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Among the many objections to Daniel Raphael's work are:

  • 1. He cites academic authority using a bogus Ph.D.
  • 2. His work parrots Neo Conservative US foreign policy. NEC 7NEC 8
  • 3. He cites the Rothschild family as a model of social sustainability. NEC 9
  • 4. He has spiritual beings citing the amorality of their protocols.NEC 20
  • 5. He cites the virtue of commercial AI to guide moral decisions.NET 53
  • 6. In recent years, he has referred to himself in capital letters as "This One".
  • 7. One of the members of this group is assigned "to invent a new religion". NET 96
  • 8. He has Machiventa stating in March 2020 the Covid virus "is a natural occurrence". NET 86


2021-12-13, New Era Transitions Planetary Manager’s Group #20, Machiventa

Planetary Manager’s Group #20

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager Topics:

A change in tenor Peace Changes within the Magisterial Mission Feeling the presence of God within you—agondonters Visible spiritual presence in the future From Agondontership to knowing Preventing the oncoming collapse Leadership Love, peace, compassion, and a caution Building back better The “Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation” Discernment Soul fragmentation The when and who of any coming visible spiritual presence is unknowable to you More on the timing of a visitation Discernment—three areas of application Discernment and revelation Celebrating the 7 th bestowal of Michael Hypnotherapy and past life remembrances You are stalwart souls The Peace that passes all understanding

TR: Daniel Raphael, PhD

Invocation: JT


A change in tenor

Machiventa: Good morning, dear friends, this is Machiventa Melchizedek, your planetary manager. It is once again a pleasure for me to be here. I enjoy your company very much, and my company of Melchizedeks and many others learn so much from you. We appreciate the fact that you are here, that you have dedicated this time and your consciousness to participate in these discussions with us. As you might have noticed over the last couple of months, the tenor, the pitch of these transmissions has changed a bit. They are not so shrill, they are not so cryptic, they are not so unemotional, but have taken on a much more personal approach in our delivery. The facts of the

1 pandemic and the cataclysms have become known to you. You understand them, and you understand that there are no strategies available by mortals to change the course of what has begun. Therefore, you would want to have a more amenable approach given to you by us. You are so much involved in the pandemic—the deaths of so many—that you need no further difficulties in language or in tone from us or anyone else. Our work now is to provide a plan for not only recovery, but for peace. If you have sustainabilitysocial sustainability—then you can have peace.


Peace is a steady state sort of existence. It is not filled with conflict. It is not filled with differences of great magnitude. It is not life-threatening—there are no forms of life-threatening activities involved. Peace is a state of mind. It is an important part for the internal peace within families and within individuals. The peace that passes all understanding is a gift from God. The peace that passes all understanding is something that everyone yearns for. It is one of those facets of mysticism that mystics have appreciated and enjoyed in their experience of knowing God personally. Once you have the peace that passes all understanding, everything else falls into place. This is more than mental health. This is spiritual health. This is what supports your spiritual evolution. If there is conflict in your thinking, if there is hostility in your thinking—anger, resentment, and all other negative emotional states that you are holding in your mindthen there can be no peace. It is important therefore for us to assist you to acquire peace, and it certainly is very possible as millions of people have done so even in this generation.

Changes within the Magisterial Mission

As we move ahead with this program, you will see many changes within the Correcting Time programs—principally in the Magisterial mission which is a more developed form of the Teaching Mission. You will see these changes come about [with] the potential for even greater changes. We are working co-creatively with many people to bring this into a public forum for the awareness of hundreds of millions and billions of people. It is important that eventually the public of all nations become aware that we are here. It is not a secret that we are here, is simply that our presence can be made more effective when people are aware that we exist, and that people who follow the will of God—who want to understand the will of God in their lives—can know that their assistance is more immediate, more direct, and more personal. How churches (church organizations) interpret that is something they will have to deal with.

