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Rob wrote: Fri, Dec 21, 2012 at 10:05 PM

I thought it would interesting to compare the two documents since Jefferson has been busy on this topic. This is the first of 32 letters in America Awake: A Declaration of Interdependence.

The book was published in 2008 and is available for purchase through most book selling venues and is available for free online at the link in title above.


The Soul of America is at risk. It is July 4th, 2007. I am Thomas Jefferson returned. I have come back for service to my beloved America. She is sorely in need of new vision, of a new beginning.

Dear Americans, I return to you in the voice and ideals of your tomorrow. I am sure you would take more comfort if my language were all pure colonial Virginian. That, however, is not at all my point or purpose in rejoining you. Better for you that I be the visionary calling to your natural dignity and destiny from your future and using such language common to you now that may lift and heal the soul of America. Yours is the moment, the turning point, or as you would say, the tipping point, of all human history since its ancient origins in Africa.

Americans have now a reckoning with human destiny. So I will speak to you in the words of now for the terms of your destiny.

For yours are the first few generations whose guardianship of all nature is a matter of your life or death down through all eternity. You may recall that I wrote that the dead authors of any document had no earthly right to bind up the lives of the living to their conceits. Rather every nineteen years each new generation is free and responsible to reconstitute its place in the world and of a right must do so.

Never in the course of human events has a moment occurred when America’s redefinition of purpose and intent been more critical in cosmic dimensions. For you are the first humans ever to see the faint but emerging image of your own eternal extinction in the mirror of planetary nature.

Accordingly, I have come back among you to bring you the vision of your own natural maturation. In every human born is the potential for the parent, the mentor, the sage and the transcendent being, all stages of maturation now vital for your survival. I am now with you in all those roles so that you will express those capabilities as gifts your planet must have for the improving and enduring health of the whole family of life.

I suggest to you that you will have to develop a totally new political economy beyond democracy and capitalism in order to save life on earth. As with the work of the founding of the blessed experiment in self-governance, America, you will all become as we were then, social architects. Your artistry will become legendary down through the ages for you will have created a planetary renaissance on purpose in less than a decade. It is my current duty to help you find the design specifications for that emerging golden age of human transformation and transcendence.

Dear ones, I would define social architecture for you as:
Divine grace revealed in natural order used for the planning
and enhancement of human fulfillment.

Divine grace, sometimes called the wisdom of the universe is, of course, love. The revelation of natural order is also always the discovery of love.

I have found from those among you the general systems science theory of transformative growth and change throughout all of nature. This revealed natural order makes clear that the tyrannical autocracy of King George the Third and his English aristocracy had to transform into American democracy, the power of the people. In the next progressive stage, the power of “We The People” will transform in your time into the power of all life on Earth. Soon thereafter, human political economy will transform again into the power of love.

By way of a brief farewell from this our first encounter, I offer you these few notes toward your emerging declarations of interdependence with all life:

A Declaration of Interdependence

When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for all people to separate from the cosmology which binds them and enter into a new cosmological understanding of the universe more primal in truth and fulfilling of their rights and needs, a common courtesy for all life requires that they state the reasons and causes that drive their separation and the discoveries that impel their maturation into new being.

We the people of Earth hold these truths to be self-evident: All is created equal, sentient and sacred in love.

All being is endowed by its source in love with certain original rights.

Among these rights are conservation of being, creation of entropy for work, manifestation of symmetry for order and transformation by evolution for fulfillment.

These rights and principles of cosmic origin guide the people to institute new forms of self-governance based on new political economy in resonance with and reverence for the working of love in the universe.

Governments are instituted by people for people and of people with their creative engagement for the continuous care and fulfillment of all being.

When governments fail in these sacred duties of compassion, it is the right and the necessity of the people that they change their governments to bring them forward into harmony with the honest order of love.

In these notes, I have echoed my original declaration of independence to illustrate how radically different your present and future times are in comparison to ours at the birth of the American nation.

Ron wrote:Fri, Dec 21, 2012 at 10:56 PM


What would be your analysis after comparing the two documents?


Rob wrote: Sat, Dec 22, 2012 at 6:30 AM

Hello Ron-

Thank you for asking!

