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Among the many objections to Daniel Raphael's work are:

  • 1. He cites academic authority using a bogus Ph.D.
  • 2. His work parrots Neo Conservative US foreign policy. NEC 7NEC 8
  • 3. He cites the Rothschild family as a model of social sustainability. NEC 9
  • 4. He has spiritual beings citing the amorality of their protocols.NEC 20
  • 5. He cites the virtue of commercial AI to guide moral decisions.NET 53
  • 6. In recent years, he has referred to himself in capital letters as "This One".
  • 7. One of the members of this group is assigned "to invent a new religion". NET 96
  • 8. He has Machiventa stating in March 2020 the Covid virus "is a natural occurrence". NET 86


2021-09-06, New Era Transitions Planetary Manager’s Group #13, Machiventa

Planetary Manager’s Group #13– (Find this and previous PMG’s at:

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager Topics:

Centering exercise You have called yourself to be chosen We are here Your Adjuster’s presence gives you hope Preparing for a new era Hope Be a bright and shining beacon Media redesign A meta-institution for redesign Role of reinvented institutions Motivation and the seven chakras Explore the energy structure of the chakras Future of these meetings

TR: Daniel Raphael, PhD

Invocation: Sherille


Centering exercise

Daniel: Hi everybody, this is Daniel and we're going to do things a little bit differently today, we're going to open with my Buddha bell and then I will say “Please come to center.” Those of you who were at May's workshop know what that means. For the rest of you, that means to close your eyes, relax, go into the space of no thought, just relax, and be centered. This is not a religious activity. It is somewhat of a spiritual activity. However, it is highly useful for teams and groups and individuals who want to settle their nerves or to become centered in the moment. So, you'd want to become centered (which means in the spiritual realm), you want to become grounded in your energy, and balanced in your emotions. You will be addressing your intelligence (your intellect, your thinking), your emotional state, and in your centeredness of being with spirit.

[ding-ding, ding-ding] Please come to center. Close your eyes and relax your body. Give up your lists and things to do. You can become centered in this moment. Any emotions that you have (positive or negative) just ground them out into the earth through your feet. See yourself as One with spirit all around us. You are One with the silver cord that streams from paradise through your crown chakra into your mind and your body. Hold this silent, still state for about a minute. I will make you aware when we will quit. [After a time, the bell sounded again — ding!] Thank you.

You have called yourself to be chosen

MM: Good morning. This is Machiventa Melchizedek. It is a pleasure to be here with you, and we thank you for your presence here today. You have called yourself to be chosen. You have chosen in your life by making the decisions about how you want your life to move forward. You have chosen to be with spirit or not. In any case, it's always a decision—a decision of commission or a decision of omission. Nonetheless, you are responsible for the decision in this life and in the afterlife. As you hear these words and read these words, you have already chosen which way you want to go.

We are here

There is one thing for certain about the Correcting Time and that is that we are here, and we are not going anywhere. We are going to stay here until we have accomplished Christ Michael's mandate that this world and all the other worlds in the quarantine become settled in the Days of Light and Life. That will be quite a hallelujah day for all those planets and for the midwayers and angels and everyone else who has been on this planet since day one—day one that conscious individuals who have an appreciation for a higher power—that is when it all began, and that began even before the Homo sapiens arrived. There are other species who were God cognizant, though they hadn't really philosophized about that very much. Nonetheless, you as an individual become aware, if you're lost in the wilderness, that you are not alone, and this is the case today as well.

Your Adjuster’s presence gives you hope

I could rehash all the difficulties on your world today—the economics, the great separation, the great trauma that's going on internally in many nations and so on. And the weather of course has made quite an impact on the United States. The good news is that there is not a continuing stream of air—wind as you call it—on the planet at 200 mph. The bad news is that it will increase on occasion. You have these times of stillness, times of reprieve, times to marshal your energies and resources to continue on. Part of the assurance of your future is your close proximity to Spirit—your deep appreciation of your Thought Adjuster who is always with you. There is a great difference between your thinking, belief, and your attitude towards life—your life and other people's lives—for individuals who have the God presence within them and are aware of that. Even those who are not aware of God within them but who are God believers react differently to the environment around them. One of the things that this presence gives you is hope—hope for the future, hope for the fulfillment of time and events that develop that get better and better for you on occasions that you were caught in the dramas and traumas of life on a material planet. This is most unfortunate as many planets are not decimal planets that escape these difficulties.

