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Among the many objections to Daniel Raphael's work are:

  • 1. He cites academic authority using a bogus Ph.D.
  • 2. His work parrots Neo Conservative US foreign policy. NEC 7NEC 8
  • 3. He cites the Rothschild family as a model of social sustainability. NEC 9
  • 4. He has spiritual beings citing the amorality of their protocols.NEC 20
  • 5. He cites the virtue of commercial AI to guide moral decisions.NET 53
  • 6. In recent years, he has referried to himself in capital letters as "This One".

March 30, 2020

Additionally, in this piece, Daniel, speaking for Machiventa, has attributed the CoronaVirus to a purely natural and evolutionary development when there is a preponderance of evidence emerging to the contrary. Will watch!

"It is a natural occurrence; it is a natural consequence of man-made behaviors that has brought this into existence. As you may surmise the wet markets in China have been the source of many viruses in the past." - attributed to Machiventa

May 27, 2021

Now there is a growing awareness of the likelihood of intentional design and release from a bio-weapons lab funded by the US to achieve "gain of function" e.g. increased lethality.--rdavis 12:08, 27 May 2021 (EDT)


2020-03-23, NET #86, Machiventa

New Era Transition #86 – (Find this and previous NETs at:

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager


State of the world Stay healthy You are a critical asset at this inflection point Denver gathering Financial crisis Pandemic and celestial plans Overlooked actions to take Is a physical manifestation on the table Revelatorium Minding colloidal silver Ray Jardine Inhaled steroids in the treatment of COVID-19 A furrowed brow Pandemic time frame Seasonality of pandemic Pandemic and vaccines Pandemic response and values People matter more than things Be in stillness and open to the urgings of spirit How long for social isolation? A cascade of troubles A time for humility, mercy, rational generosity, and peace

TR: Daniel Raphael, PhD

Members present: Roxanne Andrews, Daniel Raphael, PhD., Sherille Raphael, Rick Brunson, Craig Carmichael, Liz Cratty, Jeff Cutler, Stéphane Labonté, Raymon Miller, James Travis (JT), James Leese

Invocation: Stéphane

23 March 2020

State of the world

Machiventa: Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek. Let us proceed with the opening statement. Yes, your world is in deep trouble. It will become more severe. It will be frightening. It will be something that, if you are prone to anxiety, will make you more anxious. Your concerns for yourself, your loved ones, your children, and family will be of great concern. Yet, most of you know already how to prepare and care for yourself to prevent you from becoming a statistic. It is not as though you should be surprised that this has occurred, as Monjoronson and numerous others have spoken about the cataclysms which includes the pandemic well over ten years ago. Whether this pandemic becomes a historic landmark in the age of humanity will be determined by how extensive the infections are. You are now concerned about cities—high density locations—where many people congregate, as you might imagine, on a platform to a subway train, at an airport, and so on. Yet, what you of this era of city dwellers have not thought about is the consequences for the many indigenous people in the back country. It is important that you take precautions to protect them as well.

This situation is very similar to that of the early immigrants to the New World who brought along their smallpox and other lethal pathogens with them that decimated the local populations to a high percentage. This is a very similar situation. This however was not intentionally brought into existence by any human or by any unseen being. It is simply one of those evolutionary developments of a virus that has begun to adapt to a changing environment. Most of you may or may not realize that pathogens, as viruses, evolve, and they evolve to become successful—to generate as many likenesses/replications of themselves as possible. Of course, that eventually means that they will become the host to all humanity and will kill a tremendous percentage of them.

Stay healthy

The process of isolation is very important for you to heed. Those of you who live in the outback, on islands, or other places are not safe from this either. You have the options of going to stores and so on, and when you do so, do so carefully. For those of you who are city dwellers, we suggest that you adhere to the policies of washing your hands frequently, keeping your social distance, and wearing gloves when you are going to tough common touch areas. Keep Handi Wipes or those other disinfectant wipes with you in your car, and when you come home from the grocery store immediately cleanse your hands, or your gloves, with these wipes and then your steering wheel, your keys, and so on; because it is the secondary sources of these objects that can infect you as well. This may sound like a recitation of active paranoia, but it is a good procedure and practice to keep you safe.

