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January 20, 2015

George Douyon wrote on tml: Tue, Jan 20, 2015 at 10:28 PM

Has anyone come across the latest "fugue" that was published recently from

January 21, 2015

Rob wrote on tml cc'ing Editorial Group: Wed, Jan 21, 2015 at 5:13 PM

Hello George!

Yes, it seems to be part of my duty to decide what to do with Ron's missives. In this case, his confusion signifies the insanity of addiction running out of places to hide and shows in some details I list below.

1. His 'fugue' is named Flurry 18, but Flurry 18 is found here (2014-05-13-The Flurry 18) dated in May of 2014.

2. Confusion of voices - The piece opens in what sounds like Ron, but then we learn it is Michael.

a. "I am writing with a new FLURRY,…….That Proclamation allows me, Michael…."

but then proceeds to have Michael speaking of himself as another

b. "It is being sent to you at the request of The Trinity Teacher Son (Margul), Serara (The Magisterial Son), and Michael of Nebadon."

3. We then are led to believe the Creator Son wishes to forget his 7th bestowal.

"Many will wish to forget Urantia, as they toiled under extremely heavy circumstances that not even a Creator Son wishes to recall either."

4. Then we observe convolution of logic.

a. "I have requested two of these Magistrates to become BESTOWAL SONS of GOD on Urantia, and eradicate the history of the Jesus bestowal on Urantia"

b. "Jesus will be the bestowal Son of Urantia in spite of what is said above"

5. We witness Michael and the Universal Father at odds over what to do.

"In 2008, Michael left for Salvington after visiting with the Norlatiadek Most Highs, and declared Urantia in default of its responsibilities. The Father intervened and said that Urantia should not be declared in default until it had a bestowal Son"

6. We witness a Most High Regent suggesting to his father to "get Urantia out from under the declaration (of default) by Michael himself."

"Most High Regent, who suggested to Michael that he might want to reestablish the order of divine Son bestowals on Urantia to get Urantia out from under the declaration by Michael himself"

7. We read that the Paradise Trinity recognizes no "Son of record" except Caligastia.

"the Paradise Trinity averred that the last Son of Record on Urantia, was Caligastia, and that such a record needed to be either destroyed or rectified"

8. But wait, reading on we hear that of all the "apostate planets" only Urantia had a bestowal Son of record."

"At this point I wish to state that of the thirty-seven (37) apostate planets including Urantia, only Urantia had a bestowal Son of record"

9. We read that "all who read this are likely to be transferred to Edentia" because we are "dispensational outcasts".

"I further stipulate, that all who read this are likely to be transferred to Edentia, for when I appear as Jesus, those living then and those who lived through this confusion, are dispensational outcasts"

10. Finally, we hear that "history destroyed Jesus' life"

"In conclusion,... the history that destroyed my life on Urantia,...will be renewed as Jesus returns remove the stain of sin of terror and murder and the holocaust of drug taking destroying the fabric of America and the world."

It would appear to many that a question could arise as to what drugs are not being taken by the writer of these words to forestall too many more 'fugues' occluding the real person that is our brother Ron. As such, I have decided not to present this to the public out of respect for the real Ron. If others think differently, I will be happy to consider other options.

Fugue - in psychiatry, a state or period of loss of awareness of one's identity, often coupled with flight from one's usual environment, associated with certain forms of hysteria and epilepsy.

Looking forward,


Marty Greenhut wrote on tml: Wed, Jan 21, 2015 at 8:11 PM

Rob, thank you for your review of this Ron Besser Flurry. I found this Flurry hard to read because of its broken thinking and wording but attributed this to spasmodic T/Ring.

I was very interested in the messages that are reported in this transcript but never do I imbibe T/Rd messages as accurate messaging. Only do they reflect some kind of cosmic family energy that is beyond words. I find it very hard to take Ron Besser seriously because of the difficulty that he has in most of his relationships among us of the Teaching Mission. However, I repeat to myself that Father is no respecter of persons and none of us are perfect yet, so I simply read his transcripts for the messages which are often self aggrandizing but do handle topics that are of great interest to me.