Feeling the presence of God within you—agondonters

God is always universal, God is always timeless, God is always eternal, and God is infinitely personal to you, within you, and within everyone else who yearns to become like God. God's presence is a gift to everyone until they reject it. They can then

2 embellish this, grow it, evolve under the tutelage of their Thought Adjuster to become greater still. This is not about mysterious practices of spirituality, it is not about phenomenology, it is not about miracles. It is about simply being One with the community of unseen beings who are all around you. Accepting this fact is something that requires what you call belief and faith—and surely it is. Your work to become deeper in your faith—the assuredness of knowing, and of trusting, and then having the experience that backs up the trust and the knowing. Feeling the presence of God within you, feeling that mystical moment, is all the assurance that a lifetime can provide to you. Faith then becomes one step in the many steps that lead to this experience. This is the difference between agondonters and those who are not agondonters. Agondonters accept the presence and fact of God being with them based simply on their faith. Some individuals do have that experience and have that greater assuredness that God does exist, does exist within them, and that God is surely knowable by you. And so, it is.

Visible spiritual presence in the future

It is eventual that agondonters will come to know the presence of spirit around them and with them—in actual contact with them. It would be the end of agondonter’s careers as agondonters when the presence of some one spiritual being comes among you and can be seen in person and felt in person. That will be a remarkable time in itself. Further, that time and that date is unknown to you as it is [unknown] to us. This is something that Christ Michael and Monjoronson have discussed as have the Most Highs in all segments and sectors of Nebadon. This is something that must come about eventually, particularly for Urantia, so that this world is able to progress with greater assuredness. Nonetheless, there will be deniers as you have experienced deniers around you, even at this time. There are deniers of COVID even existing let alone it causing the deaths of millions of people.

From Agondontership to knowing

This transition from Agondontership to knowing is a transition that will take many years—even years and decades after the spiritual being has walked upon your planet and everyone has been able to feel the presence of that spiritual individual. This individual's presence will be palpable even at 100 miles or 1000 miles. If you have the consciousness and will to contact that individual, then you have a reciprocal and resonance of that being with you. Even lowly Melchizedeks have a capability of being in contact with hundreds of individuals simultaneously. With someone of a more evolved and divine nature, they can do so with many tens of thousands of people with the same presence that you have if you were in my presence right now, and the same feeling of presence that you would have with the neighbor who sits across the table to have tea or coffee. And so, this is how agondonters’ careers as agondonters will make their transition—transition from agondonters to knowing the existence and presence of spirit that is real and personal to them.

3 Preventing the oncoming collapse

This will-to-know God personally—this will-to-experience God in God's presence and in your presence so you come away with the experience of knowing God and having the sense of knowing that permeates your whole being—is a source of peace that will serve you well during the critical times of the pandemic and the eventual collapse of your civilization. There is still time to prevent the collapse of your civilization, yet we see no one, we feel no one, we are aware of no one who has the will to do so [from] those who are in leadership. Whether that is spiritual, political, financial, or economic, leadership is a huge deficit on your world. Rational leadership, loving leadership, intelligent leadership, and strategic leadership is missing. We have found, even with some of you and even with This One, that you can accept that kind of leadership from us, but you have the inability to embrace it totally and fully with your consciousness. This is something that we deal with, and this will be overcome when that spiritual being comes to your planet and you can know them personally. The work that we will be generating, the programs that we are generating will be those that will assist people to become more loving, to become more experienced in knowing God, and how to become better leaders. We have seen that leadership is being taught across the world by many hundreds of thousands of individuals who understand leadership. Yet, nonetheless, few leaders are here to actually do leadership, and that is what it takes.


Few have the courage, the chutzpah, to take on leadership—to confront the traditional models of leadership. Too many of you are religiously correct, politically correct, socially correct, and economically correct to bridge that gap. Even though some of you have tremendous social presence in your societies, political presence in your societies and nations, and economic and financial presence in your societies. The leadership that is required to do our work is humble, and humility is definitely in short supply as well. You have the potential, dear ones, to become great leaders where you are. Simply accept the fact that you are sons and daughters of God, that you are loved, and that you have work to do with us to help heal your world. It is as simple as that. This is not a place for you to have an ego embellishment—any sense of self-aggrandizement—or to put any others into following you wherever you walk and whatever you say. The leadership that we speak of complements the life of Christ Michael as Jesus. You have much to learn to do that, even some of the most humble individuals do not become great leaders in their humility, which is unfortunate. To be vulnerable to the criticisms of others is a facet of leadership. When you are vulnerable to others who would attack you, then you are open to others who are not going to attack you. They see you as being worthy and deserving of their fellowship, them following you, and listening to your words sincerely and effectively. We have found that those who do have the strength and the courage to do so eventually come to disregard those who criticize them, chastise them, and belittle them, and rather what happens is that those who would do so wither away and disappear.