Your lives are experiential—meaning that you learn by doing. And, of course, God the Supreme learns by you're doing, by your experience and then [by] your reflection upon those experiences and the wisdom you gather from that. These reflections on your experiences are direct contributions to God the Supreme. You have the awareness that you are one of many who contribute to the Deity of Experience. You are an experiential individual living on an experiential, experimental planet. You have much to offer, much to give, and much to share. And you can do this in your lifetime now as you face your difficulties and your triumphs.

We are looking for triumphs—yes, we are! We're looking for those passionate individuals who want to do good in a philosophical, ethical, and moral sense. You want to do good for your world, for your family, and for future generations. It is our concern as one of our tenants for being here. One of the principles for being here is that we make meaningful contributions to future generations. As many of you old-timers know, the time of recovery from the difficulties will be after you have passed. Those who have children now in their thirties, forties, and fifties will also experience the great difficulties of the time. You, however, have the time to see the good that will come after these eras of difficulty. It is for your grandchildren that we are making these plans more and more manifest and firm through time.

Preparing for a new era

These are the individuals who will present a new era on your planet, a new era of civilization, a new era of consciousness and this truly is what needs to change on the planet now [for] which we are making deep contributions through you—you believers who are one in this effort with us. Remember that we are not here alone, but that we are here on the quest that Christ Michael has given us and given you—that you and we are accompanied by higher evolved individuals than ourselves; that all of the planet, what we are doing, and you are doing, are under the watch care of those who guide the development and evolution of a planet’s civilization. One thing we want you to cling to is your hope and that you have faith and trust—and some of you have knowing—of your own assuredness of being here and being in direct connection with the Thought Adjuster within you and with spirit on the planet.


This hope is the element of humanity that gives you the energy to get up the next morning and proceed again. Even in the face of great difficulties you have this tenacity of hope and expectation for goodness to come into your life. This does not cease; the reason being that you have the hope that lives within you, the hope of your Thought Adjuster that you will become one with it. This hope is an emanation from your Thought Adjuster that pervades all of your being, and when you direct, you can direct this outward from yourself to others as well. Each of you has the opportunity to speak with your Thought Adjuster and ask your Thought Adjuster to radiate its eminence through you. When you do this, you will be assured that your Thought Adjuster will certainly agree.

Be a bright and shining beacon

You see, we have given you the advice to rise to the occasion to ask Christ Michael to shine through you—to become a bright and shining beacon of his eminence. And so too you can ask your Thought Adjuster to shine its eminence through you. You do this through the conscious connection and your consciousness with your Thought Adjuster to become that radiating light of goodness to share and spread to all around you. Some of you already have the capacity and capability of spreading this light around the whole world. And yes, it does attenuate with distance and time. But remember, the consciousness that you have is connected to the consciousness on this whole planet and the consciousness of the infinite Spirit. You are truly an emissary of light. And we wish you to enjoy that throughout your lifetime. Thank you. If there are questions, please bring them forward.

Media redesign

JT: I’ll start with some questions from readers. Russ sent this one: If we break down media into social media, news media, entertainment media, educational media, evangelical media (and I'm sure there are other categories), can we look at any of these as institutions needing redesign?

MM: Yes. And in fact, in the October workshop in Eugene there will be a table reserved for media. Media has become a social institution that has not matured to the point of regulating itself. It is important that all categories of media begin to become responsible contributors to the settlement and maturing evolution of societies on your planet. As media has access to all people throughout the world, it is essential that it act responsibly and be proactive in sharing the ways of life and living that are productive and good. That's my opinion, and the work that the team will do will be something that will address all forms of media. Thank you.

A meta-institution for redesign

JT: He continues: Can you say something about The Urantia Book’s mention of our lack of explicit self-gratification institutions? The quote is paper 69:1.5. “But civilization has never evolved distinctive institutions of self-gratification.” This would seem to me to involve some sort of self-restraint code. To get all “floofy poofy” here, what about an idea of a meta institution that designs and refines institutions?

MM: I will comment on your last statement. Yes, that is underway already. It is important that all social institutions be reinvented—that there occur a reinvention of the social sciences and of the social institutions within those social sciences of study—and particularly the organization within both of those. It is important that there becomes a social evolution that is progressive, that it matures, and a part of a maturing civilization is that its social institutions do evolve, and they become more in alignment with the fundamentals of living in societies of Light and Life. As for the institution of self-gratification, we have no comment concerning that at this time. Thank you.

JT: And he asks: What is the role of creating new institutions for light and life?

Role of reinvented institutions

MM: The role of new, reinvented social institutions is to make their work proactive to make contributions to each new generation. It is important that these social institutions become more mature, that the members of each social institution become conscious of their participation in that, and that they bring with them their input from their guardian angels and their Thought Adjusters. You will see this occur as social institutions have their own dedicated design teams to help promote the evolution of those social institutions in a progressive manner. Thank you.

