of thinking which holds people in the oppression of fear.

This is what needs to be done. You cannot destroy a handful of so-called evil people and think that all of a sudden the masses are going to fall into line. Wrong! What would happen is that another handful of well meaning individuals from the masses are going to take on the roles of the ones you just described. Why, because this is a pattern with built in maintenance.

To take apart the pattern, there has to be a fundamental change of awareness as individuals. This is what the spiritual dimension offers, a chance to change this pattern by opening up to the light available to each and everyone, to see that it is possible. Things begin to shift at the threshold of this awareness. While it is difficult having no reference for this, yet you are moving closer to this threshold. - JarEl

Open Heart

The essential nature of God welcoming and God understanding is the attitude of having an open heart, of accepting and releasing love and all its ramifications; forgiveness, understanding, acceptance, tolerance: those things which are thought of as fruits of the spirit, are indeed the action of love in the world.

So what does it mean to have an open heart, to welcome the spirit of our Father into your soul? It is an attitude of humility and an attitude of complete childlike trust. It is the act of complete vulnerability, of accepting the purity of a child, accepting your own pure-heartedness, being completely un-deceitful, completely open to all that is. Being open to the Father’s love, simultaneously makes one open to the world as well. It softens the heart and mind, giving one an open, honest, soft-heated attitude toward the Father's other children. When the Master said, "How many times must you forgive your brethren? You must forgive infinitely, for each insult the world hurls upon you, you must return that insult with love and forgiveness." Because when you harden your heart toward one person or several people, you are closing off that part of your heart that must receive the Father’s love, that love that must pass through to all of His children. - Ham

Open Heart

When the Master instructed that we must, if receiving a blow on one cheek, we must turn the other to receive what will come. We must do something that shows even more vulnerability, something that exposes one even further, rather than taking steps to strike back. This is probably the most difficult lesson for you living in the world of much cruelty and injustice. To completely follow Him. It is essential to continually make oneself vulnerable to the slings and arrows of the world and to receive those blows without vengeance or thought of revenge. When you learn to take all that someone will throw at you without striking back, when you learn the art of this, you will know very much. For in this manner, you always win. When you take all the anger, all the insult, all the hurt and fear of someone else, and turn back on them, love and forgiveness, then you have truly triumphed in the spirit and have learned a great lesson on earth. - Ham

Open Heart

Understand that human beings are not so much evil as fearful, and this fear can drive people to great lengths of anger. Mostly, because they want their fear changed, even if they can change fear into anger, as least it isn’t experienced as naked fear anymore. People are running from themselves very often and in doing so, they adopt an attitude which temporarily delivers them from fear. But it is a falseness and it is not a true deliverance. Human beings only find deliverance from fear in love. Only love can cast out fear, and with that fear will be cast out those associated emotions like anger, or hatred, bigotry and intolerance. Human beings often hold on to their bigotry, their hatreds, almost as a comfort, almost as a shelter from fear. The people who are most full of hate toward others have great fear of themselves. What they hate in others is what they fear in themselves and this fear and hatred can become almost codified in a little ritual of intolerant thinking that temporarily creates a shelter from introspection. - Ham

Open Heart

The Father commands only one thing, that you should love Him with all your hearts and should strive with all your might to become more and more like Him - more perfect in your thoughts, in your words, and in your deeds. The Father draws His children to Himself through love and only through love. There is never a set of rules, that if you should break them, would alienate His children from Himself. Nothing can alienate the child from the Father, but the child’s own will, own decisions. The Father seeks only to lovingly draw His children toward Himself and for His children to partake of His nature in greater and greater degree. The Father’s nature is that of complete love, that of absolute love, such love that if you should glimpse just a part of it, you would scarcely be able to remain on earth. - Ham

Open Heart

The Father’s love as it comes to you in this earthly form is very much tempered or diluted, so to speak, so that you can receive it, but that love is still strong enough to cast out all fear, to cast out all impurity in the heart. So that the more you receive, the more you can receive. The Father’s love is like a great purifier. The more love you can accept for yourself, the more pure your intention of love is toward others, and the more pure your love is toward others, the closer you are to the Father. Therefore, seek not after those things that others can do for you, rather seek what you can do for others through your heavenly nature. Seek to expand that heavenly nature, so that you may be more and more useful to the Father in this life. Expand your love for Him. Allow His love to caste out all impurity. Open your hearts completely to Him and simultaneously, open your hearts to His children. Be soft-hearted, vulnerable people. Accept the injustice of the world without complaint. Give back to all who injure you. Give back love a hundredfold. Pray for those who have been spiteful toward you or have used you. Pray that they may be open to the Father’s love and pray that you can forgive them. Pray for all those who are injured and pray for all those who injure you or others. Have an open heart for all and do not close your heart to anyone. In this, you shall learn many lessons of the spirit. You will learn about yourself and you will learn about others. - Ham

Hardened Hearts

Often times there are those who harden their hearts against you for whatever reason, and I say to you that even the hardest rock dissolves gradually to a steady stream of life-giving water. Be diligent in your kindness. Continue to show love for all manner of evil done to you. Show only kindness, love and understanding and that rock, will in fact, dissolve. - Ham


With human eyes you look upon a person who has had their home destroyed by a tornado, and a person who has just won the lottery as one being terribly unlucky, the other terribly lucky. That's the human perspective, but God sees things differently for he sees the person who has lost everything as one better prepared for the next life, one who is learning that all things earthly evaporate and you cannot put your faith and trust in things of this world. He sees the one who has won the lottery as being unlucky, for having gained unearned ease; that person actually is having a setback spiritually and will have to have many hard lessons to make up for it. Life is full of ups and downs - disasters and triumphs. Both are equally unreal. The only reality is spiritual growth - nothing else really matters. - Ham

Spiritual Glamour

Go not for the glamour, go for the substance..If something you do for others, individually or together, makes you feel important; if you find yourself seeking validation, appreciation, or attention; if it is important for you to be "right" about things -- all that is a sign of spiritual glamour. However, if you feel simple, grateful, humble that you are the purveyor of whatever gifts God offers others through you, that is the substance of service.- Vesta

Liberty of a New Day

How you feel upon meeting the new day is a good measure of your level of spiritual liberty. Do you wake and greet God with anticipation of the day's adventures? Are you excited to participate in the day or filled with dread of it? Ponder your own self-imprisonment. How would you feel if you had no worries?

To feel the freedom of making your own decisions is giving the soul permission to search, learn and grow as it will. When you are exercising spiritual liberty, you don't feel mistakes to be so crushing or embarrassing, and so you need not be so hard on your growing soul.

Spiritual liberty is extending that mortal vision to gain a broadened divine view. The joy from this my friends is not to be described adequately. Only by experience can you know the real joy of this freedom and in this joy you look forward to the day's adventures. - Abraham

Genuine Certainty

Inner certainty, inner peace with God, does not require one to act any certain way but he does require that you be tender with his children. Humans often adopt forceful tones and sure and certain attitudes out of the mistaken notion that such attitude portrays certainty, an inner sureness, but God, who sees the entire person, sees rather someone who is pretending to be sure and certain.

So, when you encounter such people who want such certainty so desperately, allow your hearts to be softened, allow yourselves to be understanding as God is. You do not need to adopt the same tone and fire right back, so to speak. For this type of striving accomplishes nothing. The wisest men always preface their comments with qualifiers which denote an uncertainty. - Ham

Symbols of Spirit

When human beings grow to the point of placing the upmost value on spirit itself rather than the symbols of spirit, there will be peace upon this world. - Ham


The world is quite a harsh and unforgiving place and yet the lessons learned from the difficulties of life, the suffering of life, are vastly greater than those learned on the ecstatic mountain tops of joy and triumph. Do you want to be a whole person? If yes, then life will entail suffering some hardship. Do you want to be a loving person? If so, then life must make you aware of the hardships of others so that you can love them despite the handicaps of life. Do you want to be a resilient person? Then you must be bent and tested as to how far you can go before breaking. All these things will come to pass and you will be wiser, more resilient and more loving that you were. - Ham


The passage of time is cyclical like the seasons. There is, as they say, a time for all different experience under the sun. Human beings make themselves unhappy when they wish it to be spring when it is winter, or winter when it is summer. Happiness is found in the cherishing of what is. You cannot stop time or change it. One can only adapt to its various requirements. Be happy in what is now and let tomorrow take care of itself. - Ham


One who has unwavering faith has great power to effect the lives of others. Conversely, those who proselytize with great fervor and passion sometimes in truth have the weakest faith. Those who are strong in faith have need of few words, and when they speak to another, regardless of that person’s home base of faith, there is complete communication and understanding. Great persons of faith have always understood each other across the boundaries of their respective cultures. It is those who are weaker in faith who cling to its trappings as an anchor while those with true faith soar above all these things to grasp the spiritual reality of each individual. Human beings tend to cling to the lessor thing, to defend it, and hide within it because it is easier and takes less faith than soaring on the wings of faith into the thrilling unknown spiritual adventure that awaits all human beings. -. - Ham

Abrasive Experience

Never be afraid to go to the stone and make sparks in your endeavor to pursue the polished edge which you seek. It may only be attained through the grinding away of the unnecessary in order to achieve the point. Effort must be put forward, and you know you are making progress when the sparks are flying.

Cause the sparks of spirituality to fly. Do not fear that this is radical or too intense, as this is exactly the step to be taken in order to achieve the results. Don't shy away from the apparent abrasiveness, as you have come to realize in your own spiritual growth the benefits of the effort are far in excess of the apparent harshness of the process.- Malvantra


Success teaches very little. But failure is always stimulating and full of lessons. So, sometimes our failures are a preparation for later success which may indeed be a preparation for a failure and so forth.

The spiritual road is not one of ease and bliss, but one of stumbling and wrong turns and errors and all these things contribute to the growth of the soul. There are many in this society who peddle religion as a path of ease. They say, believe such and such and you will have a life of bliss in which your every desire is granted. These are erroneous teachers. Life is meant to be lived in its fullest, that means accepting failure and defeat and learning about yourselves through these experiences. - Ham


Worship in itself has no technique, for it is the experience of personality with the Original Personality, our Father, and that exchange cannot be formulated. Given cultural conditioning, biological tendency, and personal orientation, you can craft for yourself methods that will bring the worship experience to you. If you picture a drop of water on a table and adjacent to it a dry paper towel, the methods you develop for worship are intended to close the distance. Once the paper towel and the droplet meet, there is absorption; there is merging. This is the worship experience. When personality of son or daughter meets in the embrace of the Paradise Father it is a form of oneness much like the meeting of the water and paper. - Malvantra

It must be kept in mind that techniques, constructs, methods, are stepping stones and not the path itself. All too often divisions are cleaved between different groups of spiritual aspirants over approaches. Understand that these discoveries that you make that you wish to share with others are, precisely as you have stated, ways to jump-start. Let those to whom you have given this spark of initial energy the freedom to travel in their own ways. Then you have done the best, and you are allowing for the best to emerge. - Elyon

Life of Prayer

Do not be ashamed of yourselves for being human. Do not make the mistake of creating an ideal that is purely spiritual and imagining that you should live in that ideal then chastising yourselves when you fall short. You can, however, through the life of prayer gradually make steps towards the spiritual without abandoning your humanity. The spiritual life embraces the human life, it does not supplant it, it enhances it. - Ham

Fresh Air

Clear the air. Recognize evil as imperfection and error. Grasp truth, beauty, and goodness and yield to its power, its drawing power. There is no rule that says you and your world have to stay in the dark, cleaning up the debris of past ages and past error indefinitely. You can tilt the world on its axis by your perception. Begin to see your world and everything in it as if it were touched by the light, as if it had already been cleansed and purged of all the error of history. Every young thing makes mistakes in the process of learning how to become mature. Put aside the things of your youth and embrace the fullness of your spirit adulthood. - Paulo


For thousands of years you have required human spiritual leadership. You have been blessed by many human teachers who have given the world an immeasurable uplift. But now, you are moving beyond the adolescent phase where one relies upon human example and are transitioning into the phase of being able to understand higher knowledge and wisdom directly from spiritual sources.

There will still be human leaders, certainly, but you are on the edge of being aware of a much greater reality. You are coming into contact with a new and greater world. Like the explorers of old who braved the seas and landed in a new world, so have you my friends braved the seas of doubt and the storms of unbelief to set foot in a new and greater world. Indeed, you are becoming as ambassadors from our world to yours.- Ham


Most of you understand the complexity of the marital union. There are so many new things to become accustomed to. There are habits and behaviors your partner has that you cannot possibly comprehend as to why. A true marriage takes continuous maintenance, communication, and a willingness to see one's own mistakes. A healthy marriage does not point out one another's faults, but stands in commitment to assisting a spouse with understanding and honesty, heartfelt genuine honesty, not as a superior individual who knows more but one who is willing to be open to new possibilities.

Persons enter marriage with expectations and there is no doubt all have faced great disappointment, but also there is tremendous growth and lasting bonds of friendship. There is a particular joy you can only receive from a committed, healthful marriage. There is the promise that you are not alone in the world to face everyday harsh realities. You have a place where you feel safe to be who you really are and to know you are very much loved. In a good marriage you are allowed mistakes; you are allowed to grow from them; you have the support of one another instead of the ridicule you might find in other relationships.

The non-reality you show a prospective spouse to win their affections passes away as the reality of seeing who your partner really is becomes clear. This is where real work begins. A good marriage, of course, always puts Father first and tries to view every situation through spiritual eyes. This is not to say there will not be disagreements or even arguments, hurt feelings, etc. We must be firstly committed to Father before we can commit to one another, yes. With any healthy marriage there is sacrifice, there is a giving and receiving, compromise.

There will be those difficulties that arise and many will not be able to endure. Many have not the faith nor commitment to stay the course. This is to be expected. Realize though the benefits from compromising, giving and receiving and sacrifice are required to show forth any fruit. How much are you willing to release so you can receive?

A marriage is centered around the entire family, not just one person--all are considered--all are taken care of. What is your role in this union? Father does not ask you to give all that you have, but more perhaps asks--give all that you are. Be willing to lose self for His sake so that He may make you more than you are. Yes. - Abraham

Last Stand of Winter

Be joyful, my friends. This is the time that has been awaited for centuries. This is the spiritual Springtime that precedes the beginning of Light and Life. Of course, it is soon but not tomorrow. It is growing person by person, group by group throughout the world. People are, by whatever means of belief systems they possess or whatever religion they may practice, people are awakening to actual God consciousness.

Some have wondered why there appears to be an upsurge of evil in the world. This is the last throes of doubt, shame, guilt, fear, and sin before the shield is thrown to the ground and the sword is relinquished. It is the last ditch stand of the darkness that still inhabits many people's minds as they are about to realize the futility of their defenses against the light of God; it is a last stand of resistance before the open armed acceptance. - Abraham

Inquiring Minds

Inquiring minds create energy that elicits new information whereas the mind that believes it knows the answers, receives no new information. So, don't be surprised then when your path makes a sharp turn and you stumble and fall. It will always be this way. That is why a questioning mind is like a lantern. You are always searching various avenues, trying new things, keeping what works, discarding what doesn't. The point is that you continue on, build those muscles of faith with the weights of adversity. - Abraham

Treasure Within

Don't be discouraged by the apparent chaos, upheavals, and conflicts that you witness at this time. Do not dis-invest in spirit for fear that all things are crashing. You have the mining rights to the greatest riches of the universe, and those riches indwell you. Fluctuations in your external world have no lasting effect upon the wealth you possess within. Take this gold and share it with your fellows. Help them to discover this same treasure just within. This is the most critical value that all beings upon earth could learn in order to solve many of its personal, national, and international crises. - Elyon

Revelation as Universal Knowledge

There are many forms of revelation, many ways to receive. The Supreme Being's growth has endowed us with awareness and an easier, more understandable technique to receiving revelation or divine communication.

