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Among the many objections to Daniel Raphael's work are:

  • 1. He cites academic authority using a bogus Ph.D.
  • 2. His work parrots Neo Conservative US foreign policy. NEC 7NEC 8
  • 3. He cites the Rothschild family as a model of social sustainability. NEC 9
  • 4. He has spiritual beings citing the amorality of their protocols.NEC 20
  • 5. He cites the virtue of commercial AI to guide moral decisions.NET 53
  • 6. In recent years, he has referred to himself in capital letters as "This One".
  • 7. One of the members of this group is assigned "to invent a new religion". NET 96
  • 8. He has Machiventa stating in March 2020 the Covid virus "is a natural occurrence". NET 86


2021-11-01, New Era Transitions Planetary Manager’s Group #17, Machiventa

Planetary Manager’s Group #17– (Find this and previous PMG’s at: [Actually, this may be in flux as Raymon Miller was the webpage manager for, and he is no longer among us.]

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager Topics:

Assumptions Assumptions about physical and social sciences Social science constants and the 7 core values Reincarnation Becoming a T/R It starts with individuals making choices Clairaudience in history Spiritual metaphysics Adjutant mind spirits Reinventing the social sciences—a new growth industry Disaster preparedness Equality Values and virtues Assumptions

TR: Daniel Raphael, PhD

Invocation: JT



Machiventa: Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek, your planetary manager, and once again it is my pleasure to be here with you to provide you with information about these critical times on your world and to answer your questions if you have any. Today my opening statement deals with assumptions. Most of you have had the experience of speaking to someone either in a classroom or a personal conversation where you have been corrected about one of your assumptions—an assumption that you've held all your life. And you assumed that this statement that you have been holding in your mind has been true and you have made decisions based on that assumption or assumptions. So, it comes as quite a shock to you when your assumption is shattered—is erased with the sure knowledge that your assumption was mistaken and was misplaced, and you could have made better decisions along the way had you not had that assumption. Now where you got that assumption is important though the critical thing is that you become aware that you had an assumption. The chore then is to examine all of your beliefs—the major ones in your life—and examine

1 them as to whether they are true or not. Usually assumptions are always behind opinions, biases, prejudices, and bigotries. And of course, those are always behind hatred, resentment, condescension, and so on. So, it is important as believers that you examine your beliefs and test them, and to test them with someone you trust—some source that you know is valid and that you respect.

Now the truly biased and prejudiced individual will not want to do that and so they will not do that, and they will continue to live their life and make decisions based on their erroneous opinions that are based on an erroneous assumption. Now that is one thing to examine it as an individual, it is quite another when you are part of a group that also has the assumptions and operates that way because of those assumptions. Whether you are a member of the National Rifle Association or not, you have opinions about that organization. (I use that only as an example because most people are aware of it and its purposes and those people who do not belong to it and why they do not.) There are various assumptions behind each position—whether being a member or not a member—and so it is true of all other associations and groups that you belong to whether you were a card-carrying, dues-paying individual or not.

The importance of this becomes even greater as the size of the group becomes larger. There are 50 states within the United States and there are provinces within other countries (call them districts or whatever you want to name them) and there are certain biases, opinions, and prejudices based on untested assumptions. Now some assumptions are good. For instance, when you throw a ball, you have the assumption that it will fall to the ground. Now that is a proven assumption. You [don’t have to] understand the equation in mathematics behind Sir Isaac Newton’s discoveries to know that gravity works, but you assume that those are accurate as you have thrown a ball hundreds if not thousands of times, and it always strikes the ground. As you get into larger areas and larger groups of people—now up to the size of a nation—each nation is supported by certain assumptions, and these assumptions have led many nations into dire circumstances and even to World Wars.