4 Love, peace, compassion, and a caution You know love and peace are ever the strongest forces in the universe, and particularly socially, and being among you. Love is vulnerable, love is intimate, love is caring and compassionate. And compassion means reaching out in love to assist others. We do not ask you to be foolish givers of your love, but that you be wise and careful in doing so that you are not injured. There are many people who would accept your love and affection as a statement of you becoming their victim which is intolerable to us. So, my friends, be careful to whom you share your affection and your respect, for those are in short supply on your world.

We are open for your questions if you have any. Thank you.

JT: I’ll start off with some questions from readers. Walt has five questions here. He says: I submit the following questions for our beloved Machiventa.

1). When a personality is made extinct—annihilated—what happens to the soul?

MM: Dear Walt, the answers that you seek are provided in The Urantia Book. You can go online to enter your query and find the source. Thank you.

JT: 2). Do returning souls sometimes associate with different personalities, or is the association between soul and personality eternal?

MM: My dear friend, the same answer applies to the second question as well. Thank you.

Building back better JT: 3). Although it is believed that the coming population reduction will provide the chance to rebuild society into something grandly better, why is it expected that this reduced population with the same quality of consciousness would do anything differently?

MM: Dear Walt, this is Machiventa. I salute you for your very astute question. Thank you. Yes, the same consciousness would bring back the establishment of ego-driven, power-driven authorities to replicate what they had before. The difference is that we are here; we are designing programs that will change the consciousness of your world, plus the augmentation of the terror of the collapse, the decimation, and the cataclysms should be sufficient to help people move towards that which is permanent, that which is stable, that which is socially sustainable. Yes, it is a gamble on our part. We are holding our assumptions to a very few in this era as we want to be very deliberate and account for those possibilities that you suggest may happen. Thank you.

5 The “Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation”

JT: 4). I have been studiously reading the astounding “Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation” in which you feature most significantly. Would you like to introduce it to this group or offer any commentary about it?

Daniel: This is not part of my database. I have not read that, so this is not available to Machiventa. My apologies.

Discernment JT: 5). I wish to first, thank you most deeply for the following tools you provided us: selfobservation, willing to do God's will plus aligning with Christ's will for our world, and taking on the consciousness of Christ. They are mightily life-enhancing. Is there anything else essential to supporting your mission that we should consider?

MM: Yes, dear Walt, there is, and one is the practice and art of discernment. It is important that you do so—that you do use discernment—as it is both intellectual and spiritual in its potential evolution. You want to access your powers of discernment often as this will assist you and your Thought Adjuster, guardian, and any other attending spiritual beings to assist you to grow in your mental capacity, to grow spiritually, and intellectually in your personality. The discernment of many facets of a mortal’s life is very important to their, or your, spiritual growth, your personality, and the content of your soul. You can begin to use this at any time, even to teach it to small children. This is something that you bring about through your curiosity. You want to discern some concept, some facet of your life and living, relationships with others, your spiritual growth, and particularly those errors of your thinking in life which have given you great difficulty in the past. These are a bountiful resource for you to grow in many ways. Thank you.

Soul fragmentation JT: We also have some questions from John. He has four listed questions and a commentary. I thought I would read all four questions plus his commentary, then I would go back and repeat the questions. Does that work for you?

Daniel: Yes, thank you.