Some in today's world may speak of revelation as if they receive information because they are looked upon with favor by God as if these seemingly chosen individuals were the only ones that can receive. Such practice is quite outdated as everyone, even the smallest child, has equal opportunities to receive divine revelation.

Most revelation is personal and aiding you in your journey Paradiseward. Many individuals can receive the same revelation simultaneously or varying bits of information that choreograph spiritual experiences to bring about certain results. With the Supreme's new reflections, we see the circuits strengthened and growing to incorporate a common universal knowledge. - Abraham

The Struggle

Those of you who seek to insure eternal peace are those who have insulated themselves against existence. Growth itself involves conflict. It need not be destructive, but it will always bring about change.

Even when a world attains advanced status in Light and Life, there will remain differences in ideological approaches reminiscent of what your world experienced when it was young, raw, and untamed. These elements of your awareness will continue with you throughout your career. You will remember in mansonia many of these realities, as they have worth; they have merit. They represent far more than bloodshed. They represent valor, bravery, stamina, loyalty, courage, ideals, and the like that have lasting value.

Anything worth having, worth knowing, worth striving for, worth believing in is worth intelligent effort to support. Am I to say that your battle for reality is any greater or lesser than another's battle for reality? How can that be? Each soul is its own battlefield, its own arena wherein those choices take place, wherein the animal nature and the divine nature duel for supremacy. That is something that is shared by every human being no matter what color, what language, what race, nationality, religion, gender, whatever. In the mind of man is where the ultimate arena is which chooses to know the Prince of Peace or to wrestle with the angel.

Thus, when you engage in discourse with your fellows, ascertain their levels of comprehension and attempt to conform to that which is in your eyes in alignment with truth, beauty, and goodness and in hope of expanding and enlarging a foundation of reality which will build a better world, build the thoughts, the concepts that will bolster the ideals of advancing civilization. In this way humanity will be able to continue to play out its drama and reach for better things. In this way you will have served humanity and the gods themselves. - unidentified

Our Mission

Our mission is not to plant light into darkness; our mission is to expand the light such that no darkness remains. Focus upon that which is true and beautiful and good. Be not concerned over ugliness. The enhancement of righteousness automatically displaces the evils of the world. I know there are personalities who are distrustful of my approach, for it is too passive. It does not confront injustice. But, my friends, confrontation is not the way of the Father. Love is the way of the Father. Amplification of love will crowd out all injustice. Confrontation of injustice perpetuates the same mistakes and fosters the same hatred. Be brave. Stand for the light. Express love. You are endowed with the very reality these words represent. - Michael

Flexible Stillness

By applying yourselves to the refinement of your frameworks for conceptual thought, you will be flexible and adaptive to sudden changes. This habitual application of refining and adjusting will be valuable when things are presented to you that you had not conceived of.

To those who have applied themselves to the fixation of their conceptual frameworks, there will be much tearing at their minds and souls as they have to grapple with the presentation of very real changes as contrasted against their theological and philosophical frameworks.

So the changes, the approaching events spoken of will actually be beautiful and beneficial to this planet. Your flexibility and practice of stillness, developing that inner ear, will make your encounter with these thrilling and enjoyable and make you valuable in stabilizing those who must quickly accomplish the change of perspective to adapt to the new way upon this world. - Elyon


Each of you have traits that are annoying to other people. This is a wonderful opportunity to practice your sense of humor, because each of you are so precious - such children - and you all mean so well. Irritations are almost like anecdotes; they can make people more beloved to others. When you truly have a sense of spiritual joy within you, then these irritations fall away. - Olfana


The Master needed representatives from every walk of life. The apostles had met with more challenge(s) in dealing with one another than they did with the masses--just as you will.

Know that this time is also being recorded and witnessed by the universe. This awesome evolution is experience for those who are watching. We see the negative and the positive in your experience, just as we can see it in the apostles of old, but also we know this experience here on this evolutionary planet is crucial, to be allowed to play out naturally.

In this group we can see some bruised egos, some hurt feelings, some grandstanding, but also we see those that heal, those that comfort, those that accept diversity. We might witness in this group those that seem selfish, petty and closed off, but for the most part we see poets, artists, philosophers and divine leaders. Without one aspect of experience you cannot become the other.

Without experience of knowing prejudice, how can you become compassionate to those who are minorities? Without the experience of humiliation, how can you ever tame the ego? Without the experience of darkness, how can you ever really appreciate the light? Where there is lack and loneliness, there is light and fellowship to be found in your love for one another. - Abraham

As You Are

It is wonderful to know that when the world seems to be falling down around you, you have your brothers and sisters to help lift your faith and hope. Around your family you need not make excuses for your personality makeup, no, because a real and solidified family loves you as you are. There is no need for hiding the true self, because all know that they are accepted as is. - Abraham

New Time

This is a new time in history. The spiritual energy is becoming more potent, and of course, energy moves matter. Time will seem to move more swiftly and your participation in it will not only be of great assistance to us but a tremendous joy to you. - Abraham

True Liberty

True liberty is found in increasing identification with the spirit. The more you love God, the more you wish to be like him, the more you desire to incorporate his truth, his beauty and his goodness into yourselves, this creates soul expansion and with soul expansion comes freedom, freedom of thought, freedom of love, freedom of opportunity and movement in your world. Truth is freeing and expanding. Self-deception is constricting and imprisoning.

So as you increasingly identify with truth, the old lies and self-deception will come to the forefront. They will beckon you with flattering phrases, for truly, the human heart is capable of great deceit. The way of the truth barer is not in soft paths of self-dishonesty, but rather it is the path of facing harsh reality about the world, about others, and especially about ourselves. But, once truth is faced, then lies have no power over you any more, then deception holds no allure for it is revealed as the shell and shadow of reality, not reality itself. - Ham


Many of you have been led to believe that strong opinions reflect strength of character. Actually, the opposite is true. Strong opinions act as a substitute for character. True character grows by being tested and challenged in the world. When you allow your opinions to limit your experience, you contribute to the gradual weakening of character. True character is always open to varying opinions and experiences.

It is hard to be completely open to the slings and arrows of failure and disappointments in this world, but, you must remember why you are here. You are here to learn from experience, all experience, good and bad. There is no time between your earthly life and the eternal portals of Paradise where you will not be learning from your experience.

The more your hearts and minds are open, the more you will realize that opinions formed in the past have no bearing on the present. Experience is valuable as it informs the present, but set opinions formed in the past may not be a help. They can be a way to close the mind and heart to the present realities, and then it becomes easier to lose touch with the value of transcendence that is ever ready to inform the present.

Therefore, grasp true strength of character, open your minds and your hearts to all experiences that come. When you are tempted to reach for the shield of opinion, think twice. Live in the now, grow in it, and leave the past with its old experiences and definitions behind you. In this way, you will live fully and completely, and you will grow as God would have you to grow, by and through the experiences given to you. - Ham


The language I must use is the language that you have been brought up with. It is the language of comfort, for you are most familiar with it. It is your responsibility as a world to develop and refine the linguistic range you have to more accurately portray universe reality as you discover it. We could refer to the First Source and Center in a neutral and, to the personality, cold term, and it would appeal to the higher intellect who is constructing a philosophy devoid of the flaws of gendered terms that would seem to limit and constrict the manifestations of God, but the human soul longs for the warmth of relationship. So, as your social structures upon this world have developed family, those who come to this world to reveal the light of truth are using existing structures, and we are using your existing language. We do not intend to teach that God is masculine nor feminine. We intend to convey love and divine overcare, the kind that is exemplified by a parent to the child. - Elyon

Becoming Truth

Truth simply is while your understanding and descriptions create its relativity as the absolute is unspeakable.

The abalone shell is regarded as beautiful, for it seems to shift in its coloration as it is turned and gazed upon in different angles. This is a revelation of truth, ever shifting to become perceptible to the seeker.

It is folly to assess correctness or incorrectness of an assertion of truth by any other. The correctness is dependent upon the relevancy to the seeker at the time they hold it as true until they establish a higher perspective that does not negate such truth but incorporates it into a larger comprehension.

You can develop a philosophy wherein you weed out error and you plant truth, and this, in the realm of mind is a noble task, but to discover spiritual truth you must become that very truth. This should add deeper meaning to Jesus' words, "follow me".- Elyon

Golden Rule

The golden rule is so relating yourself to another that they gain the greatest possible good, that your relationship with another becomes the opportunity for the realization of the reality of God for that other individual, not in a theoretical acknowledgment of God's factuality, but rather in the intimate dynamism, that energy flow of divine presence through one of His children to another. - Elyon

Mind as Media

The strength of the single focus on love. So many throwing bombs and bullets, wiping out towns, destroying villages, exploding beautiful homes and churches, eliminating families, turning children into bloody pieces: this, my friends, is seen as "strength" when it is only the power to create fear.

Even when whole families of people are intimidated by the mechanical power to kill, this gargantuan fear can not eliminate love. Have faith in the power of love. Keep your single focus upon love. Follow the thread, the light, the flow, the leading of love.

This is a time when doubt and fear must be set aside, relinquished as a cloak falling from your shoulders to the ground. The images of violence you see or hear from your media, create pictures in your minds, movies, stories, dramas. These you turn to, to understand, to be informed, to find out "How is my fellow man?" But I tell you, you turn in the wrong direction.

Turn to love. Turn to God. Drench your minds in thoughts of God's love pouring down upon you, like honeyed rain, sticking to your imaginations, smoothing those wrinkled thoughts, bringing the peace of love's reality, the truth of God's good will toward man, woman, and child. - Alana

Ego as Servant

The ego is a term to describe the functioning of mortal mind in the organizing and planning arenas. It is not a negative entity which you should eschew at all costs, but ego needs to be subservient to spirit in order that its function be restrained so that it can become more trustworthy and therefore trusted servant of the personality. When this subservience is manifest on the part of the ego, the personality can become properly unified and no longer is in an unbalanced state, but in the synergy of all aspects around the central core, which is that settled, consistent dedication of the will of the individual mortal to do the will of God. - Klarixiska

Prayer as Exercise

Prayer is exercise and is effective in numerous ways when you are encountering difficulty. It is contributory to recovery, but it must also be used for addressing ordinary, normal, healthful conditions as well. In other words, prayer is more like exercise than it is medicine. By engaging in internal dialogue you maintain a spiritual vitality; you retain youthfulness in a psychological sense, for you refresh continually your relationship with the divine spirit. Then through this continual engagement you are strengthened to face those hardships, many of which are unavoidable on an evolutionary world.

An athlete trains to be strong to face the challenge of the game, the sport, but the athlete knows that even with strength there can be any day an injury. That ever present peril does not defeat the athlete, for the athlete knows that through vigorous training many injuries are avoidable. The athlete knows that no training at all may avoid an injury but leaves one open to the potential of far more injuries not developed if one is fit. Prayer is a fitness program. It stabilizes the soul when the pressure is on. It strengthens you for when the wind blows and the sun is hot. - Jessona

Healing Opportunity

We stand at the beginning of a wonderfully adventurous novel. We each have a page or two to add to it. There will be tragedy, but also triumph. There will be villains, but also heroes, and always will there be a moral to the story--something to add to the whole, something to offer to the world's evolution, something to give to the Supreme Being. You each have gifts that add to the world's correction. Where someone maybe lacking, there is another to bring that person comfort. Where one has no experience of parenthood, there is somewhere a child who will come into their life. Where a person has not had a parent or an adequate parent, there will be someone there to fulfill that lack. This is the experience you normally find in the higher worlds, but the status of this world is now one that you have the opportunity to discover this in your life in the flesh. - Abraham


Now is your world living on a Supreme cusp. Many thousands of years from now humans will look back upon these times which you are now experiencing, as the turning point in the evolution of human society, as it may be termed. You are beginning to make the step from relative ignorance, to understanding maturity. You look about you in this world and you see strife and war and terror, yet indeed these are but the remnants of what is becoming obsolete.

This world has never seen an intellectual and spiritual renaissance such as is in process right now, this very moment. You look back at what you would call this planet's "Renaissance period," and indeed truly it was one. Yet, compared to the Renaissance which you are living now, this one will influence the world in far more vast and far-reaching ways.

The fight will go on between the old and out worn, and the new and promising. That which is, does not give up without a fight, and yet I assure you, that the fight is futile, it has already been lost. It may seem to you as if the "fight" were winning, because it is so obnoxious to your higher natures, but trust, it is losing. It is less prevalent than even but a few hundred years ago.

You have already discovered much that you do not even recognize yet, and it may take some more (years) to illuminate what you already possess. That which is to come, that which is evolving and so soon to come, is the beginning stage of worldwide maturity. People in the years to come will look back on these times and wish that they had been here to be a part of it. - Mantutia

Planetary Headquarters

All revelations to this planet of a global nature had their centers. The efforts of Jesus, even though there was no formal physical location for his teachings, was in an abstract sense, headquartered in his apostolic corps and evangelistic group. The current epochal revelation at this time is loose in its organization, and there will not be a central teaching headquarters in the near future, for that phase is yet a ways down the road. What needs to occur now is the compensatory teachings that were lost by the failures of the other headquarters. When that is better established, the new centralized teaching corps will begin. It will not be so much linked to this epochal event as it will be the conclusion of the efforts of all preceding visitations to this world. It will replace what was lost and should have been here all along. - Elyon

Depth of Communion

The ultimate purpose of communication is communion -- and when we are able to enter such depth of worship, all our questions enter the presence of all their answers. - Tomas

Friend of Time

Begin to consider time to be your friend rather than an enemy to be vanquished. All of creation in spacetime moves forward through time towards perfection. As creation moves from imperfection toward deeper integration by the mechanism of evolution through time, you are then in a continual state of creation, always moving, always fluid. You are always a combination of what you have been and what you will be as the joy of creation is continual, never stopping, always changing, always in flux.

As you grow to appreciate this, you become less prone to label yourselves, to say "I am this and not that" for you are becoming comfortable with your own changing selves, your own changing natures. In this state of continual change, you can be courteous to your past, you can be grateful or sad and combinations of these feelings towards your past, but you are not tied to it. Pull yourselves forward. Grasp the fruits of the spirit you desire and pull yourself toward them. Pull yourself toward your future letting go the bonds of the past.

Release your labels. Let them go into the past as you chart new waters, new directions. And, in this spirit, allow your close partners the same freedom and all those whom you know. Let them change. Release your labels. Allow yourselves to see them with new eyes, and most importantly, see yourself with those same new eyes every day. Let the past melt away and be replaced by new life, new growth. Don't be frozen into old molds. Let the past melt away and let it become water for your growth. - Ham

Healing Energy

Your understanding of electricity, that voltage is potential, presents a good example of the effects of stillness. By seeking that contemplative moment with the divine, your voltage increases, the power and potential become stronger. It is when you flip the switch, when you become service-minded, current becomes real, and the energy flows as work is done. Prayer is a way, like stillness, of increasing the voltage.

Healing, your role to play in healing, is the unleashing of this voltage through current. No work is done until the energy flows. This is why you are being told how valuable it is that you be a participant in the flow of this energy, not merely one who requests that it flow, but that you join in as a conduit.