It is unfortunate that assumptions are so insidious sometimes, as they are so dangerous. And then we could take this up one more notch to the planetary level—that all civilization operates on the basis of certain assumptions—and that the organization of societies, nations, cultures, and so forth are based on assumptions. Now when those are overturned, that causes tremendous difficulty. It changes the trajectories—the paths, courses—of cultures and whole nations. Copernicus did that. Galileo did that, and so did Sir Isaac Newton. They said that the orbits of planets around the sun is due to velocity and gravity so that the planets are suspended in orbits around the mass of the sun. Christopher Columbus also did the same thing. There had been others before him who had traveled—those individuals from Scandinavian countries had traveled west and discovered the new land—the Americas—almost 1,000 years before Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas. Nonetheless the significance of Columbus’s work is that he had proven that the world is not flat, but that it is round. And so, through

2 hundreds of years, thousands of years, people had assumed that the world was flat, and that if you got to the edge you would fall off to someplace—never described. However, on a globe such as the earth there is no edge, you just simply keep sailing until you are over the horizon from where you had come so the horizon always lives before you.

Assumptions about physical and social sciences One of the assumptions that is a tragedy in your world is that the thinking—the scientific proof—of the existence of societies in the theories and so forth are really, truly based on assumptions, whereas the physical sciences have mathematics to prove them and their theories, and that those theories are proven by mathematics to exist and also by the hard substance of experience—that you can experience certain things and realize that those scientific theories are accurate. However, if you divide the world—if you use this radical reductionism that This One likes to use—you realize that there are physical sciences and social sciences (and yes there are many other sciences, but for our purposes we are dividing your world into two sets of theories—the physical sciences and their theories and the social sciences and their theories.)

Now whereas I have just stated that the physical science theories are supported by mathematics, there is no mathematics that supports the social sciences theories. And why is that? That is because there are no solid, unequivocal, unchallengeable theories based on timeless constants that support social theories. You rely upon the fact that tradition has used these social theories and trusted in them to conduct business in your social world for centuries. Social theories….

Daniel: My database doesn’t include when they began. I think it was in the 1600s and 1700s or so.

Social science constants and the 7 core values MM: This is Machiventa. So, your social theories are based on opinions, observations, conclusions, statistical inferences, and so on. Now what would happen to all the social theories if and when those social constants are discovered and then applied to reinvent the social sciences and their theories, and then apply those theories—those proofs—to the social institutions of your societies? I know this takes you far away from your spiritual belief system, but in truth this is how we are working to bring you and your world into a state of social sustainability and peace—social stability which must precede the Days of Light and Life. You will not have peace—social stability—until those constants—those unwavering, immutable, irreducible, social constants are discovered. And what are they? Well, my friends, we have talked about them hundreds of times and they're called social values—the seven values that are innate to humans. A far more accepted word is motivators. The theories of human motivation have not yet been redesigned to reflect the presence of those innate motivators—those seven values as

3 timeless and universal constants of all humans. Once those seven values are recognized as universal, timeless, immutable, and irreducible motivators and values of human actions and decisions, then your theories will change radically. And what I mean by radically is that they will no longer be based on opinions but upon the redesign of those theories based on the constants of the innate motivators of the Homo sapiens species. And that, my friends, will change everything. And for those of you who are interested in political science, you will come to the realization that democracies truly do reflect the best expression politically of the human values of life, freedom, equality, and growth. Only within a democratic regime is it possible for people to exercise those seven values without interference from the state. This is not so, as you know, from nations that are not democratic in nature.

Now, the grand assumption that exists throughout all human civilization—nations, societies, and educational institutions—is that these social traditions and theories are permanent, and they are not. Thank you.

I am up for questions if you have any concerning this topic or other topics that interest you. Thank you.

