2010-06-20-Long View Project-Dialogue 19

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Topic: Deep Water Horizon Event

Group: Long View Project


Teacher: Esu



  • Part I


LVP: The time of summer solstice is near with our formal “date” tomorrow. I love the lengthening days and always feel the summer solstice comes too soon and the winter solstice not soon enough!

Esu: Understandable given every creature’s penchant for the light, particularly during these times on Earth when the apparent darkness of events presses in closely upon the hearts and souls of humanity while the saving Light appears to remain distant, a hope and prayer yet to put in the appearance We have foretold.

LVP: I don’t believe I am feeling impatient Esu, a little tired yes but not overly expectant. The recent release of Gaia from Her “stuck” position was a great joy and I believe Michael’s stamp is upon all events, His timing impeccable. My more troubling concern is the lack of human focus in our society upon the crises which we are facing, particularly the disastrous wars we (the US) continue to impose abroad and the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe which continues unabated. The Gulf story is moving off the front pages. President Obama’s speech offered a series of disingenuous bromides serving to palliate political issues but avoiding the magnitude of long range realities caused by the environmental catastrophe.

E: We can hardly expect honesty from your political leadership. There is collusion with corporate interest at every level and corruption beyond belief.

LVP: The striking thing to me is how avoidant people in my immediate world are to discussing the [Deepwater Horizon event. I believe people understand on some unconscious level that the correction is beyond their powers and are hoping for the government or technology to provide a miracle.

E: Here is evidence of lambs being led to the slaughter. Perhaps there is good reason not to instill panic in the populace but whatever the base for that assumption there is the need to begin careful planning, to mobilize the forces of your citizenry to deal with the further implications of this tragic incident.

By referring to the blowout of the well as an “incident” minimizes the reality because the “incident” is not singular but ongoing, continues now and will into the foreseeable future. The well was blown out by forces of natural gas and oil at greater pressure in the reservoir than the mean pressure geologists were expecting. The well casing was compromised in the resultant explosion and oil is gushing from fractures in both the casing and the surrounding sea floor. The government continues to release more accurate figures for the spill, now up to 100K barrels per day. However, after months of slowly ratcheting up this figure people are dull to the scope of the tragedy, like frogs in the slowly rising temperatures of boiling water.

What the extent of this toxicity on the Gulf of Mexico will prove to be remains to be seen but it certainly implies a devastating effect upon all sea life in the Gulf. There are already evidences of the subsea oil plumes moving into the deepwater currents that will carry this toxic brew into the Atlantic Ocean. The thousands of tons of chemical poison poured into the Gulf to disperse the spill, largely for quieting political reaction, have done nothing but make the spill more dangerous, more toxic, an effect that could well return upon the coastal lands and surrounding populations during the upcoming hurricane season.

LVP: The average person, whatever that is, seems to feel disempowered to deal with something of this scale.

E: It is not an event that a single individual can address in a comprehensive way, but that should not prevent individuals from seeking information and giving thought to what lies before them. There is a creative fountain in individual consciousness that could be enacted and prove a formidable force if directed toward the issues at hand.

LVP: I’ve received emails about collective meditations on gratitude for the water and such and I’ve been somewhat unreceptive to them because even when containing an apology the apologies are diluted and there is little pro-active intent for change, both in individual habit and collective behavior.

Monj: Perhaps you are looking for too much. We are amazed on the Celestial Side about the lack of awareness and concern. There is pathos expressed for the fishermen and oil workers but that is the smallest part of this horrendous equation. The lack of evolution is most apparent at this time, in both comprehension and determination. People are asking to be led rather than take initiative. There are those who are mobilizing to help in the immediate area and those who are seeking to get information out to the greater populace, and these actions are commendable.

As indicated in many of Our discussions the pace of evolution is slow on any planet and further retarded on yours by the forces of ignorance entrenched against Christ Michael and the Government of Spirit. The Phoenix Journal #42 contains a poignant commentary concerning Nicolas Tesla and his frustrated attempts to bring scientific discoveries to the masses. The singular one who blocked his efforts, J. Pierpont Morgan, made a fortune off the alternative track of petroleum based energy production and the resultant environmental degradation is known to all. Morgan is one of many whose hearts were and are hardened to the more enlightened path.