You are a critical asset at this inflection point

Why is this a concern to us? It is a concern because we have worked so hard for so long to bring you along through these decades that you are a tremendous investment for us at this very, very critical time in the cultures of the world. This is a stand-still point where we now can command the attention of hundreds of millions of people at a time. This is a time when the practices of spirit can be known among you. It is important that you be safe, be still, and be healthy for us to use you co-creatively in the near future. This time is a critical time for us, and a loss of 100 of you would be a significant loss to our programs that are developing and beginning to bloom. Though our concern for you is personal, it is intimate, it is for the concern of all future generations and the societies and the civilization you generate from this decade now. [At this point there was considerable noise within the conference call which broke Daniel’s concentration.]

MM: This is Machiventa Melchizedek. Let us continue please. So, you see, we have a huge investment in you, and not just for the Teaching Mission, but all of the other missions and programs that are an intrinsic part of the Correcting Time program of Christ Michael. As I see I have lost the focus of This One, let us be open to questions to help bring us back into context.

Denver gathering

Craig: Given the topic of opening, maybe I should ask this question now. We have been concerned about whether we should actually have our [NOCO team] meeting in Denver or if we should change anything with that?

MM: We suggest that you continue to hold with that date and location as you have six weeks beforehand in which many factors will come into play. It is not that we are reluctant to give you advice, it is that many other factors will affect the outcome. You will know better about what to do at least five days before the conference begins on May 1st.

Craig: Thank you.

Financial crisis

Jeff: Machiventa, this is Jeffery. I have a couple of questions about confidence. You have said to us in the past that the confidence that people have in their governments is not going to hold, or something to that effect. It appears that the financial architecture in Europe is collapsing. Is this part of the loss of confidence you have spoken about in government—just the financial confidence?

MM: It is more to do with it being a cataclysm unto itself. Thank you.

Jeff: Well, a follow-up is, our government in the United States is talking about giving away “free money” to millions of people, and some observers state that such money will be hoarded by people and not spent unless people have confidence that they are in a stable situation. Can you comment on that?

MM: That makes good sense to us as well, thank you.

Pandemic and celestial plans

JT: I have some reader questions.

1. Does the current pandemic panic provide for any opportunity for the celestial team to get the world’s attention in a way that serves Christ Michael’s agenda for Urantia? Whether yes or no, please elaborate.

MM: Historically I do not do too well with ultimatum questions of yes or no. The answer is that spirit uses every opportunity to make its plan known to people and you can count on the fact that this will occur as well. What will develop may come as quite a surprise to others, but it will not become known to the world immediately. Thank you.

Overlooked actions to take

JT: The same reader asks:

2. Are there any actions that world governments have overlooked that you or your team would recommend they take in this pandemic?

MM: I chuckle simply because, being proactive about the possibility of what can happen in these circumstances of your world, has not been taken into account in a serious manner. Few people who are strategic thinkers have realized that the world would ever be in chaos. That many active [Again, too much noise on the call caused Daniel to lose his centeredness with Machiventa.]

Is a physical manifestation on the table


3. Are there any chances of a physical visitation by you or celestial colleagues before Urantia’s coming population decimation?

MM: Absolutely not. Thank you.


Rick: There has been online a website by an author named Livingston called Revelatorium and he has posted his third edition. [Volume 3?] And the first one came out maybe 10-15 years ago, and I stumbled across it. This individual uses Urantian terminology such as Adamic and refers to you, Machiventa Melchizedek, and he uses the same terminology. It has a few different interpretations. My question is: are you aware of this, and do you approve of the information in the Revelatorium?