I will confess my difficulty with many TRs. It seems like each TR's product is no more nor less than that personality's voice, heart and mind possessed by another entity or by their own creative soul. It makes me think of the recent discussion about Dr. Saddler's work as a contact personality and it took over 40 years to get it put together with a questionable degree of accuracy.

I sent this Flurry out to my lists because I do not feel authorized as a judge of these topics, though I once came close to not sending out one of Daniel's which was about world politics.

This is the kind of challenge that we are given now in the correcting time. It will be helpful to remember the mercy ministry and forgiveness that is needed in this world now. We are all going through very significant and difficult changes along with the entire planetary experience at this transitional time.

Thanks again for this very interesting critique. It gives us much to think about. In Father's love,


Rob wrote on tml: Wed, Jan 21, 2015 at 8:49 PM

Hello Marty-

I am glad you found some merit in this reflection upon this flurry invited by George. As for circulating to others, that is one thing, but deciding to make it part of a public record, that is another case. For such occasions, I will create a reference to the document referring to its content residing in the Scriptorium until a quorum is present to decide whether to place it in the Symposia. As ever, I will enclose shared comments in the document's discussion page.



December 5, 2016

Upon reflection, I decided to include the content in this discussion page for reference purposes. --rdavis 02:45, 7 December 2016 (UTC)

Content - Flurry 18

The FLURRY Number 18 Vol IV, Number 1 - 19 January 2015 THE REVELATION OF THE MISSIONS TO URANTIA

I am writing with a new FLURRY, for not only has it been months since any publication has come forth from the BCC List, but events on the spiritual side have been escalating. That causes a certain amount blockage of new information to provide you as they tend to outdate themselves almost weekly. However today, I have a big enough picture of what is to happen over the next few decades, if not the coming millennia, that we can make sense out of it enough for all of you to understand it.

Most of you are Urantia Book readers– or at least I assume so– and because of that, I am especially careful about language as it is so specialized in the Urantia Book revelation, that it takes a glossary for non-readers to go through new information based on Urantia Book concepts and language.

Today, I am throwing all caution aside and will produce for you a Directory of Information, and that Directory is meant to even update you Urantia Book readers with new revelation concerning the coming and joint resolutions of the Eternal Son on Paradise and the choices Michael of Nebadon has made in keeping with Proclamation Fifty-Six (56), as issued on Paradise in the summer of 2012 on Urantia.

First, may I say that the Proclamation 56, I have, is a shortened version of that Directory. The Eternal Son does infrequently share these Proclamations with adult humans, but rarely on Urantia since so few on Urantia are spiritually adult enough to understand what they are saying. That said, I wish to present some of the Proclamation to all of you in order to develop what is else should be told to you today. That Proclamation allows me, Michael, to change the order of bestowals on Urantia

Second, I am being intrusted to write this missive from the Deities and their helpers without them at times, and because what is to be told to you in this publication is a lot more than they ever thought they would share with humans on Urantia, I may proceed with it. It is being sent to you at the request of The Trinity Teacher Son (Margul), Serara (The Magisterial Son), and Michael of Nebadon. But while they tell me to write it, I am also being directed by the Creative Spirit to see to it that I do not make any substantial error in reporting to you, and that she inserts the Voice of Michael at times for direct intercession with information.

Third, the reason this is being placed on line with you today is that we are so close to the incarnated appearance of Serara (also known as Monjoronson), that this news will become buried behind the headlines when Serara makes his announcement publically using our television medium. We have more to say on that subject in another publication when we delve more deeply into what is about to happen on Urantia.


Serara has, in real time, only a very short time before his physical appearance on Urantia.. Actual date and time will be allowed to all of you when it is assured he will make his public announcement in the near future. The date and time is not assured for Urantia media, but enough to get close so you all are watching for the event.