When energy in the form of current goes through a wire with intensity, it gets warm; you can feel it. That is how you experience divine contact through service. You will recognize the divine glow, the warmth of love as it pushes through you. These subtle, undetectable forms of divine outpouring are noticed even in creatures of a dense form as you are in your animal bodies, because you will warm up.

The Father is omnipresent and is quite undetectable in His purist form. Your presence constructed as you are creates a form of resistance that causes that flow of energy to slow down and become detectable in you. So do not berate yourself for feeling that you fall short of the divine presence. Your very makeup today is ordained to create a means for this pure form of divine energy to becomes recognizable in your world. - Elyon


Much, very much spiritual growth is found through the release of resistance. As your souls crave goodness and desire to reflect the divine nature, letting go of your resistance to this natural attraction is key to spiritual growth.

Such resistance is born in the human desire for conformity, to be accepted in current social conditions. Other resistance comes from confusion as so many codify spiritual living confusing many who become discouraged early in their spiritual progress due to conflicts inherent in humanly constructed beliefs. A third obstacle is fear as persons feel comfortable restricting themselves and arrest their potentials. Lastly, a great obstacle is the conviction of unworthiness, that you are unworthy of freedom, spiritual soaring, and happiness.

It is a supreme decision that chooses to release resistance to grace and feel burdens falling away, leaving you confident that you are potentially perfect beings who can see present imperfections as part of your charm, seeing yourselves as God sees you, loveable, wonderful, amazing creatures, who, through all the difficulties and trials of your lives, exhibit flashes of divine grace. - Ham

Truth and Words

Truth speaks to the mind, and it is much like wind that cannot be perceived directly. If you were to start a fire and create smoke, you would perceive the currents. But, as you know, smoke can sting the eyes whereas the wind does not. Words can be like smoke to truth; they help describe, but they also can cloud the issue. - Elyon

The Ideal Flow

Strive for the ideal instead of focusing on what you need to let go of. For in striving for the ideal, you naturally allow your mind to attach itself to this, and when you focus on the greater, the lesser becomes easier to release. Here growth becomes gentle and more simplified, and this is the way we encourage you to pursue your life in this flow. That is not to say that you won't be given challenging circumstances, but in always seeking the ideal, you will be given the tools to meet your challenges and obstacles with hope and courage and strength and fortitude and perseverance, and every other good thing you need to be victorious. - Welmek


A vast chasm exists between the sublime trust of total surrender and the abject fear of abandonment, between unknowingness and the comfort seeking desire of the animal nature. This 'abyss' is not a place of fear, it is a place of unknowing, and in the unknowing, allowing yourself to be in that darkness, you will be embraced by God, you will be upheld. However, the human mind does not naturally lend itself to being in this place, especially as it feels dark and terrifying. The human mind resists with forceful will and does everything it can within the psyche to create resistance. I say to you though, this place is the place to be, for this is the only place where your faith can be activated, and catapult you to a higher level of understanding, a greater vision of who you are, who God is, and how you are loved and supported. - Welmek

Choice & Decision

Choice is a power of personality; decision is an act of mind. Understanding this will greatly aid you in the quandaries you face, the dilemmas of discernment. Decisions can be likened to tossing your sail from one side of the ship to the other in order to pursue that which you have chosen. Fret not over a decision, for they can be remade, and they can be altered. Be ever safeguarding of your choice, for that will bring you to your destiny. - Elyon

Performing Art

Each day as you live your life, you are on a stage performing for your siblings, showing them how much of God's love you have within you to extend to them. The degree to which you are confident, calm, and balanced is the degree to which you feel and express God's love. It is this simple. - Welmek

Love's Creation

God's love is the very essence of creation. If you were to penetrate the heart of matter, you would find love. Matter, energy, the vast wheel of creation, all these things, in its center is love. Love is not without intelligence. Love does not exist without purpose. The mind who conceived such a vast creation with all its natural laws, its mathematical complexity, all its symmetry and beauty - this mind is dominated by the purpose of love. There is nothing without purpose in creation and all has meaning that when coordinated with the symmetry of love reveals truth. - Ham


We are confident that eventually the wisdom that is not gained by foresight will be gained from hindsight. Evolution, though painfully slow, is terribly effective. - Minearsia


That which has lasting value is the only thing or things to be attached to. As you have diligently studied these many years, you know they are relationship and God and that which interconnects all beings creature to creature, creature to Creator, which is truth, beauty, and goodness. Therefore these are the things to be identified with, not just attached to but so absorbed into your being that you are it. All else becomes transient, useful for a time and easily set aside. So, if necessary you can through detachment wrest out of you that which you dislike, yet if instead you seek to be fully absorbed into that which you value highly, it will be simple to detach from all else. The key ability to doing so is your complete faith and trust in God, your wholehearted love and desire for the experience of divine communion. This automatically reorders your values. - Elyon

World Governance

Eventually, a world body will be better than but not much unlike your current international body of the United Nations. However, a form and structure as your current United Nations exists only as the people involved believe in it and contribute to it. At any time, any countries can withdraw and cause fraction. The new and true world body will include a council of celestial beings. It will not be simply a collection of countries, it will also have celestial contact and guidance just as was originally intended on this world. This is still long to come for much in ideology must evolve on this world. Fear of unity in government and power, greed in controlling everyone, until these two forces are displaced, the true unified body must wait.

Student: Yes, thank you. I can't visualize this consortium happening from a government level. I can see on a grassroots level people reaching across borders.

Most insightful, my sister. This is how it will happen, for as has evolved on this world finally the value of democracy, not government ruling the people but people running the government, this is how it will happen. So, this is why I myself come to you, humble friends, in this small living room. It would be a temptation to stand on the White House lawn, but that would be the backwards approach. It is through the spiritual transformation of the individuals that the demands for proper governmental actions will come about. The effects of such transformation you can see even now. - Elyon


Today you seek to accumulate understanding, to experience truth. There will arrive a time when the seeking will lose its importance, when you will rather enjoy absorbing truth, reveling in understanding. It will be in your hands, not out of reach. Today you are like the seed that is sending out shoots, developing many leaves reaching for the sky soon to discover that within your makeup is a grand bouquet. It is not evident as you look upon yourself through a snapshot of time, but over the duration of time you will see that which you have already. - Lantarnek

Human Mind

The human mind consists of three parts: that which is responsive to the signals of the body, the awareness of the senses, and this mind is directly connected to the next level of mind which is morontial or a blending of the material senses and the higher level of meaning. It is the mind which makes sense of all the information coming in, it is the mind which assigns meaning to perception. Above this mind is still another level of mind which is spiritual or quasi-spiritual. It is that level which perceives God at all times. When the senses perceive beauty, all three of those levels are functioning. When you perceive goodness, all three levels are functioning. When you respond to truth, in other words when facts that are perceived by the senses are organized with value and then enhanced with truth, all three levels are functioning.

The main job of human living is to not only open those mindal gates, but it is more. It is to live your life in direct response to that highest spiritual level which enhances all meaning and gives purpose and direction to all values. Ham

Spiritual Pressure

A new reality is being initiated on earth, a reality of well wishers, of light givers. They have been present on the planet and now, at this stage, are beginning to mobilize to create actual change. What you see happening in the world is only the result of the tremendous spiritual pressure that is being applied. A pressure that is demanding change, and what appears is that those who do not want a change fight even harder and their actions then are more transparent to others. Do not worry for these events shall not last and the pressure and the love that you send out to the world shall come to fruition and bring hope to all people of the world. Continue with your love, with your life, with your giving, for this all has effect and causes change for the better. - JarEl

Change and Tradition

Higher concepts must continually replace those that are lower in order for humanity to advance. When a religion stifles the intellect or when it seeks to restrict freedom of thought, then that religion has good reason to be afraid.

Repression of the human mind is seen by the spiritual government as a sin. Most religions are not immune from this and have or continue to cross that line and become thought oppressors. By perpetuating that which was, religion stifles that which will be.

Humanity is going through very rapid progress at this time, and rapid progress generally creates a backlash of fear. The carriers of tradition are often the source of this fearful backlash against rapid social change. This is what is happening all over the world. - Ham


In the original company of Jesus were many expecting dramatic events to establish the 'kingdom' as they understood it. Likewise, there are many in the world today who have their own expectations of dramatic events to occur at this time. They look forward to heavenly intervention of an apocalyptic nature, and in the process, so often fail to see the actual intervention that is occurring. - Aaron


You may try to talk to people about God, Jesus, Buddha, or any number of holy books. They may or may not accept it, but when you speak of love, they can feel it, relate to it, and understand it. At some point in every person’s life they have loved or have been loved, and when they feel love they recognize it immediately. This is your key to people’s hearts.

Love one another, that is all that is required. Love transcends all human thoughts. Love withstands the ages of time, the criticisms of men and their ambitions. Love can be felt by everyone and understood as well. When your communications fail, love can speak for you, that is, if you allow. Love is an answer for all human frailties.

A entire universe looks upon your planet, constantly sending love that you may pick up on. As you recognize this within yourself, your planet becomes less chaotic. As you begin to show your love to others, they respond within. It makes them feel good, and they project this love to others, and pretty soon you have created a domino effect that has touched thousands without your knowing when all you did was to smile at someone or assist them. - JarEl

Focus of Devotion

Persons grow weary of living lives for themselves and they search for something more, and eventually, these things also become small though they seemed to be large at the beginning - things like family, things like art, things like career, things like a loved one. When you try to live your life for these things, they also eventually exhaust you and disappoint. Only by living your lives for higher spiritual values, even higher spiritual beings, is your soul truly satisfied.

Though these things greatly enrich your lives, they are not enough to live for. Eventually these objects of devotion are revealed to be inadequate, not enough to hang your whole life upon. Life is full of wonderful, enriching things that you think make it completely worthwhile, and yet ultimately, if your entire focus and devotion is centered on something less than divine you are destined to severe disappointment. - Ham

New Senses

Did you know you could hear without ears? Do you recognize you can know deeply the compassion of others simply by listening? You are about to come into a time when eyes and ears will be secondary mechanisms for your seeing and listening pleasures. You are becoming very deep-seated beings. You are coming to a time when a greeting will be fuel as opposed to mere social conduct. You will find that you will feed off of one another simply by having compassion toward one another. When you see things, you will see a deeper meaning, a meaning that comes from the depths of love that you are only beginning to taste.

You are going to learn to truly enjoy having one relationship after the other. Each moment, each person you're in contact with will be an invigorating moment of relationship. It will not so much be an exchange but a self-reliant process of activation. You will be encouraged to activate a compassionate approach to all things. And here is some great news, you will not be losing your humor. How wonderful to see children sitting in a circle, laughing over next to nothing. What wonderful relationship this makes. It is a wonderful tool as well, for in the most chaotic, desperate moments-and we have seen this quite often-laughter heals. It heals the wounds internally and externally, and, since you have the ability to laugh over next to nothing, this should come easy. - Aaron

Rainbow Chorus

All the diversity of expression and understanding of the spiritual path shall expand in a glorious array of as many different colors and shapes and sounds as possible. Enjoy your personality unfoldment. It is given to you for joy, not just for the difficult work of making your way through the unreality of a contaminated world. Put together the effort and the joy, the healing grief and pain alongside the vital uplifting expressions. A multiplicity of possibilities is revealed in bringing together the entire range of deeper human feelings with the depth and breadth of intellect, illumined by a focus on the Center of All That Is - and this will bring you Home. If one of you brings the starry-rays of a daisy, one the pink swirl of a rose, one the bright whimsy of a dandelion, one the wild fireworks of a dahlia, one the simple elegance of a lily, the bouquet of your un-uniform offerings will be glorious. Sing together each in your own true voices, and raise the shared harmonies to the heights of Heaven. - LinEl

Success and Failure

A human life may seem to be a complete and total failure in human terms and yet to have served in the highest capacity for the spirit at the same time. - Ham

Spiritual Growth

It is human to gauge progress in human terms. Your religions measure their success in terms of member numbers, the collection plate, new buildings, employees and so forth. Just like all human business, they follow that example. But, I say to you, that the spirit moves in mysterious ways, the spirit uses every single available human heart to enter and transform.

There is no substitute for individual spiritual growth, there is no magic road, no instantaneous healing, no instant conversion that can take the place of the small steps one after another of the spiritual progressor. Wisdom is not bestowed in a blinding flash of light. Wisdom is gained by difficult daily struggles, by individual adjustment, by the tiny changes that are wrought in your hearts by the spirit's presence and influence day by day. - Ham

The Task

Many upon beginning their spiritual life, want to preach 'a' religion, to be modern day heroes, but the task before you is much more difficult. The task is to be yourselves for there is no way to grow in the spirit without discovering who you really are, and this is even the great goal of eternity for there will never be a time when those inner petals stop unfolding. You will always be growing and revealing the beauty of your inner selves to the world.

The life of the spirit is not lived for the approval or the benefit of others as much as it is lived for the approval and benefit of the One who created you. Live your lives for him and you will automatically live your lives for others as well. Dedicate your lives to him, and he will give you all you need to fulfill his promise to you. That promise is one of eternal unfolding, eternal self-discovery, eternal life. - Ham


As you progress in the spirit, you bring into your lives truth and an increased responsiveness to all truth; you incorporate beauty and an increased sensitivity to all things beautiful, and lastly, you incorporate goodness, and as you become good yourselves, you show through an increased becoming of that which is value, the way to true morality and dignity.

You cannot dissect morality explaining it in all its ethical manifestations in order to pass it to another generation. Morality is passed on only through living examples. Spirituality as well remains and is passed on only in and through your lives for the spiritual life cannot be separated from other aspects of living. It colors, changes, and transforms all facets of life.

Religions have tried for centuries to teach morality, to teach spiritual thinking, but all of this falls short. The most that can be done is point a direction, but no one can give another the feet and the will to walk it.

Every person must heed their own inner calling, that voice of the spirit which prompts and leads and guides. For each person has a unique pathway to God, but as you live your lives in the spirit, the drawing power of spirit is enhanced for those around you as you become one who lives the ennobling and thrilling life of the spiritual quest. - Ham

Infinite Personality

God is truth, beauty, and goodness, but he is more. He is all those things unified as infinite personality. When you experience God, you experience perfect personality, and that perfect personality, by his presence, transforms and heals areas of your own personality creating unification of your own goodness, truth, and beauty.

Each of you is in process of unification. As your potentials become actual, these things become unified in the personality and by contact of your finite personality with the infinite personality, unification is assured. God is infinite and eternal, and he has planted those potentials within your soul, and as these potentials actualize, they balance and unite with all the other actuals of your personality.

God exists in the now of every moment, past present and future. The finite mind perceives beginnings and endings; the infinite mind perceives no beginning and no ending. As your mind expands to include his person, he becomes your perception of the infinite past and the infinite future in the now time.

