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Among the many objections to Daniel Raphael's work are:

  • 1. He cites academic authority using a bogus Ph.D.
  • 2. His work parrots Neo Conservative US foreign policy. NEC 7NEC 8
  • 3. He cites the Rothschild family as a model of social sustainability. NEC 9
  • 4. He has spiritual beings citing the amorality of their protocols.NEC 20

Please see the discussion page on a previous contribution of this author to better understand why the content is in this discussion page rather than in the article page.

General Comment(s)

In this document, Daniel contradicts the Urantia Book paper on Descending Sons of God. Its tone appears somewhat comparable to Ron Besser transmitting Gerdean and Thea Hardy as now seeing the light of Ron's methods e.g. an act of desperation. This is not the first time Daniel has attempted holding persons hostage to the adoption of his programs. Nevertheless, given Daniel Raphael's history of

to mention but a few of the problems with his thinking, I will place this and all further transmissions of his in the discussion page until such time as I am convinced by persons willing to express their reasons on record for placing it elsewhere..--rdavis 22:34, 21 July 2017 (UTC)

Specific Comment(s)

1: "It is important that a leader have followers. If I were to arrive now there would be almost no followers on the planet to fulfill the mission and work that we have to do."

Before any 'transmissions' concerning the arrival of the Magisterial Son, many persons were already walking with him, having been alerted by way of reflectivity broadcasts and personal visitations. Regardless, since tr'ing has been used, many others have welcomed him well beyond the small circle of Daniel's followers.

2: "the problem is that almost no one outside of our small group knows about my function and my work on this planet."

This only underscores the isolation of Daniel and "his group"

3: you are ill prepared for the work of the presence of myself or Machiventa or of Christ Michael.

Spiritually alert persons know that "from the perspective of spirit, we are perfectly positioned exactly where we need to be to take our next step. - Ham.

4: You give yourself too much credit for being prepared for my presence.

The consciousness of those who know they are exactly where they need to be to take their next step are not concerned with credit 'worthiness'.

5: We have spoken many times about the problem of the presence of a Divine Being on your world. It has not happened before except for the incarnation of Christ Michael. We do give great credit to Machiventa Melchizedek when he appeared so many thousands of years ago, but he is not divine.

See The Descending Sons of God and The Melchizedek Sons for clarification of 'divine' status. Otherwise, emphasis on 'credit' points to a bankruptcy of thought.

6: You are curious about whether the Teaching Mission will continue or fail. As you see, it is failing

Teaching/learning truth is not something capable of failing. What is 'failing' is Daniel's expectation for both the Teaching Mission and the Magisterial Mission. --rdavis 01:37, 22 July 2017 (UTC)

On Jul 21, 2017, at 9:09 PM, Richard Voss wrote

Thank you. Sorry about the delay in weighting in on this discussion. I feel you have chosen the best option given the circumstances. Although some of what Daniel has voiced recently raises some red flags, I still feel great benefit from his sustainability lessons. I still find value in Daniels work. I'm not ready to put His transcripts in the same category as Ron's. What Ron shares seems to be self serving but I still discern the celestials to be giving voice to Daniel's work. May the Spirit be with you. Love you. Rick

On Jul 21, 2017, at 9:19 PM, Rob Davis wrote

Thank you for sharing Rick! I am convinced we are all contributing to the work of doing the will of God, including any who may “raise some red flags”. However, I feel compelled to express concerns when they are raised and include them in the pertinent discussion pages. This has led Daniel to prompt Jim Cleveland and a couple others to build another archive where discussion of these lessons is prohibited. Needless to say, this in itself, suggests a commonplace error with which we are all too familiar.