I am aware we have stumbled in the past, and that is not this transmitters fault, as the times earlier given were well meant but as the transmitter has become aware, there were huge stumbling blocs in the way that all dates and expectations were scrubbed. Michael relates history below to share what the stumbling blocks were– at least some of them. Also, the new Urantia Book in three volumes contains most of the reasons why this happened, but we will not discuss those problems here today.

Our work on high is so greatly confused by the establishment on Urantia of the Most High Regent once again, that we have to clear everything through him when we make changes. Let us now narrate those changes for all of you as they now stand:

1) The Fifth Epochal Dispensation was called officially on January 12, 2015, at 8AM New York Time. We are now in the new dispensation and making adjustments to all of the planetary personnel who worked for Michael and have been reassigned outside of Salvington to give them a reasonable break before they resume work elsewhere in Nebadon. Many will wish to forget Urantia, as they toiled under extremely heavy circumstances that not even a Creator Son wishes to recall either.

2)Our work on the morontial grid is not suspended; however, the following information should help those who are concerned about that grid and what we decided to do about it.

The grid is morontial energy and as such is kept to be used for soul resuscitation after the immediate death in the flesh of humans living on Urantia. Until now the souls of recently departed individuals were kept there to acclimate to the morontial life just enough to know they had a choice to depart at the terminals assigned to the Seraphim, who would entrance them and take them to Mansion Worlds One and Two, or sometimes directly to Edentia if essentially finished with the mansion world expereince as acquired in the flesh. Your present Urantia Book, is completely devalued in speaking to the disposition of souls after death and an entirely new regime is in place for souls after death.

The grid will be closed permanently when Michael arrives in the flesh as Jesus, probably about year 2022-3. In this case, the grid will remain open long enough to have souls who depend on it for longevity on Urantia while serving the Magisterial Mission, open and useful until a patch can be supplied so that the new morontial energy grid Jesus brings with him can provide for the older morontial souls used to the original grid’s energy system.

3) The mansion worlds– number Three through Five– will be closed indefinitely, because they will be used to service the new personnel from Salvington, who will be domiciled on them in order to perform work on Urantia, which has to be changed from an evolutionary sphere to an architectural sphere to become the new schooling for the entire universe of Nebadon, for the teaching and representation of the Lucifer Rebellion to the entire worlds of time in space in all seven superuniverses. These closings of the above said mansion worlds will be built out to perform the work of the squares, circles, rectangles, triangles, spoken about in the old Urantia Book, as the work places for the High Sons, the Angels, the Midwayers, and the Unrevealed Orders of Sonship not yet spoken to on Urantia.

4) Our work on Urantia has the following criteria to clear from the Urantian Bestowal Son, Jesus, as he left before everything was accomplished in his life to give to Urantia before he left. Among those things not yet accomplished were:

a) Not enough unusual varieties of humans have appeared on Urantia to make the population useful as a good example for what an evolutionary world can really develop;

b) Not enough heart and soul in the head of many humans on Urantia, and this has caused many populations to hate their neighbors before they understand them. This must be reversed and the new species of humans to take place on Urantia, already appearing, will contain all of the heart and soul need to perpetuate a healthy population on Urantia for millennia.

c) There was to be established a soul repository for Urantia when it was finished with the work of Jesus; he should have lived at least another ten years, but fate wiped out that chance when the Sanhedrin chose to act unilaterally at the behest of Lucifer to destroy the bestowal before it was completed. If I had lived for another ten years, Lucifer would have been history, but the conspiracy of hate in the Sanhedrin and the lust for power of Lucifer, determined I would never finally carry out my orders to finish my bestowal by leaving as Machiventa Melchizedek had done centuries earlier– I would have disappeared one day forever from my abode. The Apostles would have carried on without me and would have done very well as teachers after the Master’s disappearance. That soul repository would have been established by me so that the energy of my soul and of my life’s work would be shared with all living souls on Urantia as they grew up. But Lucifer destroyed all of those plans with one quick slap to the Angel of Manotia who protested that it was sacrilege to do that to an entire human race! A soul repository for the coming bestowal Sons will be reestablished on Urantia at the request of the Universal Father for Urantia.