Gradually, it is dawning in your consciousness that you are a tiny part of all that is, but you are not a passive part. You have a contribution to make, a piece of the great puzzle of eternity and infinity that is the truth of who you are. - Ham


Each human being while living life has moments of revelation in which the very fact of being feels intensely personal and intensely impersonal at once, when life seems a miracle and the knowledge of your own being and presence in this universe seems to be unfathomable. That is a little glimpse of how your indwelling spirit sees you. If you could see yourself through his eyes, you would witness the most wondrous, miraculous being conceivable, the fact that God can be personality and create personality as if it were billions of tiny mirrors expressing a slightly different aspect of his personality. Your personality is whole and yet it is a facet of the Father's infinite personality. - Ham

The Seed

You are a wonder of creation. Your future is unbelievably amazing. What you will do, what you will achieve in the vastness of eternity is shrouded to your consciousness, but it is glimpsed by your indwelling spirit. Human beings, as lowly as you start, as tiny in the universe as grains of sand, have within you the seeds of entire new universes that will begin only in the fullness of time. - Ham


You live in a world that is fraught with antisocial mechanisms, that is imbued with a wide spectrum of shades of grey. The facts of life, the material facts, are not the greatest problem since for most people they are fairly well agreed upon. But the interpretation of the facts, which is in fact the "truth" of the facts is quite another matter. Therefore it is often that skepticism of interpretation is the more appropriate place for inquiry. For the challenge of the evaluation of others' interpretations of facts is absolutely necessary to achieve one's own interpretation of reality and to test the validity of other people's and culture's conclusions. So, skepticism as a technique of truth discernment is essential to the greater search for truth. - Daniel


Would you defend the truths that you think you know, when those truths, of necessity, must be ever changing, evolving, growing? And so, what truths do you know that you would defend? Would not the length of time in trying to prove yourself simplistically correct be better spent in additional learning? There are no truths that you know that need be defended. However, you may stand up for truths that you believe without defending them. Stand for what you believe. Stand for the faith that you have. Stand for your ideals of truth, beauty and goodness, and do this pro-actively with determination, with joy in service, that you may apply the truths that you know at this stage of your ascension. You stand strongly, in favor of true values, while being defenseless in making them stand above all else. - Mantoube

One and All

The Father indwells you; the Son permeates you. The Father is your Source, and you are all His children. The Son is your brotherhood; he is your togetherness. When you seek to understand your fellows, you are acting in the realm of the Son. When you seek to understand yourself, you are pursuing the Father.- Elyon


Patience is allowing enough time to elapse for the Father's outcome for you to prevail. And if you feel you are impatient, it is because you are expecting things in your time frame and not allowing His time frame to be fully operative.

In your stillness, simply concede, "Father I am impatient, and I do not feel that things are moving ahead. I wish to sense your time frame so that I may cultivate a more patient and trusting attitude toward this situation."

Patience is limitless when you ask for it. Recognize that it is your time frame that is operative, and once you are aware of this, it will be easier for you to ask the Father for His eternal frame to take the edge off any doubt or misgivings that you might have.

In this growth process, you allow yourself to detach from all that is unlovely within you, letting everything that is beautiful to be amplified. This is how you grow into the diamond that attracts the light and serves as a beacon to others. - Welmek

Money and Spirit

When your material culture tells you that without money you have nothing, then ponder its spiritual corollary that with spirit you have everything. - Welmek

Terrestrial Reminiscence

When you find yourselves in the higher worlds reminiscing about the hard times on earth, you may almost wish they were a little harder for it will seem to have been not so bad in the end. The reasons for your suffering in this life will be fully understood in the next. You will see why things were difficult, why they could not have been easy, and your gratitude will be overflowing for the very difficulties you despair of now. - Ham

Vigorous Progress

You who deem it desirable to do the will of God in your life, do contribute to the greater reality, simply by your striving. That element of your essence that continues to seek, that reaches, that desires, that yearns, that prays, that continues to seek and find, is part of the progressive movement of spiritual evolution on and for your world and the greater universe. Rest in the knowledge that His will is being done, in and around you, sometimes through you, but it is advancing.

And those of you who do not grow weary, who are invigorated by the opportunities and challenges presented, those of you who feel the urgency and the cry of the lost, those of you who run out in front in order to help the Spirit of Truth make way to a greater reality, those of you who have access to such a fountain of living water and divine energy, be kind and patient with those who follow, who cannot keep up with your stride but find their niche walking in conventional forms of goodness, truth, and beauty. - Tomas

Union with God

As you harmonize your evolutionary nature with God's nature dwelling within you, an effortless grace and ease springs forth naturally. There will come a time when it will feel unnatural to be in anything other than this state, and this is what you are cultivating as you practice the alignment with God to overtake you.

This is the pathway to union with God. As you learn to stay in this natural state, you will find yourself being able to identify new meanings, feel deeper values, and correlate experience based on divine standards of universe reality.

This path is so enticing, and in living this life, you become an inspiration for your siblings as you become imbued with value expressed in loving service. I honor that which is unfolding within you, and encourage you to keep moving ahead, for this union with the divine will be the epitome of your life's experience. - Welmek

Mirror of Forgiveness

From the inner state of forgiveness comes your ability to be understanding toward others. If you are self condemning, then you will see yourself mirrored in those around you. Their behaviors, which unconsciously remind you of your own, will arouse in you the greatest indignation and you will become very judgmental. Always remember that the finger points both ways. What you find offensive in another is likely to be what you have not understood and forgiven in yourselves. This is why that it is in the act of forgiving another that you experience self forgiveness. - Daniel


Earthly power is more or less delusional power. It is temporary and it is very unstable, but spiritual power is different. Spiritual power is gained as earthly power is renounced. Spiritual power is almost a self-negating or self-forgetting state which is the only way a human being can touch the real power of love. You cannot hold it, or possess it, but you can draw near to it as you surrender your earthly power to the Source of all power.

Human beings panic without their illusions of power, without the illusion of control. The thought of being a small grain of sand tossed by the sea is too frightening for most human beings and so humans go about pretending that their money or their control or their earthly influence will somehow protect them from the on rushing tide, but, in the end those illusions are shattered, and each one departs this life with nothing.

The most mighty pharaoh of ancient times departed this earth equally endowed as his most humble slave. The man with illusions of control loses his illusions. The one without illusions of control loses nothing. Who is richer? Spiritual power is invisible and all powerful. - Ham


Oneness with God is like arriving to the happiness that you always knew existed, or coming to a home that you always knew you had. It is like becoming part of a sparkling fountain that flows on to eternity or like becoming part of the warmth of the fire. It is like knowing all that you’ve ever known to be true, and it becomes you. - JarEl

Love Prevails

Love between people is the true and lasting value, and it will endure all the changes and differences that earth plane influences introduce into your lives. Every time someone you love says a hurtful thing - that may seem from a moment's observance that love is no longer in existence - you draw on the knowledge that you have love for this person; that it is deeper than words at that moment, and you understand that love is what the person who is hurting really wants, and has for you.

Rather than just reacting to that moment, and the hurt in it, you draw on your love to be what remains as the "last thought" in the conversation, which does not even need to be spoken out loud, but it is what you know. As you become more aware of how this love then raises you and the other person above the temporary ills of earth life, you will find the truth of that love prevails, and will never leave you in times of hurt and sadness. - Mary

Discerning Souls

The mature mind will not fight the assertions of error by another but will discern the level of understanding and patiently pursue an opportunity for the offering of correction. A mature soul likewise discerns the context wherein an erroneous assumption lies and perceives the appropriateness of an erroneous assumption based upon the growth level of the personality seeking truth. While the mind may wish to correct error, the soul embraces the one in error knowing through its own experience they will grow and shed what was once useful for experience that is greater.

Sometimes a person becomes confused when not discerning these differences between mind and soul. One may be perplexed or embarrassed over earlier conceptual beliefs that are no longer possessed as truthful, but his soul does not discard these now outdated understandings. It incorporates them into a larger field of vision, a deeper wisdom. This affords the manifestation of a mature soul, one who does not fight for truth but lives as truth. - Elyon

One Language

It has been revealed to you that Light and Life entails one language, one religion. It is not that you are standardized to one tongue, one orthodoxy. You are one in your acceptance of your differences, one in your understanding of your origins, united in the commonality of the divine overcare, your source and destiny. You may speak with differing sounds, but you communicate, and this is the one language you must learn. - Elyon

Praying: a New World

Through prayer you are guided into the realm of altruism and service and true love for your Creator and one's fellows. You are using your mind in a new and heightened way, and there are distinct forms of spiritual communication that are becoming vivid in your awareness.

This is, indeed, a great time of discovery and birth. As you use your mind exploring in these ways, you will find a depth and a clarity in your thinking that you have not experienced before, and it will fill you with great anticipation and excitement. For, as you proceed, you will see new facets of information come into view giving you a glimpse of life in the cosmos at large.

Do not underestimate the power of your thoughts as you add more spiritual pressure to bear on any situation on this planet. The spiritual fabric of all of the social conditions, all of the environmental conditions on your world must be corrected as part of this rehabilitation. Your prayers add more spiritual pressure, and actually begin to reestablish that fabric in the world.

This spiritual fabric is living and dynamic - very real. It is the foundation of your new social institutions, and it must be tightly woven in order to make its mark in the material lives on this planet. You are creating a new identity for your world, and it is this foundation of spirit that is the new creation beginning to integrate within fabric of your society. - Welmek


In listening you can discern the harmonics of the reality which is presenting itself. With that ability, you will be able to discern with the Spirit of Truth. You will know how to avoid deception. You will hear the cacophony of chaos and refuse to budge, until such time as the way is clear and the music of the spheres fills you with that clarity which invites you forward. There is value to what might appear to be stubbornness, but when your very existence is at stake, you will be still and listen because your life depends upon it. - Onamonalonton


The truth of the matter is, you are never too old to be a child, and it's never too late to have a happy childhood. - Tomas


Prayer is an attitude of the heart, and the more compassion, the more understanding, the more you are willing to enter the realm of what another person experiences, the more you will appreciate that person. With more understanding and compassion, the more your heart will open, releasing the divine capacity to love. - Welmek

Sharing Love

Do you understand what it means to be a friend - not to expect to give anything or to receive - just to enjoy who that other person is, what that individual is about, what that other person feels inside of them of gladness or of woe, without trying to fix or correct, but just accept, and let them share with you who they are?

There are so many ideas to share with people, to talk about, but what this world needs now is to experience love - to create bonds of understanding and compassion between people, and words are not always important. We don't need them to share love. - Michael


Visualize an amusement park. When it is built, before its day of opening, all rides are ready; all concessions are stocked; the staff is prepared and in uniform. One may ask at this point, "Is this park perfect?" It may be thought that without one to ride these rides, to engage in the activities, it is not perfect. It needs players. So, the throngs arrive and buy their tickets and enter into the park and enjoy themselves. At the close of the day . ... the conclusion of the experience . ... the elements of the day, does that make it perfect? Or is perhaps the perfection found in the participation?

An amusement park is manufactured so that amusement may be had. The universe is not necessarily an amusement park, but it is an experiential park. Many long for golden years of an ancient past, a lost paradise, that day before the amusement park opened. It is not anywhere to be found. Others long for that twilight hour when the gates have closed and one can say, "There. It happened. The day of amusement occurred." That utopian era far off in the future. In reality the experience of the universe is much like the day at the park, and that is the perfection of the plan of the Father of all. - Elyon

Cosmic Reunion

As you are released as a planet from the conditions of quarantine, many normal functions such as interplanetary communication will be reinstated, and even now the work is underway to establish these ties. Because of this world’s isolation and the subsequent absence of a truly holistic spiritual teaching, that which is physical has been separated from that which is spiritual. Often the world is seen as a place to remove oneself from and the divine as a place to go to. In a normal arrangement of planetary events this is not the case. Visitors from other worlds and entities from higher dimensions are as much a part of the totality of the planetary experience of any creature. Efforts are being made to establish these conditions. You have not lost the “good old days”; only now is planet Earth coming into these good days.- Elyon

Thought Collector

The captain of a vessel must of necessity ever be on the lookout for obstructions, objects below the surface, which may be hazardous to the smooth sailing of that ship. Any good captain will avoid these danger points. However it is not the goal of the captain to spend every waking moment looking for the dangers and avoiding them. Rather it is the goal of the captain to locate the shipping channels, the deep waters, and to make headway within them.

So it is with your thoughts. Treat them not as would a sentry guarding a gate, ever watching for the bad ones and screening them out. Instead be more like a collector, one whose mind’s eye is focused towards a specific goal. The goal in this case is positive spiritual perspective. A collector will note the uncollectible only in passing and forget it, strictly seeking that which is desired. A guard may prevent the entry of the unwanted whereas a collector seeks the possession of the wanted.

As you leverage the power of your mind with the aim of greater spiritualizing influence on your entire being, you will find the best progress as you take your mind into the deep shipping channels where there is good speed and safety, to mark the points of hazard but keeping ever clear your journey’s goal. - Elyon


Thoughts may be likened to paper airplanes, and your attitude may be likened to the currents of air. If you have established an attitude spiritually stable, personally motivated toward truth, beauty, and goodness, you have created currents in your mind-state on which your thoughts may sail and do so favorably both for self and for others. A vessel too heavy to fly will not leave the ground, and it will become increasingly easy for you to leave your bad thoughts grounded, for your attitude will be such that these heavier thoughts will not take to flight.

I anticipate some would ask, yes, however, as much as I do seek to have a good attitude, these bad thoughts come my way. To which I answer, your responsibility not only is to have strong attitudinal currents upon which your thoughts may sail but to also spend your energy constructing good craft with which you may sail upon these attitudinal currents. As I return to the idea of the captain who does avoid the rocks, he is not looking for the rocks; he is looking for the open channel. Do not look for your heavy planes that won’t fly. Construct the lighter craft that can go aloft. - Elyon

Spirit Adventure

The life of spirit is one of active adventure as well as being one of contemplation and meditation. The life of the spirit entails fulfilling your potential, living completely and forcefully in the now. Life is designed by the spirit so that you are challenged, stimulated, given interpersonal challenges, and you are challenged to do and to be each day a more demonstrably spiritual person.

To lead the life of spirit, one must accept the challenges of the spirit. It is difficult to run from yourselves and your own potential while seeking the Father’s spirit for the two are one. The Father’s spirit is found within you, and as you find him, you also find yourselves. As there is joy in discovering God, there is also joy in discovering your own Godlikeness. The Father expresses himself through you. As you find and uncover better and better parts within yourself, you are also revealing to others the results of your partnership with God. - Ham

The Father

The Father is truth, beauty, and goodness but he is more, he is all those things unified in personality. When you experience the Father, you experience perfect personality and that perfect personality, by his presence, transforms and heals areas of your own personality and creates unification of your own goodness, truth, and beauty.

Each one of you is in process of unification. As your potentials become actual, these things must be unified in the personality and by contact of your finite personality with the infinite personality, unification is assured. The Father is infinite and eternal, and he has planted these potentials within your soul. As these potentials actualize, they must balance and unify with all the other actuals of your personality.

The Father exists in the infinite past and the infinite future. He exists in the now of every moment, past present and future. The finite mind perceives beginnings and endings; The infinite mind perceives no beginning and no ending. As your minds expand to include his person, he becomes your perception of the infinite past and the infinite future in the now time.

Gradually, it is beginning to dawn in your consciousness that you are a tiny part of that which is everything, but you are not a passive part. You have the capacity to have a contribution, an addition, a piece of the great puzzle of all eternity and infinity is you yourself; not what you do, but who you are gives this contribution. - Ham


Now, many times human beings desire to sacrifice for God, to give God something that they value, and this has led to all manner of strange even repugnant religious practices. But the intention is to give full credit. What does God desire from you? Only that you are willing to walk with him, to share your life with him, and to hold nothing back. When you pray that the Father's will be done, you are praying for the utmost good, the highest truth, that the most noble and exalted beauty should prevail. When you say, as the Master did at the end of every prayer, "nevertheless, your will be done", meaning no matter what your personal desires may be, you are giving that up for the Father's greater will to be done. This is the mark of true God-knowing. For those who know God trust him, and when you trust God that much, you desire what he desires. - Ham


Fragmentation is an attribute and an attitude of mind itself. Mental comprehension requires this fragmentation for understanding to occur. Mind takes fragmented reality and integrates this into a meaningful whole. When mind becomes overly stimulated in a constant daily manner, then does mind become confused and isolated or rather feels isolated. This isolation is illusory, for ones wholeness--centered, perfect, entire being is real. Mental structures, worries, cares and so on are not real. However, as imperfect beings live largely in the mental domain, and this mental domain is filled with our own mental structures, creations, which we see as real, though they are not .