Team members present: Roxanne Andrews, Liz Cratty


July 17, 2017

Promotion of social programs

MONJORONSON: Good morning, this is Monjoronson. I wish to speak to you today in behalf of Machiventa Melchizedek. You know much about the social programs that I have promoted, and that is the major function of my presence on the planet. Yes, I am here in spirit and have been for quite some time. It is a matter of participating very closely with the evolution of events on this planet so that when my physical presence is made known to you that the preparations will be made and the groundwork will have been laid. It is important that a leader have followers. If I were to arrive now there would be almost no followers on the planet to fulfill the mission and work that we have to do. You who are the spokespeople for my work have done a more than adequate job, but the problem is that almost no one outside of our small group knows about my function and my work on this planet.

We have already begun the initiation of the implementation of social programs to bring about the social, political, economic, and spiritual evolution of this world. The problem with your planet, your civilization and your cultures and nationalities is that you are ill prepared for the work of the presence of myself or Machiventa or of Christ Michael. The three of us know that your planet needs much work in preparation for our presence. It is important that you realize that you are co-creative partners with us in breaking the ground for the building of the social institutions that will bring about the Days of Light and Life. You have organizations that support your society in the social/societal, political/government, and economic/financial sectors of your civilization and your societies, yet you are so disorganized in the larger context of your civilization and planetary management as to make it difficult for us to bring order and a pattern of growth and social evolution into your world.

Social evolution: progressive, constructive and continuous

What is missing is the consciousness, the awareness of the necessity of social evolution, social evolution that is progressive, that is constructive and is continuous. There is very little awareness on the planet of the necessity of social evolution, let alone a consciousness of oneness to bring that about, or of concept of planetary management. Therefore, we are beginning at bedrock level for the social organization of your world. Yes, you do have governments; yes, you do have societies; yes, you do have economies. Yet you only have begun to organize yourselves in ways that work toward the progressive, constructive, and sustainable ends. You are fumbling about. There is an immense selfishness among individuals within themselves, within their families, within their communities, within their corporations, within their investment structures whether that is financial, governmental, or social.

We are not ready for Monjoronson

You give yourself too much credit for being prepared for my presence. It is not that I am chastising you, but I want to make you aware that this is not so, that you are not ready for what is to come. Your world would be set back into greater chaos than it exists were I to be present on your world, and my presence and consciousness became what you call “viral” on your world. Face Book now has the record of having 2 billion members that consult to that site every month. What would happen on your world if those 2 billion people [became] aware of my presence within a week? There would simply be chaos in the world. There would be speculation that I was one of the UFO extra-terrestrials who visit your planet and now has become known. I might be called a demigod; I might be called a Satan; I may be called many things—even the Anti-Christ. Groundwork needs to be firmer before I can walk upon it and among you in your societies, your communities, to visit your families and to speak to your nations.

We have spoken many times about the problem of the presence of a Divine Being on your world. It has not happened before except for the incarnation of Christ Michael. We do give great credit to Machiventa Melchizedek when he appeared so many thousands of years ago, but he is not divine. The presence of Divinity on your planet would be known almost instantaneously within a radius of 1,000 miles, even those who call themselves atheists would feel this but be unable to recognize what this presence, this energy is, or what it is all about. Yes, I do have the capacity to rein in this radiance of my being, this energy field; I could make it smaller or larger. I could even make it large enough to engulf the whole world, but as you know from what we have told you before, the destructive consequences would work against the good of your world and of our mission.

Social evolution must be conscious

It is therefore necessary for us to reveal the plans to you about what we intend to do co-creatively with you in your societies, your governments and your economies. It is not a mystery that it involves the idea of social evolution, conscious social evolution in these three areas. It is important that this become known to everyone on your world that social evolution is the way forward to peace. If simply you were interested in peace and not your spiritual growth, then you will have a lot to do to prepare for the development of the Days of Light and Life; the development of your societies becoming stable and moving forward to the state of social sustainability.

