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Among the many objections to Daniel Raphael's work are:

  • 1. He cites academic authority using a bogus Ph.D.
  • 2. His work parrots Neo Conservative US foreign policy. NEC 7NEC 8
  • 3. He cites the Rothschild family as a model of social sustainability. NEC 9
  • 4. He has spiritual beings citing the amorality of their protocols.NEC 20
  • 5. He cites the virtue of commercial AI to guide moral decisions.NET 53
  • 6. In recent years, he has referred to himself in capital letters as "This One".
  • 7. One of the members of this group is assigned "to invent a new religion". NET 96


2021-04-19, New Era Transitions Planetary Manager’s Group #3, Machiventa

Planetary Manager’s Group #3 – (Find this and previous PMG’s at:

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager

Topics: Open to a new topic Wording a will command On vaccines Meaningful use of motivations 7 core values and the adjutant mind-spirits The harmony of motivation Duties and actions of Guardian Seraphim This is school The struggle with anger and resentment—Pig Pen

TR: Daniel Raphael, PhD

Invocation: Sherille


Open to a new topic

Machiventa: Good morning. This is Machiventa Melchizedek. It is a pleasure for us to be here with you today and thank you for being here with us. Many of you have been following the topics of NOCO and now the Planetary Management Group - PMG for many years. You have followed many topics from the beginning through our discussions and oftentimes these were repeated later. We would like to leave it open to you now to pick a topic that you would like to have more information about. Something that is important to you, important to others, and important to your world.

You may wish to collaborate with each other in the next two weeks to determine what that might be. In the interim for today you are welcome to begin your questions now, if you wish. Thank you.

Wording a will command

JT: OK, we’ll start a Q&A session. If you are on a phone, press *6 to get in the queue. If you're on a computer, you should see a link. I’ll go ahead and start with one from a reader. Bea asks: If I understand correctly, the energy circuits of Urantia are being permeated by higher vibrations by the grace of the Divine. Are there additional ways for individuals to ask for help to amplify greater love and positive energy by the way of thought power? I'm not asking about prayer, which I see is asking the Divine for help without the participation of the person praying. Of course, this would be without abrogating free will. I suppose I'm asking for advice about wording a will command.

Daniel: JT, is that a fairly accurate paraphrase of the question she asked?

JT: That was exactly the way she asked it.

Daniel: Okay thank you.

Machiventa: This is Machiventa Melchizedek. Your intentions must be clear when you ask for this. Your intentions obviously must not be self-serving or provide some return to you. Only check on your intention and how you want the world to be served. It is important that the vibration that you request match the situation that you would wish to have addressed. It is not that you would make a decision about that, but you would want to have the object or the goal or the focus or the target of this vibration be recognized. Thank you.

Craig: Good morning Machiventa.

Machiventa: Good Morning.

On vaccines

Craig: I just hesitate to ask this, but I think a lot of people are very interested and that's about these vaccines for the Covid virus. Is there a difference between the various vaccines that have been developed?

Machiventa: This is Machiventa. I believe we covered that the last time and that they are different, and they have different sources for their origination and in the technique in which they are introduced to the human immune system. Thank you. Further questions regarding that?

Craig: Yes. The main question is, do you or your team particularly recommend any of these? It doesn't seem like the death rate from the virus is very high and I'm wondering [since] there have been known deaths from some of the vaccines. Are they really worth taking?

Machiventa: This is Machiventa. I chuckle at the irony of your question. It is determined by how much you value your life. If you were on a cliff and it was very windy and it was blowing towards your back, pushing you towards the precipice. Would you want to grab onto something or get down on the ground and crawl back from the precipice? Statistically it is proven that vaccines do help. How much faith you put in that is up to you. Thank you.

Craig: Okay, thank you.

JT: That's all the local questions. I will go back to reading questions from readers. These are more questions from Godwin. He wants me to ask these questions word for word as he's written them. He has three:

Meaningful use of motivations

The first is: Machiventa, thank you for your answers in the previous session, and I want to continue the topic of motivation. The general goal of my questions is to find practical ways and mechanisms toward the meaningful use of motivations. Of course, free will is sacred, but it is driven by motivation. As I understand it, inside motivation, as a mechanism, there are seven basic values, and perhaps something else that we don't know about yet. This is the subject of research.

Then, based on this assumption, the first question is: Is there something else, besides the seven core values, that affects us, as a motivation, that we do not yet know, and that is what should be discovered?