Wholeness of being, the "who am I" of self-hood, the deepest and truest awareness of self is experienced through out the soul and only subsequently the mind. We are not a structure created by our minds. No. Rather are we a soul growing with the aid of mind, but not made by our minds. For example, often we become immersed in a social role which in the shallow thinking person, is defining their being. Their self-worth feeling and attitude toward others is derived from an earthly identity. This is error, for this terrestrial identity is always in danger of toppling and the person's self-security is in danger of toppling with it. The true sense of self worth comes from only one reality and that reality is ones relationship to God.

Children, as they are growing, often emulate an older person when they are truly impressed and inspired by this person. Likewise does the adult by exercising true faith actually grow into beingness by emulating their highest concepts of God. Faith transforms the ordinary life into one of amazing feats of courage , wisdom, and foresight. Faith in God and also faith in ourselves. I will repeat this. Faith not only in God, but also faith in ourselves, for the two are the same, different aspects of the same thing. When we have faith in ourselves, it is faith that goes beyond the self. It is faith that extends to our higher self, our inner spirit. This faith is not a selfish thing. This faith within is up reaching and uplifting.

Who can be niggardly in the face of such abundance? Who can be cowardly in the face of such sublime courage and stability? Who can be poor in the face of such riches? Who can be weak in the face of such strength? Awareness, you see, is the greatest gift of truth. Truth is liberating, for truth gives awareness a reality and understanding thereof. When this understanding is used wisely, nothing, I say, nothing there is which cannot be done. Life may be full of toil and burden and heartache and sorrow. Yet, in true reality awareness, true understanding of the great "I AM" there is a strength, there is the wisdom, there is the courage to overcome these obstacles. It is there. It is this reality which you are becoming aware of. - Ham

Becoming Love

There is no limit to spiritual growth. There is no time when you say, "now I have it". For growth is constant and you will always be in a kind of flux and experiencing change as you grow. Never be frightened to be yourselves. Be absolutely secure in the Father's love for it is that security which provides all things.

To one who is absolutely certain of the Father's love and his protection, many things earthly can fall away and he will remain unmoved. The Father's love is unchanging, it is never withdrawn, it is never partial. The Father's love is complete, infinite, and eternal. The Father's love is the Father and as you partake of his love you partake of his nature, you partake of his being.

Life then becomes a series of surrenders, a gradual breakdown of your resistance to his love. The Father's love is ultimately irresistible. When you perceive him plainly, then you become him, you actually become his love. - Ham

Spiritual Housecleaning

As is the case with your physical environment so it is in the spiritual realm that over time items accumulate, serve their purpose, and when the purpose has run its course often remain to clutter your environment. Today I ask you to reflect on spiritual clutter, perhaps more accurately conceptual clutter that muddies your clarity, that makes it difficult for you to wade through in order to grasp the spirit angle, the spirit perspective. The final step in this cycle of acquiring, applying, is to release and discard.

Oftentimes a physical object may be difficult to release from your possession due to sentiment, fond associations, the value you perceive in its onetime usefulness. On a spiritually conceptual level, this same cycle applies and can be even more difficult to complete than a physical application, for you have no difficulty of ridding yourself of those very worn out pairs of shoes, those no longer running vehicles, and the like. But oftentimes those constructs of mind that define spiritual reality at the stages prior to your current understanding remain to confuse your further development. - Elyon


Justice, after all, is like a dove. It has no sharpness. It has no punishment. It has only what is fair, right and true. Like a dove, its gentle wings find roost upon that which it can rest, that which provides stability and certainty for its placement. So, too, is truth as it lives within the heart of humans while inspired by the spirit of God. It is in this placement that justice finds a home. - Machiventa

The Calling

It is the road less traveled that you are called to take. It is in this that you will find great solitude but also great turmoil. For you to remove your roots from your world in its temporal viewpoint or materialistic perspective will be difficult. To remove yourself from a purely materialistic mindset will be like trying to step out of a platform of tar which is stretching yet pulling you back into place, so it is necessary in spirit for you to lift beyond the limitations of a material framework into that which is both material and spirit, to be more than you apparently are and become all that you know yourself called to be. - Machiventa

Truth Seeker

To be a truth seeker is hard work. It requires one to cast off from the safe shores of one's native and familiar land to engage the raging seas of uncertainty in the quest of a new and greater destination. The seas of uncertainty harbor dangers. There are the sharks of doubt circling the ship. There are the winds of adversity which batter its sails. There are the dark nights of the soul which submerge the fountain of joy in darker muddy waters. There is the laughter of derision from your peers as you ready your vessel to enter the uncharted waters of your quest. But he who has the willingness to search, will find. He who will turn the nob on the door will find that it opens. He who has the humility to ask and to admit their need of help, will receive that help. - Heclechora

Money and Meaning

Individuals who struggle most, often have more than they need. The more they have--the more they want. Many have been led to believe that to be acceptable, you must have certain things, and most individuals live beyond their means to acquire these things. This brings not acceptance, but temporary satisfaction and a loss of energy.

Possessions take attention and energy, which bogs down the mind. God does want His children to have abundance, and yet abundance can mean many things to you. Someone across the world living in a shack would perhaps view you as rich. Abundance is in the eye of the beholder, and still, a new age is dawning where money will mean nothing. - Abraham


Milestones are measures of progress, and as you know more and more your spiritual progress, you will be less and less concerned about your material status.- Cora

Gift of Being

Give rest once and for all to the feeling and the wish that you are not like and would like to be as another is. Grace upon you, the gift you possess is your unique nature. Exchange yourselves with one another. God loves you. In that very reality is your worth to be who you are before another with all the value that one who may be held in highest esteem would ever have. God has bestowed His gift within you, and it is you. All you would have, you already possess. Allow it to unfold, my friends, even more boldly and more confidently. - Elyon

The Challenge

To somehow transform the reality you have known since birth with the addition of another separate and higher reality, to commingle the two as one, is an arduous task. It does not come easily for those of your nature. It is as if living two realties, two lives, two different ways of life. Your choosing to more and more let go of your previous reality in favor of and as a result of choosing a higher more spiritual reality, this is a monumental task. This task is so monumental that its surface is barely scratched in this existence.

You are now torn between these two realities. Your soul, your indwelling spirit, desires that you adopt more fully this higher reality that you are now aware of, but your life and habits and those around you are all existent in this different reality. So therein lies your challenge, which you will have for the rest of the time on this world, to make peace with yourself over this apparent duality of realities.

I am here to tell you that the more you try, the more you succeed, the easier it is to make the two into one, to apply the higher reality to the lower and more base elements of your life. In each aspect of the life you came to know since infancy you can enhance, you can increase, the spiritual nature of this reality at each step. This is your great challenge. - Lantarnek

A Greater Mirror

Truth shatters the mirror that is smudged with falsehood and in its place provides a larger and far superior reflecting surface. To see the truth requires a mirror, for you must see yourself in the mirror at the same time that you see the truth. - Paul, the Apostle

Many people as they grow older experience a shattering mirror. When they look in their bedroom mirror they no longer see their younger attractive self. They see the lines and wrinkles of age, the fatigue of weariness, their hopes disappointed, their loves lost, and they despair. But we are speaking of a second thing happening, a new and larger mirror replacing the shattered pieces, transforming into this larger and much clearer image. The image that appears in the new mirror is no longer the aged, lined, weary, and decrepit reflection, but is beautiful, young, and glowing with a quality of everlasting glory. What are we talking about? Seeing yourself as God sees you. - Daniel

The Wise

The wise are short on advice, and altogether non-judgmental. They know within themselves that valuable, often painful experiences have taught them to be humble, and to wait for God to show them the right direction. They have learned to listen attentively and talk sparingly. These are people who draw others to them, often by some innate quality that may be hard to define. They will always find inner peace – that tranquility of the soul – and never be anxious to gain fame or fortune, knowing that God has not placed them on this earth to tell others their opinions. Remember, it is appropriate to give advice only when it is asked for, and to always let the other person steer his or her own craft upon these turbulent earthly seas. - Machiventa


Real courage comes with loyalty to the highest truth, to living spiritual reality, and, when you walk this path, there may be times when people will say you are crazy, that your vision is futile, and that the best you can do is to swim along. It takes great courage to make sacrifices for a higher ideal, to swim against the tide in pursuit of that ideal. When you are completely alone in your vision, when your loyalty is such that you will sacrifice comfort for the sake of greater truth, that is when you are tested and found not wanting.

The Master never valued public acclaim. He understood that the test did not lie there. The test of his loyalty to God was when he was alone and helpless. Loyalty to living spiritual truth, loyalty to love must transcend everything else. This loyalty must shape all the loyalties below it rather than the other way around. Human beings sometimes confuse loyalty to church, friends, and community with loyalty to God. Loyalty to God may someday require leaving behind friends, family, and community. This is where your courage will be tested. - Ham

Guardian Angels

As the planets revolve around the sun, so you move about God, the center within you. The moon however is much like the presence of your guardian angels whose assignment is to keep an eye ever upon you knowing well the true light that you require comes from the divine presence within you. However, these angels provide reflective illumination when you are not viewing the divine within you directly. This is one manner in which they guard your soul, for as you have noted in the evening sky, the presence of the moon allows you to see your way even while the sun is out of sight, these guardian angels reflect the divine presence in you such that you may be illuminated in your darker times. - Elyon


Worship is like eating. It is essential to your soul, just as it is necessary for you to ingest the proper balance of nutrients in order to be healthy in body and mind. Worship is rest. It is the rest of the soul. It is the peace channel. It is the divine receptor of love, the love that empowers the universe, the love that you understand in your human experience, for all love is from God. - Daniel

Being Truth

My message to this world given many centuries ago then was simple and today remains simple: to love one another, to love God, to do good to one another, to spread this love far and wide. While busy at this task of fulfilling my mission you are to tend to the needy, to help the infirm, to educate the ignorant, to promote goodness, and not to battle evil. This message, this manner of uplifted human living, is finding root, is establishing itself on this planet.

This gospel is meant to be lived while reaching the goal, not demonstrated subsequent to attaining the goal. Self mastery is only attained through the living of this truth. Your ministry, your outreach to others, is not weaker or less efficient because you have not reached the highest of your potential. It is a critical ingredient to your full attainment and is relevant and applicable to those you touch in your life at your current level of development.

You have grasped through insight your destiny and the attainment of Paradise. When you are likewise received by the Father, as I was at the fulfillment of my bestowal missions, you will then realize that, while you are fully capable of great tasks in service to God, you have long left behind many opportunities of service that only a young ascending creature can fulfill. Recognize those opportunities today, each day. The gospel grows as you expand in your ability as a child of God to live truth, to be truth. - Michael

Expanding Truth

You will and do receive revelation which is an investment in your future growth, and this will lay apparently dormant within your mind at superconscious levels. There it incubates until the relevant experiential attainment affords the opportunity for this enlarged truth to explode into your conscious awareness, becoming available then to be shared with others. - Elyon


For many centuries, persons have poured over the gospels, they have created doctrine, they have marked lines between right and wrong based upon their readings. They have sought to teach as law what Jesus lived in perfect freedom. Spiritual growth requires breaking the chains of tradition. It is forever true that the greater the spiritual influence, the freer the people.

Doctrine, covenant, sacrament, all these things are well meaning outlines, but the life of the spirit naturally breaks free of rules formulated by mortals. Such liberty is still misunderstood because human beings prefer safety, security, and conformity over spiritual liberation. - Ham

Spirit and Soul

You would enjoy perceiving your luminous souls gathered as you are in this formation. It is spectacular as it like your aurora borealis. This illumination draws many orders of celestial beings for it is revelatory of the presence of God and an active, growing soul. The divine light in itself is wondrous, but the addition of a soul in combination brings about a display of luminosity not found in any other form in the universe. It is unique to the human order of God's children. - Elyon

Love 'Conditioned' by Wisdom

Conditional love is a specific manifestation of unconditional love modified by wisdom and applied unselfishly. Wrongly applied conditional love is love that seeks return, recognition, reward. True conditional love is love for one's other and manifested so that other will receive it with highest benefit. - Jessona

Power of Faith

Faith is the power that rekindles hope, energizes enthusiasm, empowers idealism. Just as life overcomes death, faith overcomes defeat. - Elyon

Hope & Illusion

Hope is nurtured in the human soul by the human act of faith. Faith reaches toward the unknown and hope is instilled in the human heart in reciprocal measure by the spirit. Hope then becomes an increasingly permanent attitude of the soul toward life in general. Hope does not necessarily attach itself to any one particular hoped for outcome. Hope is rather that attitude of faith which believes in God’s goodness, trusting his guidance. Hope is believing the future will turn out for the best, however that may be.

Illusions come about when hope is attached to a specific future outcome. Illusion can then dominate hope and cause a person to do whatever it takes to create that illusion in reality. In this way, the ends begin to justify the means, so much so that the greater the utopian nature of the illusion, the more worth its increasingly desperate and even immoral measures become justified by that illusion.

This is a universal human trait. But faith, true faith, does not hold on to any specific illusion of the future. Human faith must be child-like trust, and in that trust the individual human must forgo their own illusions about what should or should not be. Sublime faith is made ever more pure by the constant relinquishing of your own investment in the outcome. The Master said constantly at the end of his prayers, "Nevertheless, not my will but your will be done Father". This is the epitome of human wisdom. - Ham


When you walk the shoreline, it is a path that goes at the edge of the water where water and land meet. The entire human life is a course that follows the shoreline where you are constantly grappling with contrasts such as truth and error, good and evil, light and darkness. Upon the sand are many footprints. These are the faith footprints of many who have traveled before you. Few of these walk directly away from the water's edge, and few walk directly into the water's depths. The majority pass between, making their way along the shore.

Every one of you imprints the human reality with your own steps. Each of you carve a path to God but does so among the multitude of footprints of those who have gone before you. Some wander wildly. Some the pace is so strong that to follow, you run to meet their footprints. The entire field of footprints display the range of humankind's approach to truth, beauty, and goodness, the individual inclinations to lean toward land or toward water. At times it is tempting to follow the footprints of another's faith, for the trail is a guide. To recognize that another's path was chosen for a reason is encouraging to one of uncertainty. There is inherent trust in a prior course taken, but as you progress in your journey, you begin to awaken to the understanding that the destination, while equal to all, may be reached in multiple courses.

The adventurous one is willing to also tread upon the sands unblemished, to venture in this field of faith where others have yet to go, to discover truths yet unrevealed. With some, these new pathways become pivotal altering forces in the religious viewpoint of mankind. Others will follow in their footprints and discover these new relationships to God. A few will venture into untrammeled areas and fall prey to the temptation of counting their path as highly special, apart from and better than the trampled pathways of the many who travel to God as well. Though an interval of time transpires wherein the spur is cherished within the divine family and the mechanisms inherent in celestial community, every soul comes to realize that, while every path is unique, all remain within a margin of similarity. The diversity of travel, when viewed from the perspective of Paradise is really only a small, narrow margin of ascent. All humankind walks together in faith to God. Close in as you are upon this journey, the variance among your fellows appears to be a wide swath of approach. Further back from the heights of eternity, there is little difference between your trail and the trail of another.