The synapses of that thinking, going down the same conscious and unconscious road over and over again, are deeply enmeshed in the thought modalities of humankind. Those synaptic pathways will not be changed overnight. Even though the Correcting Time intends in the vibrational upliftment to separate hardened hearts from those suppler to the Ascending Spirit, there will be much work to do in the years and centuries ahead to open new pathways in the consciousness of humanity, develop truly sustainable relationships with the Earth and in every activity of human society.

E: Here is the intent of our dialogue this morning. We must amplify the evolutionary possibilities amidst the catastrophes that impress human consciousness and their surrounding environment. The meditation which you rebuffed (Dr. Emo) does have its place. It may be a baby step for people to take, not at the level of intent and action you desire, but it is a step nonetheless. There has to be a care, Christ Michael’s care if you will, not to frustrate the steps people are willing to take in order to coerce them in a direction for which they are unprepared.

However, having said that, there is a greater rigor required amongst those who are conscious, who have a sense of the conditions at hand and the need to prepare and make manifest what is necessary for the transition ahead. There is so much idle questioning among those who have depths of resource and information, questioning like your children on car trips, “are we there yet Daddy, are we there yet??” This is so much water off Our Celestial backs but does betray a lack of maturity, a need I will say for there to be more of the “NO” energy described in our last Dialogue.

This is a discussion that could cover many dialogues, the balance between YES and NO. Most people are weak in one of these powers and somewhat strong in the other. Some are fatally weak in both and get nowhere, yet very few are developed in both. You’ve striven in your life to enhance the power of YES, emphasized that energy when you thought the Kumara NO that rested in your soul inappropriate. However, as you progressed in life you saw time and again how these forces needed to be balanced, that to remain in YES exclusively was to accept everything without discretion and discernment and to only say NO was to refuse the open heart and mind that would allow for new seeds to germinate and grow.

The dark forces are far imbalanced in their deliberate development of NO. They are the embodiment of NO in their refusal of the Creator and Life. Many who are developing their consciousness in the Light see this overarching NO and determine they will have none of that. They begin to believe YES to be the counter balancing force, more “godlike” and thus to be cultivated. Well, if you have no practiced ability for YES then by all means proceed, but there must also be NO and it is in this energy that humanity is very weak. The gross obesity in your culture is a result of the poisoned food you eat and the degenerative lifestyles you occupy, but it is also clear evidence of the very weakness to which I am referring, the lack of ability to say NO!

The same is true of those who march off to mindless wars and those who “support the troops” and all the patriotic blather that accompanies that nonsense. It is a result of corporate mind control, the gross and subtle advertising, mental manipulation of imagery and sentiment. Although the compelling seduction is to bravery and courage the following of this destructive path indicates a lack of will and fortitude. How much more strength it takes to go against the downhill river of human decadence, particularly the direction of war and nationalistic patriotism which is obsessively portrayed in every communication medium of your culture.

Perhaps YES is an antidote to war, YES to Life, to Love, to the beauty of Creation and Relationship. However, it also requires a very strong NO, a refusal to participate and a determination to speak out against the ignorance and destruction that war is founded upon and the resultant hatreds it breeds.

MJ: This is a most interesting topic, this balance of YES and NO energies, the cultivation of appropriate choice and individual determination. It may seem a bit childish as if we were tutoring infants, but there is an energetic underlay to this process which is actually a high order of intelligence beginning to manifest. Gaia Herself had to cross this threshold recently and the resultant liberation of Her NO power was indeed a glorious event in the Celestial horizon.

I will ask a rhetorical question: how many of those who read Our previous Dialogue went deep into their selves to join Gaia’s movement; examined their own consciousness for their strengths and deficiencies in the NO power? It is true that many hands make for a light task but dependence upon another does not make for a strong individual. Each individual must cultivate these powers, both YES and NO, and develop the pathways these energetic affirmations will reveal.