Social evolution works best in democratic nations

The difficulty of moving into implementation is that some rectification must be made within the original documents that support your Christian religions, your democracies and your economies. We do not speak much about your economies at this point as they are in the primitive mode of almost barter/exchange of money for goods, money for investments, money for return on investments, and so on. We, however, are far more diligently involved in implementing social and political institutions that will bring about a far wider, more stable basis for democratic nations. We do not necessarily disregard those nations that are not democratic. However, it is difficult for us to work through your social institutions that bring about peace, religion and spirituality in democratic processes in nations which do not embrace those areas of interest. Thus the people of those nations are left in a primitive state of devolution, which works against their personal progress, happiness, and spiritual unfoldment. Nonetheless and however, we are here. We do infuse the people of those nations with our presence. Your consciousness of oneness with spirit with your Thought Adjuster, Christ Michael, and your Guardians is essential that you hold this consciousness and project it towards those nations which are godless in their organizational structures. “In God We Trust” is surely a wonderful motto, and may it always be the motto of democratic nations.

If you have questions, I will be most happy to answer them for you.

Reconnecting with past TRs

Liz: The last time we spoke with Machiventa, he was talking about the fact that many people who were TRs have stopped being involved in the Teaching Mission, or in doing the transmission/receiving. The question from my friend, Jeff, asked if there is a list of TRs who for whatever reason have stopped that we could send them a message to encourage their re-connection.

MONJORONSON: Yes, you do have in your personal computer archives and transcripts with the names of those TRs. You should make a list of those and gain their addresses for email and otherwise so that eventually you may contact them. We anticipate that those TRs who have retired themselves from service will once again come to the surface and begin their work when our presence and the need for TRs becomes more imminent. TRs are contact personalities; some are more reliable than others; some have more egoistic and fear issues than others; some are quite clear and are able to bring through our message without bias or self-interest.

Learning the skills of discernment and validation

You must learn the skills of discernment very well before these TRs come on line. You will also become aware that many new TRs will come forward to provide messages to the larger populations around them. It is important that they be validated—you call it vetting—and that they be cleared or validated for service. It is important that those individuals who are discerning what is provided by the TR discern the message, and the message that comes through them. These three elements are primary to the validation of the TR for future work. We will work with you in the discernment of these individuals. There must not be any egoism or fear involved on the part of those who are doing the discerning. This is not a power grab situation, or one of denigrating those who have lesser skills, for even experienced TRs make mistakes as well as those who are beginners. This process should be done very carefully, particularly for those who are beginning to TR again, and those who are beginning to TR for the first time.

Reserve Corps of Destiny

Liz: My friend, Jeff, asked about a buildup on Urantia about celestial helpers, and he wonders if it is fair to conclude that there could be more than 12 corps of Destiny, and more than the 962 Reservists? He also wonders if the conditions on Urantia are reaching the point where your offices are seeking to mobilize reservists.

MONJORONSON: There are many elements to his broad question. Yes, there are far, far more Reservists than those mentioned in the Urantia Book. There are in fact, well over 10,000 Reservists who are held in readiness. Some have already begun to do our work in their lives; some are conscious of this and some are not. Most are completely unaware that they are Reservists in the Reserve Corps of Destiny, and it is important that they not be aware of that, as it causes great difficulties for those individuals who are fully aware that they are active Reservists in the Corps. Many of those thousands of Reservists have not been called into active service, but are being mustered to come forward at a time when they will be useful and in critical situations. There are hundreds who are active in social evolution projects. You have seen very many similar projects around the world that have similar interests. These are usually initiated by individuals who are in the Reserve Corps. What will happen is that eventually there will be a “call” for awareness of each other and the integration of their work.

There are hundreds who are involved in these projects around the world, and when the call goes out for these groups to find union in integration to become more integral with themselves, they will form a network that will be highly useful to us and to progressive mortals who have an interest in the betterment of their societies. The individuals who are part of the Reserve Corps are unselfish in the main. They have an interest and are altruistic in their interests for the good of all humanity. Many individuals in past decades and centuries have been tremendously frustrated in their altruistic efforts and overpowered by the selfish interests of powerful individuals in critical positions of authority. The union and integration of these individuals and in their projects will be a critical element of the social stability and social evolution of your societies.

Did I answer all your questions and concerns regarding your last statement?

Are we making any progress?