JT: Alright, he says, this is from John. He says: I've been thinking about the question of reincarnation ever since it was brought up in this group. I searched the BigMac website and came across several transcripts that I found interesting. Transcript LLCT476 and LLCT477 where the person being transmitted was Helena Petrovna Blavatsky by Chris

6 Maurus. In it she talks about a process of “soul fragmentation.” So here are my questions:

1). In the context of our discussion on reincarnation, could you speak to the process of soul mechanics and soul fragmentation?

2). What happens to personality during soul fragmentation?

3). How does the memory of soul fragmentation contribute to the persistence of memory and the completion of self-consciousness of personality continuity and expansion?

4). Does “soul fragmentation” account for some of the ideas of reincarnation in Urantia belief systems?

He continues: I'd love to hear Machiventa’s thoughts on these topics. If you search BigMac on reincarnation, the transcripts seem to support the idea of the soul as having only one mortal incarnation before moving on to morontial worlds. Yet Blavatsky seems to suggest there is a process for advancing mortals can fragment their souls for further experience on mortal spheres. There is precedence for this. The First Source and Center fragments his spirit for the indwelling of mortals. As Paradise is the pattern for time/space creation, it seems possible for similar processes to occur in the local universes. These teaching mission transcripts take place under the auspices of Machiventa’s perview, so I wonder if they are in any way vetted by the Planetary Government and if so, represent truth for their time in so far as it is deemed possible for them to reveal it to us. I've never come across this concept of soul fragmentation before. When it comes to the topic of reincarnation, I am curious as to how it fits in. Blavatsky also suggested that Jesus, in His maturing morontial experience, fragmented His soul and all his mortal creatures in Nebadon carry a fragment of His soul within their souls. Another interesting idea that begs more questions.

That's the end of his comments. I’ll go back and repeat the questions one by one: 1). So, in the context of our discussion on reincarnation, could you speak to this process of soil mechanics and soul fragmentation?

MM: This is Machiventa. Gladly I will do so. For one, any answer I would give would be grossly incomplete based on the definition that these authors have provided for soul fragmentation. I would be in error to mislead you in using those definitions. This revelation is not complete. The sources are incomplete. These need further edification and development, and I am not the one to do so. This is something that can create great differences among individuals whether it is between T/Rs or between individual students. There is a cause and reason to explain this further and we wish that it would be done so, but it is neither the time nor the place to expound on it now. Doing so in a thorough manner would take well over three hours of a monologue to describe it to you. It is more than you are aware of now, and simply know that soul fragmentation that you

7 understand, as it is, is not sufficient for our explanation at this time. I know then that I leave you in a quandary. It sounds like this is so much fuzzy thinking and fuzzy speech to while away you're thinking into other things; however, it is our mission to not mislead mortals, so I withdraw from answering your questions. Thank you.

JT: Okay, I think that that really responds to all those questions, and there is no point in rereading the rest of them because they're all dealing with the “soul fragmentation” subject. That's all the written questions from readers we have, and we will go to Liz.

Liz: Good morning Machiventa. It's good to be with you this morning. MM: Thank you.

Liz: I just have a very small question, but before I ask it, I believe that Walt, when he talked about the Fifth Epochal Revelation, was talking about The Urantia Book. And I'm wondering if JT should re-ask the question, if you're interested in responding to it.

MM: Yes, please. It would be helpful to the readers who are unaware of the fifth revelation to understand what it is. And I would be glad to provide an answer after that is explained.

JT: His question refers to the “Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation.” He's not referring to The Urantia Book—the Fifth Epochal Revelation, he's referring to materials that have come since The Urantia Book. And he may be referring to a specific paper or book too—“The Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation.” It's hard to tell from his question if he's including the Teaching Mission and what we're doing now in “The Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation” or if he has something specific in mind. I can't answer that.

Daniel: This is Daniel. Then please let us ask if you would ask Walt for clarification on that. It's too ambiguous to answer now.

JT: Okay.

Liz: Sorry about that—my mistake. I misunderstood the question as well.

The when and who of any coming visible spiritual presence is unknowable to you Liz: So, Machiventa I am so delighted to hear this news about a spiritual being coming to our planet to help raise us up as part of the Magisterial Mission. I think if it were going to be Monjoronson you would have mentioned him by name, and so I eagerly await this being’s arrival, and in that context, when we say spiritual being, that is very non-specific. I'm wondering if you could give us a title or a name or something by which we can refer to this particular incident, this particular event, this particular spiritual being, so that when we speak of this person, we all know who we're talking about.