MM: I am going to tease you a bit and give you an assignment. This topic has been reviewed many years ago when the first and second revelatory explanations came out, and should be available by a search through I will answer your question in a very brief manner at this time, though you would want to review historically what was said then. If you review this material closely, and use great discernment, you will see that the material is not consistent with the authority and authorization of the Urantia Book. This Urantia Book was commissioned by Christ Michael and approved by Edentia for publication. It was put together by the midwayers and many others. It is a wonderful compendium, an index, a mini-encyclopedic cosmology that you can understand and appreciate. As you know from any good mystery book that you have read, or have watched as a movie or on TV, what you are looking for is consistency in the plot, lines, and in the development of the topic. All the good literature is always consistent—consistent with previous novels, previous episodes, and so on. The audience of these series are not stupid. They know that when writers write a series on TV that has perhaps 15-20 or 30 episodes, that consistency must be throughout. If you discern this material closely you will see that it is neither consistent within itself, nor with the source that it plagiarizes.

Rick: Thank you for your answer. I will look it up on It sounds like this is something we should discount.

MM: You are most welcome.

Minding colloidal silver

JT: I have some more reader questions.

1. In the last session Machiventa, speaking about colloidal silver, said “It has some helpful properties, but it too must be “minded”—minded meaning energized to be effective.” The question is: how to energize colloidal silver? Is it sunlight, prayer, meditation, microwave oven, what?

MM: Good question. Remember that all the infinite universe is made of quantum particles—what you would call ultimatons. Other people call it the adamantine particle. And remember that colloidal silver also is made totally of quantum particles. The reason why it must be minded is that if you take it absentmindedly and ingest it in your body it will have no more use for you than chewing a piece of bubblegum and swallowing it. What you must do is project your consciousness into the colloidal silver that you will take and see it imprinted with the healing of your body. It is as simple as that.

This is not hocus-pocus, it is not magic, it is none of those things, and the reason it is none of those things is because the ultimaton is the ultimate particle that was used to create the infinite universe. It is also the particle that you swim in, that you walk through, that you talk with, that you breathe, that composes 100% of your body. So, having minded it, it can become more potent. You have made it potent by the addition of your consciousness. Consciousness, as you know, is non-dimensional and non-temporal. Consciousness is the “thing” that pervades the whole universe and is a part of all consciousness from mortals to the Ultimate. You have need of this use in your life for beneficial reasons for yourself and for others.

Ray Jardine

JT: A reader asks:

2. Does the machine that Ray Jardine invented to cleanse blood actually work against SARS-Covid-19, and if so, will it work against the next wave that Machiventa has spoken of?

MM: We offer a cautionary yes. Thank you.

Inhaled steroids in the treatment of COVID-19

JT: I have one last reader question:

3. Is early, low dose intrabronchial steroid use effective in preventing the acute respiratory distress syndrome in COVID-19?

MM: I have been advised by our consulting Life Carrier that it has limited efficacy. It is useful to a limited extent.

A furrowed brow

Stéphane: How are you today?

MM: Very well, and a bit anxious. I know that is a human emotion, but you could interpret that in this way for me: as a furrowed brow for our mortal brethren.

Stéphane: Thank you. That shows some care, and it’s good to see that you care about us and for us as much as we do for you and perhaps even more.

Pandemic time frame

Machiventa, you have mentioned before that this viral pandemic, or the one you mentioned was coming would likely last three months before its effects are fully known. Do you think this is still the case?

MM: Yes, that answer stands. Consider, though, that the regional viral infection has a slow “ramp up” era, then an exponential growth period, a plateau, and then a slow geometric decline over a couple of months.

