1999-12-19-Want vs. Need

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Topic: Want vs. Need

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham speaking. Once more, I wish to express how gratitude washes over me each Sunday evening. This evening, we shall discuss wants versus needs.


From the time you are a child, you have all been consumed with want and you expressed yourself with dissatisfaction from the time you first cried for your bottle. As you matured, your wants become more complex and often involved the actions of others. You wanted to play with the child next door, you wanted to eat earlier or later than your mother was willing to accommodate, you wanted a cookie. Later, it was even more complex. You wanted so and so to like you, you wanted to be accepted, you wanted approval, and all these things became associated with material goods and physical appearance or with certain behaviors that elicited certain responses. For example, the class clown always got attention and so he cultivates disruptive behavior. All of you, of course, had secret longings and wants that went unfulfilled.

As a child, it is difficult to differentiate between need and want and the wise parent often puts aside what the child wants and substitutes something more important. As a child, it is hard to understand why your wants are not immediately satisfied at every turn. But, very soon, you begin to understand that delaying satisfaction is good for you. The wise child begins to discipline him or herself and begins to practice self-restraint at an early age. This is hard for children because if they have a nickel, they want that candy right now. It is hard to see that if they save up enough nickels then they can buy an ice cream or something like that. This is hard to do, and it is hard for you as adults to do as well. It is extremely hard for children to wait and to delay gratification is difficult but yet it is one of the first lessons learned on the way to maturity.

What are your needs? Often times we become so enamored with wanting what we do not have, that we forget what are real needs are. Did not the Master say, "Man does not live by bread alone"? The need that you all have for spiritual sustenance is readily supplied. If you seek the spiritual, it will be supplied to you in abundance for that is a real need. In God's mind, it is you only real need. He cares for you each, and gives you all that is needed once you understand where you real needs lie.

There are those who would say that pursuing the spiritual is unproductive, it is not that which creates physical bread. But, did not the Master feed the multitude? When he did this, wasn't this proof that when you come to him making him your priority, that he will give you all else that is needful in earthly life? The man who pursues the Father with his whole heart and soul does not go hungry but is given a way to make his bread and to put clothes on his back and shelter over his head. For the Father is not neglectful of his children who serve him. Those who flee from the Father, who run from God, and seek to fill their own table sometimes succeed for a time but always the reckoning comes and riches can take up wings and fly away.

The Father knows all of you needs and all of your needs will be met. But of course, your wants are another story. And so, it is the wise man who is content with what he has, who lusts after nothing but doing the Father's will. The Father will care for you and when you come to the place where there is nothing you want but to fulfill the Father's righteousness and to sow his seeds of goodness, all else will be added unto you. I will answer any questions at this time.


Q: Ham, I have always felt that I had a need to express something. Early on, I thought that that need was to express myself and had nothing but rocks in that road. I have given over to hoping to express something that would be God's will for me to express. I have always thought of expression as a need but maybe it is just a want.

Ham: This is an interesting question. The only self-expression that is truly a need is that which broadens and deepens self-knowledge. The yearning that you feel is a part of the growth process, the growth pains of becoming who you really are. What you are is infinitely more than you currently understand. For you have sought to define yourself but in so doing, you would only be limiting yourself. The questions who am I and why am I here are the same and when you know one, you know the other. Be careful not to limit your potential by seeking self-definitions because often those definitions are a part of self-comparison, to compare yourself with others, to feel comfortable in their presence.

Q: Or uncomfortable.

Ham: Of course, for it doesn't work. You are Amalain, beloved daughter of the living creative upholder of the universe. Don't set your sights to narrowly in this small world, always look beyond it and you will find the answers to your questions.

Q: May I ask for a message for Ricallo?

Ham: Of course. Son, be at ease. You are doing very well. Your job as a parent is complicated by many factors outside your control and it is natural to feel frustrated. But your children love you very much and this love of a child is the most precious thing on earth. Do not fear that you will lose it, you will not. Have faith in love and all else will take care of itself.

Q: If I may ask for a message for Kellan?

Ham: Of course, my son. You are doing very well and are beginning to take life more as you find it instead of wishing and worrying that it were different. Be at ease also concerning your children and family for they love you very much. You have always been there for them and have been a good friend as well as a good father. So fear not my son, for all is well.

Q: Asked about difference between wants and needs and that you can't tell by looking at the outward appearances of someone’s life. Example righteous people who are put in prison or put to death like Jesus was.

Ham: Of course, many good and righteous men have been silenced and yet eventually their voice is heard. The way of God is not easy but he requires not sacrifice that you are not willing to give freely. Is this helping your understanding.

Q: I think I can see how your spiritual needs could be satisfied even if you life is something of a physical hardship.

Ham: Certainly, I do not mean to minimize hardship and its effects. I only meant to express that in God's understanding and in God's time, these hardships are as nothing for the eternal soul is everything and the physical body is but dust. But that does not mean that the Father does not hear the cries of the afflicted ones, his ear is always open.

Q: Mother Theresa came to mind while you were speaking as someone who was focused on service and righteousness yet who lived a simple life materially.

Ham: And so it is, but a Godly life can be lived in any circumstance among the high or the low, rich or poor. The Father does not discriminate.

Q: Ham, it seems to me that everyone would be a lot better off if they concentrated on people instead of things. Is this the right way to be thinking about this?

Ham: Of course, you are correct. People are children of God, eternal beings, all the rest will perish and disappear.

Q: Ham, do you anything for Esmirleda?

Ham: Of course, my dear. You do well. Do not feel that you must change overnight, that you have fears that must be conquered, or seeds that must be sown this moment. It is best to allow yourself time as you gradually adjust to such new ways of thinking as you have adopted. Do not fear, for all is well.

Q: Elena?

Ham: Daughter, you are doing very well and are finding new freedom and finding joy within. You have been very long without feeling joy and it is well now that you should experience some of it.

Q: Rebecca? Certainly, daughter. You do well. You are going through some emotional healing and it is good that you should take some time for yourself and allow this. Do not fear, for you are fine. Allow the feelings you have to come out and be at ease.

Q: Jarrad?

Ham: Yes, son. Likewise do you do well. You are also experiencing some feelings, some inner adjustments are being made and this can sometimes be unsettling. But, be at ease, for you are doing very well and are following the path the Father has set for you and this is wonderful to behold.

Q: Do you have anything for Charlie B?

Ham: Certainly, son. You life is going well, you are achieving an inner balance and a peace that you have not known before. The love you have for your family is growing and is a big part of your spiritual life. This is how is should be.

Q: Ham, I would appreciate any feedback you have for me this week.

Ham: Of course. Yes, you have achieved a spiritual breakthrough into a level in the second psychic circle which will give you greater integration, greater sense of wholeness. This is wonderful to behold. You have come a long way in a short time. Be happy and joyful. Rejoice in this season of giving.

Q: Ham could I also get a personal message please?

Ham: Of course. Look forward not backward. Raise up your hopes and faith to the highest levels. Do not fear hope for hope is that which supports faith and remember when hopes are dashed it was only because they were attached to the wrong thing.


That is all for now, my love and my prayers are with you each. I will be available next week for those who would wish to come.