Liz: Yes, you did; thank you. Are we making progress? I look at the news and it doesn’t seem like we are making any progress. I think that’s one of the reasons we are all eagerly awaiting your arrival, because it seems like we are falling further and further away from social stability.

MONJORONSON: What you have just stated is a mindset that echoes mass media, and the thrilling, phenomenally oriented news broadcasts of your media. You have been enculturated and indoctrinated into a mind-thought pattern of excitement [in the] news to accept the news that is broadcast is all the news. Listen to the inflection and the excitement level, energy level of those news announcers when they provide the news. It is not provided in a manner-of-fact nature, but is provided with tremendous inflection and that rise in volume and pitch. This is meant to instill excitement in the listeners and viewers so that they will become addicted to this media source. It is an unfortunate development of your primitive media outlets, one that will change over time. Their interest is in increasing market share which causes competition between the outlets, and using the tactics of “flash news.”

Doing good in Christ Michael’s name

Liz: Thank you and I have a personal question. I read somewhere—I believe it was a Teaching Mission transcript, but I can’t be certain as it was many years ago—that said that if I lay a hand on the shoulder of someone who is suffering, or give a hug to someone who is suffering, that I have the authority to touch that person in the name of Christ Michael and it is as if my hand is his hand, or my hug is his hug, and I am wondering if you would speak to this, please?

MONJORONSON: Thank you for your question. Yes, you are quite right, that when your mind and your will is in alignment with Christ Michael’s will—the one you call Jesus—when you are in alignment with his will then your hug or your touch would be the same as his. You become the physical conduit of his presence. You must realize as well though, that the individual who receives the hug or the touch, if that person were in perfect alignment with Christ Michael’s will could also be healed through that alignment solely by themselves. You provide a means of belief for the individual who is being touched. It is not necessary that they be aware that this is happening, but simply that they are open to receive this gift from you. It is not that you are solely the only individual on the planet who can do this, as there are many others as well. It is not necessarily a matter of practice of the process, but rather a practice within the alignment of yourself with the Source within you.

Liz: And this practice could heal someone’s grieving heart, or work toward that? Can it have an effect on someone’s wrong thinking?

MONJORONSON: It could have an effect—in your English language, it has a potential to be affective. Whether it is effective depends upon the conscious will decision of the individual. You will find, as you know already, that many people hang onto their grief and the idea or the source of their grief as something that keeps their mind occupied, or causes them to be of more importance or a center of attention, affection, and concern by those around them. Those types of decisions, those types of orientations towards the resolution of the problem have a negative effect upon the individual who has the touch for them. You, as an agent of God’s work, Christ Michael’s work, cannot surpass the negative orientation and intention of the person holding those ills, whether of mind, emotion, or body. Their intention of holding it may be conscious and it may be mostly unconscious, but nonetheless you would have great difficulty, to have any effect in them at all to overcome that negative orientation. Do you understand?

Liz: I do. Thank you very much. That’s all I have today.

Research project on child rearing best practices

Roxie: Monjoronson, I also have a question from one of our readers, Geoff Thomas in Wales: He says, “I’m hoping you can clarify how we, as students of the New Era Transition, can contribute to the research projects mentioned in the recent transcripts. Is there an individual who is in a position to collect and collate relevant articles, et cetera, relating to child rearing best practices? How should we proceed if we come across materials, which may be useful?

MONJORONSON: Answering the first part of your question first, there is not one central repository or a person in charge or of a potential repository at this time. You, on the other hand, when you find this material—and this is addressed to all of our readership—when you find material on the best practices of child rearing, parenting and family dynamics, we ask that you form or create a folder on your computer to hold/retain that information. It may be a web site; it may be a word document; it may be a newspaper article or magazine article that you could cut and paste into a word processing document for later use, and for organization and collation with other similar documents. You, in the readership, have a capability to begin this process so that when the call is made to bring this material forward that there would be much to be shared.