Initially, it appears the Declaration of Interdependence is a statement designed for anybody on the planet in that it does not use terminology specific to the Urantia Book and does not cite the presence of the Magisterial Son. It is shorter, and while recognizing abuses it dwells on the affirmative action required by citizens while prefiguring the work of Design Teams under construction now.

The Declaration of Independence obviously differs in that it is introduced by Michael as the Sovereign of the Universe, and tacitly as Planetary Prince of Urantia. The "self evident truths" comprise an indictment of existing governments accompanied by a litany of abuses the correction of which entails the execution of justice on a universe level adjoined by the signatures of several other founding fathers.

Otherwise, the use of Interdependence speaks to the awakening consciousness of oneness among the people of the earth who are urged to action born of that awareness. Whereas on the other hand, the use of Independence suggests separation from that character of governance that has been indicted and referred to judicial authorities for a ruling on behalf of this awakened citizenry.

What is your take on the two?



Ron wrote: Sat, Dec 22, 2012 at 4:41 PM

Hi Rob,

As has been mentioned in the last few months of 2012 in what the universe has provided me to put out, Monjoronson will be bringing Adam and Eve with him sometime in the early years of the Magisterial Mission. Among the things mentioned to me that Adam and Eve are so keen on producing and teaching is a document called "THE RIGHTS OF MAN". As I understand it, it is a book about how man may form his governments and his social institutions so they they are both fair and equitable, and that they will be formed in order to maintain social adaptability and therefore are sustainable culturally.

Which brings me to the Declaration of Independence as spoken to by Jefferson and the founding fathers of the United States. Now it seems Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, Hancock, and Adams are representative of a group of colleagues who worked with government, or inspired government formation, on Urantia. I was wondering if you saw what I think is an interesting development, and that is that the work of Adam and Eve on Urantia in the coming years will be directly connected to the ideas and views of these signers of the Declaration of Independence for America, now being expanded to embrace all of mankind on Urantia?

There does not seem to be any other better reason than that to my view. Michael is apparently tapping all the talent he can to repair what is broken here, and has opened wide the door for access to tremendous possibilities of evolutionary development of government on Urantia through the wise guidance of those like Jefferson and his colleagues and Adam and Eve and their teaching staff having been trained on Edentia in the art of governance. The Nebadon government appears to be coordinating these layers of reality into teaching to fix the heart of the American problem, including the world's problems of originating good government by removing viscous minorities and extreme ideologists.

In my view both what I posted a day or so ago and what you posted that came about in 2007 from Jefferson, the vision is nearly the same although I did not read it so finely that I found difficulties in T/R expression in either document produced here.


Rob wrote: Sat, Dec 22, 2012 at 6:53 PM

Hello Ron-

Thanks for offering your thoughts on these matters!

Of course, in a "normal" world prior to its first Magisterial Mission, there are two centers of culture, the Planetary Headquarters where the (invisible) Planetary Prince works with his visible staff and the Garden site where the (visible) Adamic pair attend to the work of biologic uplift and social, economic, and governmental functions. The arrival of a Magisterial Son would integrate their function, but the two would continue to work under different mandates.

The schools of the Planetary Prince are primarily concerned with philosophy, religion, morals, and the higher intellectual and artistic achievements. The garden schools of Adam and Eve are usually devoted to practical arts, fundamental intellectual training, social culture, economic development, trade relations, physical efficiency, and civil government. Eventually these world centers amalgamate, but this actual affiliation sometimes does not occur until the times of the first Magisterial Son. (51:6.4)

It is quite likely that the initial focus of work for our Magisterial Son would be to address the social, economic, and political imbalance here, that being the thrust of an Adamic mission, but I will not be surprised to discover that a corresponding focus on spiritual, philosophic, and moral culture will be addressed by accompanying Melchizedeks visibly working with their mortal counterparts to foster a spiritual and philosophic capacity infused by Trinity Teacher Sons who, as ever, will remain unseen.

If such is the case, or even something like it unfolds, we will witness the efforts of our Universe government to restore the function of both these initial missions that we lost. It is of great consequence that the apparent division between the Teaching Mission and Magisterial Mission arises because of this two fold function to be addressed where both are essential to redressing planetary deficits.



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