Motivation and the seven chakras

JT: Godwin was encouraged by your mention in the previous paper about motivations. He asked me to read this statement: Machiventa, I want to thank you for your hint and my special gratitude to Christ Michael for approving the development of the theme of motivation. I assume that most readers have understood that the motivation factors you talked about are the seven energy nodes or chakras. We can understand that motivation itself is primarily a person's internal energy circulating through the chakras. The top chakra obviously generates spiritual motivation while the bottom chakra generates sexual motivation. Therefore, we can conclude that the generators of the 7 core values are: 1. One node: life, sexual desire for procreation, 2. Two node: growth here are the growth of the conceived fetus occurs 3. Three node: equality. The abdomen area is a food urged to eat equally. 4. Four node: sympathy—such feelings always arise in the chest. 5. Five node: compassion—throat. It is hard to talk when you're compassionate. 6. Six node: quality of life—mental assessment of one's life. 7. Seven node: Love—source from the spirit.

How would you comment on this?

MM: This is Machiventa. First of all, I would congratulate you and applaud you on your interpretation of the chakra in that manner. However, there is no real crossover between the sources of motivation and the chakras. The chakras are the metaphysical nodes for those motivators within the genetic structure of each individual. The chakras are energy centers, and you can develop those chakras with your consciousness and your attention and your practice using them. The force of life is one in which it is necessary for you to preserve your life—fight or flight comes from that. And then the issue of growth/equality is there as you compare yourself to others. You can review these notes from past sessions that we have had which I know you have on hand. The sources of motivation do come from your genetic structure the same as your motivation to breathe, to eat, to drink water, to drink fluids, to exercise, be active, to enjoy play, work, accomplishment, and so on. These are all motivations that are intertwined. They have their own source from within your genetic code. The values are your names for these motivators in your genome.

As I have just said, there are many other motivators in your genetic structure so that you can survive and more than survive, you can excel—you can thrive and grow into your infinite potential within you. Of course, that is the most important thing in your life as you will need to have a spiritual component—one that you are definitely integrated with to accomplish the development of as much potential within yourself as you possibly can in your lifetime. The advisement is, of course, to will to do God's will. You are then engaged in the inner motivation of your whole being to fulfill your life plan as best you can. Those who progress rapidly and into a purposeful course of life have the capability of noticing the direction that spirit gives them in their life through their Thought Adjuster and through other activities around them. Remember that you are motivated by opportunities—opportunities draw you in. Is that a good drawing in or not? Just because you are drawn in, you're attracted to an opportunity. Accepting that opportunity does not mean that you have to stay with it. By accepting and exploring it (and perhaps rejecting it) you're still telling spirit within you and around you that you are a willing candidate for further opportunities. Thank you.

JT: And he says: Obviously the energy structure of the soul is much more complex than our body. Therefore, I'm wondering if the soul inherits these energy centers. Here I want to explore the need for a conscious harmonization of energy nodes during earthly life.

Explore the energy structure of the chakras

MM: Thank you for your question. And yes, you are encouraged to explore the energy structures of the chakras. They are ones that you can connect with consciously, but remember, they do not dictate the course of your life. Your decisions do. It is important that your decisions are complemental to the highest status of your whole being. You have a grand chore in life and that is to exercise the holism of your whole being which is a challenge for anyone. It follows the dictum of Christ Michael as Jesus to remain balanced in life. Thank you.

JT: And he says could you talk about the influence of the auxiliary mind Spirits on these energy nodes. Can we assume that each spirit is synchronized with its own node?

MM: We have chosen not to answer your question as we do not see it contributing directly to your spiritual enlightenment. Thank you.

JT: The questions we have from readers today.

Future of these meetings

MM: Then let us call it a day. This is Machiventa Melchizedek. Bless you for your presence here today. Thank you for your questions, your thoughtfulness, and your times of reflection. It's obvious that our times together are waning and that the times of us meeting may lessen in the future. We do not see this as harmful or detrimental or deleterious to your spiritual growth. We see this as an opportunity for us (you and we) to rejuvenate our energies and to regain our centeredness and our commonalities among us. That is, that we have the presence of Christ Michael with us at all times, our Thought Adjusters with us at all times, and that you have a plan of life to fulfill during the mortal course of your lifetime. Know that your lifetime continues after this mortal, material life, and that when you think about this, it’s much like thinking about your grandchildren and your great grandchildren. This is something you want to make meaningful contributions to so that they survive well in life and have a good quality of life in their belief systems knowing that they too have hope for the same outcome of their life and living. Good day.

JT: Thank you Machiventa, and thank you, Daniel.