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Noun - '''thing''' (plural: '''things'''; diminutives: thingy / thingie, thingo [Aus])
Noun - '''thing''' (plural: '''things'''; diminutives: thingy / thingie, thingo [Aus])

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Noun - thing (plural: things; diminutives: thingy / thingie, thingo [Aus])

  • 1. That which is considered to exist as a separate entity, quality or concept.
  • 2. A word, symbol, sign or other referent that can be used to refer to any entity.
  • 3. An individual object.
  • 4. (law) whatever can be owned.
  • 5. the latest fad or fashion.
  • 6. (in plural) clothes, possessions or equipment.
  • 7. A unit.

Get me a thing of apple juice at the store.[1]

Education is the business of living; it must continue throughout a lifetime so that mankind may gradually experience the ascending levels of mortal wisdom, which are:

1. The knowledge of things.

2. The realization of meanings.

3. The appreciation of values.

4. The nobility of work--duty.

5. The motivation of goals--morality.

6. The love of service--character.

7. Cosmic insight--spiritual discernment.

And then, by means of these achievements, many will ascend to the mortal ultimate of mind attainment, God-consciousness.[2]