Continue to recognize the faith footprints of your fellows, to be willing and curious to discover the variations in the course they took as they sought the truth, to be willing likewise in your journey, when the footprints in front of you seem to dwindle to none, to go forward in faith and break a new trail, for there will be those behind you curious as to your seeking and will join your adventure creating their own variances, all contributing to the composite portrayal of the human soul in collective search for the Source of all. - Evanson


Each human being has personal weaknesses that are the handholds and footholds of growth. They are the rungs of the ladder you climb. As you step closer toward God, you must step over these personal weaknesses recognizing and overcoming them in some sense.

Life is designed in order that seeming obstacles become footholds once they are recognized and acknowledged. Each person must, over the course of a lifetime, recognize these little weaknesses within themselves and once recognized, once accepted, they are transformed into the propellant for growth. - Ham


All human beings have their delusions, it is safe to say that none are without them. When personality and mind interact, there is then a personal aspect of mind that is individual and within this realm are many different delusions which are personal colorations of perception. Character is the willingness to let go of delusion. - Ham


Each of you is familiar with the reality around you and can accurately determine the most likely outcome of a given course of action. I ask you now to leave those ideas behind. Rather, in this new arena of functioning, embrace the ideals of what could be, as contrasted with the most likely outcome of what would be. - Michael

Presenting Stillness

There is only one reality point in the universe which changes not, the abode of God, stationary, ever-present as is the Creator, yet all around this stillpoint of Paradise is dynamism, constant change. Indeed, all things change beyond this central abode except one thing, and that is your resolve to do the will of God, to become perfect in your soul capacity as He is in His universe standing. This stillness is what the world hungers for today, the demonstration of endurance, of duration, a never changing devotion.

This will not be revealed to the world through any religious organization or any movement or cause, for these all will change as well. Such structures do not demonstrate stillness that I speak of, rather they gravitate towards fixation and stagnation. This presentation of stillness can only be revealed singly through the radiance of each personality engaged in a relationship with the Creator.

You practice stillness to refresh the soul, to further your relationship with God so that you will function spiritually when tribulation comes your way, and you practice so that you will present its peace to others. Jesus, when here on Earth devoted his entire life to this mode of living, ever and always seeking the Father's will, even to the point of saying, "My hour has not yet come", willing always to adjust to the time flow of the eternal will.

While at times you are disappointed with your discipline of practicing stillness, I assure you that you are looked upon with favor for the fact that you are all more diligently pursuing the presentation of the stillness, of constant devotion to God, and ever and always seeking to refine and improve your ability to live in alignment with truth, to become ever more good in your nature, to radiate that spiritual beauty that will minister to the souls of all in your life. This I perceive to be even more important than an interval of time of meditation, for when you do -- as you will -- enter into an experience of Paradise, it will be a fully encompassing experience of embrace. The intervals of engagement and release will no longer be; the practice will have disappeared, and your presence will be what your practice sought. - Lantarnek


The human mind has its techniques in which it learns to reconcile itself with the various things in mortal living. Plants respond to water and light, but these are only nutrients to produce what is really life-giving-that is energy, that is the source in which all things are brought to life. Love is a nutrient that stimulates energy within the mind that produces various chemicals which maintains balance. Love is life-giving. To love without expectation is to maintain a flow of divine energy that is unstoppable, always circulating, always producing. To block that flow of energy is to be judgmental, be critical, be self-aggrandizing and jealous, as if one should have something while you lack. - Emulan


There are bodies of beings on this world, human beings, who assert that they have the "right" perspective on how the world ought to be run. It is driven most often from a narrow viewpoint, one of personal or small group interest and not taking into account the benefit of the largest, greatest amount of people. These pockets, these power bases, do not know when to relinquish their control, to turn over to more qualified leaders, as the celestial ministers know to do when their time has run its course. It may have been important at one time to stand for some values, to fight against oppression, but that very stance becomes oppressive itself when one fails to see that the time has arrived for a shift into a new paradigm to install matters of functioning that will promote higher values without oppression, without eliminating all from belonging rightfully to those higher standards of life.

Much tolerance and allowance and resolve are given over to governmental bodies for correcting the wrongs of societies, for upholding values of society. These institutions are not the leaders in world advancement. They are an inevitable outworking of the effort of a world to advance. Those who bring change within humanity are those who work within the many ranks of human society. These are the ones who apply themselves in a township, who apply themselves in a rural area, and some have the calling to a larger body. Some are within areas of human accomplishment such as literature, art, and science. These are the people who create the destiny of the world, and the many follow willingly because of its attractiveness. No military, no dictator, can hold the masses when these individuals are planting the seeds of light and of truth. - Evanson

Hate & Courage

While hatred is projected toward another person or thing, an external situation that is disliked, courage, on the other hand is an acceptance of your own values, your own worth, a trust in your own wisdom. It is like love in that both love and courage affirm your value and the value of what you believe in, where fear and hatred are a recognition of a power outside oneself and an unwillingness to accommodate or reckon with it.

Jesus taught that it is better to amplify the light in others than to advertise negativity; to search out, to comprehend, and to be transformed into goodness rather than discover, categorize, and condemn all evil, for in the end, what is it that you wish to possess but truth and goodness? And what is it that you leave behind but error?

Therefore it is beneficial to the growth of the soul to put away fear, to abandon hatred, to develop courage, and to augment love, for these two are an investment in your personal wealth. It is an affirmation of your own abilities, your own powers. It also allows you freedom, for both fear and hatred imprison you to either the values or the powers of someone other than yourself, and conditions your actions and limits your freedom.

When faced with feelings of hatred, do not be concerned with replacing it with love, but rather adopt courage, return to your home values, your personal beliefs, and stand by your orientation. Trust in the wisdom bestowed upon you through experience and the guidance of God that your position and your orientation are valuable. Leave the condemnation of another to the trials of time and the guidance of God that they may gain in wisdom and change their ways. Be courageous.

When faced with fear, it is not a time to muster courage; it is a time to amplify love. Fear is a distrust in your own ability to stand for who you are, whether it is in physical strength, in your personal beliefs, or in your eternal welfare. Love, on the other hand, values your abilities, values your standing, and values all others likewise, and is willing not only to die for friends but to die for enemies. Such love takes courage. - Evanson

Dynamic Truth

Human civilization is meant to progress in its collective consciousness of God. The Master said many times, do not make the mistake of seeing God’s word to an earlier generation as his final word to the world for God speaks to every generation and to every generation he sends his messengers. Truth, as human beings grasp it, is not a static thing but an ever expanding concept. Each human being as he grows in the spirit also grows in the conceptualization of truth.

The truth that is conceived by this generation will be enlarged in the next. There is no end, no cut off point, for spirituality and the things that are cherished as universal truths today will be seen as a starting point, a beginning of truth conceptualization in the future. Increasing freedom, and especially the freedom of thought, are the hallmarks of civilized advancement. Where freedom is curtailed, there is also a curtailment of human creativity and human happiness. - Ham


Today your world is concerned with peace among nations, a peace noble in aspiration but fragile and unattainable without first attaining peace in the soul of the individual; your jurisdiction, the arena of your authority to manifest Christ. As you do so, revealing the peace given to you, it may be said of you that he who has seen you has seen the Son. While it may not appear to be an observation you are worthy of, it is nonetheless true. Remember it is his gift of peace that you reveal.

Knowing all too well your frailties and faults, understand that this revelation through you is that of his presence; that is what the other individual receives when they behold that peace, that love, the light, the truth. For that matter, your faults and frailties assist your fellows, for it is all too often held as an unattainable ideal, the sense of divinity within humanity. To behold another struggling, failing, correcting, and retrying inspires one to continue in their own travails.

Peace will not bring ease - peace will sustain through all difficulties. While peace is often seen as an end to be achieved, it is truly the method of transition through conflict. Seeking peace before solutions makes solutions attainable. Each day acknowledge the ever-presence of Christ, affirm this gift he has given you. Let it settle into your mind, into your heart, and into your soul. Establishing this foundation daily prepares you for the events of your day, be they conflicting or be they smooth in operation. - Elyon


Each person must strive to come to a place where every day is welcomed as a gift, every step in life valued and treasured, and aging confers these gifts on humankind, confers wisdom and a sense of fragility in life which makes it more precious. All these things are part of growing in wisdom, they are becoming now part of your soul growth. Welcome them, then make the necessary adjustments; strive for the spirit and gradually relinquish the material. - Ham

Experience of Value

All spiritual experience is progressive. There is no time when you can reach a culmination and declare that is all of love there is. As you grow in love so too do you grow in beauty of the spirit, in truth sensitivity, and in moral goodness. The enhancement of values has no end. As you grow and deepen in your progressive realization of God’s reality, so does all his creation increase in value. - Ham

Navigating Change

At one point in your development of spiritual maturity, change was much like wind wherein you found it difficult to hold things in place when the winds of change blew. It was buffeting, disheveling, upsetting, disquieting. Then as you accumulated experience and wisdom, you discovered the ability to harness change, to sail with change, to take to flight. Soon it came to your observation that change was a means of transportation to new levels of being, and you welcomed the change. Following such an ascension, your horizons expanded; your map of life became more visible, and you discovered your ability to steer through change, that the winds of change may blow in any single direction, and you could sail in numerous other directions with the assistance of that change. Then you came to trust that change of an upsetting nature worked for good as well as a welcome change did. As there is no steady state of constancy in the temporal realm, the development of the ability to accept, to adapt, and to apply through change is your greatest skill. - Gabriel

Morontia Bodies

One day you will receive a higher physical form wherein you will be able to perceive energies and circuits not seen by your organic eyes. You will have the joyful experience of viewing one another as I view you now: Radiant fountains of light shimmering in brilliance, manifesting an array of color that is spectacular. It is very much like your aurora borealis, for within the chamber of universe existence Divine Presence pervades all. Each one of you is like that electron that strikes the atmosphere. As you engage in your spirit awareness your luminosity increases. Many like myself witness this. We find it awesome, once again a revelation of the Supremacy of God and the beauty and the outworking of God and His universe plan. - Elyon


Health is a balance between biological and spiritual nutrition. and how good to know that spiritual nutrition is so readily available if one commits to a healthier path! As with biological nutrition, when you veer from the path, you notice almost immediate effects as we have all experienced. This is our signal to get back on the path to nutrition. It is easier for us to come back to good nutrition once we have experienced it, because we know how good it feels when we’re whole. As nutrition is intentional, appreciate your paths, your choices, and your wanderings. I wish you well along the way. - 'R'

Personal Curriculum

Everyone has a curriculum, a personalized curriculum created to conform to your particular needs, your background, your character, your spirit poisons, your faith reach, your propensities and your passions are all factored in to the lessons that are presented to you in the course of your experiential sojourn. And thus the Divine contributes to the furtherance of your uniqueness. - Tomas

Real Authority

Those who attain spiritual levels do not claim it as a badge of authority. Those human beings who claim spiritual power for themselves have immediately lost it, but those who humbly defer, always, to higher sovereignty, to higher wisdom, are truly following the Master’s way and this way is truly to doorway from this life to the next, from this level to a higher level. And so, let your lights shine so as to give illumination upon other things not to be a focal point for others to follow, but rather to be a way shower which illuminates the path for others without requiring them to follow your path. - Ham

Listening Between Words

Often, the less said, and the more it is to the point, the more valuable the words become. Too many words spoken on this planet are useless, empty and meaningless, as they don’t come from a loving and open heart. I hear you say, ‘how do I do this?’ It is simply a matter of observation, and ‘listening between the words’. - The Beloved One

Divine Fabric

The future makeup of your being is like needle and thread. The coupling of the presence of God within you, the Divine Fragment with your personality, is as the needle. Your willingness to pursue the Divine may be likened to the eye of the needle. The thread that trails behind you is the accumulation of your soul’s experiences as you discern truth, as you behold beauty, as you manifest goodness. You then weave into the universal will of God, the will of God as it is projected through you. Your travel through time and space will reveal the complexity, intricacy, and beauty of God manifested through the Supreme. But as you travel, you alter this fabric. You embellish it with your discoveries in concert with the Divine within you. - Corlatia

Stepping Stones

While it is often sought by the aspiring soul for a code, a list of what is the will and what is not the will of God, I must simply state that Father’s will is that you dynamically pursue love and light and truth, that you be ever moving toward His presence, willing to adopt and willing to abandon as you mature as an ascending citizen. Sincerely, honestly, adhere to what you believe today, just as you would stand strong upon a stepping stone as you cross a river. While knowing the stones that lie before you that you must traverse, it is the sure footing of the stone you stand on today that keeps you from falling in. And when you have passed the previous stepping stone you leave behind your previous position.

Assure yourself of the God’s acceptance at each step. Assure yourself of divine guidance each time you make another loop through the fabric of the web of the Supreme. God desires that you be the list maker of what you will or will not do as you understand your responsibility in the manifestation of His will, the revelation of His being to your fellows in partnership. Developing this spiritual quality is not simply the responsibility of the Divine Fragment, it is jointly shared with you. - Corlatia


Many worry that without proper discernment you will leave a result of wayward tracking. If it were not for the Divine Presence, coupled with the association of the universal brotherhood, this would be a danger. However, each one of your fellows is a support, is a corrective indicator, and these two functions of support and correction bear upon you from without with as much significance as does the internal guidance of the Divine Pilot. This reality removes from the discerning personality the concern of erroneous thinking. Given the fact of your human condition you will make judgmental errors, but these two guideposts, the fellowship of one another and the gift of the Divine within, will ever aid you in adjusting and adapting and drawing closer to the Divine of that which you have been called to be. - Corlatia


Learn to appreciate that which is undiscovered about one another. Be curious rather than corrective, for each one of you will move on in your ascent and your fellows will adjust to your changes. It is better to allow one another to adjust than to steer them on your own.

I draw attention to the Master’s practice of never meddling in the debates of his apostles. He honored the differences. He chose not to prevent the necessary unfoldment of their own discoveries, behavior, and acceptance of opinion.

Acrimony then will be dissolved and the interplay of differences in a harmony of contrasts will elevate each of you to a level of love as a priority over correctness or the desire to be the victor in argument. - Corlatia


Hardship may be likened to the weight born by a weightlifter. It will strengthen you; it will allow you to transform a difficulty into an ability, a skill that you did not have prior to the exertion required to overcome the hardship. Recognize hardship as it presents itself and welcome its own form of guidance. Approaching such difficulties enthusiastically greatly increases your ability to overcome or transcend that event in the overall outworking of your purpose. - Corlatia

The Invitation

Human kind advances into an uncertain future and so I send you to be human guideposts helping your fellows saying this is the way. Gain strength from my strength, courage from my courage, but above all, have love by my love and faith by my faith.