Machiventa: This is Machiventa. Your question, though extended, is not fruitless. You are getting at the core of the energy that is involved in the body and in the mind mechanism and in the gene structure of Homo sapiens. Your question is very much similar to the motivation to have a drink of water when you're thirsty. What motivates you to be thirsty? What mechanism is it that causes you to want water? To know that water is the answer to your question; that the water will satisfy the motivation?

It is this inner mechanism that you're curious about and it is true that there is such a mechanism, not for each of the seven values, but for all the values which operate through this mechanism. I will not share more with you concerning that mechanism other than it is a part of your life force energy within you that was given to you at conception and that remains with you.

It is not the whole kernel of the life force mechanism in you. It is simply what you would call an app that you would use on your cell phone or your computer. This is the mechanism that is designed and built in by the Life Carriers. Further questions will not provide you with further answers. Thank you.

7 core values and the adjutant mind-spirits

JT: I believe he would want me to persist. The second question, also concerning the study of motivation: Machiventa, could you share your thoughts on the relationship between the 7 Core Values and the seven adjutant mind-spirits?”

Machiventa: This is Machiventa. This too is a good question. However, there is no correlation between the one and the other. Thank you.

The harmony of motivation

JT: And his third question is: “In human evolution, from animal appearance to the modern human level, the first four core values, embedded in DNA, were widely involved, contributing to the survival of the entire living world. Along with these, we have inherited from animals many accompanying emotions: Aggressiveness, greed, hoarding, pride, irascibility, anger, and so on. To our human perception, these emotions seem negative, but nevertheless, the animal world, without human influence, is quite harmonious. Could you, Machiventa, deepen our understanding of the harmony of motivation?”

Daniel: This is Daniel. I know it's a long question, but would you repeat it and slowly?

JT: [Question repeated].

Machiventa: This is Machiventa. As your question is stated, it seems to be incomplete. There is something more that is needed to tie together the preface with the conclusion. You ask, is there more to the harmony of motivation? This needs to be clarified by you before we can answer it. Thank you.

[NOTE: JT this question needs to be asked again. Seeing the actual question in text provides much clarification. I, too, am curious to hear what MM has to say about this. //daniel]

Liz: Good Morning Machiventa.

Machiventa: Good Morning.

Liz: It's a beautiful day on Urantia today and I'm delighted to be here with you. Thank you for coming in and entertaining our questions. I have a few questions today about angels, and in fact, this may dovetail with what Godwin was getting at with regards to motivation.

Duties and actions of Guardian Seraphim

First, I'm assuming that most of those on this call and those who read these transcripts have guardian seraphim. Is that a fair assumption?

Machiventa. Yes.

Liz: Are these seraphim privy to the life plan that has been set forth for each of us individually?

Machiventa: Yes, most definitely.

Liz: And so, is this part of what Godwin was asking about when he was talking about motivation? Is it that there is an inherent motivation for us to pursue our life plan?

Machiventa: You will need to ask him. Thank you.

Liz: Okay, well then, I'm asking you: Is pursuing our life plan, an inherent part of our motivation in life?

Machiventa: One moment. This is Machiventa. Yes, it is. but it far surpasses the motivation from the seven values or the energy within you. This is something that is shared between your Thought Adjuster and your mind, consciously or unconsciously. As you become more evolved as a child and growing into adulthood, and you will to do God's will and you're seeking angelic assistance to fulfill your life plan, you will become aware of the course in your life, not so much by guess, or by gosh, or by chance, but [by] an intuitiveness within you that is initiated by your Thought Adjuster.

It is important to the Thought Adjuster’s work that the mortal be in harmonious concert, be in parallel, be congruent in their life course with that life plan. The individual can have a tremendous influence on pursuing that life plan when they are aware they do have a life plan, are uncertain of it, and ask for clarification from their guardian and from there Thought Adjuster. Does this help?

Liz: It does. It does; thank you. And this life plan, I assume, extends beyond this life through our training on the mansion worlds and well beyond into eternity. Is that correct?

Machiventa: That's correct. Your Thought Adjuster knows full well what your plan is. And of course, the end goal is to be fused and then to reunite both of you with the First Source and Center in Paradise. Thank you.

Liz: Well, I love that. So, then what do the Guardian Seraphim do all day? Do they have other duties that occupy their time other than say, tending me?

