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Middle English togedere, from Old English togædere, from tō to + gædere together; akin to Middle High German gater together, Old English gaderian to gather

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  • 1 a : in or into one place, mass, collection, or group <the men get together every Thursday for poker>
b : in a body : as a group <students and faculty together presented the petition>
  • 2 a : in or into contact (as connection, collision, or union) <mix these ingredients together>
b : in or into association or relationship <colors that go well together>
b : in succession <was depressed for days together>
  • 4 a : by combined action : jointly <together we forced the door>
b : in or into agreement or harmony <the soloist and the orchestra weren't quite together>
c : in or into a unified or coherent structure or an integrated whole <can't even put a simple sentence together>
  • 5 a : with each other —used as an intensive after certain verbs <join together> <add together>
b : as a unit : in the aggregate <these arguments taken together make a convincing case>
c : considered as a whole : counted or summed up