As you have seen from Wuhan province In China, their pandemic has abated a bit. The one in Italy, however, is still on the rise. The effects of isolation will not be known for at least 3 weeks for that nation. It is a very difficult process to manage for humanity as there are already too many humans on the planet thus making rapid transmission more likely than not. It is also that you have rapid transportation that people use with aplomb and ease without the care for their brethren who they have never met. You should take this into consideration: that there will be other areas around the world that will bloom with the pandemic simply because they are late to the “dirge.” You must take this into consideration. You who live in the hinter regions of your nation, those who are retired and live alone, those who have no need to go outside, although you may be of the elder generation, you have the possibility of going through this quite easily. There is a “however.” And that is, however, if you have someone in the household who goes out frequently without thought or care about who they associate with or what they touch and what they sniff closely, they can become a carrier. Yes, this is dangerous, yes, it is harmful, yes, it is of great concern. You would be advised to make sanitizing liquids, gels, and swatches or wipes available at the front door (or even outside the front door) as you come and go from the household—particularly those who wander about and are not thoughtful to take preventative action for those who are in the house permanently.

Seasonality of pandemic

Stéphane: Machiventa, thank you for this. The next question on this is the effect of the seasons. It seems nations that are the opposite season than the northern hemisphere seem to have less incidence. Is warmer weather better suited to cope with this virus? So, should we see the coming summer in the northern hemisphere as helping to keep the virus from propagating?

MM: Yes, it is the warmth, it is people being out of doors more, it is people being out in the sunshine. People enjoy warmer climates and weather. Cold weather tends to bring people together in houses, residences, coffee shops, and so on to their detriment. You are correct in your analysis. Do you have a follow-up question?

Stéphane: I do, because then if you take this on to the next fall and winter season, if social isolation—closing of schools and universities—is not maintained, is there a good chance that this could continue to re-occur with another peak happening in the fall and winter season next year?

MM: Yes, very much so. It is highly probable that this will occur, and your epidemiologists have found that the virus (any flu virus, cold virus, or rhinovirus) will adapt and change from one hemisphere to the other over the change of seasons. I would add that, however, this should also come as an alert to the southern hemisphere and also the northern hemisphere for what is to come. There should be an immediate alert system in those hemispheres when new victims become known, and the sooner the population and medical field is alerted to this, the more precautions can be taken.

Pandemic and vaccines

Stéphane: Is the seeking of vaccines for this desirable? The reason I ask is; if it is mutating every season like influenza, is it to our benefit to seek a vaccine for this?

MM: Most definitely. It is advantageous to be ahead of the curve as this is a unique virus unto itself and that if there is a similar virus that mutates from this known one, the new vaccines can be generated more quickly. This is an area for those who have expert knowledge in this, and this is a practice they have used before.

Jeff: I have a kind of a practical question to ask you. It was suggested to me that, in addition to hand sanitizers, it would be effective if, when I came in from outside, I took my clothes off and put them in the dryer—not necessarily in the washer—and just got them hot. Is this an effective prophylactic for infection on clothing?

MM: This is a statistic that you should research yourself in modalities of ridding the virus from you and your clothing. This is something that is already known.

Jeff: Thank you.

Pandemic response and values

Liz: Machiventa, it’s nice to hear your voice again. I don’t have a question, but I do have a comment and that is: I’m always looking for the silver lining and already on social media I am hearing people talk about this being a war of values. It’s very clear how suddenly teachers and healthcare workers are being valued, whereas before they were not. And our government is divided as to whether or not to bail out large corporations or to give the workers the bailout. So, it’s becoming very obvious to me and to, I think, most Americans how this is going to play out in the larger arena, and for that I’m very grateful. And I can see your handiwork in this, and I am beginning to see the wisdom in Christ Michael’s program even as I mourn the losses. So, that’s my comment. If you’d care to comment on that I’d appreciate it.