Reincarnation Jeff: Good morning Machiventa. Your opening remarks are spot on to what I have been grinding on since our last get together. It's sort of rare for you to mention a book for us to read, and when you mentioned Journey of Souls by Michael Newton I immediately went to Amazon and downloaded it on my Kindle. And I had always had the assumption from many, many years ago reading in The Urantia Book that our souls started on Urantia. I went and looked it up and sure enough on the paper 164 under “Healing the Blind Beggar” in the fourth paragraph down [UB 164:3.4] it says: “There was throughout all of these regions a lingering belief in reincarnation. The older Jewish teachers together with Plato, Philo, and many of the Essenes, tolerated the theory that men may reap in one incarnation what they have sown in a previous existence; thus, in one life they were believed to be expiating the sins committed in preceding lives. The master found it difficult to make men believe that their souls had not had previous existences.” And I used that as an assumption of the truth of that statement for at least the last 35 years. I read about half of this book by Michael Newton and for the rest of the group that maybe has not done this, these are stories told to him under hypnosis of his clients about their journey after death on Urantia back to their "cohort” (I am using the word “cohort” because it was used two weeks ago) and what we in this group would call the Mansion World. These are large issues for me to reconcile, Machiventa. Could you add additional commentary to help me?

MM: Well, my good friend, Jeff Cutler, you have made an error in your questions by assuming that all of us were using the same language and same words that you were using. One is that souls has one definition according to the Urantia Book which is

4 accurate without variation. The use of reincarnation is a word that has many connotations, definitions, and interpretations. You are accurate and Christ Michael was accurate when he gave those same instructions to his followers—that the soul is genuine, is real, authentic, singular in its existence from the time that the Thought Adjuster and the individual personality become active together, and when that is the first instance of that soul with an individual, that is the beginning of the soul’s existence, and it is fully realized as permanent and eternal with the eventuality of the fusion of the individual with the Thought Adjuster. This is not to say that the soul does not return for more experiences. It is simply that the person does not. There is the soul and the personality, and the Thought Adjuster, but not the person as you would know a person.

Now, this may seem confusing and ambiguous, but it is not. It is the business of the soul and the Thought Adjuster—particularly the Thought Adjuster—to increase the weight of the soul so that it is able to remain in existence in the morontial realm. If you look, there is no mention of the possibility of the soul returning to a mortal existence in another mortal to gain further experience. As far as returning to expiate the sins and errors of the former lifetime, that is non-existent. It is one interpretation that has been long in existence which is erroneous and has become in itself an assumption of human existence. It is the work of the Thought Adjuster (and I am verifying this now with the Thought Adjuster of the planet) that individual Thought Adjusters can return for more experience within the realm of a lifetime of another mortal. You may examine that in the text and see if this is in error or not.

Remember that The Urantia Book was put together by midwayers under the authorization of Melchizedeks and a commission to bring this book into existence. It was also edited by humans who had the authority to do so. When they made decisions to do so, those were their decisions and that would not be faulted by anyone. Thus, there are existent editorial flaws involved in the document which are not revealed to you. I know that these statements fly in the face of what you've been led to believe, what you have assumed and in the tradition that you have learned from. The skills of living life are difficult. Many fail. Many need time to reframe their lives and need to re-interpret their former existence in new terms which the soul group would help you do. Everyone, from your guardian to your soul group, to your Thought Adjuster and everyone in between has the duty and responsibility to assist you—the personality—to grow to the point of union with your Thought Adjuster. Everyone is rooting for you. Everyone is assisting you to do so. There are no violations involved in learning from other lives—whether that is to return in another mortal, the same soul, or whether it is from your soul group in the Morontial World.

Now I'm sure this must rankle many people’s nerves as they read this. Nonetheless, the universe is rooting for you and wants you to succeed. You are needed, wanted, and your wisdom is definitely needed by and useful to God the Supreme. Thank you.

5 Jeff: Thank you Machiventa. I hope you will allow me to ruminate on this for a while and come back with a follow up question when I've given it due consideration.

MM: Your thoughtful comments and questions would be useful later on. Thank you for presenting your question.

Jeff: Thank you for your answer, sir.

Stéphane: Good morning Machiventa. Stéphane here. How are you today?