Machiventa: This is Machiventa. You have assumed something in the beginning of your series of questions that you have not revealed. You have assumed that each individual has a personal Guardian Angel, one that is personalized for you, one who is in union with you solely by itself and with you, and other subordinate angelic entities who can assist. You personally have one. You are not part of a group that is cared for, guided by a group guardian. You must know that the individual can become more and more precious to the Guardian and the service of guardians as the individual progresses in their spirituality and voluntary willingness to will to do God's will and then fulfill that. You would be, in the beginning, perhaps 1 of 500 mortals who are cared for by a group guardian, and eventually through your lifetime ascension process would go from circle to circle inward until you come to a point where you have your own personalized guardian. Does this help clarify your questions?

Liz: Well, sort of. My final question is how can I best assist their efforts in keeping me on the right track? But I guess because I don't know exactly what they do or when they're with me or how I can… I’m just in a mystery about this whole thing, and I would just like to have a little bit more clarity on Guardian Seraphim and how they work in our lives.

Machiventa: This is Machiventa. It is not necessary that you know how they work. They simply do. Your chore is to become more evolved as a moral mortal. You want to will to do God's will, you want to rid yourself of all negative emotions and resentments and see all of the hurt and problems you had in the past as life lessons for guiding you into the future. You want to clarify or clear yourself of bad habits, of behaviors which are detrimental, particularly of emotional social problems which cause others difficulty, for it is not the others that cause you difficulty, it is, in fact, yourself. I'm speaking of “you” generalized to that of all humanity. As “you” become more and more at peace and centered, with less worry and less fear, you come to know that you are secure in your being, that you were truly loved, that you were truly guided, and that when opportunities come your way, you see that they are for your good. Of course, for the person who is morally and soul-wise immature, they may see opportunities as a possibility of enhancing their own ego and so on.

It is not that you become a bland person who has become baseless and selfless to the point of being no one at all. You need to be strong in your faith, you need to have workable hope, and you must be willing to take opportunities in stride that assist you in the future. If you are seeing opportunities come your way, but you are fearful of the outcome and you anticipate some harm in the future or difficulty in the future from this opportunity, then you have truly not learned to be one of faith, courage, and full of hope for right outcomes.

This is school

You want to know that there are right outcomes for you in your life. That your life is not one caused with difficulty from the spiritual realm at all. But this is school, this is a part of overcoming. How angels do their work is something that you will learn more about in the Morontial realm. Now you have your work cut out to be able to manage your own life to the benefit of your soul's growth. And then when you are rid of all these worry, fear, resentment, grief, anxiety, and you are at peace in your life, that is a time when you could be a truly genuine service to humankind—to your fellow brothers and sisters who live around you and who you work with. I hope this helps. The business of guardians is something that you need not concern yourself with. Truly know that you are loved and you are cared for. Thank you.

Liz: Well, thank you very much for that. Yes, point well taken and I appreciate your answer as I always appreciate interacting with you.

Machiventa: You're welcome.

JT: I found that answer is quite helpful too, Machiventa. That would be a good way forward for the group, in focusing on our own soul growth, but that's what we’re really here for anyway. Are there any more questions? There's no one left in the questions queue.

Daniel: So, JT have we completed it?

JT: Here we have another question. Rick is in the queue now. Hold on.

Daniel: Okay.

Rick: Good afternoon, Machiventa.

Machiventa: Good afternoon.

The struggle with anger and resentment—Pig Pen

Rick: I would like to make a statement regarding the last meeting two weeks ago, and then I do have a question after that. The statement I'd like to make is: I think, like a lot of people, my biggest struggle in life has been with anger. And even though I've been aware of that since probably my 30’s, when I think of this issue, this stumbling block in my life to growth, it's kind of an amorphous cloud. I know it's there, I know it's problematic, but two weeks ago you brought up the specific issue of resentment and for me that was like a bullseye. It is no longer this amorphous cloud of this issue.

And I found that very, very helpful. And during these two weeks since you brought that up, I’ve thought about situations in my life I feel resentment about and people. And I know my next step is to take out a piece of paper or spreadsheet and to write down all the events and people who I feel some resentment towards. And I think the second step would be to characterize those, maybe even rate them, you know, of how much resentment I have. And then the third step would be that I think, maybe through prayer meditation, trying to address each one of those so that they no longer live and reoccur in my life. So, thank you.

Machiventa: You're welcome.

Rick: My question is, Did Jesus hold any resentment towards anybody? Any sentient being during his time here with us?

Machiventa: No, he did not. He left on ascension day with a clear slate. Thank you.