Among other things, Urantia must redeem itself before the Magistrates of Nebadon, and these Magistrates are the High Sons of God, known to you through the Urantia Book, as Magisterial Sons.

These Magisterial Sons incarnate or bestow themselves on a planet when requested by the Creator Son of a local universe. I have requested two of these Magistrates to become BESTOWAL SONS of GOD on Urantia, and eradicate the history of the Jesus bestowal on Urantia, in order to place Urantia in the order of normal divine missions so that it can claim a normal history instead of being out of order with all of the divine work on Urantia since its inception.

Jesus will be the bestowal Son of Urantia in spite of what is said above, but we (Salvington), must rearrange the history of Urantia, and I have rescinded Urantia’s bestowal mission beginning the current calendar year of seven BC or BCE according to your taste. It is in that year of seven BC, on August 21st, that I was born in Jerusalem, and I grew up in Nazareth, sixty five or so some odd miles north of Jerusalem, about 3 and 1/2 days walking distance for me and my Apostles, and while I do not ask my Magisterial bestowals to repeat what I did as a teacher, I do expect them to speak to the people long before they take up their duties to head the Chief Justice offices a world-wide Supreme Court on Urantia, which Serara will establish almost immediately upon his incarnation.

Let us be clear now what is to happen on Urantia very soon or already history at this writing:

1) Serara is the Magisterial Son, the Son who shall run the Magisterial Mission, He will incarnate shortly.

2) Serara will be counseled by the Melchizedeks who are also the Twelve Receivers on Urantia, under the direction of Machiventa Melchizedek, which has completely removed the Seraphic Government as spoken to in the first Urantia Book, and Serara will also be counseled by two other Magisterial Sons, who shall bestow themselves on Urantia already done. We speak about them next.

3) Our work as Magisterial Mission(s) will incorporate THREE Magisterial Sons. They are as follows:

Tertiary Son One - A Magisterial Son volunteer called Prion - He is born of woman and already exists as a child born in the United States on January 12, 2015, the day of the announcement of the opening of the Fifth Epochal Dispensation.

Tertiary Son Two - Scion, born already, and will be indwelt by a Trinity Teacher Son, Margul,

Margul: “I will attend the volunteer Magisterial Son, called Scion. Scion will be me indwelling this Avonal Son that will enflesh as a child born of woman, and that child will be old enough to take on the duties of a world-wide Supreme Court on Urantia with his work already established by age 35.

Tertiary Son Three - Another volunteer Magisterial Son, NOT BORN OF WOMAN, will incarnate as our beloved Serara. He will incarnate shortly, and the two Magisterial Sons now newborns, will take their part in Serara's retinue when they become of age.

4) Jesus will not be a bestowal Son born of woman this time, but will incarnate with Julian. Julian is a name unknown to all of you. We now reveal that Julian is a pseudonym for another Magisterial Son who will attend with and to Jesus when he arrives in the flesh as Jesus of Nazareth in about six or seven years from now.

Let us explain a little further what is being said here.

Jesus was on his seventh bestowal in his appearance on Urantia. He was killed long before he wished to return to the Father. As a consequence he wishes to reinstall a normal progression to what is to be called the normal bestowal pattern for Urantia, which is, first, the appearance of Adam and Eve, and then a Magisterial Son or two, and then a bestowal Son to establish the regency of God on Urantia. Lucifer and Caligastia destroyed that order, forcing Jesus to intercede with his appearance before there was a Magisterial Son on Urantia. The first Magisterial Son to go to Urantia before Jesus appeared would not necessarily have become Urantia’s bestowal Son.