8 MM: I am sorry for dashing your hopes, but my message of this being is no different than what has been provided to you in the past by myself and many others. There is no time or individual specified, nor the approach of them at this time. The false hopes of so many individuals concerning the approach and the arrival of this spiritual being has caused many to have great difficulty with their belief systems and their impatience. With that I will withdraw from answering any further questions about this being or reinforcing what I said a few minutes ago. It is just simply that this is a possibility—a real possibility. It will occur. When it occurs and by whom is not given at this time as mortals want to confuse these divine plans to satisfy and assuage their curiosity and their impatience. Thank you.

Liz: Well, thank you for that, and I'm not surprised at all by your answer. I'm curious of course, and impatient of course. This planet is in such need. So, you have given me a ray of hope even though it is ambiguous at best. So, thank you for that. And that's all I have for today.

JT: Alright, we'll go to Stéphane, then we have Recca after that. No one else has raised their hand.

More on the timing of a visitation MM: One moment, please. I wish to add a comment to the topic that Liz raised. You say that your world is deeply in need of the approach of a spiritual being of great eminence and radiance, and this is true—your world is definitely in need of it, but it is now untimely to do so as this would be interpreted as a saving grace, a “We are being helped in our direst needs,” and so on. What we see from our perspective and the Most Highs perspective is that the egoism, arrogance, and condescending nature of many mortals is not open and receptive to being humbly receptive of such a being and are unworthybased on their attitudes—of having a spiritual being arrive. I know this is tough news for you, nonetheless, though these cataclysms and the collapse are not planned by spirit, by anyone—by myself, by the Most Highs, by Christ Michael or anyone elsenonetheless, these are occurring and will occur, and we can use that situation to the benefit of Urantia and future generations.

Excepting many wonderful, humble, loving, and capable souls of individuals on this planet now, there is the Americanism of personality which is undeserving and unworthy of receiving this at this time. You as potential souls in growth—and personalities in growth—are most definitely worthy of this coming to you. Worthy meaning you are worthy of having this occur, most definitely, simply by the fact of you becoming humble and receptive and open to spiritual guidance and leadership. Those who do not accept the possibility of being humble enough to ask in prayer for spirit’s assistance are examples of those who are so adamant to resist any changing of their attitudes.

9 It is most unfortunate that this occurs. It causes me personally some dismay, as I wish that your situation would be alleviated—even ameliorated—at this time. Yet it will become more difficult as time passes. As one who has been with you in past generations and in past years before Christ's arrival, I know the difficulties you speak of. And yes, I know that many of you are worthy and deserving of having the presence of a spiritual one come to this world. The difficulty lies in that the mission is to avail ourselves and to assist everyone—I mean everyone—on this planet to have the opportunity to change their minds about the spiritual course of their ascendant career. Thank you.

Liz: Well, thank you. Thank you for elaborating on that. I appreciate it, and I understand it, and yet, if the majority of the people on this planet are Agondonters, even though they haven't maybe brought that into their lives, their actions, and all of their thoughts, surely, they would be receptive. Am I in error with that?

MM: Yes, they would be receptive of that. The however is this: What we want is to have the vast majority of all beings on Urania being receptive, even if that means that many of them will have passed before they are confronted [with] the reality of their mortality and that they have an opportunity to move on. This is what you might call playing fair. It is fair that everyone be given the same opportunity. Those who already believe will cross over and they will be received gladly in the morontial realms when they arrive. Be not concerned about those who believe and need to see a divine being to be receptive to their increasing spirituality. It is for those individuals who are not agondonters—those who are not receptive agondonters even though they may believe in God—that we wish to assist [them] to come into full belief and acceptance of their innate divinity in the infinity of time. Thank you.

Liz: Thank you.

Stéphane: Good morning Machiventa, Stéphane here. How are you today?