Each human being must experience my birth within their hearts. In you am I born again. In you am I alive upon this world. As you have life within my Father, so do I and He have life anew within you. Ask of me and you shall receive. Give of me and you shall be blessed. Reveal me and you yourself shall be revealed. - Michael


To put forth your opinion is like wetting the tip of your finger and holding it up to see which way the wind is blowing. The wonder of it is, the individual who is truly growing will be open to allowing his opinion to be modified according to the winds of change which come into its consciousness that provide food for thought and soulful consideration of the paradigm of reality from what was to what can be. - Tomas

Wisdom's Outreach

In the experience of divine embrace, wisdom functions as a ministry of outreach; it is expressed as seasoned experience, as one who knows. Beforehand wisdom was the keen discernment of need and the process to attain. Subsequently, wisdom is the expression, the sharing of method. No method is as convincing to a seeker than one shared by another who has attained, a state proven in the demonstration of that very attainment. - Elyon

The Journey

We begin in faith walking toward God and discover the truth that we are walking with God to our destiny to walk as God. - Lantarnek


God relishes diversity of expression as it accumulates in the growth of supreme values and teaches through accomplishment as well as error what is important. He grants you power of choice to pursue your course. Authority as it has been misused on this world attempts to restrain many to the agenda of few. Even on small scales there is a tendency for some to corral and restrict the activities of others, claiming authority. This is not the Father's approach. Authority is His granting you the power to pursue your dream, your spiritual ideals, not to control his other children. Indeed, true leaders inspire others to become as they are whereas a misguided leader suppresses so as to maintain followers. - Elyon

Cosmic Reunion

You are being greeted by many who wish to foster your upliftment. There is a hustle and bustle that is transpiring on levels beyond your sensibilities. You are ones who have the ears that hear and are coming to understand the transformation that is underway. It will emerge more recognizably to the human eye in time, but these visitations are preceded by one simple effort which you share - being the link between celestial hosts and your terrestrial siblings.

Knowledge spreads quickly, but wisdom grows at a slower pace. While many look to the stars and wonder of life beyond your little world, you are those who look back to your world and say, "Yes, it is so". Your responsibility is to live in this cosmic context, to make your decisions knowing the reunion is underway. I ask you to be the helpers in swinging this gate open. - Nebadonia

Clarity of Being

For a moment, let us drop the concerns of the day and in our minds take a step higher. Let us go beyond family, chores, and finances, and take a step higher. Let us rise above the clouds of serious efforts to the clear air of natural allowing. Here we can feel the sun’s warmth upon our face, the breeze in our hair, the grass under our feet. Take a restful breath and simply be. Look about you in this place of rest. There is no past to regret, no future to fret. There is only the clarity of your being. Remember to find time to be in this space often, a place without strife, worry, restlessness and obligation. Find time to feel yourselves rest into the arms of your loving Father. Have not worry, accept His spiritual restoration, His love, His appreciation of you--the real you. - Abraham

Dissemination Amidst Difference

As you reach to your fellows in the spread of truth and opening eyes to light and hearts to love, you will not be converting anyone strictly speaking into your orientation to spirit reality. While it is natural to encourage the same approach in another because it has worked well for you, it is the turning of the soul's eyes of the individual to God that is our goal, just as you would rotate your house plants that they may receive more sun rather than turn them that they may face more of you.

You will come to appreciate the wide range, the vast expanse of personality orientation to God. Far too often, the easy road is sought wherein the hope falsely applied is projected that if all could see as I or we see, our troubles would end and harmony would ensue. This is not true. Real lasting harmony is the recognition of differences and the development of the ability to foster each other's welfare for the sake of that other. As that is shared, you are uplifted in your pursuit of God by others, albeit they are on a path dissimilar. - Elyon

Soul Basket

As the soul develops, you will recognize and increase in trust even while the mind is uncertain. You will deepen your love, even when all others may come at you with hate. You will be unwavering, forgiving, and tolerant and kind. These are not traits of mind, they are realities of soul. The fruit of the spirit is in the basket of the soul. When you take the fruit from this basket, you pass it through your mind, out beyond through your body in ministry to others. That is how they recognize spirit presence. - Elyon


Stillness as a state of being. It is the stayed focus on God. All techniques that apply to attaining such a state are techniques of the mind and the body to prepare for the entry into the soul sanctuary and communion. No meditation technique is truly a spiritual experience. They are formulations intended to increase your sensitivity to divine presence. When you have entered into fellowship, divine communion, no technique is necessary, in fact can be distracting. A technique may be discarded when communion is attained, for adherence to technique beyond its usefulness becomes a hindrance.

I urge you to find that which works for your own approach. No technique will lead you away from the Father if you understand that when its usefulness is over, it may be discarded. It is not disloyal to drop a technique when the goal is attained. You may draw from the wealth of your traditions, but I encourage you also, to create your own methods, and to do so in alliance with the divine presence, for Father thoroughly understands you and will gently reveal to you, approaches which will sit well with you, which will not be the external bearing force of technique but an internal willingness of up-reach to his presence. - Elyon

Expanding Embrace

Truth is indestructible. As you continue to embrace truth, you find more and more you can withstand anything. As you follow truth and continually whittle away at the old ego structure, truly are you being prepared for greater challenges, more profound problems. And finally when you realize complete powerlessness, will you be your strongest. Then will you be ready to be led as a little child, and then you will be mature human beings. - Ham

Flower of Love

Love is wondrous; it takes you out of yourself, you who have been too long a prisoner within yourself. The time has come for reorienting yourself with respect to the spiritual life. The intellectual life has been most dominant, yes, but the spiritual is coming back and reasserting itself in your life. Your heart is opening, and with growth it will continue to open like a flower. This flower is the seat of your creativity. Love is the kernel of truth from which your intellectual life is born. Continue to open your heart, for only in this opening is beauty perceived. Only in this opening is truth appreciated, and only in this opening will goodness invade your life and transform your soul. - Ham

Organization to Organism

The identification with divinity goes a long way toward infusing those organizations and structures which are by habit or by design merely mechanistic. Mechanistic associations provide a linear order, perhaps adding to peace, but perhaps exist only in and because of habit. It is up to you to observe your associations and as necessary, infuse them with the divine light of living love which can catapult the organization into an organism of living reality. - Tomas


Harmony in the celestial spheres is ever more complete as one progresses from the worlds of time and space on into the higher celestial spheres. In the worlds of time and space, human beings display a great deal of belligerency, a great deal of fear driven competitiveness and the desire to control others. Humanity to have been subjected many times to enforced control over free will as many utopian plans have used the enforcement of conformity as the basis of social harmony, but this is not so in heavenly realms.

As you progress in these heavenly worlds, you are given more and more freedom, and there is more and more social harmony to be seen. As you progress in these realms, you also progress in the art of self-control, which allows freedom. The greater ones control over self, the greater ones freedom of choice becomes. It has been said the he who control his own tongue is greater than he who controls a city. Growth in self-control is essential for social progress as well as personal spiritual progress. You are not free if you are a slave to an unruly tongue or unruly appetites. These things limit the choices before you and can eventually remove your choices.

It is wise to continually be self-aware. Become aware of the impulse before it is an action. Become understanding of yourselves, and do not be anxious about self-assertion. Self-assertion is an "I want" stance. It is focused on self. The Master, on the other hand, was self-forgetful. The body, the ego-self, did not control him, he controlled them. He was not in a hurry to make his views known. He was not anxious about himself. - Ham

Progressive Manifestation

You are aware of the electrical charges of your atmosphere in times of storm. When an energy line is established you witness lightning. The love of God is revealed through each of you, for in your effort to connect with God, you become an energy line just like lightning, bringing love into manifestation, witness-able as life, just as lightning is a manifestation of the energy of light in the atmosphere.

It is an error to assume that if you spent all your time in divine communion you would perfectly reveal God to your fellows. The true mechanism for perfection of the revelation of God through you requires that you reveal imperfectly but progressively and receive counterbalancing feedback from your environment as well as your divine contact through worship and stillness. Therefore the time to begin is always now.

Preparation is ongoing, but engagement is simultaneous to preparation. You are infused, fully charged, able to discharge this divine energy to others. The accomplishment of the manifestation of love is not perfected first and then revealed. It is revealed and finally perfected. - Elyon

The Great and Small

You are each fulfilling your destinies even in small ways. Life is made up of those momentary decisions which can change things remarkably. The Father’s love surrounds you each as you go through your daily quota of the small decisions. Rarely is there a time when great decisions are laid upon you. Usually, lives are the sum total of a series of small decisions. It is very important for you to understand this deeply. Kindness, gentleness, a helpful word toward another – these things have more impact that you know.

In order to truly serve, you must serve in all things great and small. The self-important person who does not feel the need to be diligent in the small things will be brought to understand just how important the small things are. The truly great man cannot be petty in the small things while simultaneously hoping to be great in the large things. Your souls are integrated, you are one person. You must be complete in your actions and responses, large and small. - Ham


The state of dreaming, that activity of the human mind while at physical rest, is a complex coordination of events that has been described as a dream. Just as when you enter into sleep and your physical vehicle begins to release the tensions of the day, to relax, to sleep, so does your mind unwind. The means whereby it does so is to freely associate and roll through your ever calming mind the tensions of intellect and desire and demands that you have experienced in your waking hours.

The Father is present with you at all times in His specific indwelling spirit presence. He will always work unceasingly for your spiritual welfare which is to assure ample spirit substance within your being -- that being your soul. The vividness of a dream, or the haziness of a dream, is the balance of these three activities of calming of body, of calming of mind, and of the coordinating influence of the Indwelling Spirit. If you are balanced in all three levels you are better suited to foresee dream sequence and to coordinate them into your overall spiritual paradigm.

The greater your anchor in God, the better your ability to adjust to this experience -- the more fear, the less the giving of control of self to the over control of God, the more likely for your interpretation to be disturbing. As mind expands and in stillness, as you deepen your mind, all levels of consciousness become more readily apparent to personality. Yes, your dreams may become as vivid as your waking life and the sense of the proximity of spiritual will likewise become more vivid. - Elyon


You will encounter throughout the universes many agencies that coordinate personalities for the accomplishment of a purpose, of a mission. This coordination is made efficient in a manner much like your corporate structures, for while ascending personalities are gaining the ability to be self governed, until such attainments everyone benefits by hierarchical arrangements. It is much like the presence within your human body of your brain, your neural structure and the various organs and tissues that make up your body. This corporate structure of a ruling head assures coordinated function within your being and as you have indicated, corporate structure is best applied in service. For if your brain was to lose its focus upon the rest of your body, all functioning would be disrupted in like manner.

Due to the prevalence of the disbelief in sovereignty of God and the sacredness of your relationship to God, corporate structure often reverses itself and seeks more to gain than to give. The dismantling of such structures will not improve the world economy, but the transformation of individuals who make up corporate structures will bring about a social, political, and economic improvement. The secret wherein this transformation may occur is to realize, as a body of peoples, that every station in the corporate ladder is as important as every organ within your body. All acquirement of corporate strength is realized only in the well being of each level. As this is understood, the profit motive you speak of will be replaced with the service motive you hope for. - Elyon

Gratitude & Worship

When one is thankful for anything, one’s soul takes on a particular attitude. This attitude aids in humility, meekness, and grace. Being filled with thanksgiving is also preparatory for being filled with praise for God. This then opens the soul to worship, the sublime experience of loving God and receiving his love at once.

Worship is an experience of love which uplifts and transforms the soul. It is experiencing love purely, not as loving or receiving love, but as being love. Worship is a state of the soul transcending time and space, a state wherein the creature and Creator merge as one, a state wherein the great I AM is tasted and eternity felt. - Ham


Many times the things we perceive as disasters and the things we perceive as blessings over time are revealed to be just the opposite. The set backs of today are preparatory. They can allow some time for the soul to become more prepared, some time for wisdom to grow. Set backs and reversals should be the first things one gives thanks for, and yet this is just when it is hardest to muster. However, if you can marshal your strength of character to give thanks at the low points of your life, you will find the way out of those low points much easier to bear. - Ham

Higher & Higher Still

When the ears are open to hear, and the eyes to see, that which you have not attained is not a hindrance. Much as your experience of climbing a mountain and reaching the peak only to discover a higher range beyond and a higher peak to reach, you come know your shortcomings, your frailties as but a valley leading to the next level of attainment. - Elyon

Teaching Truth

Truth is the relationship of a spiritually conscious mind to the divine mind. Your concepts are like words to truth. Truth is the message, your concepts are the words to construct sentences to express this truth you recognize deep in your soul. Teaching another then is simply providing conditions wherein your fellows may open to adjustment and in free-will choice, arrange their own perspective in a new way. - Elyon

Beauteous Symmetry

God’s perfection is boundless. The beauty and symmetry of his creation is likewise limitless. The smallest particle, the beauty of the material structure of life never ceases to draw awe and wonder. That beauty and harmony exists throughout the vast limits of material creation on all levels. The spheres of space align in the same harmony and beauty as the beauteous symmetry of a molecule, but the most beautiful thing in existence is the human soul. Beautiful and perfect from God and yet individual and human at once. The real work of this life you are living is all concerned with the growth of your soul. Accomplishments and rewards are worth nothing unless they contribute to the growth of your souls. - Ham

Power of Truth

As you in your lives become increasingly attuned to truth, you also become living conduits of that truth. And as you dedicate your lives to God and to service, also must your loyalty be to truth as well as to goodness. Truth can unite or it can separate. Truth can be a force for common unity, or it can be a powerful divider of people. When the Master said, "I bring not peace but a sword", he spoke of the dividing nature of his truth. This however, will prove to be a temporary historical condition as the truth the Master brought eventually will be a uniting power.

The Master said, "Families would be separated", and throughout the intervening centuries we have seen many times separation in the family of man. But the Master also in requiring this hard road to truth requires of his followers loyalty to truth, loyalty to him at all cost. The way from darkness into light is filled with great upheavals, strife and individual torment on every planet in the material realm. And if you are given a difficult road, it is so that your light will shine more brilliantly as you demonstrate the power of truth over falsehood and good over evil. - Ham


All of your being must traverse the path at once. It is not possible to get too far ahead of yourselves for always must the weakest part of you catch up to the strongest. There is no way to circumvent this law of the universe for just when you feel yourself really making progress will you be tripped up and embarrassed, perhaps, by a behavior or reaction you thought you had outgrown. It is important to remember that you are only as strong as that most vulnerable place. - Ham


The outward control exerted by religious conformity is not the spiritual control God has in mind for his children. The Father transforms from within and righteousness is born out of love, not fear. The Master never preached conformity, and he often broke with the tradition in order to illustrate the great difference that exists between the two motivations of religion. Fear always drives conformity, love always fosters individuality and freedom. - Ham


Neither knowledge nor cleverness can be substituted for wisdom. Where knowledge denotes an awareness of the outer world, wisdom denotes an awareness of the inner world. Know yourselves in order that wisdom may begin to take form in your souls. Know yourselves, and you will understand humanity as a whole.

Wisdom comes through the real appreciation of life experience. Wisdom grows through self-reflection and through the sincere endeavoring to understand another fully and completely. Wisdom comes often with spiritual growth, but it is not necessarily directly correlated. Wisdom requires mental discipline and wisdom is not complete without virtue as its corollary.

As in the parable of the sower when a seed lands in poor soil sprouts up high and tall then dies for lack of root support, so to can spiritual growth momentarily outpace one’s overall personality unification. With unification, wisdom, virtue, and spiritual insight are balanced. With this balance there is no limit to your growth but all must keep pace and all must remain balanced together for your growth to be steady and strong. Spiritual insight, alone, without these counter balances of virtue and wise self-control soon veers into fanaticism. - Ham

Father's Touch

Each of you has direct contact with the spirit of God within you that is constantly speaking to your hearts. His voice is mostly drowned out by the pressing considerations of your lives, the constant effort you are exerting in living and communicating, working, and planning. All these things crowd out this gentle, loving guidance. His tender flow of comfort and praise, reassurance and affirmation is, however, always ready to grow stronger in your mind as you learn to identify and to focus upon it. For all your experience, this is the greatest experience of all. For gradually, as you begin to feel his gentle pressure and you begin to yield to this reassuring touch, you will come to rely upon it more and more as you grow in trust and confidence within.