The Urantia Book correctly points out that the bestowal sequence was destroyed when Caligastia forced Michael to stop a rebellion instead of bringing true peace on earth. The consequences have mired the appearances of God on Urantia ever since, and until the Teaching Mission appeared in 1992, no one understood that Michael and Jesus still were communicating with Urantia on a personal basis, or that they (Jesus and Michael) were still considering the appearance of Jesus as a final statement that God will appear again on earth as Jesus.

In 1995, Michael established a personal residence on Urantia, and from their ruled Urantia for two years through 1997. He left Urantia disheartened when he could not prevent the nuclearization of North Korea or the weaponry tests it made across the Sea of Japan and other bodies of water.

In 2005, he attended a meeting on Urantia’s problems with the Most Highs on Urantia. The conclusion was that it needed a bestowal Son once more to bring it back to sanity. Michael conferred with the Father, and He agreed that the House that Caligastia built had to be utterly destroyed and a new bestowal Son placed on Urantia soil.

In 2008, Michael left for Salvington after visiting with the Norlatiadek Most Highs, and declared Urantia in default of its responsibilities. The Father intervened and said that Urantia should not be declared in default until it had a bestowal Son, and that Jesus could not claim his residency on Urantia, as being proof of his Planetary Prince status remained in tact or that it constituted his taking up the Office as proof of his intention to become the Planetary Prince as was conferred on him by the Ancients of Days at his death on the cross.

In 2010, Michael left Urantia once again after meeting with the Most High Regent on Urantia, and it was this Most High Regent, who suggested to Michael that he might want to reestablish the order of divine Son bestowals on Urantia to get Urantia out from under the declaration by Michael himself, that the planet was in spiritual default.

In 2011, Michael decided to run the entire idea before the Universal Father, and requested a decision from the Father, as to how Urantia should proceed with the Magisterial Mission, now long over due, and much maligning transmitters who transmitted the incarnation appearance and then it failed to occur.

In 2012, the Creator Son declared all of Urantia in default and decided once more to establish a line of progressive bestowals on Urantia that would allow Urantia to appear as a normal planet before the high Councils of Paradise including the House of God being built on Urantia as the fifth appearance of a Supreme Court established itself, and whose Chief Magistrate happened to be Michael of Nebadon.

In 2013, the Creative Spirit, Nebadonia, provided the Chief Council of the Urantia Supreme Court, a Directive, known as Spirit Directive Thirty-Five (35), which integrated the Eternal Son’s Proclamations Fifty-Five (55), and Fifty-Six (56), mentioned at the beginning of this FLURRY. Spirit Directive Thirty-Five, is none other than the Proclamation Fifty-Five(55) issued by the Eternal Son to Salvington, on Eight BC (8 BC), one year after I was born on Urantia in Jerusalem.

The Spirits Directive made it clear that if the bestowal in some manner failed, that it was an issue to be decided by the Universal Father, after all the facts were delivered to Him before the Ancients of Days, in the trial against Lucifer and Caligastia. While no mention of the bestowal was made in that trial, Lucifer gave no hint that he was adjudicated when Jesus met him in the flesh. In the case against Caligastia, it was decided that Caligastia was insane, and that he had not adjudicated himself before his death on the floor of the Court of the Ancients of Days. Your transmitter witnessed Caligastia’s demise in a trial tape supplied to him and summarily placed the description of that witnessing in an ABC Summary concerning the adjudication of the Lucifer Rebellion before the Ancients of Days.

While we have entered into a discussion of the legalese that followed the Lucifer Trial on high, the details of that trial have hardly made an impression on any of you even though they were made available to the transmitter as a witness to some of those proceedings. We therefore must include much of what was told there, and place it here before your eyes now.

In 2014 and 2015, Michael was called to Paradise several times. In those interviews before the Father and before the Paradise Trinity, Michael was asked to explain how the adjudication of the Lucifer Rebellion was to conclude on Urantia, when there was no bestowal Son to wipe away the sins of the population who had no spiritual direction for their lives for two thousand years? Michael pointed out that the Catholic Church had failed Peter and Himself, since it could not adjudicate wrong doing except in a pastoral way and that it failed to understand that pastoral work does not truly compliment the cessation of sin by the Most Highs or even by the Creative Spirit and the Creator Son.