MM: Excellent, I am just excellent. I'm radiant. Thank you. Becoming a T/R

Stéphane: Very good. I am as well, and [it’s] a beautiful, sunny blue sky in Alberta today. It’s the coldest day of the year, but it's that time of the year and welcome. My question today is around your comment that you made earlier about this society moving from beliefs and actions stemming from physical sciences to beliefs and actions stemming from social sciences. And I want to also link that to your comment two weeks ago that it is your hope to have a cadre of 100,000 T/Rs in the United States and a million around the world. My question today is: What is it going to take to get us there? You’ve mentioned the decimation of the population will force us towards being more reflective. And I do believe that because the pandemic has forced us to be more selective about society in general and what's good for society in general. Is this the only driver as more and more of the decimation occurs that will drive men and women to think more in terms of the seven values here and that will drive our decision making and our belief system.

MM: Thank you for your question and statement. Your opening question was: “What will it take to get us there?” We have answered that many times in the past. And then your secondary question was: “Is the pandemic just one part of the decimation as an answer to that question “What will it take?” The answer is that there's more than just the decimation and the pandemic and other causes of the die off that will move people to want to become more spiritually centered—God centered—and have an actual one-on-one relationship with their guardian, with the Melchizedeks (as myself), and with many other spiritual beings. What it comes down to, my friend, is the will of the individual. If you, and let us use you and others here today as examples, will to become clairaudient transmitters—channels, you may will to do so. And in doing so you also must ask your spiritual assistants—your guardian and Thought Adjuster—to assist you in training your mind to be open and willing to receive that information—that conversation. You have many years of life that you have been here, and you have learned many habits of thinking, many of which do not work for the actual process of clairaudient channeling. It is not that you can unlearn those, as they are there, but you can diminish their power to control your thinking and your willingness and openness to receive information from

6 beings that are not physically present with you and who in fact might be tremendous distances from you—outside your solar system and other places, in other dimensionsin the morontial dimensions for example. What will it take? It takes dedication. It takes commitment. Ultimately it takes that decision that you have decided to accept these voices in your mind and that you ask for assistance in discerning the truthfulness and authenticity of these voices.

It starts with individuals making choices

Now, you have been raised to know that hearing voices is a facet of auditory hallucinations which is dangerous. On the other hand, when you are hearing voices that speak truths which are verifiable, you must take that into consideration. What does it take? And the reason why we're not addressing what it takes for millions, or billions of people is because “what it takes” is for the individual to make that decision, to make that commitment, to make that fervent request of the Thought Adjuster—the God presence within them—to have personal contact and communication with their guardian, with the Thought Adjuster, Melchizedeks, and other beings. Just one individual. So, when you ask that question, you’re really asking about that for yourself, Stéphane: “What will it take for me to become a clairaudient channel?” Whether it’s clairaudient or whether it is in stillness and silence within your mind—whether you hear and speak it to others is one thing, whether you hear it and listen to it by yourself in your mind is another. It begins by listening to that voice within yourself. That's what it takes, and then it requires that you be discerning of that voice, the content of the voice. And the earliest beginnings of discernment are: Is a voice telling me something that is fearful, or is egoistic? So those are the basis and basics of discernment. From there you would listen to what the voice has to say, and you would check that with yourself, your Thought Adjuster—asking your Thought Adjuster or your guardian to validate what you hear. And that may seem like you're just asking to go deeper into the problem, but in reality, you are asking independent beings to validate what you—you as a person—hear and whether that's true or not. With this question and answer, you begin to discern the voice that is within your mind. I hope this is more explicit instruction than you received in the past, and we do wish and hope that you do hear and hear authentically. Thank you.

Stéphane: Thank you for that Machiventa. It is very useful to hear that from you at this point. I just want one follow-up. Not speaking just for myself but linking to my experience, the minute I laid eyes on The Urantia Book there was never any doubt from me that it was authentic and a source of truth. I'm sure that not everybody looks at it the same and is not attracted to it. Is there a precondition element to be attracted to The Urantia Book and all of its derivatives—this group being one of those derivatives?