MM: I am wonderful, thank you. I am daunted a little bit by having to provide such stern answers and not to give an inch in my position. That is necessary. However, as far as my whole being is concerned, I am radiant, and I send my light and my vibrance to you and to all else here today. Thank you.

Discernment—three areas of application Stéphane: Thanks, and fully received. Please send some warmth to as it is minus 20 where I live today, so I could use a little warmth. I have a question on discernment. I can break it down to three parts: 1). discerning, where we've made mistakes, where we've had growth in our life—Personal. 2). Discern where to spend our energy—with which people and where we should spend our time and energy. And 3). discern the spiritual

10 channels affecting it. Can you elaborate and maybe tell us a bit more about discernment?

MM: First, I would ask you to go to each of the three you mentioned and ask a specific question concerning that area if you would. Are you capable of doing so?

Stéphane: Sure. So, discernment about our own lives—where’s our growth going, where we are in our growth, where we need to spend more time, where we've made mistakes, and what we need to rectify. That would be my question about that first part.

MM: Then I answer you this way: When you discern your own growth and those lessons that you learned from, you would also want to discern in those growth situations if there were others in fact who perpetrated that situation who did not know better. It is the efforts of parents to discipline and teach their children or to react to their children which oftentimes is in error. And so, in your discernment, your parent let's say, or a superior or someone else made a mistake or an error in judgment over you, you would want to discern what may have initiated and motivated them to behave in that way. In doing so, you have the opportunity then to move into forgiveness and forgetfulness of that individual and how you might feel about them. This is an exercise in discernment. This is ultimately highly beneficial to the growth of your personality and to your growth at the soul level to learn about judgment and how erroneous and how detrimental and how corrosive that can be. And, this is not necessarily an assignment, but it's one in which you can use for your life and to teach your children and to others around you. Thank you. Now, your second scenario. Please.

Stéphane: Thank you. Yes, much to ponder on there, but the second one would be discernment within the relationships that we have within our lives—where to spend our energy and where to foster some relationships, and where not to foster other relationships—that kind of discernment.

MM: Yes. Where to foster and where to discern in your relationships. It's important that you discern those individuals who can teach you something. Even your nemesis (which may be plural) has something to offer you to grow from. It is important to understand the reasons that you see them as a nemesis and see them as capable of and worthy of being forgiven. As far as those individuals who you want to expand your energy, you would want to be able to discern that early on as sometimes first appearances are wrong and in error, and that given time and seeing other individuals, the potential of them to be a friend or a neighbor across the fence, so to speak, would be worthy of your attention and to nurture their friendship. There are individuals as well with whom you would not ordinarily socialize. They may be elders; they may be young children. I mention those two groups because sometimes they are unaware of their wisdom and of what they share and what they say. Even very young children could say astounding pieces of wisdom almost spontaneously, as they do not have the life experience to garner such wisdom.

11 The questions in your discernment may be such as this: Talking to the four-year-old for instance, “What did you learn today in school? What did you learn today in preschool? And what happened that you might want to have some needed wisdom to consider?” And so, they would say such and such, and at that time you could then assist them in their own journey of discernment. Elders, on the other hand, are another mixed bag of wisdom and in some colloquialisms that may come forward. The sincere individual will share their wisdom as they see and experience your sincerity and your seeking of understanding the wisdom that they may share with you. They would be able to assist you to understand even your own questions concerning them.

You would want to garner those who can be of assistance to you, and assistance does not necessarily mean in spiritual growth. You may have put yourself at a distance from a business individual because they have shown themselves to be mean or dominating and so on. However, they didn't get to be where they are through their ignorance and through their passivity. They have something to offer to you which may be aggressive, however with your sense of discernment, you could interpret that to your benefit. And so even your courage—and particularly your courage—to invite or encourage a nemesis to share wisdom with you, shows your vulnerability, your leadership capability, and your earnestness in your life and what you're doing. So too, it may be with others around you who love you and care for you, and they may have wisdom for you personally which would be of assistance in many realms of your life. As you see, in discerning this conversation or this discourse I am providing to you, it is a matter of being courageous enough to ask questions, to be courageous [to use] sources which you might otherwise neglect or turn away from. So, it is an adventure for you in your social life as you move forward, and you as an individual who is launching out into a business, you would want the best wisdom, greatest wisdom, most applicable wisdom that you can have both as the businessperson and as an individual who works closely with others. Now your third realm please.