MM: Very gladly. Yes, it is a matter of values in the sociological sense. In the sense of the seven innate values of your species. And it is also a matter of what is of value. Are workers and the care of workers more valuable than the bailing out of airlines? It is a matter of deciding what is of value. In the end, as we see it, and as we have taught you, the lives of people are more valuable than things. Things are investments, things are money put away, things are $200,000,000 airplanes sitting on the tarmac in storage. So, it is a matter of what is of value. Is it of value to have big dividends, and to reward executives, and to have stock buybacks at a time when the economy is plummeting? What makes sense to you?

People matter more than things

These are very simple questions to ask, and the answers are universally that people matter more than things. This is the dividing point between materialism and the philosophy of humanitarianism. It is important that this occur. It is very disastrous what is occurring, and although this was not a manifestation from the Life Carriers or anyone else of the celestial realm, it is nonetheless an opportunity for us in the celestial realm, to use to advantage in spreading the word of values of human worth, of humanity, and of the love that people share for each other. You are in effect for us a family. There are some family members who go wayward, leave the family, and look out for themselves, while others think of others.

In the end, if there is a decimation of the workers in the fabrication plants for these airplanes, or for any other material object—even food—and there is no protection for them, you can expect that there will occur within those ranks a huge loss of those workers. What it takes to train a new worker, an airline pilot, or a fighter jet pilot amounts to many hundreds of thousands of dollars in the American economy. What is easier to abridge, the loss of those skilled workers or the loss of the money to train new workers who are unskilled and without experience? These are highly pragmatic questions to ask even for materialists and financialists. It is important to ask too, for us, to give these questions to you as you will be confronted with these questions before too long in areas where you can address your local community and families in a meaningful way. You can anticipate that we will be using these circumstances to Christ Michael’s advantage—to the advantage of the days of light and life to arrive on your planet sooner than without our investment of time with you in this co-creative effort. It is important that you see the benefit of this even at a time when you are crying your eyes out. Thank you.

Be in stillness and open to the urgings of spirit

Raymon: Talking about all of the people that we work with as a closer knit group of like-mind, is there something that we can do as an internet group to work together in the next phase of this Teaching Mission or Correcting Time so that we become more effective as a group?

MM: Thank you Raymon. Yes, there is and that is one to be in stillness and to surround yourself with this silver bubble that protects you from the outside. It is energetic, it does have an ameliorating effect upon the virus and other pathogens, and it is important that you also see the electric-lime green cord of healing come from Nebadonia, mother spirit to you through your crown chakra and have it pervade your body. This healing energy of Nebadonia is real, it has been used by thousands of people over the centuries, and it is effective. It is not something that you want to totally rely on. You have to use your own brains too and have common sense not to expose yourself where there is a high probability of the pathogens being present. Your consciousness is very important to this whole process—both to yourself, and to those you see as being whole, complete, healed, and healthy. It is important that your consciousness be one of benevolence, of joy, of happiness, of completion, satisfaction, fulfillment, and [that there be] a pleasing smile upon your face when you see these things. That is the true evidence of a soul at peace. This is essential for those individuals to be in the right place at the right time, and be not in the wrong place at the wrong time. And so, while connecting to these levels of consciousness, you prepare yourself for that intuitive receptivity of our urgings to be in one place and not another. Thank you.

Raymon: Thank you Machiventa.

How long for social isolation?

Stéphane: Given the three-month period for any given countries time frame for going through the peak of this virus, do you have a recommendation as to how long the social isolation should last?