MM: Yes, most definitely. Your appreciation and recognition of The Urantia Book (and this goes for other people who recognize it as well) is [because] you have been preconditioned, [i.e., precognition], by your Thought Adjuster and by the Spirit of Truth to see this and instantly know that it is truthful and that it speaks to you personally. So yes,

7 you have always been a searcher since your youth—since you were first invested with a Thought Adjuster—to recognize these instruments when they come into your presence, and you have the experience of physically handling them or hearing about them. And so you (how should I say this and explain this so it is understandable) have been one who has been known to us even before you were born and (not necessarily “therefore”) you have the accoutrements of spiritual knowing that are embedded in your awakening soul. Let me leave it at that, thank you.

Stéphane: Thank you. I will ponder on this over the next few days and weeks. MM: Thank you so much.

Clairaudience in history Recca: Good morning, everyone. Good morning, Machiventa. These are interesting and tough sentences to listen to. My thought is (maybe you will turn it into a question Machiventa, who knows?) our cultural assumptions are also what we're talking about here. We’re born into a cultural database that is then in our heads as we grow spiritually, and it seems to me over the past [few] hundred years there have apparently been more clairaudient individuals (who may have been driven by fear or egoism) but were in the public awareness written or talked about and gradually sucked into the general cultural assumptions of each nation, ethnic group, or religious group. It seems to me that the planet is producing more and more individuals who have a broader sense of spiritual awareness—more benign, non-judgmental, unassuming sense of spiritual awareness. Is this counted as progress by our celestial management group? (There’s a question.)

MM: Yes. There are many qualifications to it, but yes, it is recognized as progress that spirituality and clairaudient work by individuals is becoming more widespread, but not to the extent that it was as widespread and almost totally accepted within indigenous tribes and peoples of that sort. You see, the natural religion of many early indigenous groups (American indigenous people for instance—the original people) had a spirituality that was invested in their culture. What has occurred through the scientific era and empiricism is that [it] has been beaten back severely over the decades and centuries as not reliable according to the scientific method and so on. Yet there is a very large group in the world who does accept that spirit is real, that there is "something else going on" in the world and that it does not have to do with science, physics, mechanics, and so on. And this is the population that we are relying upon to have a percentage of people who would be most willing to assist us in the new enlightenment of this world.

As a sidebar comment, it takes a great deal of courage in this era for people to step out of tradition, the scientific method, and empiricism to accept that there are other realities working in your world. Many people know of spiritual metaphysics where the mind is able to form the processes that bring good to them and to others. For us who are non-

8 physical, this is basic information. It is as basic to us as the four functions of arithmetic are to you. And it does take courage to step out of the norm, step out of the box of tradition that is so much a part of your culture. Thank you, and please continue.

Recca: A sidebar question: Does the planetary management group consider religion a social science?

MM: No, it is not a social science. It is a social institution. Thank you.

Recca: Thank you. it's an institution, but in order to change or shift to the seven values…. I see what you’re saying, institutions should be evaluated in terms of the seven values and whether or not those institutions present false assumptions to us.

MM: That is correct.

Spiritual metaphysics Recca: Then another follow-up on your previous statement. I am not a philosopher by any stretch of the imagination nor a student of the history of different philosophies, but how does the morontial insight of my individual, growing soul reach up through natural philosophy or natural metaphysics—my natural reaching for the morontial realm…. [garbled]. Is that how institutions change—by means of individuals reaching for the soul values of the morontial realm?

MM: You're making assumptions too dear. And that is that natural metaphysics is not the same as spiritual metaphysics. Spiritual metaphysics is fundamental to morontial living. How do you activate your mind, which is a gift of The Infinite Spirit, to reflect out of the Creator so that you can create according to the Creator in your life so that you are able to grow into the full, infinite dimensions of your mind? Spiritual metaphysics is not a natural philosophy. It is an extension of the spiritual life and of living in this material four dimensions you live in and in all the realms of the morontial and onward. Does this help you?