It is important—and I wish you to make this an important note—that you keep the reference of the citation clear and the source known so that other individuals can go to that source and find the article. This is a validation of the work that you will be doing, and work that others have been doing. There are literally tens-of-thousands of articles on parenting, child rearing and family dynamics, both at the academic level and at the consumer level in magazines and web sites that are oriented towards that genre. You will find that these materials will—some of them—may be spurious and not provide citations of their own for the references that were used to compile the article. Nonetheless, you must use your powers of discernment to determine whether it is something that would be useful to yourself and to others in future days, months, weeks, years and decades. This work will be done; you can be assured that the material that you collect will be used eventually. We cannot put a date or time on when these materials will be called for. It is our wish, however, that the call become very soon as your world needs to begin producing children who are socially competent, capable, responsible, and curious, and who are eager to engage the future of their lives in responsible ways.

Roxie: Wouldn’t it also be an interesting suggestion for people to write down their own child rearing practices that they have found effective, or ones that they found should not be used?

MONJORONSON: Most definitely. We would imagine that in the same folder that the individual would have a file listing the best practices that they found in their personal life as they grew up that was affective in them becoming a complete person. They also may have friends and relatives and acquaintances and associates who also have those same thoughts in mind. It would also make a hobby list, much as “Pinterest” to form and find and post the best practices of parenting, child rearing and family dynamics.

What remains is the core of the Teaching Mission

Roxie: Right before this session, the three of us were discussing how the numbers of people involved in this Teaching Mission have dwindled off. If this continues in that direction, what can we do to reverse the process and get new people involved that we haven’t already discussed?

MONJORONSON: You pose this as an “if” question. It is speculation and in actuality you are already in that situation. Numbers have dwindled and what is remaining is the core. It is much like the battery: There is the surrounding material from which the core draws its power and is able to conduct it through the anode and diode. You are now at the core level of those who will sustain the movement into the future. This is all that is necessary for us to engage in an act and implement the social plans that we have. You are curious about whether the Teaching Mission will continue or fail. As you see, it is failing, yet the truth and core of the Teaching Mission exists and is more vibrant that it ever has been. It is not a social phenomenon; it is not attracting hangers-on; it is not attracting those who fear what may become and are seeking solutions to their fears. It is also not an organization with power that attracts those who are power-hungry, or those who seek making immense wealth, or are seeking social recognition, positions of power, authority and self-aggrandizement. No, Dear One, we are where we want to be. We have those who are true through and through, those who have been through the hard times and now are appreciating the calm that is in their lives now, as they engage the process of TRing, of reading the transcripts and being prepared in consciousness with the Thought Adjuster for what is to come in their personal lives and in their social lives and the spiritual work of this world.

Empathy and compassion

Roxie: That’s good to hear! In the last session when Machiventa was answering Liz’ question about dealing with thugs and evils of the world, and that it would get to be more of a problem as our population increases, I made note of his statement that, “one’s empathy and compassion needs to be carefully nurtured, so that one’s life is not squandered in the pursuit of saving individuals and situations that are unsolvable.” I find this to be a great concern of mine when I observe the fight to preserve the life of babies and pets that are suffering and cannot speak for themselves, yet they are kept alive out of empathy and compassion by others. I am sure that it will become a huge problem with the births of the tens-of-thousands of projected Zika babies. Do you have a comment that would be helpful to me on this?

MONJORONSON: Yes, it is an important one to be made, and that is there is a lack of a moral standard to use for discerning those to save and those not to save. Your societies are lacking in an integrated morality that makes sense to everyone, no matter what nation or what race, culture, ethnicity or gender they belong to. It is not that compassion or empathy are not needed; certainly it is the truth of being human; it is the identifying factor that identifies you as an evolved human. Your love of humanity is the result of the sum total of your empathy and compassion for others. You project yourself in the situation of others, yet when it comes to pets and to children who cannot represent themselves, there is a lack of discernment involved in that situation. What your society and the medical professions practice is a disregard of compassion for the life of the individual who will eventually be raised that way as incapacitated either mentally, emotionally, physically, and/or socially. There is a need for an evolved morality that assists your professions to make those decisions rationally, conscientiously, and consistently, and that would assist them to protect themselves from moral and legal harassment.