Is it possible to say YES to the coming union of Christ Michael with Gaia without saying NO to what continues to deny and destroy? “Staying positive” which is currently popular in your under-developed state is nothing more than the refusal to advance and create a balance of the required energies. Without going too far in this direction it can be seen that the long standing NO of the forces of darkness must be met by an equally strong NO in the forces of light! This does not mean physical war or violence, which is the invitation of the satanic elements, but an energetic determination, an intention which declares absolutely for Life, for the way of Christ Michael. Without this NO the forces of Light remain somewhat diminished and marginal players upon the field of action toward which Michael’s great Spirit is compelling Us all!

E: Today is your Father’s day in U.S. culture, a cheap gimmick for the sale of greeting cards and commodities. However, those with awareness can rise with this tide, can make use of the day to honor the father of their birth, the fathers around them and their own fathering, and most importantly, honor the Father of All in Christ Michael. I could go further to the Father of Fathers but this would take an elaborate card even by your standards (big laughter on the cosmic side)!

Can it not be seen that Father and Mother embody differing energies, that the Father can be an image of NO while the Mother can represent YES. The Mother after all brings forth, the supreme YES. The Father must determine the extent of the family field, provide protection and discipline and examine many alternatives, the essences if you will of NO. For there to be a wholesome family both father and mother must cultivate both YES and NO in themselves. Christ Michael Himself certainly embodies the Divine Fullness of YES and NO, the energies of male and female, father and mother. Each individual on Earth and in Creation is striving with these forces, coming to an awareness of the meaning and power of YES, the meaning and power of NO. These are the very forces upon which the Correcting Time is hinged and the development of these energies are fundamental to the next steps in evolution accompanying the Ascension of Earth into union with the Creator Son.

LVP: It was this balance of forces I found lacking in the email invitations I mentioned. I may need to be more receptive and will look at that as I continue, but I am reminded in this moment of a quotation from the Book of Job that captivated me during one phase of my spiritual education: “Canst thou bind the sweet influence of the Pleiades? Canst thou loose the bands of Orion?” I see now that this question concerns the force, the discernment, the intention of YES and NO. The question requires we each find the masculine and feminine powers within us and after finding them then cultivate balance.

MJ: We are inclining you and all of humanity in this direction. When you have thought about My role in the Correcting Time, the role of Adjudication foremost in the initial phases, what is this but the practice of YES and NO, the separation of the light from the dark, the sheep from the goats (and I don’t like this phrase because it implies something unbecoming to the animals). The day and the night are both of much beauty, the light and dark elements in creation can stand in balance and be most beautiful. The dark We are addressing by using, perhaps abusing, this simple term, is the denying force, the imbalanced and eventually removed portion of the populace determined to follow the path of denial and death.

E: Eventually, even today, the forces of Light will and do triumph. The day is Ours; always was, and always will be!

MJ: It should be said that the current travails upon Earth are not the end of the story but just a beginning. It has been a long story by your standards but only the first chapter if you will in a very long and glorious history that will continue to be written by Gaia and all Her children, natural born or adopted. Earth will be a crown jewel in Michael’s creation, not in spite of your challenges but because of them. The time you are in is an honor and a glory, to yourselves individually, to your gathering communities, to Earth Herself. We have a very long way before us but we can indeed rejoice in the NOW, the only time We and thee actually have.


E: In closing I would ask each individual reading the Dialogues to continue to go within, remain vigilant and steadfast. There is no single event or moment of collective intent that will be the cure all. Your vigilance may relax and intensify in the periodicity you are beginning to know through the Correcting Time. However, even in relaxation one is aware and alert and in intensity one can be calm and at ease. Again here is the balance, but it does not tend toward sleep! We have a great task before Us and on this Father’s Day We celebrate with you Our Father Who Art In Heaven, Hallowed Be Thy Name!

LVP: Thank you Esu and Monjoronson, and Aum-en!

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