Stéphane: Yes, thank you for that. The third one is the spiritual channels. I can see another discernment where this is exclusive of past experiences, of ongoing relationships, but I would name it as a personal revelation; how do we navigate discerning personal revelations that augment the other two areas of discernment?

MM: Most certainly and thank you. Thank you for clarifying your last statement, and would you clarify further when you use the word channels, please? How do you mean that?

Stéphane: Well, we know about Nebadonia, we know about the Spirit of Truth, we know about our angels, our teachers, our personal Thought Adjusters. Those channels I'm referring to are the seven adjutant spirits, et cetera. I know that we can't discern between each individually, but those are all the influences that affect us in personal revelation.

12 Discernment and revelation MM: This is Machiventa, I understand. We would see them as sources for revelation for you. Your revelations come to you moment by moment. They can come to you many times throughout the day. Revelations don't have to be those “clap of thunder” type of situations, those ah-ha moments where you were nearly knocked to your knees in the magnitude of the revelation that it’s given to you. Revelations that we speak of are more of the ordinary ones that would come to you moment by moment throughout the day. It requires, first of all, an awareness—a cognizance—that you have spiritual wisdom swirling around you every moment of your life, and that this is available to you upon asking. It may come to you after an individual brings to you a situation that is difficult for them, difficult for their family, or whatever source it is, and they are asking you for wisdom and resolution to the problem or the wisdom to resolve it on their own.

This is a perfect moment to ask them to give you a few moments or that you would attend this and talk with them later in the day or next day. In the meantime, you would be by yourself and converse with your Thought Adjuster or some Melchizedek who you want to have wisdom from and ask them the question to help you understand the request and perhaps an appropriate response. Do not be surprised that you will receive an answer—an ah-ha insight almost instantaneously or within the next few moments or minutes. It could come to you as you step aside and attend to some practical moment where you are disengaged mentally and emotionally from a situation where you were open to receive such an insight.

So, these revelations are important. You become acquainted with a constancy of our presence, the constancy of our love for you and appreciation and respect, and that we know that you have a need to be guided to be of assistance to yourself, to others, and to the enterprises that you're involved in. There are individuals who we can call upon for advisement to you to assist in giving answers that would be useful to you. And so, revelation and how you discern that is to ask yourself the question: Is this helpful? And you do not need to ask who this is from as your guidance will be positive, it will be helpful, it will be sincere, and it will be very insightful. You would know that we have those interests in you. We do not concern ourselves with those forces of energy which may not be helpful to you. We know that you want to and have commanded yourself to be surrounded with light, to be infused with the light of Christ Michael and Nebadonia, and that you consciously, adamantly reject those energies that may seek to turn you aside or away from the good in your life.

It is important that you take that into consideration as those are always possibilities. It is sometimes a non-event where a spiritual being of negative energy may be around you but not say anything. These are entities which may seek to find an entry point to turn you aside. With the sincerity that you have shown evidence [of], this is highly unlikely, and we do not want you to be overly concerned about this. You may ask and request

13 that your guardian angel assist you in doing this, and that your Thought Adjuster surround you and enfold you with its light, and peace, and understanding. Thank you. We hope that this is helpful.

Stéphane: Very good. We'll have to study your teaching when the transcripts are issued, but I really appreciate your answers.

MM: You are most welcome.

Recca: Yes, thank you. Thank you everyone here, and good morning, Machiventa. I can't tell you how much I've just enjoyed Stéphane’s questions and statements and your responses to them that the aspect of our souls continuously developing discernment about ourselves, our world around us, and our spiritual friends and neighbors has been extremely helpful. Thank you, Stéphane, so much for your very specific statements and questions.

