2003-07-07-Our Personal Relationship With Father

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Topic: Our Personal Relationship with Father

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am enjoying our small group this evening. The energy is clear and distinct. I am with much gratitude each week when we can meet as a family and refocus our Mission goals. Last week we discussed Mission responsibilities. During the week I visited with many of you. My personal goal was to help each of you see your unique gifts and find a manner in which to serve.


Our Mission is slowly growing. There has been fruit, and yet, many of the dead branches have been cut away. Michael said He is the vine and we are His branches. What is not producing fruit will be left behind to make room for further growth. You have for the most part committed to this vine and to the personal pruning. Our Mission is practically ripe for harvest. What we have so long worked for is indeed deeply rooted in the hearts of our participants. Over these many years of your experience you have learned to walk close with our Father.

Michael dwelt in the flesh many years ago on Urantia to reveal to mortals the Father in Heaven. My question this evening is how has our Father been revealed to you? How would your fellows know that you know Father? How are you using your personal gifts to their full potential? Many understand the Father revealed through the gift of humility. To have Father reveal Himself to you through an act of power is indeed humbling and teaching you that only a humble heart will be taught.

Some see Father revealed through their fellows and each day with them gives them the gift of encouragement and reason to carry on. Many see Father revealed through their children and how their wide-eyed ability to take in information is a wonderful lesson to getting to know our Father. Some may see Father revealed in the experience of the passing of others. During what is seemingly a sad time does turn individuals inward and search for higher meaning, in this the heart and mind are opened and indeed Father is there with His words of meaning and values.

Did you come to know Father because He first revealed Himself to you or have you learned more because you had faith first in Father? How do you know the spiritual life is a reality? How is Father revealed to you in everyday living? What is your responsibility in being open to Father’s presence? How does Father reveal Himself to others through you? In all your service work--do you live the life you profess to believe in? You cannot sell what you have not faith in. Surely you can’t expand our Mission if the faith in Father’s living presence is not a part of you.

Our Mission is based on the everyday living spiritual reality. Father must be a permanent presence in your minds and hearts. To think of Him as far too important to know the details of your life is indeed taking purpose away from personal Adjuster’s. In all you think and do He is there. He cannot be there only half the time. Our Correcting Time must continue to move with a forward momentum. The unfruitful branches will be taken away and there will be room for a greater harvest.


This week let us focus on our personal relationship with Father. Let us reinforce our faith. Let us live our spiritual reality everyday. No questions this evening, but I would be honored if you would allow me to close with a prayer.

Our Father, your children are here before you in your presence. We are with a humble mind and grateful heart to know that you are as real as we are to one another. Help us to always be our real self, which is always revealing you. Help us to be of assistance to our fellows. Help us to see how our personal gifts will serve in the Kingdom. Help us to see your revealed reality in our everyday living. Amen.

My loves goes with you. Again, look for me during the week. Until next time, shalom.