MM: Yes, there is a guideline, and that is to be aware of the ramping up of the number of cases and the number of mortalities until it hits a peak, and then when it plateaus, and then when it begins to decrease. It is not an exact science. It depends on the population. It depends on the daily behaviors of individuals in that region, and so on. This pathogen is impervious to wealth, social status, political power, influence, and so on. It will affect those of the very rich and the very poor equally. Those who are very rich can afford very excellent health care and immediate personal private healthcare in their own residences attended by their own physicians and nurses for example. There will be some who will contract this disease and will succumb to it in silence without any care. This is most unfortunate. So, what we see is that as regions become hot points and then decrease, other places will move through the same cycle. We do not anticipate a completion of cycles until the early summer of 2021 around the world. That will give time for the pathogen to evolve and to spread between the hemispheres and then become subject to the vaccines that will surely be developed. We are not necessarily involved in the trajectory of this pathogen on Urantia. It is a natural occurrence; it is a natural consequence of man-made behaviors that has brought this into existence. As you may surmise the wet markets in China have been the source of many viruses in the past. And the capacity of humans to procreate far beyond the limits of sustainability of this planet will also need to be addressed and will be addressed eventually. This will become a conscious and intentional part of public education, family education, and so on. As uncomfortable as parents may be from their own raising to speak to their children frankly about contraception, sex, and personal relationships of an intimate nature, this will have to be overcome and parents and others will need to see this as simply another era of human education that must be taught and shared with those who are ignorant of the facts at the time and for the future.

Your world is now in a huge period of acceleration of culture change, social change, political change, economic change, and so on. The old power structures will diminish as they must diminish as they are impediments to the social evolution and progress of your civilizations, nations, your societies, and even to your local communities. This acceleration will continue extremely rapidly. It will be most discomforting to the older generations who are staid in their ways and do not want to change and refuse to accept new ways of living in their life. As you know, adaptation is the key to survival for species, and even for viruses, and for people as individuals—adapt or die. It is simply a matter of coming to the realization that you all must live in what This One calls “real time” where you live with the facts as they are. There will be few little comradery circles of patting each other on the back or on the fanny saying, “It’s OK” because you know in your heart and others will know that is it not OK. These are times when you must face facts really as an individual and as a family. If you have not had a vasectomy you may want to get one. And if you have not had your tubes tied, maybe you might want to. And if your health care program doesn’t provide for that it should. These are blunt recommendations to you, but you live in your world, we don’t.

A cascade of troubles

[With great emotion] We see the cascade of troubles in families, in communities, and your societies on a national and civilizational level. It is most uncomfortable for us. We have a sadness about that we carry—angels do—and it is akin to disappointment. It is what you say about others: “You can’t fix stupid.” And so, you must heal yourselves, become aware, do what you can to prevent the occurrence of unwanted injuries and inconvenience, and the decrease of your quality of life. It simply comes down to that for your whole world. The quality of life for your whole world is now being put into question. Those who are multibillionaires, those who can control the market by their purchases will need to be brought into alignment—not by violence, but by simple logic that they can produce more through agreement and complemental relationships than they can by dominance and control of power. This is a time of change in the world as no other. Your world has never seen such an era as this. Perhaps only during the plague that erupted in the second millennium has the world seen such a change. At that time people did not have rapid transportation, did not have medicines, did not have the wealth to be so arrogant on a broad basis and condescending to those who have not. This is a time when humility needs to reign.

A time for humility, mercy, rational generosity, and peace

This is a time for great mercy. This Is a time for generosity—but rational generosity—not ignorant giving away of money to people who will squander it or hoard it. This is a time for conscientious philanthropic organizations to be of use to that which will come into being. And that is a world that is yearning for social sustainability, material sustainability, and for peace, an era when the war machines of nations must come to a grinding halt. It is evident that war is past its shelf date and has outworn its usefulness for the benefit of civilization and for the development and evolution of nations and societies. This is a time for those futurist thinkers to be at hand—to share their thought widely and broadly, and humanely, and to espouse that others be educated to learn as much as well and to see what is and what can be. That which is past, that which you have had is ended. That which can be in the future is a potential that every one of you must energize and actualize for your progeny and all future generations of your children. Would you wish such a world upon them that you have around you now? We certainly hope not.

This is Machiventa. Thank you for our session today. Please be observant and courteous to one another during these sessions as they are important to you as they are important to us. You must have information so you do not remain ignorant of the world affairs that you live in but must take into consideration that which celestials and the divine Christ Michael and Nebadonia see as possible for your world. Good day.