Celebrating the 7 th bestowal of Michael I'd like to just end today with a statement of my own that during this Christmastide here, this cultural Christmastide leading up to the 25th of December, and the differences that The Urantia Book presents to the readers concerning the bestowals and birth of Jesus here on earth. I'd just like to encourage each of us here to re-read the papers on the bestowals of Christ Michael and also the bestowal of Michael here on Urantia as his seventh bestowal. I was very heartened, and supported, and enlightened to re-read the paper on Michael's bestowal here because his intention—your intention Michael—to demonstrate the will of the Father, to live by the will of the Father (having bestowed yourself in ways to demonstrate the will of the Father and the Son, and the other permutations of the Trinity) to be aware ourselves of the Adjuster within us—the gift of the Presence of the Father—is something that I and my family have attempted to remind ourselves of during the season, and I'll leave you with the image of our lighting seven blue candlesticks in recognition of each of the bestowals and the particular gift of the bestowal here by Michael. So, thank you so much for all of the questions and statements today. They've been extremely helpful to me. Thank you so much.

Hypnotherapy and past life remembrances Roger: Thank you. Several weeks ago, Machiventa suggested that we read a book Destiny of Souls. I did, and it appears to be a collection of transcripts from a hypnotherapist over the years of his practice—a collection of past life remembrances. My question is: Is hypnotherapy a portal for wisdom that is good for us to use? Thank you.

MM: I am smiling in my appreciation of your question as you have asked a question of great importance. The first part of my reply is to say 1). Yes, hypnotherapy can be a

14 source of great wisdom, however it has not been used that way in the past, but more as a source of treatment, a source of insight, a source of insight into the individual who is being hypnotized, but rarely has it been used to access sources of wisdom. What I am going to say now is my own insight. I surmise to say that there are sources of wisdom that the mind mechanism has access to which have been overlooked, have not been sourced before, and which can be a great assistance. Now in saying that insight and what I surmise, is the caution to be careful of how you do this and to whom you access for this wisdom.

As you know, there are many people who are alive on your world at this time who can be accessed through the mind mechanism through their willing participation and sharing the wisdom that they have learned. As you can see, if you're beginning to see it all, this is a rather circuitous route of gaining wisdom. However, there are many legitimate sources of wisdom that can be accessed through this mechanism—this means. It would require the assistance of your Thought Adjuster and a Thought Adjuster of the other individual with the intuitive insight shared by your guardian angel and their guardian angel to accommodate these processes. It would require very mature individuals to participate in this. It is not a simple or easy process to do. I Correct myself: It is rather simple, but it is highly guarded, it is highly suspect that one would accept what is being shared as legitimate and authorized by spirit. I will stop with those advisements. Thank you.

Roger: Thank you very much. That's all for me.

JT: That’s all we have today. Do you have a closing for us Machiventa?

You are stalwart souls MM: Yes. This is Machiventa Melchizedek. You can consider yourselves to be stalwart souls—those individuals who are strong, courageous, and who are curious to explore this realm of spirit with us. You are students of spirit, you are children of light, and you are children in many ways; we appreciate your youthfulness, your curiosity, and your boldness. You are children of God, who are loved so dearly by your Father, the God presence within you. You are dearly loved by Christ Michael who has shared his seventh bestowal with you to show you the way to your eventual spiritual greatness. You have now the challenges before you on this mortal plane with those things that are physical, and which threaten your mortal life. Your courage will see you through this when you stay in constant and faithful contact with your Thought Adjuster and in your consciousness to know the Way and to discern the Way that will lead you forward to become all the potential that you can tap in this lifetime and to develop in the next lifetimes that you will have in the morontial realm.

The Peace that passes all understanding

15 We again seek to give you the Peace that passes all understanding, for in this Peace there is safety, there is care, there is comfort, and there is the act of compassion that we can share with you in those quiet moments. We thank you for your attendance today. We thank you for your openness to receive these words with wisdom and guidance. If there are things that you do not understand in this session, please ask your Thought Adjuster, your personal guardian, and visiting spiritual beings to assist you to understand more clearly what you have heard. We thank you again for your presence here today. Good day.

JT: Thank you, Machiventa, and thank you Daniel.

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