Roxie: I was watching a documentary and it stated that many in the scientific community are concerned that our next pandemic (or pandemics, plural) will be caused by mosquitoes, which already kill millions through 6 different diseases, like malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever, Zika, chikungunya, and West Nile, all of which can mutate to forms for which there is no cure and spread worldwide through travel. Yet killing mosquitoes deprives other animals of a major part of their diet, for example, bats. Is this how our population growth is to be checked?

MONJORONSON: We have no answer for you today.

Population growth

Roxie: I feel helpless in view of the continuing population growth in solving some of our important ecological problems, yet I see no effort on our part to control population growth. Must we hit bottom before we face the problems that we have created? By then the problems will be even more difficult to solve.

MONJORONSON: Most definitely. Of all the problems in the world they are almost all caused by overpopulation. There is simply no moral check on the number of individuals in your world. There is no moral means by which you can discern how many individuals should be on your planet and how many should not. It is not the case for individuals now to decide who should not be here and have them exterminated; that is an untenable, immoral and spiritually repugnant thing to engage.

The circumstances that you spoke of in the last question will be answered in the decimation of your planetary population. War has consistently killed fewer and fewer people every year than in prior decades. Your societies, however, are killing many through the misuse of firearms, and also consider the number of deaths caused by automobiles. War is no longer the detriment to global population. Pestilence has been under control for many decades and is becoming more and more effective at decreasing the capacity of ordinary causes of death. Famine will become more and more endemic and will cause greater and greater problems in the world. Desertification of your world will continue and exacerbate those areas that are already having difficulty producing enough for their populations.

Of all the problems in the world, overpopulation is the greatest. Also, ironically, it is the least of concern of individuals in power and authority around the world, whether they work in centers for disease control laboratories or others. There is no moral education within your churches that teaches the best, most optimum number of children and espouses a program to support the greatest improvement in quality of life for children. Having more and more children within a family decreases the quality of life in each succeeding child, and when you have many families doing the same thing in the community then the whole community is deprived of an improving quality of life. Education per individual decreases and the provision for a meaningful, productive, and purposeful life decreases as well.

The primary issue for years to come

It is an incredibly difficult problem for humans to think about, however, it is the most primary issue that will come into existence in years to come. It will become recognized that there is a moral responsibility at the individual level, family level, community level, social institution level, national level, and global level to address this problem. You are all in this together. Richard Buckminster Fuller told you that you live on a planet as much as a spaceship—you are self-contained, you can go nowhere, you will suffer what occurs within this environment and overpopulation will be the cause of the decimation.

Roxie: Thank you very much! That helps a great deal. Do you think that the time for you to materialize and work with us might be much more possible after the decimation and catastrophes have completed?

MONJORONSON: I will not address your questions concerning my arrival.

Roxie: That’s all the questions that I have then for today. Thank you very much.

Closing remarks

MONJORONSON: You are most welcome. I thank you for your presence today and for reading these transcripts. You are becoming much more globally oriented in your capacity of a spiritual individual. You carry within you your Thought Adjuster with whom you would want to become more closely associated every moment and every day of your life. You have the capacity to make great differences in your world if it is only within yourself, and you can affect other people equally well and equally as much with your own way [that] you live your life in peace and gratitude for what you have. Your world is in much need for improvement and for an upstaging of its existence. It is greatly in need of social evolution, conscious social evolution, political evolution, and economic evolution. You will make a difference when the plans are implemented to engage this process on a widespread basis. You will, however, not recognize it as it will begin locally and will then spread to other communities. It may even take a decade or more for the world to recognize that this is a wonderful thing to occur to help others as individuals and as families and communities. We wish you well in the coming week and month and the rest of your life. Know that our presence is here and there are billions of us to assist you and we will do this co-creatively, but we will not do it without you. Thank you and good day.