Adjutant mind spirits Recca: It will for now. I'll return to something that I actually have experience with. Once I read in The Urantia Book about the seven adjutant mind-spirits, it immediately touched a truth spot in my soul—in my heart—and I applied the attributes that The Urantia Book talked about the adjutant mind-spirits encircuiting each of us. As individuals having Thought Adjusters, do we continue to be encircuited by the adjutant mind-spirits and will that help us meditating or acknowledging those adjutants within us to reach out into the world to assist its development?

9 MM: The adjutant mind-spirits are there for you. They empower you in your mind to become more complete. And your mind being more complete is more in tune with the frequency and vibrations of your Thought Adjuster, your guardian angel, and others who assist you. And in that regard, you've become more effective in your willful pronouncements and demands upon the universe to assist the outcomes that are desirable for you and for the world. The end result is that you become more and more in tune with your Thought Adjuster, and your requests become less and less selfish and egoistic, and become more altruistic for the empowerment and upliftment of your fellow brothers and sisters on this planet. You have much to learn, much to gain, and much to give in service through the adjutant mind-spirits’ advancement in your mind and in your life. How you act, how you volunteer, and will yourself to coordinate yourself and your efforts with the mind-spirits is of great aid to them and to your Thought Adjuster and the development of your soul. Do you understand?

Recca: Yes, thank you. I'm finished. Craig: Good morning Machiventa.

MM: Good morning.

Reinventing the social sciences—a new growth industry Craig: I was thinking that, as I look back on my life, people have always been excited by different things—new developments and the like. Starting with stereos in the 60s, with electronics, and then computers, and then the Internet and all kinds of other developments in other fields. I was thinking we’ve reached a point now where these things have stopped exciting people and occupying their thoughts, and we've reached the point where we’re saying: “OK, this is all very great. Where do we go from here?” Is that just me, or is that our society thinking more along those lines?

MM: Bravo my friend, Bravo, Bravo! You have come to the point that we have been seeking and wishing for you and your societies for a long time. And it is once again reminiscent of that famous singer’s song “Is That All There Is?” [Peggy Lee, 1969] And so there's only so much of the physical materialism that can excite people. Only the very few now are able to afford the thrill of being in a space vehicle and traveling into orbit around the earth. For the billions that are left on the earth there is not much left, is there, to be excited about? It is one of the reasons why we are now presenting these challenges to the social sciences to reinvent themselves.

The reinvention of the social sciences and the theories presents itself as a completely new industry that could be made available to hundreds of millions if not billions of people to participate in. It only requires that you have the laboratory of your mind, useful thinking, logic and reasoning to make advances in your own mind about your social relationships with other people and particularly with yourself. You do not need a

10 magnificent billion-dollar laboratory to reinvent the social sciences. You simply need to know the truths, the basics, the fundamentals, the timeless final constants of the social sciences to develop truths on your own using the seven values and consequent ethic and morality of those values. You have the tools now to reinvent yourself, to reinvent your societies, social institutions, social theories, and the conduct of organizations relevant to those social institutions, some of which are the family, education, medical services, healthcare, the justice systems, and so on. They're all dependent upon erroneous theories about human behavior, conduct, and motivation. When those become corrected, you’ll have new industries of learning and education to help people bridge the gap from what was traditional to what is new, and that will awaken the new era that will lead to peace and social stability. I thank you for your question and your statement. You are awakening to this yourself and have been doing so for some time and we congratulate you. Thank you.

Craig: Thank you. So, we’re back to where you started your dissertation at the beginning of this session and the questioning of assumptions and replacing false assumptions with the core values as much as we can manage.

MM: Yes. It will be very, very challenging for individuals and for organizations relevant to those social institutions to reimagine themselves, reinvent themselves. Thank you.