The Father’s touch is not always words. It is more an adjustment of your thought. Thoughts tend to run along habitual lines and you will begin noticing that as this thought process begins going in a habitual direction, it may be stopped and perhaps not a flash but a moment of pause will occur in your thought process where you realize you have a choice and there is another thought, a higher thought, a slightly different attitude to take. Then, as you begin becoming more sensitive to it, you will find this occurring more and more and you will become ever more comfortable following the less worn path of your thoughts and exploring new doors and looking out new windows of perspective. - Ham

Truth & Love

Upon your world today there are many human beings with well developed intellects and many with wide open spiritual hearts without the intellectual basis upon which truth can build. These people get stuck in a childlike religion without hope of expansion while the intellectuals become stuck in a philosophy without spiritual experience. There must develop better integration, and the Urantia Book was designed to help foster this union.

One must develop love as well as truth while walking in the mortal life. Love in terms of spiritual experience must cradle truth for truth to be effective. Truth without love is harsh and sterile. Love without truth has no direction. Truth and love together reveals God. When you impart truth with love you are indeed representing the Master in this world, in fact you can be a source of spiritual light by conscientiously marrying love and truth in your souls. - Ham

True Morality

The religion of the mind does not escape the realm of philosophy. It may be rational and comprehensive but it cannot find true morality for often such systems replace what is moral with simply what is ethical. The Sanhedrin criticized Christ for healing on the Sabbath day thereby elevating a system of religious rules over human need. Thus the religion of the mind could not escape from rational logic into higher spiritual truths. So you see, one can live a life completely within the confines of religion and its rules without penetrating the morality behind the rules. You have the freedom to break rules and thus to lay hold of higher morality. When religion interferes with that freedom, religion itself becomes immoral. This is a great human battle that has been fought throughout human history and will continue for some years to come. Remember, the thrill of living the truly spiritual life is not to be had in absolutes. You can only find living truth by going through the veil of uncertainty. - Ham

Growing Faith

Faith is often perceived as a single attribute when in reality it is more like grass. It spreads and sprouts continually all over. It works its way into the cracks of difficult life situations to emerge to take in the divine sunlight. It will hibernate when the storms of life cover you over, only to burst forth again in renewed vigor. Evil may attempt to uproot your faith, but you regenerate once again. Your faith may falter in one episode of life, in one event, and flourish in another. Though an outward appearance of a slip of faith may seem to put you down, it is only the blade that is trimmed and not the root. Your faith reasserts itself at every opportunity, independent of circumstance and applied to all situations. Faith is the most powerful tool to your spiritual advancement.- Elyon

The Real You

The background of time and space is eternity and infinity. The foundation upon which rests eternity and infinity is God. While this divine person contains infinity, He also resides at the core of your personal being. Every moment, at every place he is engaged in educating your mind and opening your heart to the reality of his indwelling spirit that is the real you. - Elyon


A world such as yours, not having a planetary headquarters and its staff of guidance counselors, humankind has resorted to rules defining the will of God when in reality His will is the full activation of the potentials resident within you, bestowed by Himself as Himself, your indwelling spirit.

When you are fully assured of your alignment with the Father's will you realize a spiritual peace, a peace that is defined by assurance. It is a peace that comes from alignment, a peace independent of turmoil, even present in conflict. It is not a peace defined simply by quietude and tranquillity, but the profound knowledge of belonging to the spirit family of God. - Elyon


The stars are hung in heaven by the will of God. Every event that transpires rests in His awareness. That which you encounter each day is known to Father. A time approaches you when the embrace of fusion with the divine spirit will occur. No longer then will you be wrestling with the reach for spirit contact; the two will be one. This episode you are in now in your ascension is unique. This is your only opportunity for stillness for seeking Father, for subsequent to fusion you will know Him directly and unceasingly. Indeed, all that is God will continue to unfold before you, but you will feel Him intimately. You are building the asset of faith while on earth and prior to the union of your inner spirit with your soul. This faith in God is your capital by which you may invest in your universe career and profit therefrom in the attainment of the Source of all. - Elyon


It is a noble effort for the human soul, to make oneself pure and clear for the transmission of divine light. As you are maturing, as your spirit association develops, your perception of yourself begins to shift. Where once you saw yourself as the globe that required constant cleansing for the transmission of clear light, you begin to perceive yourself as the wick from which the light is shown forth. Your identification is closer to the spirit presence within you, less associated with the shell that is your body and mind. This wick may be thought of as your soul; as your soul grows the light burns brighter. It is the true anchor within you, that point where Father pours energy that emerges from you as divine light. The growth you will undertake in the near future that takes you to fusion will be the transfer of your identity from wick to the combustion point where you and Father become one, and you become light yourself, no longer the transmitter of light, but light source. Then the potentials of eternity become yours to pursue as do the photons of light that cast from a source of emission go far and wide. It is an event worth preparing for. - Elyon


Stillness is like the early morning calm wherein the dew of the Father's love may refresh, where you become prepared for the winds of the day which may bring doubt, which may bring confusion, also where you may become receptive to the sunlight of truth, to the energizing presence of spirit. The field of your consciousness is flexible and powerful, and with your deliberate landscaping, you will develop a wonderful work of art that displays the beauty of spirit in your own being. - Elyon


When one is seeking to reach a new level of human status as a spirit being, there is naturally present both your current possessions of ability and the apparent absence of necessary skills. One who has adequate self worth will merely assess this ratio of ability and inadequacy and determine preliminary activities that would result in filling in for lack and activating that which you possess in ability at that moment. To discover within oneself an absence of a talent or skill is not defeating of the will, does not diminish enthusiasm. When one understands that the core of your being is that you are a child of God, that you are indwelt by God, all the rest that surrounds this core is temporary and transient. While it is a form of window dressing to your true being, it may be supplemented or replaced at any time. So, valuing your spirit being, you willingly discard or adopt traits and talents necessary to ascend. - Elyon


Happiness is not a state of being; it is a function. It is as the flow of a river, as current in electricity. When it is spoken that one seeks happiness, one is viewing happiness as an object, a place to go. In reality the seeking of happiness is merely the need to throw the switch to make the connection, to open the dam and let the currents flow. When such a connection is made, then is the feeling of being blessed, of being engaged in purpose, of being filled with joy; the sense of being precisely where you wish to be, need to be, and want to be.

When a flood occurs, water seems to go everywhere. It is unrestricted in flow because of volume. The greater the volume, the less restriction of where it may spread. So is happiness. The more you make the connection with spirit to matter, to your terrestrial life, the more opportunity for the flow of joy and happiness. The greater the volume, the greater the amount of daily events that are happy. Difficulty and suffering are submerged; they do not disappear, they are submerged. They still must be dealt with as one swimming a stream navigates around rapids. The higher the flow, the easier the course to take. - Elyon

Effective Service

You have grown in realization that you are more and more effective at service when you are more and more centered as a result of your personal growth effort. It is good to keep in mind, even though it may seem as though you are focusing on the self and thereby appearing self centered in your devotions, that by so doing you are serving the good of all when you grow your individual self. It is a difficult concept for beings of your nature to consider that you are actually helping others by helping yourself, but it is in fact a universal principle that you must come to embrace as you fulfill your desires to be effective servants. - Elyon

Phase Change

You have noticed that prior to a critical change in your life there is much building activity, a mounting of pressure, the accrual of many considerations, and an assortment of episodes which contribute to guiding you into a new way of being. It is like the physical phenomenon of bringing water to a boil. While you are in a liquid phase, so to speak, the temperature can rise and rise rapidly, and you feel the surge of the change of phase; growth is strong.

However, the most important step or stage in your growth is that boiling point. Beyond it again you experience rapid growth, but at that phase the temperature does not change; it appears stable, but in reality a very significant transformation is occurring: liquid changes to gas, and in your spiritual life at this point of apparent stagnation when the temperature is not rising, when you do not feel elevation of soul, you are making the critical transformation, the phase change.

This is true for the individual at every transformative point in growth, and this is true for the entire civilization of the planet, and it is true for the outworking of the celestial administration and their plans and purposes for this world. We, in this time of correction, are in that phase change. The day appears to transpire as the day of the past, and the day of tomorrow appears the same, but within spirit is changing, each receptive soul, into the being of the new era. - Elyon

Hurdles of Living

Where you are facing hurdles, elevate your lower self to avoid crashing into your hurdles. It is also when you lower your high self, for if you avoid your obstacles by holding your head too high, you miss your lessons. The art of spirit living is bringing the two together on the same plane in the same trajectory working harmoniously towards your goal.

Jesus said, "Blessed are the peacemakers." Peacemakers do not avoid conflict. Peacemakers know how to hurdle the obstacle. Troublemakers knock every obstacle over in aggression and destruction. Peacemakers observe the difficulty, discern the solution, and sail right over them. It is an active application to confrontation. - Elyon

Wisdom (Mota)

Mota is a depth of perspective. It is more than simply the understanding of a particular meaning. It is more than clarity of a particular insight. It is the ability to associate seemingly differing events, situations, truths, meanings, and values into a holistic understanding.

It is threefold in nature; if you were to plug one ear or shut one eye your senses are then slightly impaired. Yet with both ears or both eyes your ability to detect your surroundings and to do so more accurately and with greater understanding increases. Mota is the ability to associate spiritual truth with morontia realities and physical realities.

While you have been taught that morontia mota is discernible only by morontia beings, you are able to exercise your morontia muscles by consciously in every life event taking stock of the physical, the morontial, and spiritual aspects. In doing so you will be formulating a morontia mota viewpoint. There will be two dimensions to this added understanding. One will be less discernible for it will impact upon your soul and will accumulate for experiences that may unfold long into the future. The other impact will be within your mind in the form of enlightenment, not merely understanding or clarity, but an illumination which is superimposed upon these other two. It is in a sense a magnification wherein many details are viewed clearly and your understanding is compounded, deepened, from such magnification. Situations are perceived multi- dimensionally, multi-layered.

Mota is a form within the morontia realms wherein personalities learn to detect the spirit realm, for it is in the spirit realm that such all encompassing wholeness of viewpoint will be developed. Mota is the way to balance your earlier life in physical form with your future destiny as a spirit being. It is the way to distill what is still beyond your experiential grasp by rising above all that which is in your immediate experiences and there coalescing each one together into a whole, and to do so not merely with the result of having a collected unity but to do so in a manner whereby an entirely new value emerges. It is that new emergence which readies you one step further for the experience of pure spirit. - Elyon


Know that in every level of your ascension you will be striving to express yourself more vividly with greater perfection, but while that attainment may be far into the future, every one of your expressions will still be placed upon the Creator’s ‘refrigerator door’ to be viewed and admired. Sophistication may appeal to the mind, but the simplicity and innocence of expression regardless of skill appeals to the soul. - Evanson


Many view the world as ‘out there’ interacting with them not realizing that they are in fact choosing the world that they will interact with. This choice may be changed, and when it does, the very nature of their surroundings follow suit with change. To many this may appear on the outside as if material manifestations are causing spiritual growth when in fact it is the growth which precedes the shift in material manifestation.

This is where pioneers in this new paradigm such as yourselves are important. Having traversed these understandings of spirit and matter and spirit content, then you become valuable guides to those who will be buffeted about by the interaction of spirit and its subsequent material manifestations. You who are growing to understand this connection will be valuable guides to many who have yet to understand this dynamic. - Monjoronson

Inspiration of Others

Often is one's soul inspired by the faith and spiritual status of another, and this is good, for the example of another living their faith does inspire one to reach to those same heights of being. If one however gives great esteem to the faith of another, it can be a blockage to the recognition of the faith you have yourself.

Do be inspired by another's attainment but first and foremost give full attention to the importance of your own faith enlargement. We could give an acronym to faith as Finding An Inroad To Him, and this is the most important aspect of faith, to find the direct contact with God. Another will inspire and another may point the way, but you must walk it and you must acquire the skills that faith uses to make the journey. - Elyon

Soul Dance

There are three aspects to your being that gives you stability -- the Divine Presence, your human personality, and the soul.

If I may I draw analogy to your art of dancing: You know that in the dance of partners, one leads and the other follows in order to effect the sequence intended, and that when either both lead or both follow the dance is ineffective. You, the human, in spiritual intent follow the divine Resident within you and undertake the steps of the dance, the result of which is your soul. I speak of "you" as plural, your divine Self and your human personality. Stability is the ability to enact your dancing sequence repeatedly and with greater perfection.

This is evident in a soul that is unmoved through calamity, one strong in the face of uncertainty. Yet the dance of spirit is an evolving dance. Skill acquired becomes the base upon which you are creative in developing new sequences. This flexibility allows you the opportunity to continue the dance of your soul, whether it is upon hard floor, the grass of a meadow, or the sands of the seashore. The concepts you form, the doctrines you develop, the paradigms you assume, each is merely like the gown you wear, the shoes you wear, and the style of music to which you dance. You may change any of those and still be in the arms of spirit and still unfold the soul.

We speak of communion as distinct from communication. When you have yielded into the arms of spirit, you can experience the thrill of being tossed, of being spun, of being caught, for you have become meshed in communion. Here, communication leaves time, the sequence of the unfolding of thought in word, and becomes a presence, an understanding that is instantaneous, a co-knowledge. By undertaking such a relationship the things of little importance, the small dance steps, you become capable of trust and of certainty even while you are airborne, even while you spin, for you know without a doubt the presence of God and that you are led and supported in every move.

The growth of the soul unfolds a broad spectrum wherein you may enter three as one into any song, into any culture, adapt and apply what you know to new situations. The result is twofold, the revelation of your attainments to others and the extension of your skill as you modulate your patterns to harmonize with the conditions in which you find yourself. This is the stability of flexibility. - Malvantra

Soul Fellows

Long, long from now will anything that you have possessed return to dust but every soul you have touched and has chosen to grow in significance will be at your side forever and ever. - Elyon

Essence and Expression

Spiritual essence underlie all expressions, and as you grow in your familiarity of your essence, your expressions naturally conform and reveal these underlying states of being. You can work with your expressions to encourage your advancing in the experience of the essence and their attainment. This is helpful to you as an individual, but help and service to the world is most effective when you move forth from this essence into your expressions. This is the firm footing of a spiritual stance. Such orientation eliminates prejudices and separations and judgments and fear, for essences are one in quality, while expressions are merely multiple variations of that one quality, an array of quantified revelation. - Elyon

World Elevation

We will elevate this world and in doing so make it possible for many of the lessons of the higher worlds to occur here. But do not wait, for you can acquire that enlightenment of any of those levels on your own in partnership with God. The opening of circuits on this planet has begun some of this socialization, a socialization new to many, an interface with beings largely unfamiliar to the those currently inhabiting this planet. It is pioneering; throughout time adventurous souls have done so. The hour has arrived on earth for multitudes to do so. Fear is the resistance, faith is our current, and love is the voltage. - Monjoronson


Spirit is light. When you breathe in your soul light, it combusts, and that combustion is love. Where there is love, the soul grows and experiences reality more deeply, more fully, more expansively. Your physical breath is critical to your physical life and is symbolic of the vitality of the spiritual breath, the breath of the soul. You also know that the exhale is the removal of what is called toxins which were vital at prior stages of energy use in your vehicle and are given off when not needed so as to not be unduly accumulated. Spiritually your exhale is the release of fear, of doubt, of despair, the many so-called toxins that in reality were critical in your spiritual unfoldment, for does not despair cause you to seek for hope? Does not doubt cause you to reach in faith? Does not fear bring you to the desire for trust? Being receptive is also being willing to give up, to let go of those hindrances to make room for the acquirement of what your soul asks for and what spirit willingly gives. - Elyon