Rick: Well, thank you for your answer. That leads me to… I'd like to make a statement and I'd be interested in your comment. I think all of us have heard in life you can choose to be right, or you can choose to be happy. And it seems like if you hold any resentment towards anybody or anything then—and rightfully so perhaps—you're just not going to be happy. And so, the choice of wanting to be happy or to be right, in order to be happy, it sounds like maybe identifying resentments and dealing with them head on and eliminating them would be a step in the right direction. What say you?

Machiventa: I agree with you in some regards. Let's go back to your first three steps and the second one you said you want to rate the resentment on a scale of some sort and in your soul growth, in your personality growth there is no need for a scale. Resentment is resentment. It is like nitric acid. You could have one drop on your arm and suffer the pain for a long time or you can dilute it and drink it. It's still going to cause you some harm. The third part, which is very efficacious if you complete it a little bit more thoroughly than you explained. The 3rd step is to go back to the earliest point in your life and find the first time (or try to find the first time) that you felt resentment and then go forward through your whole life and recording those instances, you know, particularly the ones that totally inflame you emotionally, and you would want to leave spaces between those events because you might find some more. The next step is to not try to resolve that. That comes later, but to name the individuals involved. Of course, you were involved in every one of those, and maybe other people were involved. And so, you would want to identify those individuals. Now, what you want to do is to get to the point of these being learning lessons, and to identify who was the initiator of your resentment.

You may go back and find, if you're fair to all players involved, that maybe a number of times you were the instigator of the problem for which you felt resentment. Now to come to that assessment requires a very mature moral and ethical mind. And this is where you would find something about yourself that would be needed to be repaired, resolved. It might be that, in fact, the resentment that you felt was an appropriate response.

Nonetheless, in that case, it is now how many years past that time? It is time to have forgiven that and forgotten it such that there is no longer any emotional energy in that memory. This is the point where you want to eventually arrive. There are shortcuts—wonderful shortcuts—through the whole skein of these problems, and that is you may want to become a new person. It may be that you want to thoroughly resolve the anger that you feel in yourself and see it as a fait accompli—something that is done. It's over, It's not relevant.

In fact, you might want to see your present resentment or anger as the point that needs healing. Not all those in the past, but now. And so, you would be looking for that impediment or impediments that hold you back from forgetting the incident, totally resolving the incident, and moving forward. It is that you would be concerned about the soul that you are becoming, that you want to become, and to complete your life free and clear as though all debts have been paid by you and all debts by others had been eliminated—that there is no longer any ego involved in the process.

Getting back to ego, it may be that the ego that was injured was a small child in the first incident and that everything that happened after that reminded you of that incident and you could never give it up and that there must be a retribution of some sort. Well, in reality, the ultimate reality of a mortal on this material, experimental planet, is that there is no end to that process. You must complete it on your own. This is your responsibility in your relationship with Jesus, with Christ Michael, with your Thought Adjuster, and your Guardian.

The times that you could recall recently where you had anger and resentment, are immediate reminders that there is work to be done—that there is a lesson to be learned. And the lesson is not to eliminate the human source of that, but to eliminate it in your mind. It is that you want to become Jesus. You want to live a Christed life—not to die and resurrect yourself, but to have all of the ills and problems that you felt to be washed away by the higher mind that you want to achieve in yourself.

You may think this is difficult and surely it is, it depends upon the ego injury that you had suffered, and that there is no compensation you can ever have that will make recompense for those injuries. Never. There's nothing that will assuage that grief. You must simply forgive it and forget it. Let it go as though it was something in the air, a fog that has now lifted and you see clearly ahead of you. You perhaps may recall the cartoon strip called Peanuts and that one of the little characters was called Pig Pen and wherever Pig Pen went, there was a cloud of dust around his feet and wherever he went. And he caused much grief to other people (in their opinions) by him coming around them and getting things dirty. Well, this is pretty much you. When you carry your resentment with you, you radiate this anger. You are a red-hot poker that is just about to bend under its own weight. And so, you want to clear yourself of this sediment, this dust, this cloud that's around you, and let the true Rick Thought Adjuster shine through.

I know that this is an extended explanation for you, but it is truly meant for the thousands and thousands of people who read of this lesson later on. We wish you well. We have only the best to give you, so and open your arms to receive it. We want you to be at peace—the true peace that passes all understanding that the prophets talked about; that you have been renewed by the light of Jesus. Thank you.

Rick: Well, thank you Machiventa for your beautiful and detailed answer to my question. Thank you very much.

Machiventa: You're most welcome.

JT: Thank you Machiventa. That was a lesson that would be very helpful to many people. Those are all the questions for today.

[JT: Machiventa had no closing statement this session.]

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