At that time the Paradise Trinity averred that the last Son of Record on Urantia, was Caligastia, and that such a record needed to be either destroyed or rectified. Jesus then entered the picture and asked the Father directly, that if he bestowed himself again on Urantia and this time finished his work, would that reject the present history that only Caligastia showed as the last high Son on Urantia to date?

The Universal Father rejected the logic out of hand, but Michael asked the Father what should he, Michael, do when the adjudication of sleeping survivors from Urantia ran into the millennial problem of a dispensation (the Fourth) that had not fully dealt with all it was to do? The Father replied that He, the Father, would take it into consideration and speak to it in a millennial gathering of the Most Highs on Edentia, in December of 2014.

In the last days of 2014, a member of the Most Highs sequestered on Edentia due to the emergency on Urantia being declared in default, asked if Michael might consider returning Urantia to a prebestowal- Son state, and starting all over again. At this point I wish to state that of the thirty-seven (37) apostate planets including Urantia, only Urantia had a bestowal Son of record. So it became clear that Urantia was unique among all of the rebel planets, because it had a bestowal Son already while the others were using their present or past Magisterial Missions as bestowal Son Missions.

This is why that I, Michael, have declared the planet in spiritual default. Not because Caligastia is here again, or because Lucifer is showing his face again, but because I took the idea of a visiting Most High, one of my own Sons, and brought it before the Universal Father. He saw that the idea had merit and asked me, Michael, to institute it if I had no objection. I had no objection.

Therefore, we may summarize and tell you that the plans for the divine Missions on Urantia, starting now, will proceed with three Magisterial Sons, of which two of them are bestowals and have already been born of woman, and the third to incarnate as Serara.

Further, I as Jesus will return, not born of woman this time, but bestow myself amidst the three Magisterial Sons, and declare my work as the precedent setting of all these bestowals, in order to retain my title as Planetary Prince as given to me as Jesus, the first time, by the Ancients of Days. I have no made my case by providing the reader a reading of the history that has led to this discussion today.

I further stipulate, that all who read this are likely to be transferred to Edentia, for when I appear as Jesus, those living then and those who lived through this confusion, are dispensational outcasts, as neither the Fourth Epochal Dispensation, or the new Fifth Epochal Dispensation, have any standing until I arrive in the flesh sometime around 2022-23. Then I shall declare all Dispensations valid, including the Fifth Epochal Dispensation.

One more statement before I conclude this particular FLURRY placed on line for your edification through the BCC list, and hopefully before the public through other media, I wish to make it known that all publications which I enter into now have no copyright and thus far no FLURRY or ABC Summary, has declared copyright over any material from the High Places in our Father’s Universe. But I do wish that those who hear this message also see the efforts of the transmitter to view the video tapes presented on our behalf and view them for possible outreach ideas, as they work beautifully and should be enjoyed by all.

References for the video presentations on You Tube:

Jesus, The Return

Jesus, The Cross

In conclusion, we must all abide in the Cross, and in the history that destroyed my life on Urantia, but it will be renewed as Jesus returns to provide Urantia all that it needs to live again, and to remove the stain of sin of terror and murder and the holocaust of drug taking destroying the fabric of America and the world.

I propose that another video be delivered to You Tube with the production people that made these possible, and that you might subscribe to their services as a proud associate of those who learned to do it so that we up here are very proud of their efforts. I am Michael of Nebadon, and I wish all a good day. ____________ Notes: This release is through the BCC List subscription which will prepare The Flurry when there is reason to do so, and The ABC Summaries when something is said that affects the spiritual work on Urantia. For those who wish to subscribe to these releases, send me an email (to asking to subscribe to the BCC List . For those who do not want the material sent to them, please use the same email address and let me know your wishes. Thank you Ron Besser, Transmitter and Publisher