Disaster preparedness Craig: Yes, I’ve seen that it is. Leaving that topic, I was just also curious. I know we don't want to lose people who are advancing truth and civilization on the planet, and the people who are in contact—the readers of the transcript and all that. I remember a few years ago you were (I believe it was you) concerned that most of us weren't very prepared for a time of scarcity, and I wonder what your sort of overview of our levels of preparedness in general might be at this time.

MM: Certainly, yes, and your level of preparedness at the national level for the concern of this society and of the population—the public—is very poor. Preparations at the national, state, and regional levels are almost always for those stations of authority and positions of authority and control so that they remain. There is a little regard for helping and guiding individuals and communities to become more self-sufficient. Once again it is a matter of distribution as you're seeing from the lack of distribution doing to hundreds of thousands if not millions of containers on ships that are waiting to be unloaded in the ports. The goods are there, it is simply a matter of distribution to get them to the people who want them and need them. Your concern, as you know yourself and you have done for yourself, is that you are preparing for the days where there will be little available, and so you want to be able to have those material supports for you in the wilderness where you live to take care of you and support you were you not able to go to the store. And if you were at the store, you'd find that the shelves were empty. I know that it seems as

11 though I am mumbling the answer to your question, but the simple answer is that your world is not prepared for what is to come. Thank you.

Craig: OK thank you. I was just mentioning that on behalf of the readers of the transcript and hoping that they are as ready as they can get for themselves individually.

MM: You may want to always remain in touch with your inner voice and your inner intuition-guidance to help you along the way. Thank you.

Craig: OK thank you. I'm done. Equality

JT: We had multiple readers comment and ask about your reincarnation statements from last week. We have addressed that, and I’m going to give readers a chance to read what was said about that today and go from there. We have one other reader with a question today. Russ quotes The Urantia Book 134:4.9: “The concept of equality never brings peace except in the mutual recognition of some overcontrolling influence of supersovereignty.” He asks: Wouldn’t our value of equality benefit from this recognition?

MM: I chuckled because it is the truth, yes. The answer is yes to that. You must hold each individual as sovereign and equal to yourself before equality becomes operational in all regards. One caution is that parents must of course protect the equality of their children so that their children are sustained and can live well into adulthood. Thank you.

Values and virtues JT: He adds: Can you explain the difference between values and virtues? Would it be good to include more virtues in our design process—faith, hope, patience, and tolerance comes to mind?

MM: Those have already been explained and defined by the work of This One in his ethics book. These virtues that you mention are actually secondary values—they are interpretations of the values. Thank you.

JT: That does it for today then. Do you have a closing for us? Assumptions

MM: Most certainly. This is Machiventa. As you approach your morontial existence, you and your discerning mind must leave behind your assumptions and begin to accept the realities of your morontial existence in this lifetime. The assumptions that you have made as a mortal in this world are oftentimes detrimental to your acceptance of full responsibility as a spiritual being who is becoming more and more through each era and

12 episode of their mortal life and their eventual morontial life. Your leaving behind your assumptions is a process of your eventual, spiritual maturation. You must look to your emotional connections to your assumptions to assure yourself that you were on the right track. This is simply necessary as your emotional energy provides the energy for your spiritual growth. If you have negative emotions, then you are holding back your spiritual development. Assumptions underlie those negative emotions to the extent that they will limit you in your development and growth.

The wonderful truth of your life now is that you have the ultimate truth and validator of your truths in your Thought Adjuster, Spirit of Truth, and your guardian angel. They have your best interests in mind and in heart and want you to be accepting of those truths as well. Would that you become fully identified with your Thought Adjuster and the will of God, then you are well on your way, and you will question those beliefs that you were given by your parents, by your ethnic group, by your culture, and by your society so that you are able to move ahead thoughtfully, carefully, and progressively. You see, you are an evolving soul even as we speak. Good day.

JT: Thank you Machiventa and thank you Daniel.